The Best Christmas Present?

Christmas, this year, will be a non-event. I’m disappointed, but realistically prepared. We don’t have a Christmas tree, we haven’t set out many decorations, and our shopping schedule has been extremely cramped as of late (fiscally and physically). Santa Claus didn’t forget us, though; Ponzi’s been picking up items from my wish list, and I’ve been planning a stocking to end all stockings for her. It’s almost three in the morning here, and I’m wondering if I’ll even have time to pick up a screw for my glasses tomorrow (it fell out at some point this evening). That would be a wonderful gift: time.

Ponzi says she only wants one thing this year for Christmas: a completely new wardrobe. Apparently, clothes go out of style after you wear them twice – and it’s only fashionable to wear 1/10th of the outfits 90% of the time? Well, that kind of gift is unrealistic. She thinks I’ve already seen my presents (as they’ve been coming in all sorts of boxes, mixed in with wedding registry gifts). In my mind, the best Christmas present for her at this point is to match the amount she spent on me – letting her spend the same amount on her wardrobe, “guilt free.”

8 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Present?”

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  2. I think you missed it. Your best Christmas present is Ponzi and don’t EVER forget it. If you do, I have a feeling that she will remind you.

    Happy Holidays to both of you and a prosperous New Year.

  3. Hey Allan,

    Guess Pirillo didn’t like our posts as they seem to have been promptly removed. I actually expected that – and true to form,
    he doesn’t like to see anything negative about him regardless of whether or not it’s the truth. And he certainly wouldn’t want anyone else seeing it.
    Only a true dork would take time from a so called honeymoon to actually log on to his website daily to review the comments.
    Some honeymoon! Get a life Pirillo.

  4. Christmas and Holydays gone, but some special fairy feelings remained thus we can’t think about as something non-event date 🙂

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