Electricity: Restored!

Ponzi and I finally have electricity again! We’ve been dark since 1:30AM on Friday – nearly three and a half days ago. It wasn’t quite like Gilligan’s Island for us- since we had running water and natural gas (with a few gas-powered fireplaces to boot). We had enough food to see us through the crisis, and we wound up cooking meals for friends and family who weren’t fortunate enough to have working appliances. Still, living without power was not fun – and there are still hundreds of thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest who still need help. We’re sheltering a couple of friends tonight, as we have space, heat, food, and water (all luxuries). I’ll never take advantage of a light bulb again!

13 thoughts on “Electricity: Restored!”

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  2. Going without power is not fun, but you WERE blessed with gas heat. I hope the region recovers soon. Best of luck!

  3. “I’ll never take advantage of a light bulb again!”

    Are you SURE that’s the phrase you were looking for? 😀

  4. You said:
    “I’ll never take advantage of a light bulb again!”

    Didn’t you mean:
    I’ll never take a light bulb for granted again!

    I was out of power for about 1 hour here near Philly but, like you,
    was still able to cook and stay warm. Now what I would like is a
    natural gas-powered emergency electric generator.

  5. We had a 14 hour power outage here in Hawaii after the earthquake and it was an eye opener!! Now I have:
    -Candles and Matches
    -Handcrank radio and flashlights
    -Keep a full tank of gas
    -Cell phone charger in the car
    -Bag of ice, and Ice packs in the freezer
    -Case or two of bottled water
    -Canned and dry food
    -Beer and BBQ supplies (Any excuse for a BBQ in Hawaii is a good one)

    Dont Have:
    -Land Line
    -Old school phone that gets power from the phone line (the phones we ok)
    -Extra Notebook batteries and some ripped movies.

  6. Amazing! That’s awful. We were without electricity over night several months ago when a drunk driver slammed into an electrical line. I thought 12 hours was bad… I guess I was lucky. I can’t imagine going that long.

  7. Great to hear you’re OK. I just got my power back on Sunday at noon. Very interesting, doing this NO power thingy. Don’t think I like it. We didn’t have gas, so, NO hot water, heat of any kind. just good old candle’s, flashlights and cold sanny’s. A warm shower would have been nice. Glad you and Ponzi and the P&W are all fine.

  8. Bellingham was spared. Yeah, it’s wild that Whatcom County did not get hit as badly as the rest of Western Washington.

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