Woot Isn't Always Worth a w00t

A friend of mine pointed out that Woot was running a special today on the Gateway M275 Tablet PC – for $599. In my humble opinion, this isn’t much of a bargain. I’d probably buy one at $199, but at $599 I’d just as soon put an additional $400 into it for a truly better Tablet PC experience.

You’d be better off spending $400 more ($999 total) for a basic Gateway CX210S – better processor, better power consumption, better RAM modules, slightly better screen resolution, likely faster hard drive, twice as much disk space, and it’s Vista Capable (Vista Ready with a memory upgrade to 1GB, whereas the M275 isn’t even listed as Vista Capable).

If you have $599 to spend on a Tablet PC, you have $999 – and at $999, your experience with the Tablet PC is going to be far better (from everything I’ve heard – not ever having owned one). Understand that Windows Vista is going to bring with it a lot of tablet-specific hooks. If a machine isn’t even Vista Capable today, I wouldn’t spend more than a couple hundred on it.

Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors changed “everything” – and I can’t wait to have one in my next laptop.

2 thoughts on “Woot Isn't Always Worth a w00t”

  1. There are a bunch of deals out there on the last generation Gateway tablet. With the ATI video option, it runs Vista just fine.

    The tablet pen recognizer is my biggest pain point, not up to the Toshiba wacom standards.

  2. An FYI to anyone with a tablet system.

    If your OS is Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, and you are running an Intel Duo Core CPU — read up on Microsoft KB Article 922006.

    Tablet Edition 2005 has a MASSIVE memory leak in the pen drivers, that will give erratic stylus movement and will affect calibration as well. There is a hotfix available, but you must contact Microsoft directly — as it is not a “public release” yet.

    Its an OS issue, not a hardware issue. Microsoft even admits it.


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