What Will Our Kids Look Like?

Our wedding is in another week or so… OH MY GOD, OUR WEDDING IS IN ANOTHER WEEK!? How is this possible? Why didn’t someone tell me about this? Will there be free WiFi? Why didn’t Ponzi add an HP 30″ LCD monitor to their wedding registry on Amazon? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I realize that thousands of bloggers have been asking themselves: “Yes, they’re getting hitched – but what will their kids look like?” You might be asking yourself how I know that so many bloggers are asking themselves this very question. You might also be asking yourself: “Are they seriously serious about having kids?!” Unagi!

Chris and Ponzi

Instead of waxing pathetic about the whole “marriage is the blending of two lives” story, I thought I’d simply illustrate it for you in animated GIF form. Courtesy of my friends at Morpheus Software (this link good for an exclusive $10 savings), here’s what we’re going to do on December 9th. Yes, the world’s very first live morphing event will be happening in downtown Bellevue that night!

Obviously, we can’t do that in person (not without VERY special software) – but at least your mind can rest assured knowing what Ponzi and I would look like if we really met each other half way. I don’t know whether to be turned on or disgusted?

Well, if you think you can do a better morph of us, be my guest.

9 thoughts on “What Will Our Kids Look Like?”

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  2. Congratulations on the wedding and I kinda wish SmartMorph were still arround it was allot smoother on going from face to face.

    I’d send a wedding gift of Klah (My highly caffinated beverage) but you told me you were getting away from that legal addictive substance.

    Hope everything goes great and if you post pics I know there are thousands who would want to see them.

  3. I’m sure you guys will have brilliant kids, and they have at least a 50% chance of being gorgeous with Ponzi as their mom. ;-P

    Hee hee! I kid you, Chris Pirillo!

    I’m really excited for you guys. Looking forward to the wedding.

  4. I just googled the phase, and I quote, “what will our kids look like?” and got your page. Sure, everyone wonders it, don’t they. I have been married 3 years and have just started wondering about this. Of course, my fears were only intensified after playing the SIMS!

    The morph is great! Would be better slower and with the ability to stop it by clicking on it at any time (mimics that whole randomization thing). I cannot do this, but someone out there must be able to?!

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