Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2006 – Taste Test


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Last year, someone told me that Jones Soda had released a liquid “Thanksgiving meal” of sorts. It’s a novelty food item that I knew I’d have to drink at some point. I always appreciate when a “normal” flavor is blended with a “normal” food to create a potential culinary abomination. Like wasabi ice cream, for instance – many foods are worth trying once. Sometimes twice!

This afternoon, I was given an opportunity to try the 2006 Holiday Pack. A local grocery store had ’em in stock, although the items had been officially removed from shelves yesterday. I begged and pleaded with the store manager to kindly fetch me a case. He obliged, and the rest (as they say) is history. I decided to record my reactions on video – for posterity.

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Turkey and Gravy soda, Sweet Potato soda, Dinner Roll soda, Pea soda, Antacid Flavored soda – I tried ’em all. What’s the weirdest food or drink that you’ve ever ingested – willingly? I wonder if Jones Soda will make a blog flavored soda next year?

20 thoughts on “Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2006 – Taste Test”

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  5. You shure are brave… I could not do that. I hope it didnt react too badly.

    TechTV fan since it first aired in canada!

  6. Chris….
    You must have a strong stomach to drink those. Yuck.
    Think I might stick to the tasty flavors.


  7. Brilliant reporting on an unlikely subject. Like ThisGuyDoug I’ve always wondered about those disgusting but strangely inviting flavors; thanks for giving us the lowdown. Almost as much fun as when Ponzi gave you a facial depilatory.

  8. Hi Chris….love your videos. What type of video camera do you use for your videos? I’m in the market for one for my business and personal use. Thanks.

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  10. I think they “pink bubblegum” medicine probably was amoxocillin–good for ear infections and strep throat.

  11. Your video was VERY amusing! Haha. I have the Jones Holiday Pack from 2005 which includes the ever-gross brussels sprout soda. One sip of that stuff and I almost vomitted! Its probably up there with the pea soda that you tried.

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