Music/Tech Summit (and Personal Updates)

First, some updates:

  • I’ve been very busy – personally and professionally
  • Was planning on moving to Los Angeles
  • We’re moving across town next week, instead
  • I’m getting married to Ponzi on December 9th, 2006
  • Robert Scoble happens to be my best man
  • has been retooled
  • Possible dates for Gnomedex 7: August 9th – 11th, 2007
  • should be launching in January
  • We’ve been retooling this show for UndoTV
  • The Chris Pirillo Show is going to have video soon

Then, some beefy content:

Music/Tech Summit 06, hosted at the Experience Music Project’s JBL Theater and Learning Labs, is a daylong gathering that will focus on the intersection of music and technology with an emphasis on how the changing landscape can empower artists and further their careers.

I was on the “Get Your Music Out There: Pounding The Virtual Pavement” panel as the only person who wasn’t a vendor. The audio quality isn’t spectacular, but thanks to Derek for recording it!