Ponzi and I flew down to SF for the weekend to hang with the Scobles – Robert and Maryam. We just went out for sushi in Half Moon Bay (although I contend that Seattle sushi is infinitely better than Bay Area sushi). Right now, we’re enjoying Maryam’s coffee and sitting around the living room – each on our respective laptops. We’re not saying a single word to one another, although every other minute someone will pipe up with “Hey, so-and-so is doing this.” I’m peeking over Robert’s keyboard and watching him populate his linkblog. So, I guess this kind of silent friendship activity is called scobleizing? Ponzi just sent me an IM a few seconds ago. This is… quite… an exciting Friday night.

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  3. When I was at the Scobles, I got to watch Patrick play a cool video game on the big screen XBox in the living room…even better! Congratulations on your impending marriage, and I’m jealous that you’re in HMB.

  4. As someone who moved from the Bay Area to Seattle and then back, I have to admit the sushi is a lot better in Seattle. There are some great sushi places in the bay area that are as good as anything in Seattle, though.

  5. There is something very eerie weird about this but I can’t quite figure out what it is.

    Sushi in HMB is not representative of the Bay’s many great sushi choices. (There are only a handful of decent restaurants there, despite the great coastal location). Go over the hill. There’s some great Sushi restaurants in the San MateoSan Carlos area. Also some really good ones in Menlo and Palo Alto. The one that was in downtown HMB when I lived there was only passable.

  6. Hi Chris::

    Been reading Lockergnome since it’s inseption. Very proud of you. I’ve gained much knowledge from your guidance. May I add that I’m one of the “senior” ‘puter users you’ve recently spoken of.

    62 years young. Taught myself DOS.6 when I was 52. Started with Win3.1 shortly thereafter. Here I am with XP Home so long after. I’m the one my 30 year old daughter and her friends come to for help in cleaning up thier ‘puters from bugs, malware, etc.

    That aside, why I’m writing is that, I’ve been following you all these years and am so happy re: you and your dear Ponzi!!!!

    I found your registry on Amazon..and I think it’s a “put on” since there’s so much junk listed. I would REALLY like to send you something for your weding that really would mean something to the both of you.

    If you would post to Amazon those things, I think there’s really a real something you could use, and I would like to gift it to the both of you.

    So, please let a greatful old broad know what that would be and as my Thanx, kiddos, I’ll send it.

    And please remember, not all old fogies are in the dark. We may be able to teach YOU something about “puters that you think you know, but don’t. Luv you guys.


  7. I would really like to call you a loser for your Firday night activity but I can’t…

    On Friday night I was alone in the living room on the computer and my wife and kids were in bed.

    Company is company

  8. i’ve never had SF sushi but when i was out in seattle this year i did eat at one place and i can’t remember the dang name.

    it was really lowly lit in the front, but the back was kickin’. Couldn’t even find it in the phone book 🙁

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  10. The Sushi Boat on Stevens Creek is pretty good; but I Love Sushi in Bellevue beats Nobu in London and Little Tokyo in LA, at a fraction of the price 😉 OTOH from HMB you can drive down to Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing for awesome halibut that beats Ivars…

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