I'm Not Buying a Zune!!!

d00d! I can’t wait! I’m not going to buy a Zune tomorrow! I’m going to bed early tonight so that I can get up late tomorrow (and avoid going to stores altogether, so that I can be sure that I won’t buy a Zune). Are you not buying a Zune? We can start up a club of people who aren’t buying Zunes, because if you’re not buying a Zune – you’re not alone. I can’t wait to not buy my Zune. It’s going to be awesome. Or, not awesome?

42 thoughts on “I'm Not Buying a Zune!!!”

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  3. While you’re not in line tomorrow to get a Zune, do you mind not picking one up for me? I can hardly wait to not load it up with music, videos and pictures. I hear it also works with that Xbox 360 I didn’t get either.

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  6. I wonder if there are a lot of people in the same boat as me?

    1. I love listening to podcasts
    2. I love WMP 11’s interface – can’t listen to podcasts though???
    3. Microsoft is confusing me a bit – Zune Store, Urge, MSN Music????

    I guess I won’t be buying a Zune.

  7. it sounded like on the [email protected] podcast that your version of skype is having the “tell skype not to adjust my sound settings” problem, where even if you uncheck it, it still adjusts your sound.

    to fix this problem edit the xml file
    Documents and SettingsBrandonApplication DataSkypeshared.xml

    and scroll down to the VoiceEng section and add the tags: 0 right inside the VoiceEng tags


  8. woops! it wont display tags here! i should have none…

    in the following, i will substitute ^ for the normal carat tag

    scroll down to the VoiceEng section and add the tags:
    ^AGC^ 0 ^/AGC^ right inside the VoiceEng tags

    ^AGC^ 0 ^/AGC^
    ^MicVolume^ 140 ^/MicVolume^

  9. I had “hands-on” with one today and I really like. I think I prefer the black. The price point seems pretty good for a device like this. Why do you NOT like? I’m interested to hear your likes/dislikes.

  10. I just bought a black one…

    Oh pooh, did I just mess up that whole “Not buying a Zune” thing? Ah well, I wouldn’t want to be part of any club that would have me anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, look how long I stayed out of the iClub and they’ll take anyone these days.

    All clubs aside it’s a tidy little unit. UI is smooth, Zune software is nice, comes pre-loaded with songs/photos/movies/videos by bands that are a little less mainstream, which is nice because as someone with a lot of friends in bands it’s cool to see smaller outfits get some attention.

  11. I’m way ahead of you… I haven’t bought mine already.

    We have the upper hand here in Australia… I don’t even know when it’s coming… or rather, when I won’t be able to buy it really.

    er… that’s brain bending stuff, I think I’ll just go relax with my iPod ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. hey, I got a Zune… bahahahaha

    for $89. it’s baby shit brown….

    Just wanted to see what I wasn’t missing. LOL!

  13. I got an iPod Touch for Christmas and I hated it, so I took it back and bought a Zune instead. I love the Zune. Don’t listen to these anti-Microsoft people who for some stupid reason, hate Microsoft. Ask yourself, do you hate Microsoft? Are you trashing Vista too? Have you used Vista or a Zune? I assure that both kick major hiney.

  14. I already had a 30GB black zune that I love. With the new firmware upgrade and support for podcasts, my hour commute to and from work each day is considerabl more productive.

    I also enjoy listening to music or using the FM tuner to tune in one of the TVs in the gym while working out.

    I got mine from eBay for right around $100 back in the summer.

  15. Iam looking to buy a Zune on eBay. can I get a new one for cheap? or will i have to settle for a peice of crap like my razr?

  16. lol, but the zune is a pretty capable video player, I mean I was over at my friends house a couple days ago, and got to play around with the Zune’s UI and found it quite a capable PMP, and that’s coming from a guy who loves his ipod, and with the amazon music store and the already available music subscription programs, it’s a somewhat of a strong point of the Zune or any other non ipod.

  17. Yea lets all not buy a zune. The first zune had no touch pad while the ipod had a touch pad, and now the zune got a touch pad, and the ipod has a touch screen. Lets take a good guess of what the zune will get in the future…20 bucks its a touch screen.

  18. hey my name is dylan and i have had my brown zune for about a year. When i first saw zune i thought hey this has a huge screen for watching videos sweet. So i raised money and bought one at the age of fourteen. Zune can take music from limewire or any thing like napster. Ipod users do not have that much freedom with their ipods. I could not transfer ipod music to an mp3 without putting it on a cd then go to mp3. SOO what ipod has a touch screen or touch pad. ITTT doesnt matter since when was music not important for an mp3 player. Isnt that why you bought the damn thing in the first place. Get an Ipod shuflle then you are put down by the ipod nanno and then the ipod video and then ipod touch. When does it in.

  19. I herd Somthing Better than A zune It’s Called The I-pod It’s Made by a better company called apple. Im geting an ipod and i herd it wroks with the 360 also

  20. You’re a complete shit head and your website sucks. All you Apple geeks can go hump your Newton’s or OS 9 ibooks. Who the hell cares what Crissie has to say.

  21. Actually, I have a zune. Not too big, nothing fancy, it’s an 8 GB and it’s red. I’ve never had a problem with it, it’s never frozen, it last a good 18 hours on a full charge (if I’m not using the wireless on it) I can visit the market place, buy a few songs, w/e. My friend’s I-pod is constantly freezing. ๐Ÿ˜€

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