Our Wedding DJ

Wedding plans are coming together nicely, although we still have a few more ceremonial gaps to fill. One more piece of the puzzle has been placed, however, with the signing of a disc jockey. We met this DJ at a local coffee shop, where he handed us a bound prospectus that explained everything we ever wanted to know about choosing a wedding DJ (but were afraid to ask). It included 10 questions to ask a prospective disc jockey:

  1. Does s/he overbook events and hire subcontractors
  2. Is this his/her full-time career or his/her part-time hobby?
  3. Will s/he meet with you in person to help you plan your reception?
  4. What will s/he do at your reception that makes his/her service unique?
  5. Does s/he coordinate your entire reception for you?
  6. Will his/her attire be appropriate for your reception?
  7. Does s/he have company standards that govern his/her behavior?
  8. Are there any hidden charges?
  9. Does s/he have a wide base of entertainment experience to draw from?
  10. Does he have the skills to deliver announcements that are clear and direct?

You can imagine that this DJ answered these questions with sound authority, but they’re still good questions for anybody to ask.

3 thoughts on “Our Wedding DJ”

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  2. Chris.. i am a club jock/record label owner. I am finally after 18 years going to say yes to at least 10 of the 100x times i get asked to do a wedding.. I have a piece of advice- and it sounds very sophomoric- make SURE you sit down with your dj and talk about song selection.. be VERY specific. If you want the hustle. Make sure you tell him which one! there are several. and if you do not want the Marcarena. Tell HIM (her) Make sure you have a BACKUP CDR in your tux pocket of the song that Ponzi will inevitably pick for the two of you to dance to. sounds basic. But after thousands of gigs i too assumed my very own DJ would know exactly what to do. He didn’t. And you will hear about it from your wife FOREVER if you do not follow this advice.. good luck guys…marriage is great… rick..errr dj dick.

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