My Wedding Ring: Tungsten Carbide

My wedding ring is the most ultimate wedding ring on the planet – and I’m not just saying that because it’s my wedding ring! More than anything, I wanted to find a metal that wouldn’t get all scratched up. We flailed to E.E. Robbins in downtown Seattle (remember, I picked up Ponzi’s engagement ring at Robbins Bros in Los Angeles). She prefers silver to gold, although that doesn’t keep her from wearing her Thai gold on occasion.

I don’t need to know everything about wedding bands – just enough to know that I can live with my decision forever. We were steered into a brushed titanium band, and I think it’ll work out quite well for my left ring finger. I like that it’s a more neutral color and doesn’t feel too heavy on my hand. I keep clacking the ring everywhere (like when I turn a car’s steering wheel). Yes, I’ve been wearing it out before the wedding date! And if that’s violating some kind of unwritten rule, you should know that Ponzi and I have been living together since a month after we first met.

At least, I think this is a titanium ring? It didn’t exactly come wrapped in a fancy package with big lettering. No inscriptions, either – that’s how you know it’s a good ring. Ther… hey, wait a minute. There is an inscription! It says… “one ring to rule them all, and in the marriage bind them.” Just kidding. Seriously, I didn’t realize it was inscribed until I looked just now. Triton? Must be a brand. Oh, it’s a tungsten carbide!

Very strong, very tough, very durable, very scratch and tarnish resistant, very unique, very happily stuck on my finger. Oh boy. I hope I can get this sucker off before our wedding on the 9th.