I Met Michael Dell – In Person

I’m not sure if I can say exactly how it happened, but it did happen yesterday – a chance to speak with Michael Dell, face to face, for about fifteen minutes. No PR flacks, no marketing messages, no imposed limits. I made a bold move by bringing up the subject of “Dell Hell,” and he responded in a very kind manner with a satisfactory answer. I have a great deal of respect for this man (on countless levels, for countless reasons), and that feeling was only strengthened by conversing with him one-on-one. I probably sounded like a babbling idiot (what’s new?), but the entire experience was surreal. Dell is a big, big company – and you’d be crazy to belive that it had a monopoly on hiccups. Dunno if I’ll ever have the chance to shake his hand again, but at least I can say I did it once.

9 thoughts on “I Met Michael Dell – In Person”

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  2. Awesome man… I’ll tell you what, my Dell has been unbelievable for me. I’ve had it for 7 years and (knock on wood) is still ticking. Still have XP and have no plans to upgrade. Uh..well, maybe I should backup my hard drive now that I have bragged about my Dell.

  3. Wow, Michael Dell, that’s awesome —The only famous person I ever had a one to one conservation with was Sinbad the comedian, he was a cool humble person.

  4. Chris,

    Your starry-eyes giddiness noes not become you. Bringing up the subject of “Dell Hellâ€Â? was not a a “bold move”. You are a well-known member of the digirati. HE should have been delighted at meeting Chris Motherf#cking Pirillo! You have the right to ask pointed questions and EXPECT a “satisfactory answer”. (What was his answer, anyway?) Michale Dell is just another dude, dude. We’re all equals. Stand tall.

  5. Isn’t it cool when you get to meet someone with that kind of influence or fame!! I’ve been working in the Restort Industry for 20+ years and get to meet famous people on occasion. Always fun to tell people you got to meet this person or that person. Ella Fitzgerald was the first famous person I had the chance to meet. She was extremely grumpy, impatient, as well as confused. Oliver North on the other hand was the most polite and courteous famous person I have ever met.

  6. Chris,

    I am also most interested in what Michael Dell’s responses are to your question of “Dell Hell”. I have also been a loyal Dell customer. I have owned three Dell laptops and four desktops starting in 1998 and until the very last one, been very satisfied. I sold the last laptop after three months of screwing with it! I have been very frustrated over that time with the frequency of problems that I am having with my newest purchuses, the declining quality of their support and the increasing levels of junk that come pre installed on their computers. As a result of the increasing levels of frustration with the Dell (and the Windows spyware and virus magnet), my last purchase was a MacBook. It has also had some problems, but there was zero preinstalled third party software installed on a trial basis. My most recent windows purchase was a Gateway laptop, and it has been in a league above my most recent Dell purchases.
    I like Dell and would like to see them do well, but I can tell you that they ain’t what they used to be. There product, service and customer awareness have all decreased in recent years. There recent products also do not match up with previous offerings, at least when compared to the competition. I hope that they are able to get there eye back on the ball.

  7. Dude ! You rock ! Bringing that issue up to Mr.D was perfect. Tech support and customer care have been the biggest failures in that company since it started off-shoring to India, Phillipines, Panama and other third world countries.It’s time that CEO’s like Michael Dell actually get in touch with their customers. Unfortunately most management take significant steps to isolate themselves from those that represent their companies. They don’t want to address issues but rather simply spin statistics so they look good in the board rooms when the end of the quarter rolls around.

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