Zune: Good and Bad

The Zune good:

  • Wireless capabilities
  • Content subscription
  • Easy media sharing
  • Plays MP4 & AAC formats
  • Microsoft-backed product
  • Forces Apple to do better
  • A unified experience

The Zune bad:

  • No podcast management
  • Another closed system
  • Completely new ecosystem
  • Not cross-platform
  • Smaller capacity than iPod 5.5G
  • New software to install
  • Yet another device to manage
  • Just launched, few accessories
  • Likely won’t dent iPod market share
  • Questionable battery life
  • Not clearly better than the iPod

The Zune needs:

  • Wireless downloading on-demand
  • Built-in DVD ripping
  • OS X port of management tool
  • Support for RSS, enclosures
  • Mini-games support (like Clix, iPod)
  • New firmware, software features every 6mos

17 thoughts on “Zune: Good and Bad”

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  3. Hey, didn’t you hear, the firmware upgrade is planned for 3+ years (deadline will no doubt be extended) and will be $399 or even more with 3 years to inflate it. Biggest feature for the upgrade is a new skin. Sound like Vista anyone?

  4. “Built-in DVD ripping”

    This is a really awesome idea. They all should have it, heck I wouldn’t even mind if during the rip if they applied their DRM to it to ensure its not distributed.

    Unfortunatly this is never going to happen because neither Microsoft nor Apple has the desire to go to bat for this right for the users. And really these are the companies that should be going to bat for their users, they have large pockets and could sustain the fight.

  5. How can you say that “New software to install” and “Yet another device to manage” are bad points?

    I could only see these being plausible bad points if two things are assumed:

    1. I already own an iPod.
    2. I will be using this device in addition to my iPod.

    If this is my only DMP, it only makes sense that yes, I will have another device to manage, and yes, I will need to install new software. GASP! Aren’t these two things expected anytime I buy ANY new device?

    One more thing.. “few accessories”? at launch? Weak. I am definately not a Microsoft fanboy, and I do own an iPod, however, I do think you are reaching a little bit on some of your bad points.


  6. For the bad I disagree with the following –
    # Just launched, few accessories
    # Likely won’t dent iPod market share
    # Questionable battery life
    # Not clearly better than the iPod

    How do we know exactly what accessories are going to be made? From what recently has been said, a lot of manufactures are going to be creating accessories.

    I don’t see how not denting the iPod market share is a bad thing? The N64 sold less than the PS1, yet it still was a great gaming console filled with great memories.

    The battery life hasn’t been stated, this should be in a completely different section.

    Not clearly better than the iPod? It offers everything the iPod has and a brand new community aspect, overall it appears to be just as good if not better. I’ll be waiting for more details to make a final judgment on this.

    Finally, to add to the positive, how about the user interface? I’m sure you’ve seen the video, and it’s looking amazing and very sleek. Loads better than what the iPod offers for UI (custom backgrounds, transition effects, larger artwork display, and more).

    Just my 2 cents, I’m defiantly selling my iPod and picking this up if the details get even better.

  7. What in the world are you apple fanboys thinking? Starting from November 14, you and your lamey whitey thing (that you brag with your emo friends so much) will gradually become an extinct species. Posterity will remember your gaypod just as an expensive paperweight. ’nuff said.

  8. Funny how things like the Zune or iPod show just how personal media really is and how many strong opinions media players generate.

    For me…

    – Podcast management is an anti-issue. I don’t *get* podcasts. I’d rather read my news and listen to my music. I have a very low threshold for bad commentators unless someone is a very interesting story teller podcasts off little to no benifit to me.

    – Smaller capacity is again a non-issue. I have over 500gb of music, there is no player out there can satisfies me so 30gb vs. 80gb is a non-issue, I have to shuffle music back and forth the same.

    – Playing games on a 3″ screen is just insanity to me. If I can’t play games on PC or console then I’m probably some place a good book would be a better option then squinting at a 3″ game.

    – Zune doesn’t need RSS or enclosures, technically the Zune Software software does. In that context in should grab enclosures for those that do enjoy such things and sync it onto the Zune.

    – DVD-ripping? Really? Seriously? You would actually *watch* a movie on that size of screen? Why waste time watching something on that small a screen when instead you could wait and watch at home on a true HD large TV? Plus, why build DVD ripping into the Zune Software when you can already do it with a bunch of other free tools? Also, to rip anything you have to use something like AnyDVD just to get around the DRM.

    – It’s not “yet another device” to manage or “new software to install” for those that are looking for something besides the iPod. It’s “a different device and software” instead. Who is going to own both a Zune AND an iPod? For 98% of people you follow one faith and that’s it.

    – The iPod wasn’t cross-platform at first either. The Zune will be, I’ll bet a case of beer that it will be within 6 months to a year.

    I personally like the Zune concept, the wireless will grow and be key here. Plus working into the 360/Live ecosystem which is already rich will be amazing. I won’t watch a movie on a 3″ screen but I can stand to watch game trailer on it that I download via my 360.

    While not an iPod-killer they have the idea right, bringing community into the picture. Plus they are doing what a lot of other’s haven’t… gotten people talking about them.

  9. With a (free) thrid party app, the ipod touch can email non-drm’d files.. and.. I can open a non-drm file as an email attachment and play right on it.. pretty cool–BUT I guess we’re comparing nano to mini-zune right? All I can say is this.. parents–if you don’t want your kid to cry all the way back to the 15% restocking fee at best buy.. get them the touch or at least a nano.. No one, even the most die-hard apple hater, can possibly deny that it’s the most versitile and amazing media player ever made.

  10. can’t you use media player with the zune? also video’s from Tunes play on the zune. iTunes has more selection. I have to downoad the kim possible episodes there. i just wish it didn’t come in brown. such an ugly color!

  11. 1st Zune that comes out its has a click pad and ipod has a touch pad, 2nd zune that comes out has a touch pad, and ipod has a touch screen. Geez I wonder what the 3rd zune will have…20 bucks its a touch screen.

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