The Vista Bashing Bandwagon

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with The Inquirer. Microsoft Vista is still a mess:

Vista’s still a mess. It’s meant to be at release candidate stage, yet vendor’s are struggling to provide sufficient driver support, features are still missing or not yet complete, and its performance compared to XP is still poor. Nowadays hardware is cheap, and it would be sufficiently acceptable to upgrade in anticipation of a wonderfully revolutionary OS. Unfortunately Vista provides little to no benefit for end users compared to that of the previous version of Windows, released five years ago in 2001.

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. I think we’re all hoping for dramatic (and I mean, DRAMATIC) improvements between RC1, RC2, and Gold.

7 thoughts on “The Vista Bashing Bandwagon”

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  2. I would of been amazed if the Inquirer had said anything other than ‘it sux’. Everyone I no personally loves it including myself. There are still a few drivers that are not yet up to standard which can cause sluggish performance and audio glitches, but for me it’s been fantastic. I’ve had no stability problems and the performance has been amazing and smooth (way better than XP).

    I can’t think of any version of windows that had 100% driver support before it was released.

  3. >performance has been amazing and smooth (way better than >XP).

    I’ve run these OS’s side by side with equally confiquired
    boxes and XP wins hands down. Xp is much snappier.
    No contest which one is the fastest OS at this point of
    Vista development. Its the new WindowsME !!


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