226 thoughts on “Vista's UI is Better Than This!?”

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  11. Any ideas on the specs of the machine this was running on? I assume it was a monster to have that much video running with zero lag whilst switching screens and whatnot.

  12. Chris: It’s a good thing you had a week at sea before watching this. It has enough, stretch, squash, bounce, wiggle, jiggle, transparency, and pop to to have me reaching for the Dramamine.

  13. OMG, whatever that is I want it…now! Chris is right, this is what Vista should be accomplishing right now. Maybe they’ll get to this point in another ten years with “Blackcomb.” Vista RC1 is way too “heavy” for me, and I agree with Chris, the current Vista UI “consistancy” is embarrasing for Microsoft.

    Seriously though, is that a Linux distro? What is it???

  14. I don’t know if it’s “better” than Vista’s UI (I haven’t used Vista, myself), but it’s definitely “cooler”. 🙂

    (Though I must admit that I began to feel slightly nauseous by the time the video ended, and I’m not joking about that.)

    Ryan Sawyer, that’s Novel’s Linux with xgl (or so I’ve read).

  15. The guys over at DL.TV did a segment on this as well. I forgot the specs of the machine but it isnt as bad as you would think. Go Linux!!