226 thoughts on “Vista's UI is Better Than This!?”

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  11. Any ideas on the specs of the machine this was running on? I assume it was a monster to have that much video running with zero lag whilst switching screens and whatnot.

  12. Chris: It’s a good thing you had a week at sea before watching this. It has enough, stretch, squash, bounce, wiggle, jiggle, transparency, and pop to to have me reaching for the Dramamine.

  13. OMG, whatever that is I want it…now! Chris is right, this is what Vista should be accomplishing right now. Maybe they’ll get to this point in another ten years with “Blackcomb.” Vista RC1 is way too “heavy” for me, and I agree with Chris, the current Vista UI “consistancy” is embarrasing for Microsoft.

    Seriously though, is that a Linux distro? What is it???

  14. I don’t know if it’s “better” than Vista’s UI (I haven’t used Vista, myself), but it’s definitely “cooler”. 🙂

    (Though I must admit that I began to feel slightly nauseous by the time the video ended, and I’m not joking about that.)

    Ryan Sawyer, that’s Novel’s Linux with xgl (or so I’ve read).

  15. The guys over at DL.TV did a segment on this as well. I forgot the specs of the machine but it isnt as bad as you would think. Go Linux!!

  16. I’ve been using SuSE10.1 for sometime now. It’s cool, very cool in fact, but it’s Linux and will require some patience with a small learning curve, though.


    Understand that you will be needing to install codecs and other little goodies being this is Open SuSE.

  17. for the ones who asked, it’s a xgl demo with a gnome desktop, it runs on linux only. I don’t know the distrib the guy used but any should do the job, and no it’s not that CPU intensive (remember..linux).

  18. The Kororaa Project http://kororaa.org/ had a live cd that had the Nvidia drivers included that had all this in it. It was amazing. They were forced to remove the distro though because of the GPL license.

    They do have very good instructions on how to set this up in their forums. I showed this to some people at work and the envy meter went to 11.

  19. This is either XGL or AIGLX with Compiz running over it and (in this video) KDE for the window manager, all under Linux. It runs well even on modest hardware. To install it you’ll need to have 3D acceleration working (via either Nvidia or ATI’s binary drivers). Then you need to install either XGL or AIGLX (both lend 3d acceleration to X, the first by replacing the X server, the second by adding extensions to the existing X server). Finally, you’ll need to install Compiz and start it after logging in to your session.

    If you are running Ubuntu, search the Ubuntu forums for several very easy to follow how-to’s on getting this all up and running. I tripple boot XP, Vista, and Ubuntu, and while I am liking Vista more and more, I still boot into Ubuntu when I want to listen to music, watch videos, browse, and squeeze-jiggle my desktop all at the same time.

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  21. I saw a demo video of this environment (or an extremely similar one) on a touchscreen display and it really shined there. Then again, I’m a Tablet PC guy and therefore easily impressed. 😉 Microsoft would do well with Fiji or Vienna to head down this path…

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  23. nwoolls, I think that’s Gnome, not KDE (from the top menu bar and the icon set, both defaults for Gnome), but you’re right about everything else. My tri-boot Mandriva/XP/98 (yes,98) machine will do most of that in linux. It’s an Athlon XP 2700 with 1 gig of RAM, NVidia chipset and FX5200 video.

  24. Just like to point out for you fans of the Aero Glass look in Vista, you can have that with what you saw above. Just point and click!

  25. nibelune, skyhack: That is clearly not Gnome 🙂 If you look closely at the file browser, in the upper right corner is the KDE gear: http://www.kde.org/media/images/kde_gear_64.png also, the clock is the default KDE clock: http://www.kde.org/screenshots/images/3.5/04-konqueror-multipurpose.png just moved to the top.

    These sorts of effects also do work with Gnome though, e.g.:

    Anyway, I think this post illustrates quite nicely how advanced Linux has gotten recently… oh and did I mention that its available right now and its free? 🙂

  26. What Windows users need is a Linux OS that will run all those lovely free Windows programs out there that we are familiar with, and a Mac OS that will run on the same CPU as Linux & Windows.
    Wishful thinking? Well I can dream can’t I.

  27. Well, I can only say this is amazing. To achieve such performance on a PC/WINXP platform (assuming such interface exists already for windows).. there must be highend hardware to support all those realtime 3D and no timelag between video switching.. i can say great job for a Linux system. I wonder if the final release of Vista will be as much ??


  28. It’s fairly annoying to see so many people completely ignorant of what linux has to offer yet they go on at how awesome Vista is and how pretty and awesome and so on OS X is…. Just give up, they are the things of the past, with KDE4 coming nearer and Gnome 3 in planning stages, and AIGLX/XGL/Compiz doing the 3d work, you just can’t go wrong with linux.

    Also, I can run XGL/Compiz on an old 6 years old computer: 1.5ghz 256mbram and geforce fx 5200 with 128mbvram and it works as smooth as it is in this video.

  29. XGL will be phased out in favour of AIGLX according to the Xorg guys. AIGLX has the better driver support (especially once Nvidia release their AIGLX-compatible drivers) and it’s faster. The effects you see are from the Compiz window manager, which runs on either XGL or AIGLX.

    For what it’s worth, I’m able to run AIGLX + Compiz (with all the effects you see in the video and more) on a Pentium 4 2.5Ghz system with an integrated Intel 915 8MB video card.

  30. Ok, so I assume that’s XGL and Compiz? Or is it some other window manager? Are you using cgwd? Also – how did you get that sweet widget-toolbar-osx-thingy?

  31. whats the title of that video w/ polish subtitle? its been like a decade since ive last seen that movie and i kinda miss it..

    im saving to buy intel core duo w/ high end graphics card just for aero and vista to run smoothly and now im confused. ive never really thought that such effect could be achived w/o spending a lot. especially the vid thing..

    hmmm… now im thinkin building a linux machine…. does more.. cost less 🙂

  32. Um, nice rip-offs of Apple’s dock, window minimize and restore, app switching, and Expose features in Mac OS X. Seriously, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Oh, and they even snagged some of the app icons. A flashy GUI is nice and all, but any linux distro is no where near as capable as Mac OS X (which also has a flash GUI) for content authoring, developing, scientific computing, business apps, or web crap, which I can do all at the same time on the same machine. Oh, and Apple’s hardware does run Linux and Windows too, so Tony Trenton’s desire to have all on the same CPU has been granted by Apple….

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  34. Well i was not able to stop myself from posting this comment because there are too many people who are thinking that all these effects require powerful CPU and GPU, well i have tried XGL on my machine (AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 512 MB ram Nvidia Geforce 4000 mx) which is not*that* powerful but still it worked beautifully and i never experienced any sluggishness you expect while using such eye candy on a cheap machine however there few issues relating to overlay as many video related application may not work properly (tvtime) and also the fact that XGL does not work on ATI (ppl having ATI’s graphics card can use AIGLX) but hopefully the team developing XGL will address such issues sooner rather later .
    But there is a BIG problem i see in XGL is the fact that there are too many alternatives and the community does not make practical decision quickly leading to wasting precious resources.
    And as far as Windows Vista is concerned , i am NOT going to buy any new Windows OS anymore and this is not because the price tag but because of the system requirements. Why should i upgrade my PC when it is well capable of producing far better effects on Linux.

  35. Yikes. If you think this is so OMG amazing, you need to get yourself over to an Apple store right now and ask for a demo. Be sure to wear something waterproof, because you will surely cream your jeans.

  36. Once again, the Linux community proves that it’s unable to innovate, only steal ideas. You do realise that this is a complete rip off of the Mac OS ? You can most, if not all of this today on any Mac ? I strongly suspect that things like the ‘Exposé’ view and the cascading Dock are covered by software patents too.

    It’s time Linux grew up – stopped ripping off other OS’s (first Windows, now the Mac) – and started to offer something new and original. If it can.

  37. This is just XGL at work…. available on linux for quite a couple of months…. not a resource hog at all……. using it on my budget P4 2.4GHz with 512 and Nvidia MX200 card… runs like a charm…. no steep requirements unlike Vista.

    Beauty is it can run on any distro of linux as long as you have the right Nvidia drivers and the GNOME interface…. (sorry KDE guys). Used it on Mandriva and UBUNTU without any hitches…

    I have used MacOS X and I see the merits of the interface… but please Mac users, do not flame XGL… The dock is not default in XGL for linux. The above config was probably set-up by this user only. Hence the presence of the dock….. BTW the dock is overated anyway. Don’t forget that MacOsX is also a rip off of FreeBSD kernel….. which plays a far more important role in the OS than just the eye-candy.

    Truth is there are two ways of doing things…… one the simple fast and easy way… or the complicated way (aka the M$ way).

    XGL proves that having simple stuff does not mean it is crippled.. in fact it shows that many of the technologies are already available now…. and affordable for the masses too. Linux (or rather any POSIX) already had 64bit computing support before windows… also had multiprocessor/multicore suppport before many other OS’s …. all this on a FREE platform…. so… M$ supporters… eat your heart out.

    PEACE Brothers and Sisters in LINUX

  38. To all those wondering how much power this baby requires, I have been running XGL/Compiz smoothly for a couple of months now on a Gforce 2GTS card (I can’t remember how many years old that card is) the only effect I cannot run is rain/water (which is pretty useless anyway).

    The demo seems a bit old cause we even got a Vista theme with blurred transparency and halo around the decoration buttons for quite some time now 🙂

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  40. Completely useless. Question: What does this visual gimmickry add to productivity? Answer: nothing. Many sane people already know this too well, as they immediately switch from, say, the default Windows XP theme to the much more usable barebones Windows 2000/Windows 98 one. Lame Mac OS X won’t even allow that, and you’re stuck with an abomination of a gui.

    Conclusion: it is an abomination. ’nuff said.

  41. Hi, I am using XGL, and have been for several months. I have read several comments here, and I would like to clear some things up that were said in comments:

    1) Apple has no part in this.
    2) This runs on Linux (Linux is NOT Windows)
    3) If Apple uses this, they will take the code, manage to make it unbearable, and then apply it in OSX.
    4) XGL requires very little to run. Well, it doesn’t require much. TO be safe, I would say: A supported graphics card, 256MB RAM, and an 800Mhz processor. Ofcourse, Vista (with Aero) won’t run on that machine.

    Please everyone, stop pleading how this is Apple, Novell is NOT Apple. This is NOT an Apple OS, and there are many operating systems out there, not just Microsoft Windows, and Apple OSX.

    Also, Apple has been ripping off of Windows, Linux, and BeOS for *years*. If OSX is innovation to anyone, please find a better hobby than obsessing about Apple. Its the same users who deny the fact they are wrong for a change.

  42. Ugh, wow. Put me in the “makes me sick” camp. Why the hell would you pay money for this? How “pretty” do we need our desktops to be?

    What a waste of effort.

    Microsoft needs to spend their time figuring out how to make their OS secure from spyware and crap, not how to turn a desktop into a rotating cube.

    yes, thats the sound of a mac user barfing at what pc people consider “a hot ui” hahaha. seriously. Half of it is ripped off OS X, and not even a good job of that. The rest of the stuff is gimmicky to say the least. Pc people make me laugh.

  44. “To all the apple guys commenting.. will you share with us how much you paid for your mac and OS?”

    Absolutely. Im still using an old G4 Laptop (2002) which cost 1600. (Yes PC people, my laptop is like $200 more expensive than your Dell but does like $2000 worth of stuff that your PC doesnt.) And the OS, well… it came installed. But if you were to buy it off the shelf… $100

    Remember: You get what you pay for. Cheap computer = cheap experience.

  45. I think people are overestimating the “hefty” hardware requirements for Vista.

    Sure you can run XGL on a machine with a GeForce2 graphics card, or an 8mb Intel on-board chipset, but can you do half the crap they show in that video without wanting to gouge your eyes out from the pain of all the hardware lag? not entirely.

    In all honesty you can run Vista with full glass capabilities on a machine that matches the hardware specs of the machine that demo’d this clip, so I fail to see the discrepancy in everyone’s inflammatory comments.

    It’s just a fad to bash on MS for being the leader in a market, so just because your personal bias and tendency to bandwagon to groupthink makes you think you know it all doesn’t mean you’re right or that 90% of the rest of the world doesn’t use Microsoft’s software simply because of the amount of QA work and constant support the company provides to it’s users and corporate customers.

    I dare anyone to find and file a bug on a linux application and see what kind of traction you gain on getting it fixed. Most devs usually spend days spanking you over what modifications you’ve made to the OS and what packages you’ve installed, then tend to quickly resolve the bug as “wont fix” when you aren’t using a vanilla installation of a supported distro.

    Not everything about linux is all flowers and bunnies in an immaculate field of dreams.

  46. Elegal: your OS X sucks donkey ass. It has an abomination of a gui that seems designed for children aged 4-7. And the worst part of it is that you can’t even turn that nonsense off (at least, in Windows XP, you can).

    PS: Gimmickry is spelled that way.

  47. It’s pretty, but how does any of this stuff make computers easier and more intuitive to use? Seems to do precisely the opposite, requiring us to remember even more things.

  48. I really can’t believe people are drooling over this cr*p, personally I think it should be a crime to create a GUI this vomit inducing.
    When Microsoft was demoing their early avalon (WPF) examples a couple of years ago, they were slammed for putting together stuff like this because it was so pointless and gimmicky. I think a lot of people were worried they were planning to add junk like this to the windows UI. Thankfully common sense won out and they went for more subtle effects and better userbility, rather than flashy over the top animations that would drive most people mad after a couple of minutes.

    If anyone wants these stupid effects on windows there are a few apps out there that work well. ‘WindowFX’ does everything in the video and a lot more. My brother used it last year and it ran really well and didn’t hardly effect his performance, though it was so annoying he only used it for a day.


  49. Well, that’s certainly interesting, not something I’ll be trying, but it’s funny to see MS getting owned on what WAS considered their specialty — the flashy, resource-wasting interface (well, partially anyway, MS still wins on the resource-wasting part of it). Now I feel a need to clear a few things up.

    First off, for all the people who want to complain about how the Mac rips should be illegal, Microsoft already beat Apple on a “look and feel” lawsuit over Windows 9x nearly a decade ago, just get over it. But thanks for confirming the inspiration of that awful flashy stuff, you’ve helped me confirm what decided when I took my Ipod video back after owning it for only a week — that I never want to own another Apple product (all that garbage is about as annoying as rainbow-colored text in IRC). Actually, I had already seen an OSX theme for XP, so the bad impression had already been made.

    To all you Mac users that say that Linux is so inferior that no Linux/Unix interface can possibly touch OSX, reality check time, OSX is really FreeBSD, the people at Apple just created a custom GUI for it (an ugly one at that). So I find it funny to watch you flame Linux, since you’re running one. But normal Linux isn’t limited to any one interface (there’s 6 on the Knoppix live disc even) like OSX is, if you’re arrogant enough to say that your one GUI in OSX can’t be beaten by any of the countless ones in development for non-OSX Linux, that’s pure foolishness and a bet I’ll take any day of the week (I’ve probably got at least a 20 to 1 odds in my favor). If I put 10 PCs on display, 8 running different Linux GUIs, 1 running OSX, 1 running Windows, it’s pretty obvious which OS would most likely win, Linux has an overwhelming 80% chance to impress the user, Windows and OSX have a 10% chance each. But if you still think OSX (or Windows for that matter) would have a chance in said challenge, feel free to try it for real.

    For those who will ask what I replaced my Ipod with, it’s a Cowon iAudio X5L. Ipod drove me crazy with it’s unnatural method of uploading mp3s (no drag and drop, no categorization if there isn’t any id3 tags, no inclusion or even a link to a decent id3 tagger like “the Godfather” on the iTunes disc). All that counter-intuitiveness and lack of support software forced me to take it back, anything that expensive should do things my way, not force me to bend over backwards to conform to it. My iAudio works right (drag and drop copying, real file/folder navigation, etc.), does much more than any Ipod can (even if you put Rockbox on it, there’s still no FM tuner for you to use, much less record from, and the battery still doesn’t last 35 hours per charge), and it’s much harder to scratch thanks to it’s sturdy metal case.

    I think it’s funny to see all the Mac people flame this, you spent so much for your PCs compared to what Windows and Linux users spent on theirs, your included wave recorder should be something on the level of Cubase or at least Soundforge as compensation (somehow I doubt it comes anywhere close). We get to pick what we need/want on the other hand (as it’s been said before, you can’t even disable the flashy effects in OSX, you’re stuck with them), we don’t have as much software forced down our throats that we’re not going to use to make the machine boot slower. Of course, most pre-built PCs don’t just come with Windows by itself either, too bad you flaming Mac users never really tried one to begin with. Otherwise you would know that they bundle more than Paint and Calculator, and I’ll take the bundled Nero, Encarta, and even the MS Works (granted, Office is much better but this is free after all) over any similar products Apple might have (sure, IE and Outlook are useless, but it’s not like Firefox and Thunderbird cost money). Can you get a top of the line Plextor DVD burner with your Mac? No, you’re stuck with the cheap one they give you. All Macs use the same hardware, there’s no custom building one of those (which is one reason I haven’t even considered owning one an option, I don’t buy pre-manufactured, I get what I want in my PCs because I build my own). And you want to speak to us about the individuality and personalization you have with a machine you can’t even customize? What a joke.

    Now to address elegal specifically, 1600 is about 700 or 800 more than you can own a decent non-Mac PC laptop for (makes me wonder where you’ve been checking your prices, or even if for that matter). Since I could pick up much more apps than I need for $400, PC still wins by 300 to 400 (more if you bought any additional software for your Mac). Also, the value of the bundled software at $2000 seems inflated, it would have to have apps equivalent to Cubase, Photoshop CS2, Vegas, DVD Architect, Cinema Craft Encoder, Nero, and Alcohol 120% included. I’m being generous and providing that the extra software might be worth $200 (though I’m thinking much less), of which you probably only use half of it anyway. So even that doesn’t offset the cost (especially since you need to buy Windows XP to install if you want to play any games).

    As for getting what you pay for, that’s not exactly true. Sure, supply and demand do come into play, but it’s not a given fact you’re going to get a better product by spending more. People rip and get ripped all the time. As I mentioned before, I took my Ipod video back and ordered a Cowon iAudio X5L. They’re the same price, but the X5L easily kills the Ipod on features, quality, and user-friendliness. All of you Ipod owners out there did not get what you paid for as far as I’m concerned (hopefully this message caught someone in time to take theirs back though). Now, for one of the best examples, software. There are many music ripping apps out there of varying price ranges, none can compete with EAC (freeware). The same can be said of MP3 encoders, spend all you want, you won’t find anything better than LAME (again, completely free, and it originated on Linux I might add, not OSX). The freeware version of AVG is better than many commercial Antivirus apps. Let’s move on to online purchases. I paid one of the lowest prices on Amazon for my 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide. They could have asked double if they had known it was the first printing (I was shocked when I opened it). I could list every e-bay auction I’ve sniped to drive this point home even more, but I think my point is made. You rarely get what you pay for, sometimes you get more, usually you get a little less (businesses must turn at least a small profit to keep going after all), sometimes you get burned.

    One last thing, I find it very amusing that anyone can argue that Microsoft or Apple have done anything innovative or inventive in the past few years. We all know M$ pays other people for their ideas. They know better than to write a single bit of code for their Xbox series’ OSes, especially the security routines, lol. Then again, sometimes they just steal an idea by reverse engineering an app, recoding it in as inefficient manner as possible, adding alot of useless features, altering the logo, then recompiling. You Mac fans especially give Apple too much credit. You think they made that hack of FreeBSD you call OSX out of innovation? No, pure desperation. They would still be using Motorola’s backwards-bit CPUs if Motorola’s quality control hadn’t fallen through the floor when they moved to China. Apple was left without a reliable chip manufacturer so they needed an OS that would run on an Intel chip to call their own. They couldn’t write their own from scratch, so they scrambled to find the most stable Linux/Unix with a GNU licence (FreeBSD) and built a custom GUI for it. I’ll avoid addressing all of the hypocrisy in Apple’s ads for now, you’d have another long paragraph to read, but in that last one they indirectly caved and admitted that OSX can’t compete with Windows, by touting the ability to run Windows on Macs (so much for the ads about being immune to viruses, Windows not being compatible with new hardware, and that “liberating the Intel chip” thing, all a bunch of busted myths now).

  50. My Response to Larry Osterman’s rhetoric posted here

    The before shipping to millions of people comment is way off Larry. Novell is “shipping this to millions of people” right now as this UI is built into their new Novell SLED (suse linux enterprise desktop)


    Novell invested a lot of money in these usability test you say they never did.

    I think you should do some fact checking then come back when you know what you’re talking about.


    Remember this post, when I had posted screenshots of IE’s dlls being preloaded but you still insisted that IE had no advantage over firefox and that preloading was not true? Then Bruce Morgan told you otherwise.

    I think this is a similar situation where you are just backing the people that cut your checks without fact checking.

    I don’t want to sound intrusive here, so I will leave it at that. I just think people should have a right to know the facts.

    BTW, this demo is much better, because it compares all 3 systems, mac, windows vista, and Linux.

    PS- Please tell Bill not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out of the computer business.

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  52. Watching a video of Xgl is nothing like actually USING it!

    I read a lot of comments here about how “Cool” it looks but that it’s not very useful. I’ve been using it for a while now and find it is VERY useful.

    Mapping 4 virtual desktops to the sides of a cube is an awesome idea! I can full screen my browser on one face, full screen a TV channel from my TV Tuner on the next, full screen a graphic editor on the next, and my web editing software on the fourth. Then I can design & test web pages while watching/listening to TV! All I have to do is move my mouse to the screen edge and scroll the mouse wheel to flip between desktops (rotate the cube), or click on the desktop switcher in the task bar. That’s extremely handy, four desktops laid out how I want with easy switching!

    One of the biggest useability enhancements that I didn’t see in the video was the “Zoom” feature, very usefull for a quick zoom in ANY application, especially ones that don’t have built in zoom. Helpful also for those with poor eyesite.

    Transparency, and the newly added gamma adjustability, for windows allows me to work in one window while monitoring others behind it, or darkening out a window for less distraction. And there’s also a screen color inversion shortcut that comes in handy for catching details in certain images or making some web pages more readable.

    The water effect is cool for finding my cursor when I loose it.

    The wabbly effects are about the only non-useable eye-candy, but they can be turned off if desired.

    For those who don’t know you can get Xgl/compiz to run on just about any version of Linux, with Gnome or KDE, as long as you have a 3D capable card.

    For a quick path to Xgl:
    1) Install Ubuntu (www.ubuntu.com)
    2) Install Automatix bleeder edition (www.getautomatix.com)
    3) Run Automatix Bleeder and use it to install your 3D driver and Xgl (afterward you can use regular Automatix to install tons of other useful apps and plugins as well)

  53. @Jon Bon Jovi,Andy

    my friends im using ubuntu linux+xgl+compiz+kiba dock+cgwd

    and i can watch the flash video, even on opera. (you must be spending years under the rock)

    And all those mac lover here should remember that mac is based on UNIX and your favourite browser (Safari) is based on an open source project(KHTML_Konqueror_KDE). And your soon to be release iTV is very very similar to Windows Media Center, Dashboard is a copy of Konfabultor (yahoo widgets)
    And also i have paid absolutely nothing to get all this stuff and dock i have is lot better dock than any other dock out there ! (i have built in physics engine).

    And also i was wrong about problems i had earlier (tvtime), now i can watch tv without any problem and also all this stuff will also work on ATI cards.


  54. damn i forgot to put a t in “(i have”.
    and “the rock)” and i should used “a” rather than “the”.
    and i should sleep now …….
    im sooooo insomniacs.
    should i take sleeping pills , but i dont want to get addictive..
    should i just close my eyes.
    cant 🙁

  55. This is very interesting. i think it best shows what a “clean” OS running bare to the hardware can accomplish. However, It makes me feel even worse for winblows users. This is a great ‘start’ to developing a great intterface, but I think that people are more enthused by the tricks more than the ACTUAL INTERFACE which is still BUTT ASS UGLY. Too many icons. Too many buttons. Osx with even 5 or so winows open still looks clean. This os seems to be takin too much from the microsoft school, which essenially treats you like a frigging idiot by placing buttons for everything, everywhere. It is sickenign to llok at after a whilew. and whoop-de-do, theres a screen saver running on top of the desktop. Effective use for 3d layers(especially the cube- nice job) for sure, but hardly any real world practical use.
    Effective ui design should emphasize “what should be there”, not “what could be there?”. Contextual menus and overlays should be combined and used sparingly to avoid interface overload. No one has bothered to really look at the real promise of transforming windows or true grouping of open directories. wouldnt it be cool to slip ta folder into 2 parts to be able to have the 2 files open literally side by side so you dont have to seperately move 2 windows back and for all over the screen?
    Nice little animations are great. jacking apple’s dock is not. think of a better way to do it. how abotu groups of apps in a capsule that overkays everything else that can be accessed with an assignable key. too far-fetched? I dom’t think so. And whomever thought I wan to type in letters everytime I wanted to open a blasted application is out of their damn minds.
    I cant speak for windows users. I deplore windows interface. So chances are, it’s not that hard t make something look better. If you are on am mac you will most likely look at the video, peep the bells and wistles, say “wow” for a couple of nins, then realize what the true meaning over overkill is when you start thinkign about using that interface 7 hours a day.

    Yikes. good job guys, but practicality should come first. We already have windows, and we have OSX. Now try to make better.

    PS- Linux on the desktop will NEVER have a chance. Keep the software made for geeks for geeks, so they can keep claiming thier techincal superioty over commoners. Also the only real reason anyone triple boots is because thatever single os they are using is simply lacking what they really need.


  56. Sorry if someone has already said this, but the effects and everything DO NOT need a monster of a pc to run them, in actual fact my modest pc managed to cope with all of the effects just fine, with no lag at all, and best of all, no horrible blank spaces when the windows refersh as you move one over another etc… all in all i’d say it was pretty cool.

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  58. Re: Raistlin’s comments

    >>>I paid one of the lowest prices on Amazon for my 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide.

  59. So it’s got some whizzbang effects.

    Whoop dee doo.

    The actual interface itself (objects being dragged around, windows, locations of icons) is still weak and Linux has a long way to go until it’s ready for the desktop market.

    For the PC of tomorrow, look at the mac of today.

  60. I am enjoying each and every one of these features right now, albeit freshly.
    I have got to say i am in awe!! that’s all there is to it. SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Edition) is the king, screw Vista 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Oh and all on a 9800 pro !!

  61. Got XGL working in Ubuntu fairly easy, using the Compiz Forums, it ran smooth on my AMD 64 3200+ ATI 9600 64MB, Not an insane system but ran much better than Vista can ever hope for.

  62. I’ve had Xgl and Beryl running on my computer since last week, and I certainly don’t have a very modern setup – I’m running an 800Mhz Duron with 256MB of RAM and an old 32MB nVidia card.

    KDE/Xgl/Beryl worked, but I found a bit too sluggish to be usable on my computer. So I tried it with Xfce/Xgl/Beryl and it’s usable for me like that (and very pretty!) for most stuff like web-browsing, email, etc, but my system hasn’t got enough oomph to cope if I do anything a bit intensive, e.g. play a video or anything like that.

    Even so, if I can get it to work at all usably on my computer I imagine it must fly on a better endowed machine, and damn! it’s tempting to use it anyway because it’s just so stunning 🙂

  63. Anyone have any idea what the movie being played in the clip is?

    I’d appreciate the info if anyone knows, thanks you.

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  65. Please people don’t state something without knowing the facts. This requires very low requirements compared to todays standards. I’m running this on my laptop from 5 years ago (512 Ram, 32 video card) and it runs with no problem. Never slows or anything of the sort.

    Windows is bloated, expensive, but is the norm of society, and lets face it, we need it for gaming.

    Linux is free, more optimized than less, and completely customizable, all for free, comes with free alternative to any software you can think of (with very little work).

    Now OS X is Linux, maybe a bit better, except no right click support and expensive. And it’s not as customizable as Linux, which is what i like the most.

    That OSX dock doesn’t come pre-built for Linux, but there are “add-ons” for linux to add that, just like there is for windows. Anyone that’s interested in running this XGL/Compiz should download SuSE for free. It’s rather easy to set up if you follow some tutorials.

  66. Oh BTW. I saw that “spaces” thing in the Leopard OS, that’s a half-assed cube desktop. On the XGL you can have up to 24 VDesktops (on my comp atleast). And plus XGL is already working perfectly, and you can unfold the cube and use it like that spaces thing, dont know why you would, but you can.

    And plus if you don’t want all that, you can disable any portion of XGL you want. So if you don’t like the transparent screens while dragging windows, turn it off. Linux is some-what hard to learn, but good things come to the people who wait.

  67. That was well summarised by LikwidSage. I have been running SuSE 10.1 with Xgl/Compiz and KDE on my 3 year old laptop (Pentium M 1.6 Ghz, 512 MB, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700) since the summer. And I can demonstrate all this eye candy running smoothly on it while compiling a new Linux kernel (something demanding a lot of CPU) at the same time. So, no it does not interfere with the rest of the system too much. And my laptop is certainly no monster.

    True, I don’t “need” all that to survive. I was already happy with what Linux gave me with my old familiar KDE : a computer that does what I want it to do, and not something that has an opinion (often quite preposterous) about what a computer-user must want. I want a solid working enviroment to develop research oriented software, to visualise my simulation data from supercomputers … But I like the reaction I get from chance onlookers when I routinely change desktop to look at some different application, and the desktop (cube) turns around. I have stopped seeing it by now, and for me, it is just changing desktops, and I am quite comfortable thinking that my applications are sitting on the sides of a cube in front of me, and I can rotate the cube and view the application I want to view. However, it is by now much less comfortable for me to work with almost anything else, where application widgets, when you move them on the screen, move like rigid bodies! So stiff! 🙂 So, be warned. This is eye-candy, but like everything else in Linux, it is too much in your control. You will be able to tune it to your taste so much that it will be hard to go back.

  68. well well well
    what a surprise here people calming that apple ripped-off
    Konfabulator hmm if you actually think about it Konfabulator
    was probably inspired by apple’s Desk_Accessories.
    Link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desk_Accessory

    they probably said hmm I want something like that for windows
    so they made the Konfabulator. but seriously getting to the heat of
    the matter macs have a nice easy to use interface with all the bells_and_whistles that advanced users want. Did they steal there
    foundation of mostly open source technologies.

    Some believe they did but I disagree because stealing would mean
    that it became something other then open-source but they still consider lots of main parts open-source. –
    (Darwin , open BSD , Samba , OPENSTEP, NEXTSTEP)
    They update the open source technology with every update.

    Now, so what we do say OS X actually is , well it is a system comprised
    of unix and several open source technologies it is a unix – or even in some cases we could call it a linux,

    does this linux (you know to what i am referring to) steel from mac ?
    in my opinion I would say that it is inspired from it, he probably uses mac at home for work or fun and was so used to the features provided by apple that he really needed them in his linux.

    Now as for the bloteware we have come to know as windows
    (yes im bias. yes i hate microsoft. yes i know that windows is a hunck of junk thats used everyware. finaly yes i know that im going to use either WINE or windows XP (maby vista) just so i can play some games)
    (( halflife – halo 2 – others ))

    But as to set the record streight I can not think of any thing apple has stolen from microsoft name one to make me happy please!

    anyway i saw the movie and i am veary happy i use macs becouse
    now i can put a nice linux on my computer (viea bootcamp) and
    still have all those wonderfull affects that i like hmmmmmm happy.

    ohh and BTW (by the way) required ram —— recomended –
    mac os system 6 os GS 8 ram recomends 16 – 32
    mac os 7.5.3 requires 32 ram recomends 64 – 128
    mac os 9.2.2 requires 64 ram recomends 128 – 256
    mac os x 10.3 requires 128 ram recomends 256 – 512
    mac os x 10.4 requires 256 ram recomends 386 – 512
    mac os x 10.5 requires 256 ram recomends 512

    *yes you can run it on less but it then becomes notworth it
    **the eye candy is automactily disabled if your computer doesent make the specs (ripple) (bouncing icons) (window shade)

    wondows —- requires ——— recomends
    95 requires 64 ram recomends 128
    98 requires 96 ram recomends 186
    NT requires 96 ram recomends 186
    2000 requires 128 ram reccomends 256
    xp requiores 256 ram reccomends 512
    vista requires 512 ram reccomends 1 gb

    *yes you can get it to run on less but thats too slow to be useable
    **yes you can get it to run faster by disabiling eyecandy

    just to give you a idea any way.
    I do love the mac WHY?
    Becouse it is computing made easy!

  69. Free and still great in comparison to the OS’s. Say what you want about Linux, but it’s FREE. Say that about any other OS, it’s not going to happen. Of course some of the features will look similar, it’s OPEN SOURCE.

    Open source puts the power of development in the hands of the ‘user(s).’ With the other OS’s, users have to wait until either Microsoft or Apple updates their respective OS’s while Linux users on the other hand (with the proper knowledge) are able to make changes to their OS without having to rely on the companies.

    Running it on my 1.8GHz Athlon XP
    with a 30$ Geforce video card.
    Runs smooth.

    ~”pre-installed with Windows Vista” is not a feature I’d want to be charged 200$ extra for. And that’s for the most basic version (not taking into account the 99$ upgrade if you have a “genuine” version of Windows ). The ultimate version of Vista costs 399$.

  70. No, Vista doesn’t do that because what XGL does is USELESS.

    No one gives a flying fuck about wobbly windows. The only useful feature to come out of XGL is the multi-desktops rendered in 3D.

    Otherwise, no one cares.

  71. I ran this on a pentium III 500 MHZ 256MB ram,geforce 4 TI 4200 128 MB,
    And it ran smoothly:D,i used ubuntu 6.10 for that.

  72. After reading so many comments about Apple and Windows I can only say that : You know you’re doing something right when the competition starts to get so defensive.

    And for those talking about usability, you people do realize that this isn’t locked in, right? You realize that you don’t have to install this. And if you do install it you’re only two clicks away from your beloved blocky, lifeless interface.

    But I for one find it very hard to go back.

    Is there anything really useful about Beryl, not really……. not yet.
    But anyone who can’t even admit that this stuff is pretty cool is a sad old fart that will quickly be left behind in this field.

  73. go xgl! for those who say this isnt useful: most of these effects make it much easier to deal with the multitude of work that i have to do. the cube makes many things much easier. today for instance, i was working on a project with apis that i was not familiar with. being able to go between text editors, testing shells, and documentation would have been impossible to do effectively with beryl.
    s to resources? i run this with no problems on a laptop that cant do two things at once on windows xp without crashing (and damaging the motherboard while its at it).
    ripping off macs? (why would anyone ever even want to do that?) my theme setup has no similarity to any operating system. anyway, a mac wouldnt be able to support my need of dark theming (unlike with kde, where every part of every application is either dark blue or dark grey.) as for motion sickness? 1) that can be easily modified, with a click here and there. and maybe a drag. and 2) if you’re that sensitive, i recommend that you never get in a car.

  74. It’s… a 90’s era Sun demo! =DDD For a minute I couldn’t tell if it was XP, Vista, or KDE, since I can do what it shows on all of them – up until the cube thing. It genuinely looks as if they took a look at some of the killer Sun demos and said “how can we make this even cooler?” And you can be sure Sun would have had Matrixview if it’d been out then.

    Personally I hate “giant cube” desktops and would rather see them floating disconnected, but whatever, it’s their toy.

  75. i have a machine running XGL and Beryl.

    Intel Celeron 2.8 ghz
    512 mb ram
    32 mb integrated graphics card from intel

    Runs incredibly well on my machine ^__^

  76. I personally think Linux should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t charge a fee for their operating system. People always seem to find the answer to a problem on the internet. The software packaged with it is awesome. I am able to run most of Windows Applications. The software includes free firewalls and applications to make the operating more secure without charge. It presents some of the cutting edge software on desktop guis. If run this on my network, I have to worry about the wonderful compaies of Linux coming around and doing audits of what I have running. Yes, I believe Linux should feel pretty bad about itself. Go Microsoft Nah. Linux, I love it.

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  78. Oh my god. It just goes on and on and on. When do you actually get to firing up an application and doing some productive work so you can finally leave the damned computer in the office where it belongs and go and live you life? A computer isn’t a useful item unless it’s not in the way. How are soggy windows and useless false 3d paradigms productivity tools?

  79. I have one comment. since microsoft doesn’t reveal it’s code, how are people going to make the desk applets for the Windows Sidebar. It seems more and more applets come into linux every day by open source.

  80. My PowerBook G4 (purchased in Summer 2005) does nearly all(!) this ever since the first day I pulled it out of the shipment box.

    I recognize the Dock, its jumping icons, the active corners of Exposé and its “show all windows” features, the cubic desktop move when user switching, multiple running videos in Overview and so on.

    Just that wobbling windows bit is missing (or I haven’t come across it yet).

    What’s missing in the Video is Apple’s Dashboard with its visually impressive Widget handling.

  81. it can run on all PCs its called Beryl
    google it and they have a simple setup guide if you have linux
    works on all shitty computers including mine

  82. This is either compiz or beryl, I run beryl on Ubuntu 6.10 on a modest laptop with intel 945 graphics. This is a modest machine
    Name Pentium III/Pentium III Xeon/Celeron
    Specification Genuine Intel(R) CPU U1300 @ 1.06GHz
    Family, model, stepping 6, 14, 8
    Vendor GenuineIntel
    Cache Size 2048kb
    Frequency 800.00MHz
    BogoMips 2130.71
    Byte Order Little Endian
    It is PCIe
    1gb of memory
    It is a Gateway MX1023
    it runs fantastic, very little overhead. simple to install and set up. You dont need nvidia or ATI. (both are better) but intel aslo works with this enhanced 3D mode

    Much better that windows vista…. which all but chokes this laptop

  83. yeah, so what. My cheap little mac mini can do all that and more.
    my pc laptop would have a shitty fit if it tried

  84. Ohhh…ahhhh….look at the wobbly windows and sparkly vanishing windows. PFFFTTT!! Whatever. So linux made some eye candy. So what. I do not see what Linux is trying to prove. Is this an eye candy showdown?? I dont think Vista ever entered that race, buddy. As a loyal Vista user, who absolutely loves it, I admit that I am no way jealous. Know what is seems like Linux is trying to do?? COMPENSATE FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Like what you ask?? Maybe a universall install package… maybe an easy to use interface… Look, Microsoft is a PROFESSIONAL company and in now way even tried to make some snazzle effects.

    The Linux community and software is more like a junkyard of code. If you scrap enough junk together, you may end up with a decent enough operating system. Hey, Linux user…. yeah, Im talking to you! Imaging installing your drivers with a few clicks of your mouse and no coding. You like that, huh? It’s called gettting your money’s worth. Free does not mean better. Oh, and the grass IS greener on the other side!

  85. Terence,

    HEHEHE. What’s your point?

    Free means it FREES up you computers resuources’ so that you can be more productive. In the PROFESSIONAL world, EFFICIENCY is the keyword, WHICH SEEMS TO BE LACKING IN WINDOWS.

    I doubt if you have even tried to install Linux lately, you seem to be left out.

  86. For anyone who didnt figure it out, hes probubly using a program called Widows FX by Stardock and a bunch of widgets. He also probubly has a skinning program like Windows Blinds as well. All of this can be done easily using Windows.

  87. Alot of windows’ features were available long before the incorporation into the windows GUI…
    To whoever thinks that you cant use flash on linux, your are either misinformed or an idiot. I’m running fedora core 6 right now, i have flash, and im 15. Fifteen!
    >> terence: “Imaging installing your drivers with a few clicks of your mouse and no coding. You like that, huh?”
    I dont have to imagine, i dont know how to program and my box is working well, and detected all the hardware corectly.
    >> “I do not see what Linux is trying to prove.”
    Maybe that it is secure AND visually appealing?
    Universal install package? It’s called a .bin file, it does the same as the self installing .exes for windows.
    Simple interface? linux is only command line when you want it to be. anytime else, you have KDE or gnome or xfce or flox/blackbox or even a basic X if you choose as your interface. all except that last one are easy to use.
    >> “Vista’s WPF is more powerful than XGL.”
    I laughed hard. almost none of XGL’s effects are available through vista. Mac, maybe. i dont know, i really dont like mac. they’re throwing the proverbial shit at PCs in their ads, and such an idiotic marketing strategy should be shut dow
    >> sam “cheap little mac”
    Oxymoron. if you want a cheap + powerfull comp, get a USB keyboard and mouse, linux, and put them onto a PS3.

  88. “Ohhh…ahhhh….look at the wobbly windows and sparkly vanishing windows. PFFFTTT!! Whatever. So linux made some eye candy. So what. I do not see what Linux is trying to prove. Is this an eye candy showdown?? I dont think Vista ever entered that race, buddy. As a loyal Vista user, who absolutely loves it, I admit that I am no way jealous. Know what is seems like Linux is trying to do?? COMPENSATE FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Like what you ask?? Maybe a universall install package… maybe an easy to use interface… Look, Microsoft is a PROFESSIONAL company and in now way even tried to make some snazzle effects.”

    Oh they’re PROFESSIONAL! Or boring. Gee, it’s so hard leaning to use gnome or kde. It’s definitely beyond your limited intellectual capacity! I Guess you can’t figure out how to use synaptic either! Why do you even own a computer if you’re such a moron?

  89. “For anyone who didnt figure it out, hes probubly using a program called Widows FX by Stardock and a bunch of widgets. He also probubly has a skinning program like Windows Blinds as well. All of this can be done easily using Windows.”

    Gee, you’re a smart one! Too bad that this is beryl and not window blinds. It’s not windows it’s linux !

  90. I’ve been using Xgl for awhile. It’s nice. Contrary to what the video leads you to believe, it’s not all about eye candy and wobbly windows. Some of the features actually help you do *work*.

    If I have 5 apps open in Vista, I have to cycle through them until I find the right one, or else find it on the taskbar. In Linux with Compiz, I bring my mouse cursor to the upper left corner, and all the windows automatically resize themselves in miniature on the screen. Click on one, and it pops to the foreground. I switch between Linux and Vista a lot (because frankly, there are still some programs that I need to run in Windows), and the application tiling is something I really do miss.

    The desktop cube I could see being useful, but I don’t use multiple desktops, so it’s just a “gee whiz” feature to me.

    Translucent/transparent screens are nice, though. 🙂

  91. “Oh my god. It just goes on and on and on. When do you actually get to firing up an application and doing some productive work so you can finally leave the damned computer in the office where it belongs and go and live you life? A computer isn’t a useful item unless it’s not in the way. How are soggy windows and useless false 3d paradigms productivity tools?”

    So what the HELL is a “false 3d pardigms”? I guess I think you must be pretty stupid to come up with something like that!

  92. lol, some people can be nieve, this video speaks for itself, sorry to say im on windows still, was a heavy linux ubuntu user even used gusty, but i had to switch back to windows bcos linux dont have the software i like to run, but when they do, windows wont see me anymore, this video is kinda old as linux users know now compiz fusion just rocks, it beats windows, and kicks leopard osx ass to the bone, so to the developers out there START MAKING THOSE LOVELY WINDOWS APPS FOR LINUX USERS TOO, I HATE WINDOWS BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE AND I HATE RUNNING WINE ON LINUX

  93. Impressive, but are all those feats actually useful? Rubber windows? To me that would just get annoying after awhile. Maybe the multiple desktops wouldn’t be bad if your’e already a multi-monitor user then you could sell your extra monitors and save some space and energy consumption. But im fine with my 24″ LCD. Its more space then i’ll ever need. I wouldn’t use 4 desktops at that size. I can’t go to linux however cuz I’m stuck on windows because thats were the games are. If linux ever becomes a standard gaming OS, count me in.

  94. Dreamscenes is much better than this

    I just rolled out Vista to our entire LAN/WAN and its flawless with active directory.

    The users love the dreamscenes, and all offloaded to the GPU.

    I visit alot of businesses in manhattan and have never seen linux in one of them. Of course I dont visit google, or the dot coms, but in normal businesses like NBC, HBO, Metlife and freightliner, it’s Vista and Leopard, thats it.

  95. For all you people who think you need a great graphics card to do this, you’re wrong. I’m currently running Ubuntu 9.04 with Compiz set to max flash on a five-year-old, homebuilt PC without any faltering. You’re all just used to Windows being slow, stuttery, and whatnot, I presume. Linux is /much/ faster than Windows, even with maxed out flair.

    Also, it’s actually Compiz that’s doing the graphical work. To unlock the full power of Compiz, just put into the terminal ‘sudo apt-get install fusion-icon compizconfig-backend-gconf ‘ (compizconfig-backend-kconfig for KDE users), and then, when it’s done, put in ‘ccsm’. There, done,

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