John Mark Karr Eats Candy!

Ponzi’s returned from her hiatus, it seems – aided by a desktop publishing tool (no, not Windows Live Writer – which I believe is still at the “barely noteworthy” stage). She’s really upset about this whole John Mark Karr situation – not because of what he may have done, but because of the way the media is covering what he had for dinner on the plane. Even if Karr didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey, he’s still a dickwad – and the media are even bigger dickwads for spending so much time talking about this dickwad.

THIS JUST IN! John Mark Karr has eaten a Tootsie Roll. I repeat, John Mark Karr – who has been proven innocent and guilty and innocent again by us – has now ingested a Tootsie Rool. For more on this situation, we turn to our candy correspondent in Colorado, Julie Flappingums. Julie, does this mean that Tootsie Rolls are the candies preferred by dickwads? Will John Mark Karr’s intestinal tract reject or embrace the Tootsie Roll? Will candy sales slip because of this? Interesting. Thanks, Julie – keep up the good work. And now back to the War in Iraq – brought to you by Massengill.

5 thoughts on “John Mark Karr Eats Candy!”

  1. I am glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Any chance you were inspired by my post “John Mark Karr Plays a guitar”?

  2. This was simply a well orchistrated move for a pedophile to get out of Thailand for his sex crimes there and to get extradited back to the US because he knew he would get off of the murder charges. He needs to be extradited back to Thailand to faces his charges there. I hear that prisons in Thailand are very posh and much more comfortable that the harsh life that prisoners have here in the US.

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