My Snakelines

When the cop drops in from above: “This movie is already hanging by a thread!”

When Kim is about to bash the cop’s skull: “Not the face, not the face!”

After Kim bashes the cop’s skull: “Oh, that’s going to leave a mark!”

When Sean see’s Kim’s henchmen through the peephole: “I didn’t order any Chinese!”

When Neville Flynn throws the can of Red Bull on the table: “Dude, you should’ve recycled!”

When the smarmy co-pilot starts walking up the stairs: “Well, there’s went the first snake!”

The first time time Mercedes says her dog’s name: “No, that’s Ashley!”

When the young couple make their way to the bathroom: “Give her your snake!”

When the female passenger goes to throw up in the barf bag and the snake bites her tongue: “Now you have Cottonmouth!”

When the snake jumps out of the toilet: “If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it!”

When the snake crawls out of the woman’s blouse and bites her in the eye: “Snake eyes!”

When Claire watches the can roll across the floor: “We’ve got CANS!”

When Neville and Sean are in the first class galley alone, Sean asks why he can’t go downstairs: “Because you’re a bad actor!”

Just before the asshole throws the Mary Kate at the burmese python: “Throw the dog! Throw the dog!”

When the young mother extracts venom from the little boy’s arm: “Suck, suck, suck!”

When Neville Flynn asks Julianna Margulies if there’s anything about her he doesn’t know: “Yeah, she’s a man!”

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