Iran Invented Human Rights

Ever hear of the Cyrus Cylinder? Apparently, neither has AhmadiNejad. From the Iran Chamber Society:

The charter of Cyrus the Great, a baked-clay Aryan language (Old Persian) cuneiform cylinder, was discovered in 1878 in excavation of the site of Babylon. In it, Cyrus the Great described his human treatment of the inhabitants of Babylonia after its conquest by the Iranians.

And from Wikipedia’s page on Cyrus the Great:

Although the cylinder reflects a long tradition in Mesopotamia where, as early as the third millennium BC, kings such as Urukagina began their reigns with declarations of reforms, the cylinder of Cyrus is often referred to in modern times as the “first charter of human rights.” In 1971, the United Nations translated and published it into all of its official languages. The cylinder decrees the normal themes of Persian rule: religious tolerance, abolishment of slavery, freedom of choice of profession and expansion of the empire.

Ironic? I kid you not.

4 thoughts on “Iran Invented Human Rights”

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  2. As ironic as the fact the United States see themselves as the defender of the human rights in the world ;).

  3. Cyrus the Great was one of a long line of Zoarastrian Kings. He belonged to and advocated a religion that was based on very high ideals. Present-day Iran consists of many Islamists who are misinterpreting the teachings laid before them. The ideals of a Utopian sort of world will always be a distant dream for humankind until we as a species are ready to change, ready to compromise.

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  4. The cyrius king is not Zoarastrian, wiki is totally a liar. cyrius is monotheism, you can check all of the artefact theres not have a fire symbol at all. pity you just have an wiki reference only rather than a valid archeological research. get schooled man !

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