77 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

Sending traffic to other sites is fun to do – especially when someone usually only gets 20 visitors on the average day, and a casual mention might send them hundreds or thousands. Everybody’s always asking me how to get more traffic to their site. There’s no magic bullet – it takes dedication, skill, time, and luck. Oh, and it also helps if you read the free 77 ways eBook by my friend, Allan Gardyne. I flipped through it late last night, and it seems to be pretty spot on. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of SEO stuff in there – which can be really dry and confusing for “real people” who just want to write and have their voices heard by the masses.

17 thoughts on “77 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site”

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  2. Chris,

    To weird dude. Not 2 hours ago I was referred to “Allan Gardyne’s” site by an associate of his who I am doing web work for and now I read your post.

    Small wired world, isn’t it?

    Enjoy the cruise!

  3. More traffic sounds good to me; I enjoy my blog but I’d like to see more comments — at least once in a while. I’ll check out your friend’s eBook. Thanks.

  4. I think this is a great comment on a great little e-book from Allen. I’ve been around the web a little while and have what I believe is a lively little website, yet I found stuff in Allen’s book that I hadn’t thought about.

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