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I need to have some WordPress plugins developed, and I’m sure the rest of the world would love ’em, too…

  • Take a look at any given Vox blog – when you hover over any given tag, you can view the results for that tag in specific local indices. I’d like for someone to make a WP plugin that passes the tag to selected local AND external tag engines (Technorati, TagJag, Flickr, etc.).
  • I’d also like to see a similar WP plugin for Bookmarking the post in the multitude of social engines (on hover, add to del.icio.us, Digg, Reddit, etc.). I don’t wanna clutter my posts with hundreds of icons, and I believe this is plugin is also within the realm of possibility.
  • I need someone to create an expanded version of the Kramer WordPress plugin, so that it might take in link data from other blog search indices – Yahoo!, Ask, Feedster, Windows Live, Google Blogs, etc. Kramer really beefs up the discussion for any given post, but I really wanna kick that into overdrive.
  • What about a plugin that takes incoming search terms and auto-tags the post based on those terms (with or without moderation)? So, if a user searches for KeywordXYZ on Google and ultimately visits one of the blog entries, that blog entry will have the KeywordXYZ added to its tag list (via UTW or something).
  • I also need a WP tool that recursively goes through my posts which have not already been tagged, then tag the posts with keywords it finds most appropriate (either through the Yahoo! API or internal logic) – almost like how the Related Posts plugin works against the posts database automatically?

And while we’re on the subject of WP, Automattic really needs to rename MUWP to something more human, like “WordPress: Community Edition.” Doesn’t that position it better?

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  2. I second this wishlist.

    The bookmarking tag is something that needs to be done for ever site, not just WordPress blogs. I’m getting tired of going to web pages only to have all these social tagging icons steal attention away from the actual content. Give me something easier on the eyes, dammit!

  3. Why does Ultimate Tag Warrior not meet requirement (1)? It can handle both local and Technorati,etc. tagging with ease. Unless I’m missing your point?

    (2) sounds like Sociable, which I use on my own site.

    I would love the last one. And your idea about doing tagging based on keyword searches sounds promising. I remember using an old tool on my MT blog that would react to search engine queries by displaying a box showing other articles on the site that met the same search criteria. Dunno if that exists for WP as a plugin. If not, it’d be good to develop that first, then expand it to leverage UTW to do auto-tagging.

    I’m working on another plugin right now to show “conversations” (as opposed to a recent comment list) in Sidebar. Once I’m done with that, I might tackle one of these…

  4. Since I was already using Sociable, I decided to poke around the code a bit. With some minor edits, mostly for IE compatibility and CSS styling, I believe it satisfies request #2 (if I understand the request correctly).

    Check out my site for a demo of it in action. Go to the end of a post and hover over the book icon. Bookmarking site icons should then appear to the right.

  5. Oooh. The search-keywords-to-tags notion is pretty nifty (: I shall have to investigate that further!

    And once I have a look at the HTML I need to generate for the popup thing, I’ll let you know (: It sounds like something that the formatting magic in UTW should be able to do. The best word to describe my life at the moment is.. Chaotic. There are days at a time where my compy at home doesn’t get flicked on at the moment (;

    Auto-tagging via the yahoo API would be reasonably straightforward, I think; but I’ve always been a little averse to large-scale auto-tagging. Hmm. I will ponder the possibility, though.

  6. I’m not a fan of your renaming suggestion. To me, the regular WordPress software (the one you get for your average blog, not for multi user stuff) is already a “Community Edition”, given how many people contribute to it, either to its core code, or to the creative community that floats around it (themes, plugins etc)

    Well, I guess that any open source stuff with an active crowd of contributors is sort of like a “community edition”.

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