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We have a “standard” RSS icon and a similar working OPML icon, but I’d like to work with the graphics community on creating a “standard” Tag icon and a “standard” Bookmark icon – in a similar square style. These icons would tie into the functionality of my first two WP plugin ideas – where the user would only need to display one icon, and when the visitor hovers over it, would receive a nice callout to selected services. We could eliminate a massive amount of confusion and save page space at the same time. I think it’s time we started thinking about this – but I’m not a graphic designer. Help?

9 thoughts on “RSS, OPML, Tag, Bookmark Icons”

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  2. I like the idea of different icons but I’m not sure about the “callout” of services. It sounds great from a geeky perspective but your average web user wouldn’t get it. Even if you add a link that said, “Hover Over Me for a List of Servces” most people would ignore it. I know I would, even as a developer. I don’t consider the ability to bookmark a page a service, nor do I see something like tagging as a service. As a developer a “Service” has a very concrete meaning to me. Plus quite a few studies have shown that an “icon only” approach rarely does more help than good. Even my wife who *knows* what the print icon looks like still goes up to the menu and clicks File | Print.

    I just can’t imagine/see/think of a way to group all those actions/providers together in a way that my mother/CEO/CSR wouldn’t just ignore.

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