Memetracker Hacker

Because I didn’t know how to effectively game the system, our TechMeme hacking efforts at Gnomedex fell on silent algorithms. I wrote about the new “Windows Live Writer” earlier, but I’m not showing up in TechMeme’s current list o’ Live links. Gabe might hate me for 0wning TechMeme in Google (currently #1). I haven’t visited TechMeme much lately, as I already subscribe to Arrington’s and Rubel’s blogs independently.

3 thoughts on “Memetracker Hacker”

  1. Chris, I find it very hard to hate you, even when you falsely claim not to have visited Techmeme lately.

    Re: Arrington and Rubel’s posts, the solution is obviously to unsubscribe from their blogs and read just Techmeme. *

    Now please observe your post eventually got linked. I totally wouldn’t want to deny you your much deserved pagerank. I think you deserve to 0wn Windows Live Writer as well!

    * Joke. Really.

  2. Yeah that is another reason why I don’t like these “conversation trackers”. It always seems to be the same old stuff from the same old guys.. Not that I have anything against Rubel or Arrington, I would just like to see something throw up something new instead of just throwing up thoughts from people who already get too much free press.

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