Stephen Colbert is a Media Hero

I love social hacking. I tried pulling it off on a smaller scale at Gnomedex (TechMeme Hacked). It’s taken me a while to get into the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, but I have to admit that his latest move has made me a fan. Check it out, as reported by Corey Spring on Newsvine: Stephen Colbert Causes Chaos on Wikipedia, Gets Blocked from Site:

On Monday night’s episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert addressed the online resource Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that anyone can read or edit. Colbert praised Wikipedia for “wikiality,” the reality that exists if you make something up and enough people agree with you – it becomes reality. Colbert’s subsequent examples to prove “wikiality” would cause chaos on the site, and lead an administrator to subsequently block his account.

The segment has been youtubed already. I’ve publicized my own share of truthiness problems with Wikipedia (specifically, the Wikipedia page about me). This stunt wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t true. Even Jimmy is telling people to avoid Wikipedia. Take a look at the Fundalini Pages in MAD Magazine – the truthiness is out there. Colbert Nation hasn’t said anything about it yet, though.

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  3. Stephen Colbert is a “Media Hero” for making fun of Wikipedia and encouraging people to vandalize it? The founder of Wikipedia is “is telling people to avoid Wikipedia”? Sounds like you’re enjoying some ‘truthiness’ yourself. That or Schadenfreude ;P

    Stephen Colbert is clever and funny. But he’s not a “hero” anymore than someone attempting to vandalize Firefox code would be a hero. And the head of Wikipedia was saying that you should not *cite* Wikipedia as a source for university-level assignments. I don’t understand what the problem with that is since they usually list primary sources at the bottom of articles anyway from which one can begin one’s own research.

    Small pranks here or there can even be appreciated (see, but wholesale vandalism cannot.

    P.S. I fixed it so that it now says you graduated from the “University of Iowa” 😉

  4. The problem is that Wikipedia refer to themselves as an encyclopedia when they are no such thing, Jimbo making grandoise statements like “We make the Internet not suck” doesn’t help either. It’s high time they were taken down a peg or two, and will be as more and more people realise that Wikipedia is little more than a giant repository of trivia (much like an extended version of Urbandictionary), a MySpace for nerds, and an glorified Internet message board.

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