Robert and Robert: Duh!

McLaws says Vista Needs More Time and Scoble says McLaws is right on Windows Vista ship date. Pirillo has been saying this for several months now, and has been labeled a “nitpicking whiner” for his attacks on Windows Vista’s UI and UX. Welcome to the club, boys – I’m happy to no longer be standing out here alone. I’m singing the “I Told You So” song today, which sounds a lot like the Blackeyed Peas hit: “My Humps.” Microsoft Windows is bleeding influencers like never before. And now, further commentary from the memetic echo chamber:

Windows Vista will not be a failure on the scale of Windows ME – but it’s certainly looking to be one of those “Growing Pains” releases that Microsoft must bounce back quickly from. And by quickly, I mean: Microsoft must issue a significant upgrade of the OS within a year’s time. Security is important, but future service packs best be laden with performance increases and feature refinements. I tried telling y’all long before the McLaws admission – VIsta just ain’t comin’ together.

George is getting very upset!

10 thoughts on “Robert and Robert: Duh!”

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  4. Chris, you’re great, seriously. But you’re taking my words out of context. I never said the shit ain’t coming together. I just don’t think it’s coming together fast enough to make a late October RTM. I think Management is gonna try to force it to come together too fast, and quality will be sacrificed. Everybody keeps saying “it needs six months”, and that’s a load of crap. I’ve tested newer builds, and they’re getting tons better. But I don’t think it will get there in time, and as I said before, the first release candidate should be preceeded by a stable beta.

    But Chris, I don’t think there is anything that could happen (short of a WPF shell) that could make you any happier about Vista. Hell, they’re slowly weaning out all the Windows 3.1 icons that you HATE, and you’re still hung up on dialog spacing and font issues. At the end of the day, I don’t give a rats ass if the “Add Wireless Network” dialog is off-center by 15 pixels if defrag brings my system to a crawl. I’m talking about performance, stability, drivers, and support for consumer devices coming down the pipe.

    But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, man. The whole OS is not crap just because it is visually not up to your standards. What’s teh point in complaining about that stuff when you’ll just stay in Classic Mode anyways?

  5. I love new software but this Vista thing is getting out of hand. I’m still happy running Win2k and Win XP at this time and I’ll probably plonk out my hard earn money for Vista end of 2008. By that time, the open source GODS will be so strong that MS will give Vista out for free in stages.

  6. Chris – at a certain level, I’m inclined to agree with Robert that a lot of what you’re unhappy about is invisible to many users. I think your detailed critiques of the font, icon, and pixel-level details that remain unaddressed is great input for the UI designers but I’d wager 99% of the people who use Vista will be utterly unaffected by them. The real issues, to me, have everything to do with gross usability, performance, and stability, and I remain convinced that Vista is just not where it needs to be.

    The latest build runs great on my primary laptop which is brand new, stuffed to the gills with RAM, VRAM, and other goodies, and completely over the top compared to what most people use. But on my Tablet PC, it just doesn’t deliver a satisfying experience which suggests to me that I will not be happy running the release version either. Unless, that is, they delay and attack performance and stability and tweak the hell out of this sucker.

    Man, I hope you’re right about the ME comparison. That release was unforgivable. I agree that Vista is nowhere near as problematic as that nightmare but it has been delayed so long, compromised by the removal of many promised features, and in danger of becoming a “so what” release that at this late stage of the game, I think MS needs to put the best possible first version out they can.

    I guess we’ll see soon enough which way they decide to go.

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