Links Worth Loading

I generally don’t do link roundups anymore, largely because “everybody” is doing them. There was a time when… nevermind… I’m not going down that road tonight. So, here are a few notable links that are worth loading:

Any other links I should be looking at today?

7 thoughts on “Links Worth Loading”

  1. Here’s what Magic 8 Ball has to say about Zune

    And yesterday, there was a flurry of interest in re-designing established logos using the latest Web 2.0 design cliches (reflections in shiny tables, slapping “beta” somewhere, leaving out the “e” in “er” gradients, gloss, etc.) There’s some high-larity, but eventually it got a bit repetitive and boring. See the new logos for FedEXr, Hitlr, and many more.

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