TechTV: Rebuilt by Community?

Looks like Leo may have let loose the flood gates: TechTV Reunion? It’s possible. I think it’s very possible. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that I want to help make it happen. I think we could make a good go of the idea on the ‘Net before taking it to a television studio – unless, of course, there’s a studio out there that understands just how much TechTV helped both technophiles and technophobes. That’s one idea.

I’m thinking we could do something a bit more permanent (at least, online). I believe the community can bring the idea of “TechTV” back to life. What we’ll need, of course, is YOUR HELP.

For starters, I’m looking for a centralized site where TechTV Alumni could log in, post a video via Flash controls, then have their recordings indexed (tagged? syndicated?) and streamed on-demand. There’s probably an open source app I’m not seeing at the moment, but if any of the TechTV faithful can help… we’re all ears. It could be a TechTV Variety video site – but can the community build it for us to use? We could likely do this through a video portal, but… I think a TechTV community-controlled (or directed) solution is the big win.

Until then, I’m going to knock on a few more doors to see if I can generate genuine interest – for sponsors and/or studios.

214 thoughts on “TechTV: Rebuilt by Community?”

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  11. TechTV was useless. It was taken off the air because everyone on it was annoying and ugly, and no one wants to see that. Except for Morgan, she was pretty hot in a towering sort of way. But that’s the only reason I could see someone watching that God awful network.

  12. I am very happy to see that I am not the only one that thinks that we have lost a big tool in tech TV. I still try to keep up with each of the pinoffs like Leo’s spin of Call for help in Canada, Patrick Norton on Digital life and Kevin’s efforts with Digg. To bring a centralized effort would be great for serious computer enthousiasts. Let it be Windows, Mac, Linux, … users, a real look at technologies is needed and right now, G4Tech does not fulfill this need. They have unfortunetly sold out to gaming companies and their kids. If I could help in any way, I would but I am just a high school teacher with limited resources. Please, someone do something!

  13. It would be nice if someone was willing to (and had enough money to) get the cable back on the airwaves, and not just online. The majority of the visitors would watch it online, but having it on cable would allow for new people to join in. However, I realize the under taking that would involve and I’ll take whatever I can get. 🙂

  14. Why would you want flash? Regular html+css works far better.

    It wouldn’t be too hard to whip up a simple php script to do that, the only issues would be with handling the videos, unless they are put into the correct format manually. You could also look into using bittorrent to distribute the videos once the traffic is too much for a direct download.

    I’d be intersested in helping the programming aspect.

    [email protected]

  15. What about TiVo? There is some current content available through downloads to Tivo, but none of it is any good. I’d definitely like to see ZDTV / TechTV in that format.

  16. Dylan ru freakin serious
    Tech Tv is not soley for hot women and i understand Im a guy too and i love hot women but tech tv cures another hunger that burns deep inside guys TECHNOLOGY when tech tv switched to G4 it all went downhill. I bet Kevin Rose would love to have his favorite chanel back.

    Also send emails to revision3 which is the company that runs podcasts like diggnation. Maybe they will join the cause

  17. btw a TechTv reunion happened not to long ago in Canada maybe about 16 months ago I realize that u mean for a new network but just to let u know it has happened b4 ( as just a reunion )

  18. Dylan, saying that TechTV is useless could only come from the mouth of an obliterating idiot. Speak no more. Now, regarding the whole reuniting of the deal, are they planning to make this an online TV network or are they trying to get it to go on TV again?

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  20. Hey Chris,

    Go for it. Take a look at this link, . It looks like this guy has put together exactly what you want. It also seems fairly easy to get this up and running. I would aid in the effort in any means possible, let me know.


  21. Chris, just sent you an IM. I’m in; let me know if there is anything I can do.

    And Dylan, TechTV was cool, it was just run very, very poorly. There were several good shows, and if you want good looking people, why are you watching a channel called “TechTV” anyway?

    And I’ve seen Chris in person. He is a macho god. So back off, man.

  22. I would love to see this happen. Podcasting and all is great but to see video is so much better would drive so much more intrest and possible funding. I love what the Revision3 team, with Kevin Rose, is doing. Leo Laporte and friends is really cool as well but they really lack on the videos. I love to see them combine they’re intrests and really create something special. We really could bring back TechTV, as a different name of course, if we just all work together.

  23. I think TWiT ( ), which was started by Leo and driven by a lot of familiar TechTV faces is a step in the right direction for bringing TechTV back to its former glory. Also, Kevin has put some good stuff together with Revision 3 ( ). I think the key to bringing TechTV back together, if the web is the first platform for it, would be to bring all of their web-based projects back under one roof. They all have their own corners of the internet, but uniting them would basically complete the TechTV cast and lineup.

  24. Chris,
    I would be happy to set you up yor own video sharing site on our server. This is what my company does. Our hosted software allows you to “create your own YouTube” of sorts under your domain and your site’s look and feel. You can either set uploads to be anyone, or just a named group of individuals. You can either upload videos to our servers, or, if you find videos you want on your site from another service, you can add them to the site as well (works with YouTube, Google video, Vidilife, Veoh, etc). Our service powers over 1,000 sites now and we are streaming millions of videos daily to 5 million monthly visitors. We have a server farm that handles streaming, encoding into Windows Media and Flash-8, community mangement and video moderation. Also note our video quality is the best in the business as our bit rates are twice that of YouTube and using both WM9 and Flash-8 On2 our quality is much higher.

    Please contact me via my email address in this post or the contact form on our site.
    Adam Bruce

  25. Rofl looks like Dylan Rush is a g4 executive…

    I totally support a techtv reunion. G4 blows. Attack of the show is the worst (besides maybe that car soap opera Fastlane).

  26. im not sure if anyone suggested this, but i think that a lot of people have servers out there and a lot of space on them that they are not using. It would be great if you guys have your techtv episodes stored away in other people’s servers so that and that they can unite under one website so other people can get the episodes from those severs. Just an idea. If not direct, than torrents would be awsome.

  27. Chris – have sent you a mail with a domain/site I have that I would more than be happy to donate.

  28. “TechTV was useless. It was taken off the air because everyone on it was annoying and ugly, and no one wants to see that. Except for Morgan, she was pretty hot in a towering sort of way. But that’s the only reason I could see someone watching that God awful network.”

    Sir, you are an idiot.

  29. I like hwo its all online now, But i centralized location would be great for getting all their content. Sort of one big super feed.

  30. It’s not worth it anymore to start a traditional TV station. TechTV was great, but now it’s easier to do vodcasts. You reach a wider audience. The trick is, you need to find your balance between advertisers and free content or paid content.

  31. @ Dylan Rush..
    Hey jackass, have you seen G4TV now? Its a pathetic excuse for a channel that does nothing unique.

    TechTV was there for people who cared and were intested in technology, and TechTV’s fans were loyal. Just because everything they talked about on there was too advanced for you, doesnt mean you have to diss it. Adam Sessler will destroy you.

  32. TechTV was AWESOME!!!, I think Dylan is useless though except for his observation of Morgan. I love watching the Digg and DL podcasts and would welcome a site the consolidated everyone’s talents. I thought everyone involved with TechTV really had something to add. Though I still keep tabs on what’s happening with G4, it’s lots it’s tech edge that I loved about TechTV. So Chris, bring it on back.

  33. Ignore Dylan Rush, he’s obviously an avid G4/KPer masturbator. TechTV was the best network before G4 crapped all over it and kept 2 shows, then fired everyone but Morgan and Adam then renamed and remodeled the best show (TSS) to Attack Of Teh Suck.

  34. Have you considered trying When video game speed runs started coming out, they stepped up to the plate and offered free hosting, and that eventually turned into its own category.

  35. bring it back!
    i miss zdtv and techtv
    and everyone on the network was great!
    they all had a great chemistry together
    when you watched this network you didnt get the same vibe that you get from watching other networks.. when watching it you get the idea that its more laid back and loose. a fun environment – people joking and kidding around on air – having fun, and thats what made it fun to watch. it pulled in all age groups and all levels of the tech savy
    call for help
    fresh gear
    the tech of

  36. have you tried the democracy video player? it uses vlc and bittorrent to allow you to create your own tv channel easily.

  37. “They have unfortunately sold out to gaming companies and their kids.”

    No, they’ve designed their programming with what they THINK gaming companies and kids would like to see them broadcasting. They’re a complete joke to everyone in the industry, and I have yet to meet a single person (adult or otherwise) who feels the drivel they’re showing is worth watching. There’s a reason they’re one of the least watched networks on television.

    It truly is a pity what they did to TechTV, and I sincerely hope Chris and all the guys can pull this off. A technology network not unlike what Leo is doing with TWiT, aimed at reproducing great programming like TechTV once covered, would be a dream for me, and I think many others.

  38. Unfortunately G4 is probably the best solution for this get together. Id love nothing more than to see TSS back on G4 cause all of the rest of the shows on that network blow.

  39. Also, if you need any PHP/MySQL developers for this project please let me know. I’m a web application developer by trade and would love to offer my services (free of charge) to see this thing happen.

  40. TechTV was fabulous! Forget NaySayers, the G4 buyout was the worst idea ever and it killed all meaningful programming that came over from TechTV quickly.

    I am hopeful and energized for a TechTV reunion and am excited to hear the group continues to work well together and are also hopeful for such a reunion.

    I will support all of you in any way I can.

  41. Great Idea! I WANT MY TECHTV back!!!

    What about distributing via “The Venice Project”? The Skype/Kazaa founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis have a new plan and it may be a monster? Why not start it up with TechTV in there? Hopefully the biz model is compatible with your aims.

    Ready to help if required!!??


  42. A web based distribution would be sweet.
    But why not not restrategize to the point where we can have a split system between web, download to personal, and network released content.
    I’ve been working on such a project, the OCEAN Project, that is designed to release media that can be found on sites like YouTube, C-Net, Ziff Davis Media, and other tech content, to the general public. It would allow users to view aggregated web content, proccessed by an editorial group, from many sources, and to be able to reach the direct content providers. The content would be released and then aggregated again through a Digg like system, possibly even the actual Digg system. It would be a media network directly from web. The biggest rule would be that the content has to be tech related.

    I’ve been hoping to find a larger group to give this idea too, including the concepts I’ve developed. I would be happy to hand this idea to people who have the experienced required to get this to the web public.

    Long Live Tech Media

  43. Maybe you guys could pitch it to Sci-Fi, they seem to like this sort of thing. To be completely honest I don’t think there was enough content to fill up 24 hours for Tech Tv, and SciFi seems to have the same problem. Perhaps?

  44. I missed the old tech tv with the screen savers and all. I sent a complaint email andf they haven’t responded i lost interest with tech tv a litle after they changed to G4. God i miss the good days.

  45. Long Live TechTV

    Not only was it helpful and wildly entertaining for nerds, geeks, and the like, but it helped so many of the non-tech people. I remember going to visit my grandmother after a year or so hiatis, and she had discovered TechTV, and was no longer afraid of the computer. In fact, she knew how to do things i never imagined that she could do.

    It would almost be cool to have a digg/Google Video hybrid. Use something similar to digg’s engine for community control of the videos, and use google video to insert the video into the pages.

    Or if we got really creative, something along the lines of a small, stripped down version of MythTV?
    Anyways, whatever happens, I want TechTV back!

  46. G4 i think destroy the idea of tech. The subculture of the computer world was never about flashy graphics, and empty head content. What G4 basicaly did was try to mix tech tv with mtv. I never though of mtv about music, only about celebrities, whats hot now in styles. But not music. I Think tech tv is going and already went down the same path.

    I don’t mean to inslute MTv’s lovers just using MTV as a business modle

    Anyways, i would like to see a show out there that actually represents us,( the people who love computers) and at the same time be much more content focused like the screen savers or call for help

  47. Well, I would have to agree that G4 just isn’t that good and I used to watch TechTV alot when it was on, and when I used to watch TV all the time.

    Personally I would like to see an online version of what TechTV was. I would love to be able to to bookmark, tag, or keep track or certain video’s that I may want to come back to at a later date. It’s nice to have the streaming features of YouTube (or Google Video if you prefer), but it would also be nice to have a link to be able to download (using BitTorrent) any of the videos you would like to archive on your own computer. That way for anyone that has a Media Center PC can view those videos locally, instead of having to watch them on the computer.

    Heck, it would be really cool if someone was to create a plug-in for Windows MediaCenter Edition that connected up to the “TechTV Online” website and allowed you to streaming the latest episodes from the various categories of shows. Of course it would be even better to have this same plug-in ported to the other MediaCenter devices/software, such as Xbox MediaCenter, MythTV, Meedio (or Yahoo Digital Home), etc…

    But that’s just what I think/want.

  48. Great Idea! I would love to have a site I could go to and set for hours watching classis TechTV moments. I, myself, see that there is little for me to do. All I can bring is my passion and support of TechTV. Do what you must, and I’ll be right behind you the whole way!

    BTW – I HATE G4; it completely destroyed and diminished the mainstream growth of technology via satellite/cable TV. I started watching TechTV with shows like The Screen Savers, and Call for Help…This is what the technophile community needs!


  49. I would love to see the whole TechTV thing come back to life. BUT…what about ownership and rights to the name TechTV? I would imagine with all of they hype and the strong following for TechTV that someone out there owns all rights to TechTV and everything about TechTV. I don’t want to be a the one to shoot this down. I just want to get feedback and see what others have to say. I do want to see this happen but in this day and age of lawsuits and people claiming to own this or that I would imagine someone would bring this to a halt before it would happen.

  50. I’m thrilled that much of the old TechTV regulars have expressed interest in bringing back TechTV, even if only in a web reincarnation. I was extremely upset when we I lost TechTV back in 2002, when my local Comcast outlet decided not to carry it anymore and switch over to Yankees Entertainment Network (I’m not a big sports fan). And once I heard it would be merged with G4 (which I do receive), I was happy, albeit only a little bit, since I knew something bad was going to happen. Like some others here have expressed, I’d definitely be willing to volunteer my time to help with the programming of this community. Server side scripts, databases, Flash, etc., you name it, I’d love to help you guys out with it. Drop me a line at [email protected] with whoever’s going to provide hosting.

  51. I loved TechTV, and ever since G4 came along hardly any of it has to do with technology. If I want to watch Star Trek or whatever it is, I’ll watch it somewhere else. G4 stinks badly, its a shame that they had to destroy TTV! Anyway, now that I’m done ranting, I think a Reuinion would be awesome! I can’t even remember what the shows were – lets see screensavers with Leo and the other dude (cant think of his name), Chris’s show (can’t remember name, Call for Help? with Help-a-thons? lol awesome). But anyway, sounds cool.

  52. I like most of the TechTV staff but always found that nerdy one to be annoying, unlike the cool dark tipper

  53. I personally would love to see one place for all the TechTV-type shows, but it’d need to be more then just the nostalgia of watching the ex-TechTV cast. Many folks say “Bring back Leo and crew”, and though I love watching those guys, I loved the tech aspect they brought to my life. I’d enjoy seeing them form some sort of non-profit organization geared around bringing tech news and information to folks, and I surely bet with the power of TWiT, Revision3, Chris Pirillo, and others, it could happen — but I see politics being the major problem as I think everyone has their own views of how it should be ran… If it were that easy I think it would’ve happened by now.

    For the most part the elements of TechTV are still going… Leo still does CFH on Canada G4, TWiT is kindof the new TSS, Pat has Digital Life which again is similar to TSS, and the other tech podcasts out there more then make-up for the other shows. So short of all these entities coming together under one umbrella, we still do have our TechTV type stuff going on — just more spread out.

    Anyway, i’m happy either way —


  54. I would definitely enjoy having TechTV back. I watched it basically non-stop until G4 killed it. I wish I could help more with bringing it back, but all I can offer is my support.

  55. Hi Chris,

    Oh wow – a TechTV reunion would be super! I bought a TiVo solely based on my love for TechTV (and Leo Laporte’s raves about TiVo). But when G4 came along, it got sad, VERY quickly. Call For Help lost you, Chris, but it felt good to have Leo on board, and then…. *sob* I can hardly bring myself to relive those days! 🙂

    In all seriousness, I would pay a small fee for some sort of TechTV video-based show online, if possible. I’m not much for audio podcasts, alas…I get bored too quickly, but as a visual medium, I am SO there…

    good luck!

    David Roche
    Athens, Ohio

  56. I don’t know if it has been mentioned. But the video program Democracy, which can be found at might be what you are looking for. I know it streams several other shows…though I don’t know how tagging works with it, but it would be worth looking into and providing one centralized location for all the shows in a distributed format that won’t kill someones servers.

  57. I would absolutely love to see TechTV come back…but in a way I feel that it has in podcast form. I mean, Revision 3’s programs, TWIT, Cranky Geeks, DL.TV, etc… These were all built by ex TechTV people.

    Why not just centralize those popular shows in one place? Maybe even housed under Revision 3–since it seems to be more of a network as it is… Then add some new shows.

  58. I agree with Andy. I think to a certain extent, we already have the beginnings of this reunion in DLTV and Rev3 and Especially since the podcasting and video podcasting phenomena is still pretty new, I expect that in the future, we will see some sort of consolidation. Besides, it’s pretty apparent that the front-runners in this field are mostly TechTV veterans and most are good friends with each other.

  59. If you’re looking for something community built, that was video uploads, conversions, syndication, tagging, sharing, etc. have a solution built on free and open source software at Lulu TV. Multiple levels of viewer/contributor/editor can be mapped to whatever content workflow you wanted, including folding in user created stuff easily.

    Our stuff is formatted for web, iPod/PSP, and cell phone viewing, and is fed to various aggregators, and even download/torrent based stuff like Democracy TV and FireANT.

    A bonus is that we pay video creators based on traffic, so this could have an ad free business model attached if you wanted. We’re founded/funded by Bob Young of Red Hat infamy, so we’re not going anywhere.

    We’d be happy to help in any way we can getting a TechTV themed instantiation up and running.


  60. I think that most of the Tech TV people are doing podcasts, like someone said previously. What should be done is that people from different Tech TV/g4 shows come on these podcasts as guests for a Tech TV day. I know that Weezy and the Swish (Louise Palanker and Laura Swisher, from the old Unscrewed TechTV show) has had X-play personalities on, and Twit has had Digg’s Kevin on.

  61. H264 Streaming techtv would be nice and probably cheaper than broadcasting over television network. With streaming tv, everyone can watch it. With h264 we can get it in high def

  62. If you have a Windows Media Center Edition machine:
    1. Join
    2. Add, diggnation, TWIT, Cranky Geeks, etc (one click links on the site)
    3. Watch them on the TV.

    It’s super easy, free and effectively gives you TechTV 2 on your TV.
    (Yes I’m bias cause I wrote it!)

  63. I love the idea! TechTV was my first tech addiction and turned me onto all sorts of wonders I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced… Perhaps pushing an RSS feed through DemocracyTV ( – that way the host would really only need to host the torrents. Kevin already does it for his DiggNation shows, etc….

  64. I know that every guy that watches and listens to the shows created by these people from the old TechTV would love to see this happen. Not just because we like these different characters, but because we love seeing them together again. Like when Martin went over to DL.TV for the CES special, when Kevin visited DL.TV, when Patrick hosted an episode of Systm, when Leo was on Systm, when Kevin was on Cranky Geeks, and when they all come together for TWiT.

    Just watch the numbers of listeners and viewers, and you’ll see the widely distributed audience that enjoy this content and here’s the kicker: when TechTV aired in the US, us people outside the US hadn’t even heard about it! Think of all the viewers this show could get if they went international with internet? The numbers would grow at an insane rate!

  65. This would be great, I didn’t have cable for very long while TechTV was on the air, but for the short time I had access to viewing it I was hooked. I was very disappointed when G4 took over and killed all the good programming. I’ve tried to keep tabs on what’s going on with everyone from the various shows, but it’s been tough with the things going on in my own life. I hope this gets off the floor and gets moving along; I’ll hop on for the ride!

  66. Sounds like a very simple web app if there is not an existing system that would work. Would take what.. a week for a single programmer to pump out using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) & Ajax

    I stopped watching TechTV when it turned into that lame G4 channel that always seemed to just play reruns of boring gaming shows. (since when is gaming concidered ‘tech’ just because it’s played on a computer? Is monopoly concidered a simulation of the modern economy just because it has paper money?)

    I would rather watch reruns of newbies calling Tech 911 asking stupid questions then watch a single G4 gaming show.

  67. This is something that needs to exist online. The guys from techtv that went out and started the podcasts and online video shows don’t have much interest in dealing with the television networks anymore. It’s something that needs to be built on the internet. We’ve hit a point where it would be very smart to set this up as an IPTV channel.

  68. I would love to see a youtube type site for TechTV. For us geeks to come and watch TechTV like video’s, listen to podcasts, and keep up with the tech communtity. Twits, dltv, revision and others should all come together on a common site/place. They should also allow the community to post amateur tech shows and such to the site. Something like this has many avenues. It would be really cool!

  69. Maybe a ZDTV reunion? The name change to Tech TV was the clarion call of it’s downfall. Remember it’s all day-long, headline news/bloomberg-type format ? Granted, the popular shows demographics were better, but the big, tech advertising dollars come from corporate and business suppliers, where the popular shows supplied free advertising for consumer products, and free support over lucrative corporate product support.
    All in all ZD/TechTV was a looser business model. Whose already narrow scope was pinched off by the Dot-com bust.

    I worked there, and I saw it coming.

  70. An incredibly simple idea would be to get back, and make it a Central TechTV Show vidcast depository. Let people choose between getting individual episodes, subscribing to a certain show, download an entire day’s programing, or streaming the channel.

    Old shows like Call for Help and The Screen Savers can be reborn into vidcasts, and it would also be great to include the “new techtv shows”: twit digg systm etc.

    There are a number of options to do this: old fashoned streaming, Democracy Player, iTunes, YouTube, Google Video, Bittorrent,, Peercast, Freecast, etc etc etc.

    Don’t be bogged down by television networks, internet TV is the future. Who better to adopt the new technology than TechTV? With Vidcast friendly Tivo’s, Video iPods, and Media Center Pc’s that hook up to your TV, who needs a cable network? Start the revolution

  71. To see TechTV come back in one form or another would be really cool, especially in an online form of some sort. As a LAMP developer I would love to contribute in any way that I could, And with all of the other folks on here offering their services, it looks like something that could definitely become a reality.

  72. Dylan Rush – July 24, 2006 @ 10:02 am

    TechTV was useless. It was taken off the air because everyone on it was annoying and ugly, and no one wants to see that. Except for Morgan, she was pretty hot in a towering sort of way. But that’s the only reason I could see someone watching that God awful network.

    People watched that network because it gave all kinds of tips, hacks, and news about technology and ocationally gaming. G4 TV which replaced tech tv pisses me off. I don’t know how many times I have seen a repeat of Cheat for GTA San Andres.

    They rarley have new episodes. Ciematech is quite possibly the most pointless show on the planet. Kevin Perrierah or however you spell is the most annoying person ever. I want Kevin Rose back. AOTS sucks Screen Savers Rule. AOTS is all gaming with barley any tech stuff while Screen Savers was mostly tech news gadgets and hacks with a healthy helping of gaming. I miss Kevin Rose’s weekly hacks like the homemade flamethrower and the coke machine hack. I would be all for G4 but the hosts suck and im tired of repeats get it off the AIR!
    This is something we should try doing on myspace to get more supporters giving the number of members they and other online bloging services have (ie: xanga, facebook and others) we could get members and put this on the map in no time. Leave me a coment on my myspace if you think this is a good idea.

  73. I really liked TechTV. OTOH, G4 is an abomination.

    What you will probably have to do is call the reunion something else since G4 bought TechTV rights, No?

  74. this is a great idea, and i’m behind you all the way…

    but it won’t really feel like the old tech tv until its roaming the airwaves….. lets keep our fingers crossed on that one.

  75. This is a FANTASTIC idea.

    I was thinking about this on Friday. How, If I could start up a computer tv network, I would make sure to find Leo and give him a blank check. Then the idea of hosting on the web hit me. You could produce a show with on air talent, a cameraman/switcher/tech audio guy and a producer/web geek. Shoot it raw, and lay in graphics, etc. in post.

    What I’d like to see is a 2 hour special on some sort of cable network. Then a podcast/videocast spawned from that.

    My suggestion is to find a few sponsors that will back you if you get the airtime. Then go to the networks and say “we have money”. You’ll get your airtime. 🙂

  76. I would love to see a TechTV reunion. I’m only 14 at the time and started watching TechTV in its last year or two, so I wasn’t fortunate enough to see it back when it was ZDTV like the rest of the people on here. I’d kill to see everyone back, even the people I’ve never heard of.

  77. I loved TechTV when it first came out. I stopped watching TV when it became a gaming channel. I love TechTV and I would even donate money to get it back up.

  78. Maybe it was good that the original TechTV died out through incompentence of G4. This placed crucial members of it on an innnovative paths and I like the result. “Reunion” of the old TechTV in a new media format which is appropriate for this time already exists. Producing yet another venue for it wouldn’t do much good. My suggestion to Chris is – join the central gathering place for all ex-TechTV (and more/and better): Leo’s TWIT site. I allways wondered why I don’t see much of your work there. I am sure they have open arms for all other old TechTV personell as well.

  79. Great idea Chris! I first saw this on Leo’s blog and am excited at the potential. I think that the success of all of your efforts, Leo’s TWiT army, Patrick’s, Kevin’s Digg, on and on have proven beyond a doubt there is a large, viable, LOYAL market out there for TechTV type of content!

  80. I watch G4 nearly every day, for 2 hours. 8 – 10 PM, EST for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I wouldn’t even do this if I could find that show on any other time. When TechTV was still going strong, I didn’t ever watch anything else hardly. There were so many helpful things on, from tools to tips, to a TV version of what social networking sites like Digg have become.

    Basically, TechTV = the awes. G4 = the suck. ’nuff said.

  81. I would go and watch TSS in the studio back in the day when it was a 90 (and then became a 60) minute show. I even used to go before they had a studio audience. I have go tip my hat to Ken Marquis who was the series (not executive) producer of TSS who was kind enough to give me his office number and let me call him whenever I wanted to come see a taping.

    Actually, a few weeks ago I was in SF and I wanted to see what they’d done with the studio that formerly hosted most of TechTV’s shows. It looked pretty empty from the outside.

    TechTV had a huge following. Quality programming, great personalities. There’s nothing more I’d like to see than a reunion of TechTV!

  82. we can shoot all the shows in my basement, then we can send them to my local channel. woowooooo

  83. Pingback:
  84. Absolutely! Let’s bring this network back in any form.

    Clearly a story of a market missed. Unlike G4, people actually watched TechTV. I guess we should have spent a little time filling out our Nelson cards rather than going to our real jobs to fund our high tech toys. TechTV actually had content with hosts that were passionate about technology and its effect on society.

    Build it and they will, we will come – back?
    Where do we donate? IPO

  85. One of the most annoying facets of american online tech shows is the rehash of personalities who keep appearing on their buddies podcast..
    Is it possible to have tech shows that ARENT in any way connected to people who happened to work together a few years ago?

    Its almost like the american idol disease where people can only relate supposedly to covers of 20 year old pop songs. Let go of the past and live in the present.

    If these people are such geniuses then it makes more sense that they individually spread the knowledge in various shows rather than in one show so that some people who cant let go get their fix.

    That said, there are so many quality shows online that time is really a problem, so maybe it would save us time if instaed of DL, Diggnation and Twit, it was one show only.

    And considering that the majority of the techtv viewers were geeks who spend their lives online, I always thought that having the show on cable and not online was idiotic. Most geeks I know watch, download or buy their tv content online and barely use their tv’s using laptops and video ipods and other tech toys to view shows.

    I watched a few old shows to see what the techtv fuss was all about and I think I will stay with my weekly DL fix, along with the obligatory Lugradio listen (cant understand what they say sometimes but its still the best radio show Ive listened to in years) and the occasionaly non-Mac episodes of TWIT.
    There is only so much redundancy and time one can waste on tech show,

  86. Why not have the Canadian version of of G4 produce the show. The Canadian version of G4 has a few more tech shows than G4 in the US. There is Call for Help, Torrent, Gadgets and GIzmos, and Digital Lifestyle.

    There is a market for this kind of TV since in Canada we have it and consumers pay for the channel.

    It would be great to do a 1 or 2 hour special with a retrospective on the show, it’s history, what has happened in technology since the show ended, what past members of the channel are doing now, where is it going to go now?

    Many of the spin off shows that are now podcasts and vidcasts work because they are simply that. They are not TV shows or TV quality (I love them.. but I don’t think they’ll work for TV). I’ve always thought they should put together a show of short vidcasts done by tech TV talent and just have some producers stitch it together for a 30 minute show. I don’t think that it looks good enough for TV execs. I think they don’t like the compressed look of Vidcasts. Torrent is an attempt on it and we’ll see if it sticks.

    My 2c

  87. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE OH PLEASE…….since tech TV disappeared, i haven’t kept up with technology, i can’t stand G4 and i just dont’ have the time to read all the new magazine, Digg is my only resource for new tech…I used to leave Tech TV on 24/7, everytime i watched TV it was Tech TV!!!

  88. Pingback: TechTV Reunion
  89. Odds are you won’t read this, but if you do, I know of pretty much the perfect solution. A while ago some members of the Something Awful forums came up with the idea to have a user run internet television station. The way it worked was people would upload videos in a certain format to the site, the site would add these videos to the database, and after being approved by a moderator, people would be able to add these videos to the playlist, which was streamed out to whoever wanted to watch it. I can try to get more information if you want me to, because I really think this is pretty much exactly what you are looking for. On the off chance you want to contact me, my email address is Dorsk65 (at)

  90. Interesting – but the only thing that I would be interested in seeing is Megan in skimpy clothing and Yoshi’s newest case mod. Everything else was re-hashing the latest tech news and that’s already being done to death on twit,, digg and the others. Get Leo to host, everyone else to do their schtick for 10 mins each. Could even be a pay-per-view event. Don’t need funding, just make it and take it around to cable companies or tivo and offer it up as a PPV event. I’d pay $3 to see it if it were > 1 hr long and had some real entertainment value. If you can’t get funding, distribute it the normal way (bittorrent) and you can release it to the world from a DSL line. As far as sets and using the name TechTV goes, just change it around a little and film it outside or in someone’s basement even. It doesn’t even have to be professional. The original ScreenSavers was Leo, Kate and a fax machine, right? 🙂

  91. Chris, Kat, Leo, Kevin and the rest of the gang back together you say!


    Long live TechTv!

  92. What we really need beyond a big TechTV reunion is for g4 to get their head out of their ass and stop filling their channel up with crap. I still cannot see where “Man Show” and “Star Trek” (sorry one guy who watches 20 year old reruns) are more worthy to be on the air than Call for Help, Judgement Day or the old Filter.

    I want a rewind of the entire G4 network. Hell, I want the name to go back to something that actually makes sense. What does G4 mean? Does anyone know?

  93. Hey Chris, I love the idea, and to put it straight, before I had digital cable, I had always wanted to watch techtv, When I had the service, techtv was the only thing playing, sometimes 24/7 right through infomercials, I would soak up some tech during my sleep (I thank you and every other techtv member for this), and when techtv was bought up, withon about a month, we dropped the digital service, solely because techtv was merely 2 people left, and g4 destroyed what they were. Honestly, if I had the resources, there would be a massive hookup, too bad I dont. The reunion would most likely be much better off as an internet service though because the majority of people these days now have a broadband connection of sorts and can handle the content easily, not to mention, not everyone likes to have digital or sattelite service as it is very expensive. The single problem that i am seeing at the moment is the trademarks for techtv were bought up by g4 in the buyout/merger that shouldnt have ever happened, correct? If so, it will need a different name, unless you can put forth the money to buy back the rights to the names and shows. content for shows may be a good idea to come through from the likes of digg, twit and others, as they are technically news sources. I also would say, maybe using a YouTube like service, like the guy about a mile up the page does for a service to others would be a great iuidea, they seem to always load pretty fast, buffer nicely, and offer exceptional quality. I would personally look inot videos 2x the width and height of the current youtube, like what google video can handle. Only have high enough quality equipment to fill this space with non-fuzzyness. I am willing to bet that if this becomes a go status, within two years, you would see G4 have a major problem on their hands with a large loss in viewers, as the loyal techtvers would flock to the new techtv instead. Hope you take much of my information, as well as everyone elses into consideration, i have found a great deal of useful info, people willing to help, (I would, if I were to live in Cali, but NY it is… unless telecommute is an option) people with hookups and such. Have a great day, and I am looking foward to seeing this some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  94. Ocean Project

    A media company that collects content from differen’t sources, corporate and user generated. This content is then processed from the raw content and then formatted. The final cop is released onto multiple platform, web-television-etc.. The user can download the content, be connected to a source site, add or subtract from the popularity of the recording, and add the content to their web collection. If the content is popular, it can be voted on for possible re-showing, and then voted into the Library, which catalogues the content and makes it available for search.
    This sort of system would allow for both user selected, and network aggregated content. Anyone could offer content into the system, allowing people find differen’t artists and groups that they would have never found previously.
    Podcasts, which is what were basically talking about here, only have 6% percent usership on the web, lacking the mass of things like YouTube and MySpace media. Also, popular content stays popular, but new and less well known content is buried.
    In my experience, the biggest negative in just resetting the TechTV network is the lack of consistent content. TechTV never reached the point where it could release new content on a daily basis, most of the day being dedicated to reruns. Why not let everyone in on the ride?
    Differen’t producers of content could put in there $.02 on differen’t news and general topics. If we allowed content from around the web, there would always be up to date and applicable content.
    Something born out of the podcast world is a lack of scheduled releases. The content producers tend to either have technical, personal, or laziness based delays. Centralized control would at least smooth some of these delays out for the mass consumer.
    Part of TechTV was its capability to reach people outside of the hardcore tech market. This was in part because it was available on traditional TV. You can’t leave the content on the web if you wan’t to get more people on the boat.
    New content from the Podcast generation and experienced content from the existing tech companies must join hands with the wacky little video on the web to actually call itself Web television.

  95. Great idea. Of course the best shows were The Screen Savers (early and mid-life version) and Call For Help (various incarnations but the best being Chris Pirillo’s). Also good were the John Dvorak’s show which is somewhat duplicated on-line now and some of the specifically tech oriented gadget shows. I also liked the newsroom type tech morning news but that’s very difficult to pull off. In short ZDNet and early TechTV were great and anyone that can put this stuff back on the air has my support. I’ll even throw in some small amount of money like I have with TWiT every now and then. Just don’t count on that regularly. Raising two kids with my wife takes most of my time and money.

  96. I know I shouldn’t comment twice but I noticed that Leo mentions the best network for this is G4. Nope, no way. Fool me once (or buy me once), shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They cannot be trusted at all. Leave them die.

    With some work this could happen without G4 or Comcast at all. Maybe some of the old ZDNet people can contribute the stuff needed for this and come up with the air time and/or legit network access. Is the time past when a new small network can set up shop? I hope not. This would also be great if this could be made for regular download / vidcast AND on Tivo too. You know you have a built in audience.

  97. I loved the show. Every episode I watched, I learned something new and useful. Do you think you’d be able to post old episodes as well? In handy dandy mpeg4 format ,if you please.

    Drupal is horrid btw. It has a lot of nice features but the backend adminsitration is clunky and unpleasant. Use joomla instead.

  98. HEY!! What about using MAVEN Networks as a publishing medium?? I checked this out a while back, and its pretty sweet.

    People would need to download an app (free) that runs on their computer. They then sign up for subscriptions to certain “channels”, and the app uses idle bandwidth to download new content. It is great for distributing high quality video feeds, and I’m sure its a great option.

  99. There is a site called that used give away a free MMO engine.

    But now the site has been revamped with web2.0 tools so you can create a free ‘broadband channel’ and ‘profile channels’ for all the personalites.

    It seems the free MMO engine has been made opensource and moved to

  100. This is a great idea. I miss the old Tech TV. Back in the day I stood in line for 2 hours in Louisville KY to have Leo and Megan Morrone sign my Tech Almanac.

  101. Funny that the guy who was part of the problem of TechTV wants to have an alumni site. I figured you couldn’t be any more annoying and then you got on TV.

  102. At least G4 is showing Star Trek TNG now– guess they couldn’t figure out how to make any tech shows.

  103. A friend and I were among the first people to be in a studio audience session at “The Screen Savers” – one of my favourite shows.

    I loved TechTV. If my TV was turned on, it was tuned to TechTV. I was really unhappy to see everything go to G4. The only thing I didn’t like about TechTV was the addition of the anime shows. I changed the channel when they came on.

  104. Praise to bringing back the old techtv. The new “g4” is so fake I wouldn’t let them give me opinions on catfood. Morgan webb looks like goddamned skeleton….make that Skeletor.
    Techtv used to approach the computer culture with respect and insight. Not the current drivel.

  105. Been watching Patrick Norton on DigitalLifeTV (, for sometime now. They seem to have things running pretty good over there. Not to mention the torrenting of all the CallForHelp 2.0 episodes (starring Leo Laporte).

    Would be cool to see DigitalLifeTV, Call For Help 2.0 &/or THE SCREENSAVERS or some varient thereof brought back, along with all the other shows that made the channel what it was.

    I still curse G4 to this day.

  106. Yup, Sounds good to me.

    I to have been following the crew/cast of techtv all over the inetrnet.

    Blogs, podcasts, myspace, rss feeds, torrents….etc.

  107. Would be good to be able to view all the techtv content from the past and the future in one place. I like the idea 😀

  108. I think Tech TV was great! I loved watching Call for Help, ScreenSavers, John Dvorak, Leo LaPorte, Patrick Norton and Chris Pirillo. I was so disappointed when they changed it to G4. There isn’t one show on that network that I ever want to watch. Bring back Tech TV!!!

  109. I live in the uk and have only seen a few shows but this is just what everbody needs.
    i also thing that it should be a world wide program. the world needs a tech show it can trust to be the best

  110. At least part of what you’re describing is an online content management/editing system. Producers/personalities would upload spots/or entire shows in a specific format? and some editorial staff (or community?) or producer would then stitch the pieces together to form a”show”. It soulds like the system would allow for a publishing aspect that would but the spots/pieces/shows live for everyone’s enjoyment and presume to feed it out to the world via RSS? Are these the basic requirements of the system? Understanding what parts are community/team/individual driven would really help.

  111. Love “Tech TV” will do anything I can to help.
    We need to bring back Tech TV.

    The G4 sucks I never watch it!.
    It is not worth my time.

    Tech TV how is worth my time I have watched re run after re run.
    And When Leo went to Canada I watched him there as well.

  112. I too miss TechTV. I held out as long as I could watching ATOS, but when Sarah left, that was it for me. I will still watch Adam and Morgan on occassion, but the games are not what I watch for. IT’S THE HUMOR, DAMMIT!

    Part of the charm of TechTV was that they had real people on there, who knew what they were talking about, and weren’t just hotties reading off a teleprompter **coughcoughCHEATcoughcough***

    I will admit, though…that Breakfast Club sendup was one of my most absolute favorite things I’ve ever seen.

  113. Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers or suggestions for your questions above, but I can say that I would whole heartedly support whatever happens monetarily, monthly contributions or something like that. I’ve been doing that with TWIT for a year now and I’d be happy to share the love.

  114. Where did all the Tech tv people go. You are all missed. I have to ask what lame brain would have even thought of taking such a great informational show off. Please bring back Leo, Chris, Patrick and the others.

    Thanks Leo for turning me into a computer geek.

  115. I’m with you Chris, Leo and everyone else from the old TechTV. There is a glaring hole in my technology world since TechTV went down and was replaced with the cultural vaccum that is $G4$ What a load of crap that station is especially in comparison to the Screen Savers, Call for Help and everything else!

  116. wow, so many coments! and so many people in favor of this happening. I felt like I lost something in my life when the tech tv we knew dissapeared, and I love how the people didn’t just give up and are still around, but I would love it even more if tech tv was revived, even if it is just online, I want my TSS back, I want my call for help, We need Yoshi’s mod tips!! Lets get this going!

  117. G4 wanes in comparison to TechTV. Quite frankly a cable channel dedicated to games does nothing for this AADD viewer ~~ X-play isn’t even the same 🙁

    The slap stick humor, real life and mostly unscripted dialog, and totally geeky technostuff is what I loved so much about TechTV. I even subscribed to SOAP because it was bundled with TechTV.

    G4 isn’t worth knowing what channel it’s on.

    ~~ Chris you’re on the right track. Let’s bring this baby back !!!

  118. Don’t forget all the people up in Canada. Jenn Cutter from has been a regular on Call For Help for over a year and Darren from Hak.5 has been on the show a few times as well. TechTV may be dead in the US but at least G4TechTV is trying to keep the spirit alive! They’ve also been on TWiT too so I guess Leo has them as part of the fold now.

  119. I loved TechTV and miss it so. Used to look forward TSS and Call For Help. The thoughts of a reunion show are very exciting. It would be great if you guys invited guests (e.g. a live audience… hint hint) but alas I’m sure we would all be happy enough just to see a webcast.

  120. Being a woman I learned a lot from tech tv and REALLY miss the Call For Help Show. I sure hope they bring it back. I am an amatuer radio operator and would LOVE to see some tech shows on that subject but will be glad to see Call For Help return. The games are ok but enough is enough.

  121. I would love TECH TV back!! 🙂 “I want my- I want my- I want my TECH TV!” (sung to the tune of Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”). 😉

  122. It’s nice to hear about so many people who were hugh fans of TechTV, It kind of feels like a big part of me has been taken away and I know everyone of you must feel the same way. I started watching TechTV back in 2000 and since then no other channel has matched up to it. And I’m not saying this because I’m was a big fan.. but frankly, TechTV was the only reason why I ever got satellite and will forever be. It’s such a shame that it’s no more. Honestly I was excited about the merger with G4 because I had the best of two worlds right on one channel, tech../games. But after what started happening, TechTV shows getting canceled or being replaced with junk (The Man Show, Ed the Sock, etc), I can’t describe how I felt. If I were rich, I’d do everything within my power to get TechTV back, hire everyone back who was involved with it (including the camera guys, make up artist, etc- I’d leave no one out) and restore it to its glory. But I do know (and have faith) people that someday, somehow, somewhere.. TechTV will rise again. There may be some new faces, a new name, but the spirit of TechTV we’ve come to know for these long years will be the same.

  123. Please don’t bother with Internet broadcasting–try to revive the entire channel. It was a true joy and has become a cult phenomenon since its demise. The popularity of inferior shows, such as BBC’s “Click”, confirms the public’s desire for such a show, and with the talents of TechTV’s alumni, a truly successful show or channel could easily be made.

  124. I personally would love to see CFH and TSS come back one day, back to back again like in the old days. I remember when i was 7-8 years old when TSS was first aired on ZDTV in 1997, I remember not missing a show as much as possible between then and 2004. Then after every TSS they would have an episode of CFH with Leo Laporte and Kat right after, giving 2 hours a day of great entertainment with a learning aspect. Today I am 18 years old, and think back what a great show this was, and how much I miss it, because it is because of these two shows that I really got into computers in the first place. These shows were always full of great tips and soultions to many advanced problems back in those days. Then thanks to G4, these two great shows got ruined and the whole channel became pointless, and there wasnt a show I would sit down to watch. Then later in 2004, the light of day occured when Leo started CFH on Canada’s TechTv. But still sadly no TSS; with Leo, Patrick and the gang. Even with this new show, it just wasnt the same anymore since none of the old cast remained, and was left with only Leo so didnt have the same feel. I watched the show for about 6 months on and off, then compleatly lost interest since it just wasnt the same. So I wish there could be someway of bringing back the past. Im prettysure somone out there has a whole season lineup of both shows on their computer, it would be great if those could atleast be downloaded and watched just to remmember what a great show it was. I would personally love to help in any way I could. I have plenty of online storage space if needed.

  125. I enjoyed Tech TV from its beginning as ZDTV to its unfortunate end after G4 destroyed it. It was unthinkable that someone could intentionally ruin something so cool……. I just could not believe their stupidity and the fact that they censored postings from loyal viewers in the TechTV forums after the takeover. It was like losing a good friend for many of us and it is a loss that still lingers. It would be unbelievable to think of the possibility of having that sort of network again. I think a good first show would be some sort of “debate” to hold those accountable for completely ruining the network and get their answers to what they were actually thinking(and I use the word very loosely)…… I am sure that it had to do with $$, but I dont think the network now could be anywhere as profitable(and definitely not as popular)as it was before the changes. Anyway…… I would love to be part of the resurrection of the show, so let me know if I can help.

  126. I really miss Techtv/Zdtv I miss the screensavers/call for help the most. I just cannot believe that they would remove a show that is so great. I cant believe technology companies aint lining up o start a new techtv station. It would be nothing but a success. HEY YOU COMPANIES LIKE NVIDIA/INTEL/AMD/ and television/electronics companies. ETC WE CAN BRING THIS STATION BACK TO LIFE!

  127. I would LOVE to see TechTV come back in some form. I guess Attack of The Show is OK, and Adam and Morgan are still great, but other than those, G4 has become a station for complete tools. They show Cops, for gosh sake!!!! How much more retarded and lowest common denominator can you get than that? Then there is Ninja Warrior……dont get me started……..

  128. I miss call for help, I miss Chris. We just got a mac and really could use your help. I don’t know what the net work was thinking. I hope chris and Leo can come back with a tech tv

  129. I want my TechTV!!!
    G4 ruined the channel, if i want to watch Cops reruns I go to FOX….I would pay to see TTV come back exactly as it was. I was heart broken to see it die its slow death…bring back Leo and all the gang!….tech tv die hard fan
    [email protected]

  130. so happy to find your site. I am rather old, and when I received my 1st computer. I knew how to turn it on and off. My son left me to play cards. If not for the program ziptv, or zdtv, I would still be playing cards. With the help of Leo and group. I learned pretty well.(still, not as much as I want). I bought many things also when I could see how they worked. What in the world was g4 thinking I do not even scan it at all. Please come back , so this anchient mind can keep learning. My God Bless U for Your efforts, Rusty

  131. Seriously Chris, this is a darn good idea. I know this post is really dated, but come on Chris, keep trying!

    Maybe you could set up a little studio at your own home; just a few work lights and a camera is enough. You can do the streaming with Ustream.TV, and off course you can set up a system which uses the advantages of WordPress software combined with Ustream.TV-software.

    Chris, if there is any help I can offer you, please let me know. Let us (the readers of your blog) know.

    All the best,

    Daan Berg

  132. Dear Chris my hero. and all my other TechTV heros I realy missed you when I had to go into a nursing home, and no longer could watch Call for help, and The Screensavers. I really need your help! So please go online soon. I am handicape and use a stick in my moutth to work my computer.. I learned most of what I know from you guys. please come back

  133. I’m wondering when g4 will be up for sale with all the stupid things they have on there. I’ll check into it.

    Now all I have to do is win that powerball!!

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