Rent My Chest 2.0

Rent My Chest 2.0You know I lost 30 pounds with my diet and weight loss tips, right? It wasn’t just for Gnomedex, and it wasn’t just for my upcoming nuptuals in December. No, I did it so that I could launch… Rent My Chest 2.0. I’m not looking for funding, though – and yes, the classic site is still there (though depreciated). My exit strategy is to be purchased by Yahoo! for $27 million dollars.

16 thoughts on “Rent My Chest 2.0”

  1. I like your exit strategy, but I am not sure that Yahoo would be interested in buying “RENT my Chest” well maybe lockergnome but I doubt they would pay so much for Rent my chest.

    Wish you best of luck.

  2. 1. congrats on the weight loss.

    2. I don’t get 2.0. Does this mean you’re dropping the hand-written physical marking of the flesh in favor of just presenting a background graphic for a floating type layer? Feels like I’m not actually renting you chest anymore. Just renting the image of your chest. That makes the 1.0 version much more valuable to me than 2.0. I’ll agree that the chest itself in 2.0 represents an upgrade. But without the actual marking, you have an overall downgrade

    3. and this is the most important: rentmychest 1.0 is funny. 2.0 is just some buff guy showing off.

  3. Since there was actual weight lost, would it not fit to go with 0.5 instead of 2.0?

    Speaking for myself, I am heading toward 3.7 if I don’t get out and exercise a little more…

    And whatever happened to “Rent My Ass”? That would have been HUGE; no pun intended, btw.

  4. Actually, if Chris wore a T-shirt with my blog name and URL at a convention, it might be worth a lot. And then later I could sell the T-shirt on eBay and his fans would offer me millions… May not be a bad idea.

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