Boob Suits on YouTube

YouTube Sues Boobs

Well over a dozen people tuned into NBC’s Sunday night prime time lineup, shattering the network’s previous record of 10. Since the advent of the Internets, fewer intelligent beings have found themselves interested in what Hollywood has to offer.

Yesterday evening, one billion users logged into to upload videos of themselves doing stupid things. This morning, the networks responded in kind – issuing lawsuits against YouTube and every one of its users, claiming they (the television networks) “own the rights to insipid entertainment.” YouTube was again forced to update its Terms & Conditions to the following:

“…by submitting the User Submissions to YouTube, you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, uninspired, completely boring, waste of time, I want my five minutes back, who is this dipshit and why do I care, another pointless singalong, a trailer I already saw elsewhere, lame-ass halfwits who just purchased a Webcam, can I punch the ninja yet… oops, where were we? Oh yes: to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the User Submissions in connection with the YouTube Website and YouTube’s (and its successor’s) business… in any media formats and through any media channels.”

Next week, YouTube is switching to the “I’m not dead yet” RealVideo format to settle the score with another copyright lawsuit holder, Robert Turd – since beating him senseless was out of the question.

Source: YouTube
Bonus: Comic Outtakes

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3 thoughts on “Boob Suits on YouTube”

  1. How freaking stupid . . . the Networks just dont have jack on . . .
    the internet is more entertaining . . a classic example . . .
    right now . . at this very moment MTV is playing the same damn videos
    over and over . . I’ve been watching the same videos played over and over
    for the last 3 hrs . . damn ppl . . . mix it up a bit . . .
    the 4 major networks(NBC, CBS, ABC & FOX) need to work on entertaining
    their audiences with decent programming . . . when they dont have
    good shows on . . what are people going to do . .
    switch over to the internet and see whats
    on YouTube or any one of the many other YouTube clones out there . . .
    YouTube is just an easy target because it is the most publicized site . . .
    well there you have it . . thats just my opinion . . YouTube is bein’ bullied around by the Networks . . . but it always happens when they think they are going to lose money . . . look at the RIAA and MPAA . . classic examples of major screw ups . . . but they still pursue legal action against people hoping to stop file sharing . . when in reality file sharing only boost their revenue . . .
    call me stupid but shouldnt they stop . . . and embrace technology as opposed to tryin’ to fix it . . . oh well . . . thats all I have to say over this . . . sorry this post is so long . . I just have alot to say I guess . . .

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