Boost Your Internet Speed – Free!

You can probably do two things, right now, to boost your Internet speed. They’re simple, they’re trusted, and they’re palpable changes:

  1. Open yourself to OpenDNS. They have configuration pages for your OS or hardware router. Both Scott Beale (LaughingSquid) and I have seen dramatic differences in speed since going through their DNS servers. Matt’s happy about it, too. My speed difference was probably even more dramatic, considering I’ve already implemented my second recommendation…
  2. If you’re on Windows, install FastCache: “Every time you go to a new website, or a website you haven’t been to in a day or so, your computer needs to locate the server again using DNS. Each DNS request can take anywhere from 50 milliseconds, to even a second or more, but most are in the 100 to 200 millisecond range. Want to save a couple hundred milliseconds? Probably not, but what about a couple million or more? That’s what AnalogX FastCache is all about.” I’ve been running FastCache since Mark released it on the first Helpathon. My stats are somewhat stunted, but I’ve saved 6d 18h 27m 53s worth of time (in 118w). It really adds up.

If you use a news aggregator, either one (or both) of these solutions is mandatory. Do not pass Go – do not spend $200. It’s all free for the taking.

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  8. Fastcache is actually not a good idea. It might speed up the loading of sites, but it has drawbacks.

    Fastcache is overriding the TTL set for the dns record in question. Some providers use this to do maintenance on various “clusters” of machines. They also may use it to send you to the closest cluster for a particular service. It’s not a good idea to cache the record for longer than the TTL set.

  9. This tip is a new one for me. Has anyone tried it? If so, have you gotten good (meaning “noticeable”) results? I’m probably going to run through this setup now. Thanks for the post!

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  11. OpenDNS sounds interesting, but Fast Cache is an outdated piece of junk with many little “gotchas”. I used it a long time ago and ran into all sorts of issues.

  12. I installed Fast Cache and OPen DNS and changed settings for DNS to OPEn DNS on my D Link Router. The internet is definitely faster on Comcast cable with this change. I don’t see stats or chache hits on FastCache stats tab. Any ideas ?

  13. sir can u help me out of here….. i m a nu user of ur services so plzz help me….
    actually i hv two pcs n internet is shared by croo cabling ….
    d ip of one pc is d one provided by my isp n d oders ip is
    so me juss wanna know how to create ma network settings ……plz gelp me .n afraid of doin some messy things on my own.
    ur replies are recived with heartiest welcome.
    n again thanx in advance for ur help.

  14. I’ve been using OpenDNS for a while now, and it’s fantastic.

    FastCache seems okay, but I can’t get it to work for logins other than mine on a multi-user WinXP Pro computer.


  15. Both services are great, but I wish AnalogX would spring back to life….they had some awesome tools around there….sure FastCache works on my Vista Home Basic 32bit system, but yea, it still could use an update 😉

    I was amazed to see some of the small TTLs that domains are uses….some as low as 4ms? And no, I wasn’t reading the wrong column either…lol.

  16. Can anybody tell me if FASTCACHE is a useful tool or not. I am planning to use it with opendns but I am not sure if I should download it or not. Any comments about Fastcache?

  17. other than the suggestions u mentioned above, i also recommend dsl speed which can boost ur internet connection somehow

  18. i tried to download it, got win vista home basic, service pack 2
    and it requested my permision to run the program, then did nothing!!!!!! what shall i doooo?

  19. Well I am using OpenDNS and it is faster then AT&T…lol I am happy to say.I also sped up my dns cache in win 7.. so ^5s Chris!


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