OPML is great – and for feed organization, it’s equally awesome. Just about every news aggregator supports importing and exporting OPML, but there hasn’t yet emerged an OPML icon design that is equally as appealing as the “standard” feed icon set forth by Firefox and subsequently adopted by the industry. In working with information architects on TagJag, we decided to dedicate some cycles to designing an OPML icon for use on the site:


Before you ask, I did float this past Dave (who didn’t like it much, but suggested I ask others what they thought of it). We’re certainly open to suggestions, but as it stands – this is the design we’re gonna use for linking to OPML files. It’s pretty much like the “standard” feed icon, but it’s… different. Check out OPMLIcons.com.

97 thoughts on “OPML Icon”

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  8. Hey Chris,

    We put the logo up in action today across the Zimbio network. Looks great! Let us know how else we can support this…

  9. It’s pretty but it doesn’t say “outline” to me indeed, outlines being acyclic, it more or less says “this is not an outline.”

  10. I think it’s a great icon to use, it’s a different color and it’s a slightly different design, although it does have similarities. It’s different enough for the mass market to be able to tell the difference between the OPML icon and the standard feed icon, so it could work.

  11. Make the inner O into a abrevaited P in the same position and I think it would be perfect. Mater of fact I like it alot. I think you will viral this one and a lot of people will use it.

  12. I also found a similarity with theTargé logo, as well as a feeling it didn’t really convey the “outline” aspect. For what it’s worth, I slapped an idea together, having been inspired by the nice work of those IA guys and Chris.

  13. I love the actual icon, in terms of looks and colour, but it makes even less sense than the standard RSS icon. But then, it’s not an easy task coming up with a design for OPML – something even fewer people know about than RSS itself. So, from that perspective, it’s probably as good as any. Do I sound like I’m fencing sitting? I’m partial to an orange chicklet that says OPML.

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  15. I like it and think it does convey the idea of outlines (nested circles in this case.) If there is a consensus we will use it in our FeedHenry project.

  16. I have to agree that the OPML community has an icon already and Kosso has done a great deal on this. Maybe a graphic designer could ‘shape’ the surrounding texture of the current layout surrounding of the OPML shaped ‘O’ of the logo, though I believe the shape of the ‘O’ in the current logo which Tom links to above is fantastic, different and unique and as stated above does not look like the ‘Target’ logo of a common commercial enterprise that we all know of bar the blue vs red color change.

    The previous list of suggested OPML icons that Dave asked about a fair amount of time ago had some great icons and this is where we ended up.

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  20. My two cents, I like it. As far as color, I think both logos are distinct enough where designers can vary the color. I have seen the RSS logo in different colors elsewhwere. It doesn’t confuse me and I am easily confused… 😉

  21. It’s certainly interesting, and I like how it matches the “official” icon. Yet when did that icon become the “official” one, though, anyway?

    I also like the red homegrown one associate with the OPML Editor, as I’ve come to associate the color red with OPML (due to the OPML Editor, most likely, and OPML.org). Has that homemade feel to it, which can be good.

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