Best Conference T-Shirt Ever

Okay, you know how most conference t-shirts suck? They’re splashed with sponsor logos and no fun to wear on Casual Fridays. Who really cares that you were at “Fast Food Fest ’99”?! I have a million and one of those types of t-shirts in my closet, and they all get thrown into the “donate to Goodwill” pile at the end of the year. Sorry, but I’m not interested in being a walking NASCAR chassis. Last year, we got a little geeky with the “Feed Me” shirt. This year, we’re totally stylin’ with a shirt that says it all without saying anything:

Gnomedex 6 T-Shirt (Male)

Cast a casual glance, and you’ll see nothing more than a hot paisley design on a black t-shirt. Look closer, and you’ll actually find a few alphanumeric characters spelling out the word G-N-O-M-E-D-E-X-6. There’s even a couple of unobtrusive Lockergnome logos thrown in there for good measure. That’s it – total black on the back. If you don’t think these are the best conference t-shirts ever, I’d like to see one less annoying (as in, completely devoid of sponsor logos). Our sponsors understand why we do this – and they all love us for it. My guess is that many Gnomedexers will wear the t-shirt well after the event. Oh, and we’ll have some extras for sale (including fitted t-shirts made for the female figure).

19 thoughts on “Best Conference T-Shirt Ever”

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  3. The shirt looks good but I am even more impressed that you will have women’s sizes. I’m always surprised at tech shows when vendors force their female employees to look like lumberjacks…

  4. Very cool shirt. Wish I could be there. I will buy one though when you are ready to sell them. Keep up the good work Chris.

  5. Very cool shirt..just another thing that makes me regret attending the wedding that’s making me miss attending this year…hopefully they will have cool wedding schwag…if wedding schawg can be cool…

  6. Props for such a great-looking T-shirt & having it available in women’s size. Who says a woman can’t be a geek?

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