Gnomedex Keynote: Senator John Edwards

Just when you thought Gnomedex couldn’t get any better, Senator John Edwards signs on as our Keynote. The senator is a long-standing supporter of technology – including podcasting and blogging. Every year, we wonder how we’re going to top ourselves. When conversations started with Senator John Edwards’ office, they were intrigued and enthralled with our approach to content! Sentator Edwards will quickly turn his time over to the Gnomedex audience, fielding questions and fostering discussion over how technology could and should play a role in our world. This is fantastic! I’m sure you’ll agree, no matter your political persuasion. This is a tremendous opportunity to have your voice heard. Does anybody know any political bloggers out there? I don’t know any…

46 thoughts on “Gnomedex Keynote: Senator John Edwards”

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  11. Actually, you do know a political blogger. Me! (antiwar, progressive politics, etc.)

    And I know zillions of others.

    Gnomedex looks to be real interesting this year….!

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  13. I’m a political blogger… write regularly for National Journal’s The Hotline (among other things). Also have a group of political bloggers I can introduce you to. Edwards keynoting a conference like Gnomdex is exciting – I hope you will invite political bloggers to get special access. Let me know how I can help.

  14. My only question’d be when he’s running for President. I’ve been an Edwards fan for a long, long time, and his affinity for technology, users and the importance of *people* has only bolstered that opinion.

    Congrats Chris, well done!

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  16. Have you seen the latest Podcasting News headline?

    “Will the Next President be a Podcaster”, then it references this site. Their site is busy at the moment, but check it out.

  17. I’ve been watching this guy on dspan today. Look-his pollyanna views on poverty is enough to make him dangerous. And he seems to be missing the point about unions. They’re partly to blame for walmart and and other importers of cheap foreign goods where we all know what conditions they were produced under. Frankly this guy is 1/4 baked.
    G in Fort Worth.

  18. To G in FW,

    I was just in Ft Worth for a visit, and most hotels in your area don’t even carry C-Span. But in person, I didn’t hear one oz of yuck about John Edwards.

    He has a few ideas. You have a criticism. What are your ideas to solve serious problems with poverty and the eroding middle class? What if many folks didn’t have your tech skills? How do you solve the digital divide for the haves and the 37 million have nots, especially when public libraries are limited in their resources in what they try to do for bridging that gap?

    I think Digital Divide Q’s are fair to ask John Edwards at Gnomedex when you attend, if you so choose to be political. My guess is that he won’t be so “usual poverty” but will answer this question and ones about net neutrality. Nothin’ wrong with those as they relate to what we do online, offline, etc.

    Here’s some cheese to go with your whine. I’m giving you camembert in the event you will soften up and be more open about Chris’s decision to invite the Senator to the conference l8tr this week.

    BTW, I guess you haven’t seen the latest edition of JRE-TV. Check out his blog, or mine.

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