Scoble is Leaving Microsoft

Yeah, it’s 100% true. Scoble is heading to This is front page news if I’ve ever heard of it – and half the blogosphere won’t find out until Monday, most likely. Congratulations, Robert. 😉 The blogosphere is already abuzz with speculation and discussion:

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Scoble Leaving Microsoft
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To Robert: in your first public statement, you state: “First, I love Microsoft and Microsoft did not lose me â€â€? at least as a supporter and friend.” One would have to be insane to believe that you’d stop supporting Microsoft, personally or professionally, from this point forward. You were helping Microsoft long before you were working there. You continue: “I just made this decision and it got out before I was completely ready to talk about it.” Once the first pin dropped, there was nothing you could do to stop it (few people had heard of until tonight). Remember when you were first offered a job at Microsoft? Were you ready back then? I told you that you’d be crazy if you didn’t accept the position, and nothing could have prepared you for what was to come. And so, again, I say… congratulations.