Why is it Called Gnomedex?

So, why is it called Gnomedex, anyway? As “pointed” out by the recent entry in the YPN blog, And Don’t Forget Your Pointy Hat, we have our reasons:

“What’s the opposite of COMDEX?â€Â? asks Web entrepreneur and Lockergnome.com founder, Chris Pirillo (see Polls, at right). “Gnomedexâ€â€?something small that’s really big, something people want to attend instead of being mandated to attend, something where everybody gets treated like a VIP.â€Â?

Before the question changes to another, you might try your hand at YPN’s current poll (found in the sidebar on their main page). Why is Chris Pirillo’s website called “LockerGnomeâ€Â? and his conference, “Gnomedex?â€Â? The real answer will surprise you:

· Chris’s favorite book is “Gnomesâ€Â? by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet.
· Chris’s favorite Disney movie is “The Gnome Mobile.â€Â?
· Chris’s high school senior nickname was “Gnome.”
· Chris is originally from Nome, Alaska.
· Chris prefers GNOME to KDE in Linux.
· Chris wears tall, pointy hats when he’s in Internet chat rooms.
· Chris was arrested for stalking Noam Chomsky in 2001.
· Chris wants to go where “Gnome man has gone before.”
· Chris was a German Folklore major in college.
· Chris won the Midwestern Gardening Open Championship in 1998.

What’s your guess?

8 thoughts on “Why is it Called Gnomedex?”

  1. Well.. I was a fan of Call for help(when it was still on tv)…and I think you mentioned it on there.

    The obvious one would be:
    Chris’s high school senior nickname was “Gnome.â€Â?

    This one:
    Chris wears tall, pointy hats when he’s in Internet chat rooms.
    We all know that and that isn’t the reason..lol

  2. If I remember my Chris Pirillo history the correct answer is:

    Chris’s high school senior nickname was “Gnome.â€Â?

    All the best of the evening!


  3. Seems to me, digging deep into my brain from like 10 years ago, there was a little more detail to the story than just “high school nickname.” Where’d the “locker” part come from eh? 😉

  4. I am going to have the go with the high school nickname too.

    “Where’d the “lockerâ€Â? part come from eh?” … Perhaps he was frequently tossed into lockers in high school 😉

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