I listen to KUOW in my car all the time. If the dial isn’t tuned in to NPR, the radio simply isn’t on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken extra laps around the block just so I could listen to a full broadcast. Last Thursday, I heard a great segment on the origins of marriage (What is a Traditional Marriage) – I wanted Ponzi to hear it, too. That’s when I remembred: NPR has podcasts! And let’s face it – NPR owns the podcast space. I’d give my left nut to have a show on NPR (and my left nut is slightly more valuable than my right nut, FWIW). The problem is that NPR has over 300 podcasts as of today, making them impossible to manage and subscribe to en masse. So, I’m asking the NPR gods: please give us a single, permanent OPML URL? You can keep the same dichotomy, just put in a more transportable / importable format. If the NPR OPML is always at the same URL, we can always have the latest set of NPR shows a finger-click away. And if you already have a master OPML for NPR, why haven’t you linked to it from your podcast page?

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  2. Hey Chis, you are soo right. I sit here in Israel and listed to NPR’s podcast’s every day – just so great & interesting programs. I run the straight from my Maxthon sidebar.

  3. Hi Chris.

    I’ve been talking to NPR about this a couple of weeks agi, as it happens.

    I have an OPML file of all the NPR podcasts – I am just waiting for someone to go through them and ‘organise’ them all into folders etc. Then we will be importing the OPML for them all to appear at


  4. I’ll second that! There needs to be some better way to pull down NPR shows than ferreting through iTunes. They should make an OPML index the theme of a pledge drive. I’d bet there are thousands of listeners who haven’t tuned in to NPR on a radio dial in months. It doesn’t mean they’re not listening.

  5. As Kosso mentions, we’ve been working to get exactly that: a good OPML. We do provide an OPML of all the podcasts currently in the NPR Podcast Directory, which includes NPR-produced content, alt.NPR podcast-only content, content from the great partners in NPR’s Podcasting Effort, and a few hundred other podcasts from NPR member stations. It lives here:

    As we improve the OPML, it will still live there. Note, the above OPML includes some of our newer podcasts that are missing from the OPML’s listed in previous posts.

  6. How about an OPML organized (i.e. in folders)
    using the same structure as posted at the NPR
    website (by Radio Station Call Letters)?

    And something a little simpler than the 3 or 4 clicks it takes to
    subscribe to any one podcast?

    At 332 (as of this date – podcasts), that’s a LOT of clicking.

    It’s nice to have an OPML of ALL podcasts alphabetical (or an incomplete
    listing organized by folders), but, it would be nice to have an OPML
    consistent with the method currently used on the NPR website.

    Or better yet – a CHOICE to have an OPML alphabetical, or sorted
    by category, or by Station Call Letters.

    People could then pick their preferred method.

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