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Don’t ask me why this isn’t documented anywhere, but I have it on good authority that the best USB memory stick to use for Vista’s ReadyBoost is an Apacer Handy Steno – the 2GB version. Apacer also has a 4GB version, although it’s been reported that the 4GB model has reliability issues (though I don’t know how “reliablity” is defined or charted). No matter, Microsoft is apparently using Apacer USB sticks for the ultimate speed boost (ReadyBoost) in Vista. From Mwave, a list of features:

  • All in one design: to avoid losing the cover
  • USB 2.0 Interface: Truly plug and play
  • Slender body makes USB ports accessible
  • High capacity support
  • Docking included for user-friendly usage
  • High performance (Max.) *: Read speed-25MB/sec. & Write speed-14MB/sec.
  • LED indicates data transfer in transferred
  • Security/Booting/Formatting/Compressing functions
  • Write Speed around 14000 KB / sec.
  • Read Speed around 25000 KB / sec.

I would rather get the 4GB model than the 2GB one (for obvious reasons), but not if there are stability / consistency issues. Anybody else have experiences with Apacer? That’s a brand I just haven’t heard of before.

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  2. Hi Chris:

    I haven’t heard of Apacer before but the 2G drive has a five rating (based on 4 people who rated it) at

    I have been looking at the A-DATA 4GB Flash Drive (USB2.0 Portable) Model PD8 2.0 4GB BLUE at .

    When I couldn’t find the specs to be specific enough to make the purchase, I emailed A-Data in Taiwan. They sent me an email asking me for more info which I sent them this morning.

    With the dearth of information available, I posted the following ReadyBoost Info Request over at : “Anybody care to share which USB keys (model and sizes) they are using with ReadyBoost and what kind of results they are getting? I see from that there are some specific specs for the cards and from the comments to that post, I see that many people have USB keys that don’t work. I’d like to know which keys do work and approximately what kind of boost
    they give.â€Â?

    I’m on a similar quest with regard to which desktop wireless cards work. Dlink sent me an email that says, “D-Link till now have not arrived with the vista drivers. So we would advise you not to use it with Vista OS.â€Â? Is that great or what?

    If you want the info I discover when it comes in, let me know and I’ll sent it to you.

    Keep up the great posts. Let us know what you find out.

  3. So here’s the thing guys. You are not looking for amazing data transfer speeds on these flash drives. Vista is going to treat these as Random Access Memory and so if you can find the Random Access Times, that is what you will want to base your purchase off of. Fixed discs have a much higher data transfer speed then most flash drives but accessing any file at random on a HD is a much slower process which is why ReadyBoost is so genious. I would recommmend a drive liek the “Kingston Data Traveler Elite.” It boasts one of the fastest R-Access times that I have seen. Toms Hardware Guide also has a forum on fast flash drives. Definately concentrate on the RA times when reading it:

    Hope that this may help you guys.

  4. I have the 4GB Apacer and I have experienced no issues. It out performs every other stick I have purchased (Much to my wife’s dismay) and has worked flawlessly since I recieved it.

  5. Apacer sent me over the low level format utility tool (xp only) within 30 minutes of my request and it worked! It’s as good as new now. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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