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In traipsing around, I stumbled across what I believed was the Calculator PowerToy – a nice upgrade to the calculator that ships with Windows. Turns out, Microsoft Calculator Plus is an entirely new calculator (which sadly looks better in “Classic View” than in the default skin). Give Calculator Plus a try and you’ll wonder why they’re not shipping this version with Vista. At least, Calculator Plus not in Windows Vista Beta 2. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Microsoft (itself) already has an infinitely better version of a calculator available for free download on their site, yet they’re not including it (yet?) in Windows Vista. Why!? Are they afraid the DOJ is going to come after them for cornering the desktop calculator market? “Calculator Plus offers conversions between different measurement units for area, temperature, volume and more. It also includes all the mathematical functions offered in Microsoft Calculator.” Finally!

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  4. The funny thing is, it’s the same calculator. They completely revamped good old calc.exe around Windows 2000, to make it independent from the FPU (it has now better precision – infinite precision in fact, unless you use trigonometry – and is unaffected by the Pentium FDIV bug), but kept the old GUI

  5. That is quite possibly the worst skin I’ve ever seen on a Microsoft application. It looks like someone vomited all over a physical calculator. Classic view is much nicer as you said.

  6. Isn’t this at the center of what’s wrong with MSs approach to big software development? Something huge, like an OS, needs serious coordination. Apple apparently managed this in the early days of MacOS X by passing everything via Steve Jobs – not quick but it does account for a great deal of the consistency.

    Whilst many would question what the big deal is with a build-in calculator, it does seem to be an insight into the development process. The big stuff means the little touches happen by accident. This is clearly not an OS that is aiming to be the best (if it was MS would be looking around for the best possible calc app they could find). With this kind of fundamental and simple stuff not happening, what else isn’t happening?

    I know many would view it as extremely anal to be bothered by this, but it doesn’t inspire confidence. I’d have to say MacOS is looking more and more like the kind of OS I may consider.

  7. i noticed someone found a conversion error in ms calc2. see comments on your 65/67 vista-b [email protected]’s page.

    there’s a freeware calc that’s supposed to be better than ms calc, but i ha’vent tried it yet. and i’m sure thre are metaphorically tons of freeware calcs 🙂

  8. The Powertoy Calculator is much better than Calculator Plus. It’s actually a graphing calculator and can do all the conversions, and actually looks good. Calculator Plus is oldschool. You can find the Powertoy Calculator in the Windows XP Powertoys download section.

  9. I don’t have Vista But Iv done my homework on it and Know people who have it. 2 People said to me that Vista does not even recognize their hardware on their PC. I believe this is because Vistas Drivers are screwed up and it needs a service Pack. If you Buy a product that does not work why cant you Get Your Money Back.? Its About Time users world wide told each other to make a stand and TELL Microsoft that VISTA DOES NOT WORK SO WE WONT OUR MONEY BACK. This will Force Mr Gates to Make All Users a Service Pack for Vista and Get out the Bugs and Improve the Drivers and other Problems it has. RESULTS Come From ACTION. Until a Service Pack comes out for Vista I wont get it.

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