65 More Windows Vista Mistakes

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Even after my problems with Outlook 2007, and my original feedback on Windows Vista, I went deeper into Windows Vista’s second beta. This time, I didn’t concentrate so much on the font issues (so that I couldn’t be accused of being such a nitpicker). Don’t get me wrong; there are still thousands of UI oversights still sitting within Windows. I intend to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t just want to hear about how some of my problems were addressed – I won’t rest until all of them are. I keep being told that a lot of it will be happening soon, but… I’ll believe it when I see it. This isn’t just about fonts and icons, my friends – it’s about something I intend on using as my primary operating system for the next… seven (?) years.

  1. Why can’t it detect when I have a .com on the end of a domain in the “Start Search” field – working much like CTRL+Enter does in IE or Firefox?
  2. If Windows is moving slowly, I can see the stop/refresh button in the Windows Explorer jump. At least, the graphic inside the button starts lower than normal – then jumps up to the proper (aligned, centered) position.
  3. Dragging object icons – strange transparency issue still exists. Looks like hell.
  4. For some reason, many dialogs/windows have a black line between the glass and the top of the inner-portion of the window. If this is due to me changing the size of my title bar – you’ve got a serious bug to fix.
  5. Why, if I change my Shell Dlg font in XP to Segoe UI, the default size is 8pt – in Vista, it’s 9pt – and that REALLY screws things up. Is there no way to set it to 8pt anywhere? Please make the hook?
  6. Would somebody please smack the person who thought that white Battery/Power and Volume icons were en vogue?
  7. Why won’t you let me exit out of the location settings dialog if I don’t want to enter an area code first? Even by confirming that I don’t want to do it yet, you keep the window open. This might be tied into how I found out – by trying to get a Business number within Outlook. This may very well be Outlook’s fault, not your own (in which case, that’s another red checkmark in the Outlook 2007 column).
  8. I was able to get ReadyBoost working, I think. If there’s an easy way to watch benchmarks, I’m not finding it. Tried looking for a “Benchmarks” option in the Start Menu, but it’s just not obvious to me. I found it once, but I’ll be damned if I can find it again. Tried looking in the most logical places, too – including within the Task Manager.
  9. The ReadyBoost tab should display information like “You’ve sped up your system by 10% by using ReadyBoost today.” Wouldn’t that be nice to know? It’d also be nice if you could tell me the relative speed of my current USB memory stick – so that I could find out if there were faster ones available.
  10. Why doesn’t ReadyBoost information show up in the System Properties? Ya know, Control Panel | System? There, it still shows me running “1.0 GB of RAM” – but it’s not accounting for the flash RAM I’ve just inserted.
  11. System Information (if that’s Vista’s) is calling on a different point size of a font. I believe it’s Segoe UI, but it’s awfully 9pt Tahoma’ish to me.
  12. The Event Viewer has tons of useful information. If only you’d stop calling on Microsoft Sans Serif throughout, and remember the damn window size every time I open/close the app. Tried looking for the benchmarks / system resource view here, too – still can’t find it.
  13. Sometimes when I’m fiddling with the Visual Appearance, I lose the ability to turn on transparency. I have to reboot the system before that feature works again (even so, I have to go in and re-toggle it a few times to get it to work).
  14. Why aren’t you doing this?
  15. Thank you for pseudo-updating the default selection of backgrounds / wallpapers. However, where’s the dual monitor support? Seriously, you have nothing in here for dual monitors. What if I want one wallpaper to be X and the other wallpaper to be Y? What if I want to stretch wallpapers on both screens to each independent resolution? I have 1600×1200 on one monitor right now, 1680×1050 on another. Non-tiled dual monitor wallpapers look like hell in this scenario. Fix it.
  16. I love the “img15.jpg placeholder” wallpaper. I say it’s a keeper, even if you make it hidden somewhere in the system where only the geekiest geeks could find it. Sad thing is, the “img15.jpg placeholder” was designed better than just about any other graphical system element I’ve run across.
  17. The Personalization dialog’s top nav section seems to have a background color applied to it (that’s not matching the background image). Same holds true for the System dialog (each found as a subsection of ‘Control Panel’). Oh, and Power Options, apparently. Why in some and not in others. At least if you’re gong to screw something up, screw it up all over the place please?
  18. Mobility Center is not customizable. Why can’t I save settings to different profiles? Wouldn’t that make sense? Jeez, even my cell phone has profiles contingent on setting.
  19. You only have seven settings in the Windows Mobility Center – can’t you just make up an 8th one, or are we really going to have to stare at this glaring empty space in the lower right-hand corner? My suggestion: do away with the separation lines altogether, flood the entire area with white space, and for PETE’S SAKE round the corners like you have the outside of the window!!!
  20. What’s starting to drive me nuts is your inconsistent application of internal window margins. For example, the distance between the top border of an Explorer window and the first window element (the search bar) is different than the distance between the top border of the Windows Mobility Center and the first window element (in this case, the panels). Open Notepad, and you’ll notice another distance altogether. Who’s in charge of looking at this stuff!? You really expect someone to fork over $100+ for this?
  21. I don’t mind seeing the circled question mark icon in a window. However, I DO mind that you keep putting it in different places. Again, let’s compare and contrast the Windows Explorer window and a Windows Mobility Center window.
  22. Why can’t I easily switch to the Recording options in the new Volume dialog? Seriously, why?
  23. Why do the Volume dialog’s sliders have a boxy shadow behind them? Looks horrible.
  24. I made this point a couple of bugs ago, but it really deserves to be called out here. Are things going to be curved or not? If you are going to curve the edge of Windows elements, then curve all of them. Not some of them – all of them. This would include every single possible edge you find in the OS. Buttons, borders, backgrounds, etc.
  25. In the new (file) Open dialog, why does the “File name” field sport a different height than the “File type” field? Then, why are both of them sporting different heights than the breadcrumb and search bars at the top of the dialog. Gah!!! Do I need to buy someone a ruler… and slap them on the wrist with it a few times?
  26. Again, in this Frankenstein of a file Open dialog, I have one several opportunities to press an upward/downward arrow. I press the one in the Search box (it’s one width, producing a menu typical of what I find throughout other programs). I press the one in the object area (seeing the width of the arrow button is fatter, producing another style of drop-down for object sorting and filtering). I press the one for the Folders view (seeing that it’s now a circle button, and that produces inconsistent padding both above and below it). I think you just made Baby Jesus cry.
  27. In the open dialog’s breadcrumb bar, sometimes the file name (or path) gets cut off. No way of seeing what’s past a certain point. I don’t see a handlebar to make that area wider, but it should either stretch to a better length on its own or provide some kind of tooltip to show me the truncated information.
  28. Hey, would someone please fix the fact that the Task Manager’s Applications Pane has a horizontal scroll bar that never goes away – no matter what you do? It serves no purpose and has been annoying the hell out of me since Windows 2000. WHY IS IT THERE?!
  29. In the Task Manager, why can’t I right-click a column heading to add other columns – I can do that in an Explorer window – why not here as well? Did the Task Manager programmer not pay his Tribute to the king?
  30. Why, in the Task Manager, when I hover over a truncated title, do I not see a tooltip with the hidden information?
  31. Who’s duck do I have to sick to make this easier to do?
  32. I turned off the Security Center. Why is it still showing up in my system tray?
  33. Clicking the “Adjust indexing options” in the Performance Rating and Tools dialog (subsection of ‘Control Panel’) does nothing.
  34. On my laptop, the Power Options should automatically go into Power Saver mode when I’m not plugged into AC power. Right now, I have to toggle everything manually. Likewise, it should go High Performance when I’m plugged into an external power source.
  35. You have to figure out what else to do when it comes to needing more information in a Control Panel option. For the first hour or so, I didn’t even see the scroll bar in many panels. For example, Control Panel | Power Options | System Settings is just tall enough to warrant a vertical scrollbar. However, it’s pointless – there’s nothing else to show down there but (admittedly properly measured) white space.
  36. Why am I still seeing old Windows dialogs? Like, for the Screen Saver option in the Control Panel. Shouldn’t that be a subsection of the Personalization applet?
  37. There we go! I found the “Performance Diagnostic Console” finally. This is nice, but you wanna talk about scrollbar overkill? I’ve got more scrollbars in this single window than I think actually exist. Thus, creating what I like to call a “paradox.”
  38. Reliability Monitor in the Performance Diagnostic Console is pretty nice. A few controls and images are awfully old, but the tool itself might prove useful in troubleshooting scenarios.
  39. OMG. The Performance Monitor section of the Performance Diagnostic Console is calling on the System (or Terminal) font?!
  40. Why can’t I drag & drop the Resource Overview (in the Performance Diagnostics section of the Performance Diagnostic Console) into the Sidebar? Either all four, or each one individually?
  41. This is weird. I’m looking at the Personalization dialog here. The status bar is turned on, claiming… “2 items.” Really? I see more than two items here, so what “2 items” is it referring to? Conversely, the status bar claims to be seeing “0 items” in the System dialog of the Control Panel. Who’s seeing what?
  42. I know you said it wasn’t going to make it, but can someone please tell me why I don’t have a slider control or pause button in the Windows Explorer copy function?
  43. Why, when resizing a dialog like “Problem Reports and Solutions,” do I see white space appear in the window title area – specifically, on the side that I’m moving back and forth? Other areas of the window are being painted irregularly, too. Looks fine when I stop movement, but the actual movement is jarring to the window elements (apparently). Do you not expect anybody to resize – or do you expect them to excuse this kind of UI quirk?
  44. In the Start Menu, why does an empty folder cascade out to “(empty)”? If you’re going to do that, at least shade “(empty)” a light gray instead of black.
  45. Can you please require people to reference the same 16×16 help icon that I keep seeing everywhere? I’ve seen about three different versions of it – one polished, one plain, another completely different than these other two. Sounds like all of you need help with it.
  46. The SendTo context menu seems to be calling on another kind of layout (compressed, compared to the overly-spacious Windows default). So, too, are the submenus of the Start Menu rightmost pane (Games, Favorites, Computer, etc.). AGAIN, a completely different style is being applied to the New context menu (Folder, Shortcut, etc.). Yet another style is being applied to the Organize menu in the Windows Explorer! IMHO, all menus should look and feel the same throughout the entire OS. If you want a baseline, look no further than the submenus of the Start Menu.
  47. Why don’t I get a larger thumbnail preview of a document or image that I have on my desktop? Seriously, why? Is 128 MB of video RAM not enough?
  48. Okay, now THIS is just funny (and sad at the same time). The Start Menu: nice default view, the margins between each recently-opened program shortcut seem fine – until you toggle the “All Programs” feature. Now, the margins between each of the Start Menu items is smaller. It’s noticeable. Small difference, but still quite noticeable. Egad, if you can’t even get it right in the same area – what hope does the rest of Windows have?
  49. The separator bar between “All Programs” / “Back” changes widths by a few pixels on each end when you toggle the view. Again, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I’ve been waiting seven years for THIS?!
  50. Just read a post on Channel 9 referencing my original list of Vista problems… “Wow, that’s the most annually retentive post I’ve ever read… Can you imagine what this person does when they actually find a problem as opposed to “OMFG BATMAN THAT BUTTON IS NOT PIXEL ALIGNED!!!1!!” I responded: “Yeah, and it’s attitudes like this which cause potentially ‘great’ products to come across as ‘okay.’ If that kind of sloppiness is happening on the surface, I cringe when I think about what’s going on underneath.”
  51. The separator bar between the Start Menu Pin section and the list of recently-opened programs has a different “vspace” than the separator bar at the bottom of the Start Menu separating the “All Programs” toggle with the list of recently-opened programs.
  52. Why does the system tray battery icon have an abnormal left margin to it? Breaks the flow here.
  53. How come Firefox runs faster and better on Vista than IE7 does?
  54. “Search the Index” option in the Start Menu’s “Start Search” field – what Index? Who’s Index? What’s an Index?
  55. To piggyback the prior issue, “Search the Internet” – is that Live’s version of the Internet or Google’s? Can this be toggled to Google easily? If so, where? If not, why not?
  56. I hit it on my first list, but the Windows Calendar UI is amazingly pathetic and inconsistent. First, why is the Search field formatted differently than it is in the Windows Explorer? Second, why is the Search field slapped up against the right border of the window!? Third, why is the view button not working like the View button in the Windows Explorer? Fourth, Why is the calendar formatted differently than it is in the Windows Date & Settings applet? Fifth, why is the “traditional” menu turned on in this program by default? Sixth, why is there virtually no top margin to the area within the Calendars section of the Navigation pane? Sixth, is there going to be a plan to better integrate this within Outlook – so that the two could work seamlessly between each other so that I don’t have to get an Exchance server just to share information between myself and others – and so that I don’t have to update two sets of Tasks and Appointments!? *sigh*
  57. Why, and pardon me if this is wrong of me to ask, can’t I manage all my Windows Live accounts from a Control Panel applet?
  58. Man, there’s so much going on inside the Search Index window – it’s like I’ve died and gone to short-attention span heaven. The only thing that’s missing is (seriously) the kitchen sink.
  59. The Search Index window’s “Add a title” field text seems to be improperly aligned – as does its little magnifying glass graphic.
  60. Why can’t I turn off the text and/or icons in the new Windows toolbar? I hate seeing the double-arrows when there are more options. I can make it with the icons, thank you very much.
  61. The “in” field seems to be a different height than the “Add a title” field (and I’m still not sure what “Add a title” even means).
  62. Why can’t I choose what meta information displays in the Windows Vista Preview Pane?
  63. In Windows Explorer Views, I should never see a horizontal scrollbar. Instead, you should follow Outlook’s lead (!) and automatically push the information together into a single chunk rather than force me to look to the right or left to get to the information I’ve asked to see. And don’t tell me to maximize the window – that’s a cop out, and you know it.
  64. Who decided that the progress bar would be green? Why isn’t that themable? I’d assume it’s a graphic – and if not, then why can’t I make it some other color?
  65. Whoa. The Windows Easy Transfer dialog to warn you that the firewall is blocking the program from running appears to have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on its way down. You look at it and tell me why I’d even say such a thing. Seems that other Yes/No dialogs have fallen out of the same tree in this tool as well.
  66. Why is the Favorites folder icon the only folder icon that doesn’t have a folder icon in it? It’s just this gigantic star. I think it’s fine that way, but if you’re not going to have a folder image in the Favorites folder icon, then get rid of the other special folders’ folder icons.
  67. Where’s the “Export all possible Windows settings” feature? I think it’s supposed to be there for documents, emails, photos, etc. – but what about my generic windows settings?

Okay, I lied. 67 instead of 65. That’s enough feedback for Vista in one afternoon. I’m going back to picking apart Outlook 2007 now, and will push you back to my first Vista list if this wasn’t enough.

194 thoughts on “65 More Windows Vista Mistakes”

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  16. I wish someone had tested MY app that well. I know many things would probably need lot of work to be changed, but I share the opinion that good user feedback makes a ‘good code’ feeling 😉

  17. Use a mac for christ’s sake. Vista is crap. Windows is crap. You know I have more programs on this macbook than I do on my old computer, this mac being comparable to that computer, and this mac boots up in about 8 seconds as opposed to that system that boots up in about a minute and a half?

    Screw microsoft.

  18. Hi,
    I have been a Windows user since 1995. I recently did something very bold. I downloaded and am using Linux. I don’t know the system well, but I like it.

    I have wearied of Microsoft and it just seems to me that the company is dodard-headed (sp) when it comes to really building a very responsive system.

    It just seemed I was spending inordinate amounts of money and time just to protect my personal property through a system that is not well made and from front-end expense to associated security programs just to use it confidently seemed, well, stupid to this user. I wrote and told Microsoft of my decision. Not much has been said, though one tech said she was sorry to hear of my decision (three computers, all three with MS products, hardware/software installed).

    Microsoft may one day grow up and adults will run the company.

    Until then, I am no longer purchasing another MS OS.

    Allen Langley

  19. Hi everyone.

    Have a look at the XGL technology in Linux. Just google up “xgl video”.

    I have personally tried this stuff (using Kororaa 0.2 live CD) on Pentium III 550MHz, 256MB RAM and humble Nvidia Mx440 graphics card. And it rocks. Why are hardware requirements for Vista and Aero so ridiculously high?

    Suse Enterprise Linux will be out in August featuring stunning 3D efects, transparency, wobbly windows and other stunts.

    How come a bunch of smelly hairy hackers can beat multi bilion company?

  20. Nice list… in fact, i already came across of these myself, certainly the ready-boost related issues look familiar…

  21. I suppose #53 really nailed it: “How come Firefox runs faster and better on Vista than IE7 does?”

    Perhaps that’s because they’ve already worked through their spaghetti code issue, the same sort of issue that IE’s got as a result of being embedded in Windows for the past few iterations thereof.

  22. Some of these take very simple investigation to understand.
    Take Number 28 for instance: the horizontal scrollbar occurs because the “Status” column is too wide. Put your mouse where you think the edge on the right would be and drag left. It’ll make the horizontal scrollbar disappear. This occured most likely because the UI was designed flat while it’s rendered and calculated with 3D edges.
    Numer 35: Between one of the various UIs, the sizing is correct.
    In general, the problems occur due to inter-UI inconsistencies, not ignorance. The developers spend more time localizing languages than fixing curves. Nobody yells at Apple for an Windows iTunes UI that has no relationship to its environment. We should always look at priorities first.

  23. Since this post has now become famous on the internet, here’s some more suggestions. And I am not a beta tester so I dunno exactly how Vista beta 2 is but from what I’ve got to read so far….Someone please count them.

    Get rid of dirty old-style dialogs from 3.1, replace all 256 color icons with better looking ones (you can learn from XPize)

    Dont redesign dialogs and UIs just for the sake of it. it breaks familiarity with users who’re using Windows for years.

    Applications which require updating:
    Command prompt
    Accessibility-Set display to grayscale for colorblind users
    Character Map

    Calculator, Calculator Plus, PowerToy Calc and MS Student’s Graphing Calculator merged


    Configuration files instead of registry, virtual registry for compatibility with legacy applications.

    Make applications self-contained with no intermixing of application data like in the registry

    – No programming required for automation, natural language metaphor
    – Drag and drop, event monitoring and recording
    – Comprehensive and useful automation actions for workflow
    – Save scripts as applications
    – Custom action builder

    Unique identification in the file system for shortcuts so that when the target gets deleted, shortcuts get deleted automatically

    Sorting and filtering installed applications in the start menu by various parameters/attributes

    Rename, save, move and copy working/busy (in-use) files

    Remove character restrictions from filenames

    Native ISO image support without mounting

    Prevent file extension spoofing by compulsorily displaying extension when multiple extensions are present. Identify files based on content, not extension

    Print Preview and Page scaling for all applications universally, printer presets, Print to PDF, PostScript and EPS, CONSISTENT PRINT DIALOGS

    Customizable command prompt and Windows PowerShell elements
    – Cursor style (not size) and color
    – Line wrapping
    – Completely customizable window title-process name, shell command name, TTY name, dimensions
    – Custom keyboard shortcuts
    – Custom fonts and custom formatting (line spacing, character spacing, anti-aliasing
    – Window transparency
    – Background transparency
    – More flexible context-menu support
    – Drag and drop to and from
    – Server connection bookmarks
    – Better command history and command completion
    – Split screen
    – Command prompt setting presets
    – Unicode/UTF-8 support
    – Auto-discovery of local servers
    – Secure keyboard entry
    – FTP, FXP, SFTP, SSH, Telnet protocols

    Standard choose color box
    – Color wheel
    – RGB, CMYK, HSB sliders
    – System-wide color picker with color values-RGB, CMYK, HSB
    – Web safe colors
    – Load, save and edit color palettes
    – Spectrum or any arbitrary image
    – Box of Crayons
    – CIELAB / CIE XYZ (CIE 1931) support

    Font ligatures, PostScript Type 3 fonts, Multiple Master font types, Installing fonts from preview, powerful font viewer, Font Collections, Activating and Deactivating fonts, font shadow details-Opacity, blur, offset, angle, Typography palette-Ligatures, Ornaments, Glyph, Variants, Old style numbers, Ordinals, Special character palette, Fine-grained control over the appearance of fonts and symbols

    Keyboard Layout Viewer

    More customizations on a per-user basis – All system wide operating system settings and access, application settings and access, hiding unavailable components rather than limiting, color profiles, Fonts, screen resolution (cant believe it’s still not there natively), localization, hardware preferences, screensavers, in short TRUE MULTI-USER OS


    Restrict access to third party applications

    Evolved drag-and-drop:
    – Drag and drop text in command prompt
    – Drag to rearrange notification area icons

    Exposé-like function

    Central Password Management
    – All passwords-Windows, applications and internet stored in a central encrypted database
    – Protected access to database, fine-grained control for accessing the database by applications, no access by other users
    – Protection against updated applications
    – Custom information and passwords
    – Password quality advisor

    Integrated Search client
    – RSS feed search within subscribed feeds
    – Discovering new RSS feeds on the net
    – Searching within a displayed feed (similar to Internet Explorer’s ‘Find on this page’)
    – Searching online for yellow pages, white pages, stocks, weather, news, sports scores, airlines and flight schedules, contacts’ locations and maps, eBay listings
    – Searching Microsoft Knowledge Base, TechNet, MSDN and other Microsoft websites

    SECONDARY METADATA INDEXING – Analyzing the tone and pitch of music files to determine the genre, using speech recognition to extract the lyrics from a song, using OCR to index and search images, or analyzing a photographs to determine if it was a night or day shot, etc.

    Windows Mail
    – Slideshows with transitions for photo attachments
    – Filtering the display of messages as per attribute
    – Saved email searches
    – 1-click saving of all attachments and multiple pictures
    – Listening to podcasts natively
    – Threaded conversations in emails, “Jump to reply/next conversation”, expand and collapse conversations
    – Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar, Windows Shared View integration
    – Blogging support

    Windows Media Player dynamic playlists by attribute/metadata tags

    Windows Contacts
    – Name pronunciation
    – Reminders by contacts, not by date
    – Designing and printing business cards/contact cards

    Windows Live Messenger
    – Multi-person audio-video conferencing
    – Reflection beneath video conversation
    – Buddy icon from webcam image

    Make the clipboard more powerful and more flexible like Office’s clipboard

    During file copying, a full path or starting….ending path can be displayed

    Use verbs for dialog actions

    When fonts are expanded as a menu, font file names are displayed! Get rid of old font installation dialog.

    Crashed applications are not restarted system-wide

    Start => Run box like IE’s address bar (Ctrl+Enter supported)

    Better DVD Playback features like those in commercial third-party standalone DVD playback software

    Better load/save dialog boxes so users wont need to use dialog box extenders

    Better text to speech/screen reader

  24. Chris you are losing too much time talking about specific small details.. and I know MS people like to hear things about specific details…
    whenever I comment, they snap back… “what specific things you don’t like???”

    However the problems come from another more fundamental level. I don’t want to lose time talking about such small details when the whole concepts are wrong in the first place!

    So when I tell them I dont WANT to send in specific small bugs because you have to change other things first, then dont get it.
    When I tell them those more fundamental changes they reply its too late for that, do you have any bugs to report?

    I am sure many people send in feedback in earlier stages, but I believe they did not WANT feedback at first. Then only wanted debuggers. But is seems that MS insists on dancing its own way and producing a FrankenWin edition!

    ( Thats the reason the progress bar is green. Frankenstein has a green complexion) 🙂

  25. lol man, i’m sorry for you if you think that icons and font are very important things for beta…

  26. Excellent review of Vista, I have the same questions. I can’t even get Office 2007 to run in Vista. I just love that Firefox is even faster though. IE7.0 is a long way from being Gold as is Vista. If Microsoft makes it’s release deadline, look for tons of patches and hotfixes.

  27. This isn’t just about fonts and icons, my friends – it’s about something I intend on using as my primary operating system for the next… seven (?) years.

    Consider jumping ship for OS X. It’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot further down the road than Vista, and unless Apple really stumbles Microsoft has no serious chance of catching up to it in the next few years.

  28. Holy crap Chris! You da man! Seriously, I hope you come up with a few more lists; I was entertained. And I hope they take every one of your points seriously and fix them.

  29. Microsoft is lucky to have someone like Chris still so interested in Windows that they would care to see the next release made right.

    Sadly, for Chris, I doubt many of his frustrations will be fixed… and those that are will likely spawn entirely new frustrations.

  30. Regarding #28 – On the Applications tab, resize the Status column so that it is slightly smaller. Horizontal scroll bar goes away. (I know that doesn’t fix the “default” view, but you said “no matter what you do”…)

  31. Good! I’m glad someone looks at this stuff, too, so I’ll consider this a central place for Windows OS complaints.

    Did they fix the ‘Pin to Start Menu’ dialog so you can store folder shortcuts there?

    Are your ‘pinned’ shortcuts showing up in classic mode now?

    Is the notifications area still flaky?

    When you switch to ‘Large icons’ in the display settings, do you still have them spaced like small icons? Does the desktop still get screwed up?

    Can we get a Start bar that works no matter what else the computer is doing?

    How about a CD icon on the desktop that updates properly?

    Cut down the options in the display dialog by about 2/3rds. Even Linux display options aren’t this byzantine. I gave up twice looking for the smooth fonts setting – without which I was getting a headache!

    Can you have the “Windows Media Player Toolbar” setting a setting in Media Player instead of on the Toolbar? How many people understand that you can right-click the toolbar area, except accidentally?

    Powershell should ship with every Vista.

    Thank you.

  32. Chris,

    I must protest your post.


    There. I’ve put in the company line.


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  34. Chris’s post is a fine example of what I’ve been telling friends recently about a major difference in the way that Microsoft and Apple releases their major software. If this was Apple, we wouldn’t see alot of this until it is released. Most of this stuff would be worked out in house and with their developer network before we see it. Microsoft has been overly generous and lets us see more of the progression through their betas. Apple can be a little more flexible. I mean, come on…they’ve changed their CPU a couple of times in the past and expect new versions of 3rd party software to follow with a recompile/redesign…and most do follow.
    I’m confident that it’ll work out in the end.

  35. Windows Mobility Center actually does have an 8th “setting” which lets you change the orientation (portrait to landscape) for tablets. If you want the full functionality available on your laptop, you should have forked a little more $ out for a tablet. 🙂

  36. Why doesn’t Task Manager provide the path to the application loaded so that I can identify where spurious executables (especially multi-instanced trojans) are located?

    Why is there no keyboard access to editing major metadata fields in Windows media Player?

    Why are major metadata fields labelled inconsistently throughout Windows Media Player?

    Why is there no piece of UI in WMP to edit all metadata fields (and the Advanced Tag Editor is NOT it: it omits Year amongst other fields)?

    Why are some parts of Control Panel in-frame and others legacy dialogs that I can’t task-switch to? Why are some task links in the left pane (eg changing DPI) rather than in the right pane?

    Why does every other icon look completely skanky as soon as you ratchet up your DPIto match your hardware?

    Why does the US keyboard keep coming back after I deinstalled it?(My locale=Australia and keyboard layout=UK Extended).

    Why is there still no way to stop other applications from grabbing focus while I’m typing?

    Why doesn’t the OS force child-windows or dialogs to open above the application that spawned them rather than allowing them to open behind them, and possibly be not task-switchable)?

    Why don’t image/media file tooltips include the NAME of the file?

    Why does CLASSIC sometimes mean looks/acts like WinXP, sometimes Win2000, sometimes something else? Why not say EXACTLY what the option does e.g. Icon View or Windows 2000 Theme?

    Why can’t I copy and paste text from any system window especially Windows Update or Error dialogs? Wouldn’t that reduce the risk of transcription error/insufficient information when asking for support? Heck, why can’t I scrape text from any old window so I could perhaps do a web-query on it?

  37. Why isn’t the ClearType tuner included out-of-the-box in Control Panel?

    A downloadable utility ain’t good enough: it’s not discoverable, and power-toys are ONLY in English. Windows is in dozens of UI languages.

  38. “Yeah, and it’s attitudes like this which cause potentially ‘great’ products to come across as ‘okay.’ If that kind of sloppiness is happening on the surface, I cringe when I think about what’s going on underneath.â€Â?

    I agree completely and in my opinion this is the root of the problem with Microsoft Software – the attention to details. It keeps an good product from being great and this is how I’ve always felt about Microsoft OS’s upon some usage.

    God is in the details.

  39. Hi all,

    It’s interesting to find out that everyone is here to discuss and complaint about how Vista should behave, and the very detailed user interface. Yes, Vista is a new UI breakthrough, but don’t forget that it should be “more” stable than the previous versions.

    What I got here is triple times more disturbing than you guys have experienced. I installed “fresh” Vista B2 in my new Dual Core 1GB, 256 VRAM laptop.

    Installation goes smoothly. Playing around with the VIsta in the first one hour is indeed nice. The trouble now comes whenever I tried to do “more multitasking” such as browsing Internet while installing a program. During these multitasking actions, I got around 5 “infamous blue screen crashes” in 30 minutes.

    I knew this was beta, but I recall the previous XP Beta is much more stable than Vista — at least I did not get any “blue screen crashes”.

    I am afraid that, even if Microsoft can implement all UI things listed above, but can not provide “rock solid stability” — the Vista is totally useless.

    PS: I have another tests using Vista today, and still getting “blue screen crashes” frequently. I think I will end up testing Vista B2.

    Any ideas, anyone?


  40. As far as the UI goes Microsoft should definitely take a page out of Apple’s book. Why not copy something that is good? Who cares if Apple had it first? The users aren’t gonna give two sh*ts about it if they end up with an OS they like. So, Redmond start your photocopiers, PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

    Still the same size problem as the attention (or better said the lack of) to detail of the UI it is the consistency. Just take a look at the menus throughout the Vista: on the desktop you have one style of menus, with one menu item heights and padding, then in Windows Explorer you have another within the single menu (for example those menu items inserted into the shell by apps such as Winrar), then for the New submenu that is called from the context menu in Windows Explorer you have another XP style one, which is not basically a regular system menu but a toolbar window and so on. What’s with that? It makes Windows (Vista) look really jumbled mess and cheap, like a cheap Chinese recycled plastic DVD/mp3/DivX/VCD/FM radio walkman that you get for $4.99 at your local flee market except that you’re paying hundreds of dollars for this one. The lack of consistency in Windows is not just something you come across accidentally it is striking but it’s been there for so long that most of the users got used to it and have since given up on the expectations of something better. There is a good point Chris Pirillo made in his review (I’m paraphrasing here): if you’re gonna screw it up at least screw it up everywhere!

  41. Have you tried resizing Media Player, Photo Gallery, or any other app that has a “ribbon” at the bottom of the window?
    If you grab the bottom border and drag it down, you can plainly see the non-glass version of that ribbon lagging along behind it.

    The faster you drag downwards, the more you see…sometimes it flickers too…urgh!

  42. Exactly. And then when you open up say Windows Explorer you get a nice glimpse of the emerging black painted enterior of the window that flashes up with contents after the animation of the opening window is over… that is just lame. There’s billion of those examples around to be, well, shuddered upon.
    I really don’t wanna see those white or black areas of windows not yet painted or flickers on the screen (in menus no less) like ever! I don’t care if it even takes a while longer for my windows to be totaly redrawn off screen if it means not having to eve lay my eyes on such ugliness. I mean come on! Athlon64 3800+, 1GB RAM, 256 MB Radeon X800 GPU and I have to “put upâ€Â? with that crap?

    Though some may say this is still Beta, having things like those is not encouraging seeing how this was and still is supposed to be a great new OS with a new totally overhauled graphic subsystem. So what’s up with those prehistoric redrawing artifacts? It cannot alone be that the performance is not fine tuned yet because if that was the case then we would still have the same thing only less visible one and what would that actually mean? Why do we still get to see remnants of the pre-Vista GUI quirks? I certainly don’t wanna think Windows (with everything that it means in a visual experience sense) when I use Vista – I wanna think “Wow! Vista! I don’t yet know what the hell that is but it sure as hell is cool!â€Â? Right now it’s not really cool. When people complain that these things don’t matter that is just taking the easy way out because of the fact that the expectations of those people regarding the OS they use aren’t really high and that implies a lack of care. I sure do care about every single aspect of my OS because all of them are contributing to the overall experience. Having a sloppy UI may not mean my OS will be less secure but at the end of the day it takes away from my overall enjoyment. Well, I prefer it not to.

  43. I have a couple of items to suggest for your list: Load time or install time, Size of install, oh and one other item; how they have screwed up the network properties and settings.

    I heard kurzweil (http://www.podtech.net/?s=kurzweil&x=20&y=4) from podtech.net talk about how if boiled down the instructions to create our brain would be less than 200k of data we need to seriously rethink how programers are doing “the amazing things they do” and decide that there must be a better way.

    K.I.S.S – “Keep it simple stupid”

  44. Come on people you guys are making me laugh, what were you all expecting.

    Its Microsoft and Windows :))

    Windows Vista will be no better than XP which was no better than 2000.

  45. Powertoy calc is cool, but can’t be trusted. Try converting miles per hour into feet per hour. There are 5280 feet in a mile, but enter:

    1 [mi/h->ft/h]

    and you’ll get 1760.

    There are other errors too. Google groups for “Conversion-velocity” and “PowerToy Calc”.

    Hope they fix that before releasing it as supported software in Vista!

  46. I have been a Windows user since 1992, and have used all consumer versions of Windows – from 3.1 to XP. During that time I have suffered countless bugs and BSODs.

    I had always wanted to switch to a Mac and even Linux because of their claimed stability …BUT… let’s be realistic. There’s not as many good software available for the 2 alternative OSes compared to Windows.

    So what’s holding me back (and many others I believe) is not Windows but the availability of 3rd party software.

  47. Vista is Shit. Just like all other Microsoft Operating systems.
    I downloaded Vista Beta ver 1. I burned it on a dvd(why do you have to do that?) I tryed to install. First it told me I had to convert my Harddrive to NTFS. Ok I dont mind. I did that. Then after like 30 minutes it told me I could not install Vista on my pc because It did not support any of my devices.Not a few of my devices. it did not support ONE of my devices,not sound,video,scanner,printer, nothing!.
    so i had to cancel . ok back to XP por sp2.
    However I get an error everytime i boot. “ntfs.sys missing or courrupt”
    if I replace the file it works for like 2 boots and than i get the same error again. if i hit reset when i get the error it boots fine. so it really is not missing or couroupt.
    this is more proof that windows is shit and microsoft is shit and there help is shit.
    I dont even have vista installed and its giving me problems

  48. Basically all these things a minor graphical glitches, it’s regarded as a bug, but this is just silly. Look at som real Windows Vista stuff, look at the real stuff, the system, the stability, the perfomance. Seriously! I’ve been running RC1 for a while now, and there’s hardly anything to complain about, except for some reason Vista doesn’t recognize my dual-core processor all the time. But still, none of what you state are good reasons why to hold off Vista, it’s in development, and it’s amazingly efficent doing what it does.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you don’t like Windows or Microsoft, switch to Linux and Open Office, and see if you like that better, or Apple for that matter, that’s eye candy on top of Unix.

  49. You couldn’t be more of a pedant. I’d like to see you work on Vista and appreciate the time and effort that goes into it, what we do here is something that really sets us apart from the rest of the world, and all people like you can do is simply call us slackers, we do address your problems and work on them in order of urgency.

    The opinions of the one don’t relect the opinions of the many. Thusly; it’s important to remember that what one Microsoft employee tells you, another won’t.

    We don’t control people’s minds, yet.

  50. are you a pessimist?? why are you so punctillious??? what ever mistakes you have listed are just your personal condemns.. dont try to generalize your opinions..

  51. I cant believe that Microsoft has realeased this to the wild. I have been an early adopter of microsoft technologies since the MSDOS days and have found their changes and advances relatively pleasant experiences.

    As soon as the ultimate version of vista was available off MSDN i downloaded and installed it to see how well it worked. My first experience with it was bad. I thought i had done something wrong or misconfigured something. It was like someone had hidden the keys on my keyboard or swapped them around. With all Vistas security messages and strange user interface quirks things not only in different places, but in some cases hidden on purpose.

    I could not understand it. Microsoft had produced a bit of software that 70% of the users at my work could not use (we have about 2500 staff). The user interface is immencely complicated. The users at my work would be on the phone to tech support every 5 minutes… ” i keep getting this message about some security thing on my machine”.

    After spending the last 4 weeks trying to come to terms with Vista and wrestle it to the ground I have given up and uninstalled it maybe in 2 years time i will think about trying again when they have the next version of their OS

    I am overwhelmingly disappointed that they have realeased such a poor piece of hard to use software. They have let so many people down.

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  53. Windows Vista is SUX. I installed this product from an originial Microsoft BOX (Windows Vista Business). I get allways the following message:
    “Internet Explorer has stoped the working” I get same message when I
    wanna use my MSN or every software which is deppend on Net (online mode). So I think, it’s SUX!!!!!!!!! Reinstall and Linux again 😉

  54. Where to start ?
    Any good computer programmer will know that consistency is the key.
    It seems to me that Vista was cobled together from a huge number of different programmers.
    So who was looking after them ?
    The tiniest of differences between what should be standardised interfaces is extremely annoying, most programmers are a waste of space and don’t care, however I do.
    Coming originally from a Applied Chemistry/Biochemistry background, I have watched in awe in the slopiness that is called the IT industry, whose motto is to deliver as much as possible in the quickest possible time frame. Don’t worry, it will be picked up in testing of production support can fix it (we pay them to do so),
    For an industry that is supposed to be leading edge, it’s very frustrating that the mind-set is primoidal at best.
    Having been-counters in charge doesn’t help guys.
    Just as in the book series of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, I would fill up several huge space ships with bean-counters, middle-managers, project managers, and the ilk and send them hurtling into the sun.
    By the way, why are you sad bastards still wasting your time with Microsoft, switch to Apple, and enjoy life, you all seem to me to be masocists, if you continue pursuing this I will have to recommend a good S&M dungeon for you all

  55. I’m using XPsp2 but since #28 has bothered you since Win2k…

    Hey, would someone please fix the fact that the Task Manager’s Applications Pane has a horizontal scroll bar that never goes away – no matter what you do? It serves no purpose and has been annoying the hell out of me since Windows 2000. WHY IS IT THERE?!

    It goes away, you just need to shorten the width of the status column… Stupid I know, but it works until you open it again =)

  56. 1. Cause it’s a file search not an explorer.
    2. Get more ram.
    3. Stop complaining
    4. The black line is for retards that cant see that they have a window open. – If it wasn’t there you would complain about that as well.=)
    6. You have a serious racial issue son
    7. It very well is outlooks fault
    8. Here’s an idea GET A BOOK AND READ
    9. Would it really be relevant to say how much you sped it up by? No. It would also be nice if you could read the information that came with the driver.
    10. 1st like I said before, GET MORE RAM. Second are you sure it’s a ram driver and not just an extension hard drive, yet again read the information that came with you driver

    I am stopping there cause you’re a waste of time.

  57. You sir have too much time on your hands. Perhaps you could concentrate on the ACTUAL issues this operating system has intsead of what pisses you off about its interface. If you hate it so much, go back to XP! 😛

  58. I’ve just got the Vista-preloaded compaq laptop and after 1 day I have over 70 registry errors!!! Even System mechanic 7 pro and Registry Mechanic 7 are detecting them but unable to resolve them!!!

    I am so sad that I chose this OS laptop. Now I am going to install good old XP.

    Never ever install this fucking Vista!!!

  59. Sounds to me like you have OCD u want all ur edges curved not some….and sounds like windows has a few bugs (like I would have guessed since it’s the firt verison) but mostly seems like you want your own completely custom operating system but especially for you, you want only a certain space between one line and another….seriously find someting better to do.

  60. Just Got Vista and you can add to the list of complaints that I have tried to install not 1 not 2 but 3 different printers all usb and Vista seems to recognize but does not print. Now this is probably my umpteenth printer I’ve installed but my first on Vista. Need HELP or I will be returning this back and sticking to Windows XP Pro.

  61. ok i laughed at each one knowing that they are all true.
    1) whats with the copying of the Mac OSX styles
    2)in relation to your task manager problem (horizontal scroll bar) move the status column in a bit and it goes away.
    3) this occours in all windows, why when i choose to end a program by using the task manager. the task manager either doesnt show up until 20 mins later when everything has been sorted OR it pops up i select the program and choose end task click on end now, what happens i still have to wait for the program to finish what it was doing. why do i have to wait? why dont windows display more authority in its own OS and ends the program there and then. its because windows lets programs get too embedded into the system. just think mac osx doesnt need to do this it ends programs if they crash the instance i click “force quit” (mac’s end task) the difference is that to install a program in the mac osx its a simple click and drag into the application folder winows installs the programs deep into the os and will crash as it is easly modified by instaling programs. i have heard that vista stops programs from doing that which is good but now some of my programs will not work.

  62. Good god man, would you like some cheese to go with your WHINE, you sound like a disgrntles MAC user in a PC world unable to cope with upscaling to a real OS instead of some overpriced See&Say from Toy’s are us.
    Try getting some real hardware and windows training, come out of the MAC world and the geeks spot of linux. Join the rest of society is accepting the MS is has been and more than likely will be the driving leader in desktop operating systems.
    By no means is MS witjout faults they have plenty but you are so busy pissing and moaning about fonts and other trival esoteric items that you are missing the actual benefits and performace enhancements of the Vista operating system.
    Gouda you say is should go well with your whine.

  63. I cannot get my email using what Vista gave me! It wants me to register Microsoft Office Outlook, but how am I to do this? I do not have any further info. I want to change my email to using Microsoft Outlook Express but it will not allow me to make the changes. I have NO guest accounts so I am not using a guest account. Can anyone help me? please. I am ready to return this PC to Dell.

  64. Im sorry to go against the grain, but I haven’t had any issues since my upgrade…I was mostly concerned about how Aero would interact with my cinemastry software from CineMassive Displays ( http://www.cinemassivedisplays ) I am a serious multi-monitor junkie. With Aero disabled everything is gravy. With aero things get a little quirkie but really no big deal either. It probably wasn’t worth the upgrade though…I would probably have been happy with XP…

  65. Dude – give up on Windows! Its rubbish, and the result of a million decisions by commitee!

    Buy a Mac! (Or play with Tiger for 5 minutes, and experience the…

    ….”once I was blind, but now I can see”… revelation I got after being a Windows user for 17 years.

    Never looked back (except for a cruel morbid interest in looking up people that have problems with Vista). Sorry.

    C.J., England.

  66. It must be nice having a job title “Professional Bitcher” If you can do a better job of creating an Operating System, do it. Millenium had issues that everyone bitched about and got over. XP had issues that everyone bitched about and got over. If people are not ready to change to Vista, they can wait. No one is making you change to Vista. I generally recommend Vista to new customers who are buying a new system and hardware that is Vista compatible. Upgrading any OS in the past has always been questionable. I have never heard someone complain about Fonts as much in my life. As for number 31, I would either get rid of the complaint, or your wife. When Vista is the norm, which will take 6 to 12 months, you can go back to bitching about all the crappy Windows apps.

  67. Search is dreadful. I have a small text file full of unusual words. So, in the “Start Searc” bar next to the orb, I type one of those words. Vista can’t find it. Check that “search” is for everywhere. Duplicate the small file to double the chances. Vista still can’t find it. Vista seems unable to search for text in text files.

  68. I find I can turn off most of the annoying crap Vista throws at me but then I feel that other than eye candy there is no reason to leave XP. IS Vista REALLY more secure than a completely updated XP? I hate the grouping in filemanager my windows update keeps turning off a few other bitches but Vista is mostly flawless. Man if I could pretty up XP like Vista I think I’d go back! I use the file manager 80% of the time (I handle vast quantities of files) and it NEVER remembers my settings!

    Yes, I do regret buying the laptop and the new desktop . . .

    p.s. I been around since dos 3!

  69. Based on this list I would say you are pretty picky. My network goes down every other day and my T mobile Dash can not sync (no idea why). The endless pop up are annoying and although I assume they can be turned off somewhere I can’t find the switch.

    Them’s real problems!

  70. I have one to add to your list ..If I am typing the cursors jump up into another sentence I want XP back LOL


  71. this guy just is extremely dumb with computers. he wants everything perfect. he couldnt find where he installed something? hahaha i could prolly find it in seconds. but other than most of his 67 problems he was basically repeating them all. he quotes – “In the new (file) Open dialog, why does the “File name” field sport a different height than the “File type” field?” are i kidding me? who cares the different heights. he has to be all proportional and shit. somone needs to shove a foot up his ass

  72. Have had nothing but trouble with my new Dell with Vista. It is the little things that add up to making my experience with Vista a poor one. But worst of all I was in Windows Mail, switched screens, and 131 emails saved over several years vaporized. I have no idea what happened. I was not deleting anything, had not highlighted anything. One minute there are 131 emails in the Inbox, the next there are none. I will be installing XP to replace Vista this weekend.

  73. Vista Bliss
    By: W. Kurt Dobson

    Bought a new Dell about 3 weeks ago. Still fighting problems getting even the most basic programs like Palm Desktop, Solidworks, and many others to run at all.

    Here’s how to get Vista into “strange” mode:

    Just open up enough apps to use all the memory. In my case this is about 10 Adobe white papers and 10 internet explorer session (2GB main memory). Don’t worry, the system won’t let you know you’re low, even in the task manager. And this happens every day at my house as everyone opens up windows but doesn’t close them down, thanks to the new “tabs’ feature in IE.

    Now go click to try and open any app: Windows will provide a helpful dialog box saying the link to the file cannot be found, and other similar profound messages that look like you have a virus. Now you’re scared ‘S#*#less’, so you pray your hard drives are still showing up on the network so you can save all those critical files you’ve generated in the last 48 hours using a computer with an older operating system (XP Pro). Now spend an hour or so backing up everything and hope the crippled system doesn’t crash.

    Try and read an email in Outlook and you’ll get the same kinds of messages… can’t find file…

    Try and shut down the system, and it won’t. Only way is to turn off the power. Note that when you reboot, your new wireless keyboard and mouse are useless in telling windows what boot-up option you’d like. I guess you’re supposed to have two keyboards… one for good days, and another for rainy days. Reminds me of the new “Blue-Screen” replacement in vista where the screen kind of fades when something unhappy is about to happen, or kind of dark when it might be unrecoverable.

    You’d think after nearly 30 years, the most profitable software company and richest guy on the planet would have the basics of OS design down cold: Memory management. At least in XP it will tell you you’re “running low on virtual memory’ and could do something about it, albeit slow due to paging file swaps while you try and shut down apps.

    In fairness, what have all the software application companies been doing the last 7 years? Vista is certainly not a surprise. How can you have a successful OS launch if the development community is still two years behind in getting all their drivers and apps to work?

    Wonder what Dell will tell me when I request a “Free Downgrade to Windows XP Professional”?

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  74. With regards to point 63:
    “In Windows Explorer Views, I should never see a horizontal scrollbar. Instead, you should follow Outlook’s lead (!) and automatically push the information together into a single chunk rather than force me to look to the right or left to get to the information I’ve asked to see.”

    I haven’t seen Outlook 2007, but the behaviour you describe sounds utterly horrible! But what is absolute disturbing is that there is no horizontal scroll bar in the folder navigation pane in Vista, but instead it auto-scrolls. What the hm-hm did they smoke when they got that idea? It may look cool, but it’s a horrible user interface. I steer the mouse towards the folder I want to readh, but by the time I click, the thing has moved sideways. Is there anyway to turn this madness off?

  75. Running Vista is the first year is bound to be a bad experience. Perhaps you just ENJOY finding problems?


  76. i could fill my own blog with winv crap..

    how do we get rid of these fkkn round spacewaste borders?
    how do we get-back the hotkey letter underlining in menus?
    this isn’t my computer, but i have to deal with winv, and so far it’s excessively pitb. it hides the text of the path in addressbar (win expirer). fools you to think you can copy downfolder paths (but the copied path is th full path no matter which segment you context click).

    tried moving a minor folder in start menu into another (more useful) menu. it givs me a couple popup dialogs (or was that 3 popup?), and the dialog half hides behind the menu folders. it won’t refocus to the foreground, when i click dialog’s title/whitespace. i have to drag it out from behind the menu.

    copy in context menu in hlp windows doesn’t work (tho not greyed). paste isn’t availabl in hlp “feedback” textarea. guess i’ll have to hack the hlp exe,dll to get that? or filter hlp’s html files, to allow full context clik commands?

    all of this in only the last 10-15 minutes..

    only what i immediately recall, from a few days ago:
    “easy transfer” from xp doesn’t work (over simple nat lan)

    winv by default should resemble th prev win. winxp didn’t, but was more easily reverted to prev (win9x for most civilians) ui.

    this is way beyond grandma’s abilities. she’s gonna buy a mac. those tv ads are so spot on…

  77. I got Windows Vista on my new laptop and I have never had as many problem as ido eith this operating system! I constanty get the “blue screen of death” and it shuts down my computer, making me lose all my work. grrr…it angers me…and why does firefox run faster than IE7? strange…and I agree about the power settings. If I have my laptop unplugged, it should automatically change the settings to “power saver”.

  78. My old writing computer died. It and my 18 mo. old internet model have XP and I’ve never had one problem with either! Now, I had to get another “updated” writing program and my HP laser printer won’t work with Vista. Now, I have a computer that has a multiplicity of problems—shutdown problems, programs that won’t work (that were loaded in when I purchased) and the new machine won’t copy a manuscript to disc; the message says “no disc in drive! What kind of baloney is this? The store associate told me that Vista was rushed into production too quickly and, believe me, I agree! I”m going to meet my wife for dinner in a restaurant and call for technical assistance one more time when I return home. But my patience is growing short and I’m not willing to spend all my time trying to fix something that ain’t right!

  79. Most problems that people are having make me laugh. If your getting the “Blue screen of death” it is most likely caused by, bad drivers, bad memory, or a bad hard drive. The OS, running on a stable array of hardware, with proper drivers, will not “Blue screen”. Vista was rushed. Come on. It took 5 years to develop. Im sure they put a little effort into it. “The store associate told you” Was this before or after he sold a dishwasher. There have been some issues with supplied software, but isnt that the manufacturers fault? ie HP or Dell. This happened with Windows Millenium and XP. It takes time for manufacturers to catch up to a new version of Windows. Be patient, or dont buy.

  80. Just bought a new Dell laptop running Vista. I’m not picky, I just want the blasted thing to work. Here’s a couple of problems that I am having:

    1. You know that circle-shaped cursor that replaces the standard hour glass? I spend a **lot** of time looking at that cursor. My old Dell Latitude D810 is about 2X faster than the new laptop, when it comes to loading programs, opening files. Hardware-wise, the two laptops are nearly identical (with a bit more memory on the 810). Should my new laptop be so slow?

    2. I can’t plany a basic *.avi file in windows media player. I just get the sound, and lots of pretty graphics–no video. Seems you ought to be able to do this kind of a thing out of the box.

    3. I can’t play a DVD in media player. It launches some other application called Sonic DVD, or something like that. Every few seconds the video stops for a few frames–really annoying.

    4. I still haven’t been able to turn on the virus protection software, despite several attempts. I have a Symantic liscense that won’t upgrade for Vista, unless you give them a credit card number.

    Heck, I even bought additional memory, anticipating that vista would need it.

    Any suggestions? Will Dell give us a free downgrade to XP-service pack 2?

  81. Who do you think you are? Vista is a fantastic product and how do you dare to say shit about it during development. You don’t even know how it works.

  82. I think with a product this bad, people may actually create the choice not to upgrade, so there is no reason to give up and create the reality that you will have to take this OS sooner or later. It is making people who thought Windows was the only way actually reconsider, something that all the Linux geeks and Mac elite could never do (I mean this well, just that Linux has taken me a lot of work to set up before and a decent Mac was out of my price range).

    I liked the feature set of Win2K the best, though I wish it had been more stable. It seems like WinXP was just like Win2K, but you had to buy Pro to get the features you already had in Win2K. The stability was worth the upgrade though. It may be that Windows has nothing new and good to offer people. I do not see the benefit of a system that is designed to restrict what people can do from the ground up, and it may be that the monopoly actually stifles innovation instead of creating it at this point. I was bummed to see that Windows had bought out Winternals, and we lost a very good product because of it.


  83. Vista now adds network shares to the once handy SendTo list of locations. There seems to be no way to remove the network shares from the SendTo list unlike the defaults (Mail Recipient, CompressedZip, FaxRecipient, etc.) So now the once very snappy shortcut used to send items conveniently to another location comes to a molasses type halt if any of the network shares are inactive.


  85. Windows Vista bahut hi SLOW hai. Booting mein kaafi time lagta hai, uskay ilawa Copy aur Paste aur Download wagera mein bhi bahut hi slow hai.

    Mera mushwara hai kay aap log Windows XP hi use karo, Vista ko uninstall kar do.

  86. you are such a little baby

    go and have a cry

    why dont u go and make something like that and see how u do, go work for microsoft

  87. Youre such a picky little twerp. I can’t see any of those on your list as even legitimate to whine(yes, you are whiny) about. “Oh, god, i hate this shade of grey for my empty folder notification”. Pfffttt. Go ahead and jump on the “Vista sucks” bandwagon, twerp. Oh, and youre such a noob. Your stories are from like 6 month old technology.

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  89. >> Jan., 2008 —
    Hello Chris Pirillo :
    I have owned every version of Windows ever distributed (outside of Win ME and Windows XP). I do hope Vista is a “better time’ (and a better user experience).
    I am hearing : Vista makes your computer experience endlessly tedious and makes your computer system a must see door stop.
    G-d I hope that is not at all true

    KeyTerms: microsoft vista, microsoft windows, operating system, os, software, user experience, etc
    . .

  90. Windows Vista is the worst thing to ever hit the market. I bought a brand new Sony Vaio with Vista on it and it has crash twice already. I have only had it for 4 months!

    I can’t believe that they call that an operating system. Funny thing is that when I talked to Sony, the drivers for my particular model are not out yet for me to instal XP. I bought a new computer hoping to get rid of an older Dell laptop, but I find myself still using it.

    Any suggestions as to what to do? And why the h*ll was I not able to right click in Vista??? RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  91. This is great info. I was looking for the problem that I have with Vista. I installed Office Professional and Outlook when installed on Vista does not store the password. Everytime I do anything in Outlook I have to input the password again and again and again.

  92. atleast three so called vista issues are readyboost related, may i correct you to research further into what ready boost is.

    it is not a RAM increase,

    it is in a laymans term a increase or a substitute for virtual memory and swapfilling.

    things like the saving of data at shutdown and startup. virtual memory is slow compared to RAM/Flash memory so instead of using the hard drive as temporal storage it is saved on Flash drive.

    for speed up of file copying and shutdown/startup. NOT ram for tasks like photo editing and game play.

  93. Hello people, look at the time it was posted that was like almost 2 yrs ago -Before RTM released-. Yeah at first vista does have problems but all these things are fixed by now . Anyway I’m a Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista user but still prefer vista. Its now much much better than comparing March 2007. I suggest you get vista when sp1 officially release. I am using the Vista SP1 Release candidate refresh 2 and i see improvement with games playing at higher frame rates and quality and overall performance. Dont trust third party sources from the internet they are inaccurate and are a bunch of liars. DRM lets you play licensed content and it will not block you from playing music or videos illegally downloaded. I have tried it DRM is only applicable to videos purchased from websites to prevent mass sharing like renting a movie from a website. People usually have this misconception of drm preventing illegal content from playing. If you wanna run vista well get at last 1 .5 gb and geforce 7+++.

  94. I installed an original Windows Vista product on my desktop machine. I also have a very good virus killer and fire wall on my machine. However I can’t use my Internet Explorer browser any more 🙁 When I would like make a browsing on a site I get the
    following result: http:///

    Do you have any idea what would be the problem? The browsing with FireFox is great,

  95. Hey Chris,

    (I would recommend re-reading number 56, and also number 60.)

    I probably would’ve noticed about 25% of those, but all of them somehow irritate me, and plenty to not bother with Vista (until you say so, because you’re working with it and I’m avoiding it like it’s ME).


  96. I have window vista business on my pc but recently the windows slidebar just disappeared. How could I restore it back

  97. vista sucks. yes it has good resolution.
    but it is very slow when comes to performance.
    windows XP is much better.

  98. I think you are knit-picking…I don’t have any of those problems…Vista runs fine. Maybe you have the wrong system for what you want to do?
    I’ve had the home version for over a year and haven’t experienced any of the problems you or other sites complain about…

  99. I think that most vista problems are user errors/familiarity issues. Coming from someone who works on computers day in and day out, vista seriously has very few problems. Users have a pre-disposed vista hatred in part due to the new feel and different layout. If you are having problems, there is almost always a “classic view” of just about anything that XP had. Also, try vista ultimate. It is by far the best OS I’ve used including all versions of Linux and OS-X. I also sell and build pcs on the side and so many people ask for XP without ever trying Vista. They themselves have never run into a problem with it and aren’t trying it mosly due to the poor public image of the OS. A little know-how and a little research have led me out of every single problem I’ve run into. Every third party software developer had problems due to microsoft’s privacy policies but with MS finally opening the software code to developers, soon there won’t be any compatibility issues. I guess good job Apple, their hate and fear mongering have helped their sales but in most cases, it has scared consumers from making the next logical step in OS choice. Sure windows 7 is on the way and will be here in most likely under a year, but there is no GOOD reason not to switch. So buy a new computer (preferably a quality brand, powerful CPU, and adequate RAM) and you will have a far better experience than you will with outdated XP machines and/or new Apple comps with their anti-business machines. Stop believing everything you hear and try it yourself to make you own decision.

  100. Maybe its just that you bought a cheap version that excludes any good stuff you effing hobo. I’m using a Vista and got no problem with it.

  101. It really seems to me that you just like to complain about some petty things. You have some reasons, then there are others comments that werent even necessary.

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