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When I was troubleshooting my ReadyBoost issues with the PNY Attache 4GB USB 2.0 thumb drive, I got silly and purchased two 2GB SanDisk high-speed USB (2.0) memory sticks. For those of you keeping track, that’s two 2 twos I snagged. The Cruzer Micro was the only thing the store had on hand that was both high-speed and high-capacity. However, these SanDisk Cruzer Micro “thumb drives” also came with the dreaded U3 software – which I don’t want (and I don’t need). You can’t just go and reformat the entire USB key, mind you – you have to find the uninstaller first. Geeky Jock to the rescue! I downloaded the U3 remover utility from his site and now my Cruzer Micro USB flash memory sticks are 100% without annoyances. I laud SanDisk and U3 for doing something interesting, but you should at least give the user the *EASY* option to remove this so-called feature from a product they paid good money for. U3 isn’t necessarily bad – it’s just terribly annoying. Oh, and I wound up getting Vista to recognize the PNY Attache 4GB USB 2.0 memory key (after connecting and removing it a few times, per a Gnomie’s suggestion).

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  1. Hi Chris:

    I think there are a lot of Vista Beta testers out here who want to play with ReadyBoost and see what kind of performance kick we can get from various size keys.

    Did the Gnomie tell you (or do you know) why Vista recognizes the PNY Attache 4GB USB 2.0 memory key after connecting and removing it a few times and not the first time? Is it going to continue to recognize it or is going to be an on-again off-again kind of thing?

    As for the Cruzer Micro keys, you mention they are high speed. I checked on the ScanDisk site and all I could find was that they were USB 2.0. Do you, or other Gnomies, know how the Cruzer Micro compares with 120X or 190X keys?

    What kind of boost, if any, did you notice with the PNY Attache 4GB key? I understand from the documentation that at this point anyway ReadyBoost will only recognize one key at a time. Did you try one of the Cruzer Micro keys and were you able to notice any difference between that result and the result with the PNY Attache 4GB?

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  2. Thank you, Chris. That damn U3 crap was driving me insane. I watched you all the time on “Call for Help”. You are missed.

  3. Pirillo, you are a god!

    Thank you. “Annoying” is not the word, but the best one for polite society. I got the PNY Attache 1gb at Staples for $14.96 just to carry around Spinrite, and of course was having major heartburn for a $15.00 item that was going to cost me more time to return it to the store for a less “smart” drive. Used the uninstaller, downloaded my program and I’m off!

    Watched you on Call for Help many moons ago, glad you’re still arounod to save our as***e*s when we need it.,


  4. SOLUTION TO U3 CRUZER REMOVAL PROBLEM! Just to comment on U3 Cruzer Micro…ok I have 4GB and unfortunately I also found out on the though way that improper removal of U3 Cruzer series causes serius issue of that computer that was removed from he cannot anymore read or see the stick…And I had extremly important data..thank you SanDisk for forcing me to stress out..but I found an easy solution…
    So…first of all computer does see the cruzer but does not read it, basically that means that it has to appear somewhere and that somewhere is on your computer management control -> USB (universal serial bus controllers) and you see your Cruzer under well known yellow question mark – just right click on it and install again -> instalation files are on the stick itself and you can see it and thats all…your data is still there untouched 😀

  5. You may not be aware that the U3 application itself gives you an uninstall option. Run the Launchpad application, then choose Settings, then choose Uninstall U3, and in a couple minutes it is properly reformatted as a “dumb” USB device. I’m sure the application downloaded from the Sandisk site works fine, but the application was already on my Cruzer USB.

  6. I found on my PNY attache 1 gig the sansa uninstaller and installer both work autoupdate will not work though

  7. Cool. Your U3 uninstaller just ruined my flash driver. Should have expected it was something malicious.

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