Time Management!?

I have too many things I need to do, and I’ve got no time to do ’em all. I’ve had so many late nights in the past week, it’s not even funny. Didn’t even have a chance to check my email until 11am today! I stayed up last night working on helping the Outlook team, but I still have a few more things I need to tweak in this site’s template. As I mentioned in last night’s report, I just got the Gateway computer – so I spent most of my time on the Vista laptop while waiting for files to copy from one machine to the other. I’ve gotta get everything set up for me on the new machine, knowing that I’ll be getting an even newer one soon enough (AMD-based, likely an FX-60). Time Mangement? I don’t need management, I just need more time to do the things I’ve gotta do. It’ll be another late night tonight as well – with the weekend coming up (promising to be filled with an even heavier workload). My emails are stacking up, too; if you sent me a note in the past day or so, don’t expect a response until I can get Outlook 2000 up and running again later this afternoon after I do a hit on on10. Oh, and… I wouldn’t even consider using IE7 on Vista. It’s Firefox until I can copy over my copy of Maxthon. When I get time… when I find time…

4 thoughts on “Time Management!?”

  1. Best thing to do is divide and conqure, things that must get done ASAP do one day tell a scheduled time, if ya dont get it all done, start where you left off the next day. Especially if you know that the work load is only going to grow, why beat yourself up trying to play catch up when you know the bricks are just going to keep piling? Move some of the bricks one day, some the next and soon enough you will get a break in the tide to crawl to shore and rest for awhile. When you try to carry everything at once, thats when your legs buckle.

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