Windows Vista Feedback

I spent a few hours with Windows Vista last night, per Jim Allchin’s request to send him feedback about what I discovered in terms of discrepancies and oversights. I took that task seriously, and stayed up late to compile this far-from-comprehensive list. I sent it to him at 1am, and I hope he doesn’t have a filter that keeps him from seeing it. I realize this list is lengthy, but… these reasons are exactly why I’m afraid Vista won’t be as polished as originally anticipated. I warn you, this list is long – and it’s only going to get longer, the deeper I dive into Vista Beta 2. This list is longer than the interview! If you think this list is long, check out my follow-up list of 65 More Windows Vista Mistakes.

On the very first (initial setup) screen, I should never see the text and progress bar without some kind of accompanying graphic(s). This is too Windows 2000’ish.

Classic mode in setup screens? I’d assume that’s temporary.

When are y’all going to update the default cursors you’ve been using since Windows 3.1. The shadow addition was nice, but that (too) is Windows 2000’ish. I thought Vista was supposed to be new? I should see absolutely no UI elements here that remind me of XP or earlier. I first noticed this during the initial setup process.

For the Licence Terms screen, it’s using Tahoma 9pt for the text – and the bulletpoints are pulling up as squares. Plus, the dialog is sporting a classic mode scroll bar instead of Aero-ish (as the rest of the window represents). This initial screen lends further credence to needing to have a Glass-lite for non-Glass machines, as if I saw these initial screens, I’d assume that I could use Glass on this machine – and I don’t think that’s the reality.

In the Windows setup screen, the Windows logo icon next to “Install Windows” seems to be sitting lower than the text – so it’s not quite middle-centered to it. I can’t believe this is by design. See how there’s more of the icon beneath the (invisible) text baseline?

Shouldn’t the phrases used during the setup stage (Copying Windows files, Expanding files, etc.) be intercapped? i.e., Copying Windows Files, Expanding Files, Installing Features, etc.?

Is there any way I can see more in the setup wizard – like what file(s) it’s copying over, what files it’s expanding, etc. Could help with setup troubleshooting issues at some point, and I don’t see a way to toggle a rolling log view. Installing features -> what features? Installing updates -> what updates?

Windows (c) 2006 should likely change now before y’all forget when Vista actually does ship. 🙂

In the first Windows session (Set Up Windows wizard), I can’t use CTRL+Backspace. This should eliminate the word I’m currently on – not create a new character.

In the first Windows session (Set Up Windows wizard), the machine seemed to be moving rather slowly – which I could only assume was due to the heavy animation in the background (neat, but the next screen proves that it’s just completely out of place from the rest of the setup-before-you-log-in process). Polish, Jim, polish – setting up OS X is a much more aesthetically pleasing experience.

In the first Windows session (Set Up Windows wizard), the font is not Segoe UI – it’s Tahoma throughout the entire dialog. I’m assuming there will be infinitely more buddy icons, too.

The “You’re Ready to Start” graphic flickered and jumped when I pressed the Windows button.

On the login screen, the menu options on the Power button are calling on Microsoft Sans Serif, not Segoe UI.

Preparing your desktop… the screen flashes.

The first time I get into Windows, I feel like I’m bombarded with options – a balloon that tells me I’m not quite ready yet, then a window that opens up to show more options about my Windows version, and yet another window that shows me my current security settings, and then yet ANOTHER window that asks me if I want to turn on the Phishing filter when I try to “Find a program” to protect me from Malware by launching an IE session (which really oughta be preinstalled, or at least asked for during the setup process). Screw Norton – their products have been crap since ’98.

The font in the title bar of Windows Defender is not Segoe UI – hasn’t been for quite some time. Big, big, big oversight. Also, it seems that the font throughout the entire Defender utility is Microsoft Sans Serif! It’s certainly not Segoe UI. The only font “Segoe UI’ish” is the graphic in the upper-right corner. 😉

Why wouldn’t the network wizard launch the first time I was trying to get online?

The User Account Control dialog is not Glass, when the rest of my Windows experience is.

UAC should detect when I, as a user, have told it more than 5x that it’s okay to launch into a particular dialog. This could possibly be a toggle for power users somewhere, but not available for the average user.

Massive amount of window flashing in the Computer Mangement console when you select different options, not to mention the need to update every single one of the icons throughout the utility. I’m not supposed to be using NT 3.51, am I?

The Update Driver Software dialog (with calls to select the type of hardware) is calling on the Microsoft Sans Serif font). This is the dialog that asks you if you “Have Disk.” This is also an example of a dialog that I believe suffers from pixel bloat. How tall do you need the top of the window to be?!

Device properties dialog (sheet) is calling on Microsoft Sans Serif throughout. I believe this is all tied into the ShellDlg font setting. See kbid 282187 for more information.

The Options pane (sheet) in the Computer Management console is calling on Tahoma.

When I click on the “What’s new in Windows Vista Ultimate” link, why aren’t the options hyperlinked to the files, folders, or utilities they’re touting?

Why do I see icons redrawing themselves? Like, for example, the first time I open the Control Panel? I have a 128MB video card here – within a full Glass experience. I should see the icons instantly. It makes me feel like my computer’s slow when I’m watching them draw themselves in over the generic icons – like I’m on the Web rather than on my local (very speedy) machine. I should never see an icon refresh for the rest of my life. We should be well past this point with perf.

Why, when I hover over a gadget, do I not get extended info about it in a tooltip? Instead, I have to select it first to get the info. Unintuitive. It’s also impossible to view this window with a classic view Control Panel sitting underneath it. Glass is almost too translucent at this point.

I have animations everywhere else, why don’t I get a nice animation when I maximize a window by double-clicking the title bar? Likewise, why don’t I have any animations when I move a window? I’m on Glass, make me feel like I’m in fluid space here.

Windows Sidebar Properties dialog is in Tahoma.

Ever see the screen animations when you drag a Widget out of the OS X “sidebar” and onto the workspace? Why don’t I get any cool effect in Windows when I do the same thing?

When I drag and drop widgets around, why don’t they act like the icons OS X’s menu bar – moving the other widgets/icons out of the way as I maneuver around. Visual feedback is necessary here. If you’re trying to do this already, the animation is failing miserably. Feels more like falling off a bike than riding it.

Safely Remove Hardware dialog is in Microsoft Sans Serif.

Is it “Setup” or “Set up” – stick with one or the other. I believe you used “Setup” early on, but in the Welcome Center, you have an icon for “Windows Media Set up” – if anything, it should be “Windows Media Setup” or “Set up Windows Media” (either of those works well with modern English conventions). I was an English major in college, by the way.

It’s kinda silly that I press the “Windows Media Set up” option, which changes the top area of the window to reveal a “next” button which then launches into the true setup wizard. That’s one unnecessary step, don’t you think?

WMP11 setup is in Tahoma.

Burn all these Windows Media Player visualizations, please. Take ’em in the back and shoot ’em. Never speak of this again.

I complained about this at dinner, but it’s relatively impossible to see all the information about a media file playing – when you’re giving little space to actually display that information.

Visualizations seem to stutter as I resize WMP. Then, too, I can see white painting on the foreground window (!) inside the pixel bloat on either side of the player controls. I thought this stuff was gone?

WMP11 Options dialog is calling on *BOTH* Tahoma and Microsoft Sans Serif. I don’t know who was smoking what.

Why isn’t the Identify Monitors identifying number (when clicked) anti-aliased?

Theme Settings dialog has Tahoma, and the preview window is showing a non-Glass screen shot (and I don’t have the Recycle Bin on my desktop, though it’s sitting right there in the preview).

Why is the default desktop icon size “gigantic?”

Pre-login screen, the font displaying Windows information in the lower-right corner is using Microsoft Sans Serif.

Windows Mail options dialog is in Tahoma, Segoe UI, and Microsoft Sans Serif (trifecta!). Also, why can’t I turn off the grid lines in Windows Mail?

Customize Toolbar (at least in Windows Mail) is calling on Microsoft Sans Serif.

Why doesn’t Windows Mail behave like Outlook yet? When I resize the window, it should also auto-resize the columns. I never want to see a horizontal scroll bar as long as I live.

Can’t you make the default screen saver something a little more exciting than the jumping Windows Vista logo?

In the Change Settings (actually, Change “settings,” as you didn’t capitalize
“settings”) dialog for Windows Update, the OK button has a graphic in it. This isn’t a bad idea, but it seems to be wedged up against the top and bottom border of the button. Kinda cramped, don’t you think?

If my Glass title bars and borders are translucent, why aren’t the drop-down menus as well?

Again, as in Windows Mail, why don’t the Windows Explorer column headings (or columns in general) auto-size to the window width? Otherwise, I have all this empty space to the right of the window.

File properties window is using Microsoft Sans Serif.

When selecting an image in the Explorer, the status bar has an Edit button. When I clicked it, I was half-expecting to edit the photo. That, and the button itself seems to have lost its left-border?

Here’s a thought: when Windows is loading for the first time, why doesn’t it ask the user what kind of things they like? Generally speaking of course… sports, movies, nature, games, etc. Then, it could create a custom theme around those settings (you can buy licenses for a small set of images and content that you might use to make the user’s first time in Windows more personal).

Why can’t I edit a photo’s meta information inline? Why do I have to open a dialog before I can change anything? I’m speaking, of course, about the properties (status?) bar at the bottom of an Explorer window.

Burn the font preview dialog. It’s inflexible and sadly outdated.

Why can’t I get a preview of a font by hovering over its icon? I’d settle for a live preview in the properties bar. The icons in this folder also appear to be broken, showing a generic document icon overlay in the lower-right corner of the OTF/TTF icon.

Also, the font folder seems to have the old Control Panel icon from Windows 95 (!) in its properties bar.

OMG, the Windows 3.1 “Add a font” dialog is still there. This is classic. You must ship with this dialog in place so we can point out just how many things you still missed. 😉

I guess it’s called the Preview Pane. Makes sense. However, I thought Microsoft was all about shoving the preview pane to the right of the window – not the bottom? Don’t get me wrong, I think the bottom is fine… but I’m curious to know if it’d be any better on the right?

The Folder options dialog seems to be outdated with its settings, too – as well as calling on Microsoft Sans Serif.

I’m kinda getting sick of talking about Microsoft Sans Serif and Tahoma. Someone needs to sweep the whole OS and get rid of ’em and fix app incompatibilities from that point forward. It should all be Segoe UI, no excuses – this is 2006/7.

Any chance of letting the user change the bitmaps in the Windows Explorer? The green/blue curtain thing is nice for about five minutes, and then it’s old. Don’t keep the XPize guy in business. 😉

Control Panel > Additional Options displays… get this… “There are no items to display.” Well, if there are no items to display, then why did you show me the link in the first place?

The Speech Recognition pane in the Control Panel seems to be truncated at the bottom, clipping the window graphic to the left of the options?

IE’s options dialog… Tahoma.

In the Security Center, it tells me that UAC is on… but there’s no easy way to turn it off (that I can see). Kinda pointless to tell me its turned on if I can’t turn it off from there.

Date and Time dialog is using Tahoma in its tabs and OK/Cancel buttons.

Why does the Photo Gallery Viewer have an uncustomizable icon / toolbar? I don’t want or need the text below my icons, and the labels are underneath the icons unlike the other Windows apps which have the text to the right of the icon. Scream at this puppy until it conforms!

Right now, you have tons of wasted space at the bottom of the Photo Gallery Viewer. Why not fill that space with EXIF or simple file information? You’re not surfacing EXIF anywhere except in the Explorer interface.

The Undo and Redo buttons for the Photo Gallery Viewer are at the bottom of the window, whereas I would’ve expected ’em to be at the top. Thought they weren’t there until I looked hard.

The minimize/maximize animation is nice, but not quite as smooth as it could or should be. Towards the end of the animation, it seems to drop frames.

After doing some basic “Fix” functions on a photo, then undoing (I believe), I tried to view the photo again and the viewer told me it couldn’t do it. It could’ve been because I was already previewing the image in another preview session – in which case, it should’ve flipped that to the foreground instead of erroring out with a relatively useless message.

Why can’t I change the color of the selection area? You know, click and drag in an area of the desktop or Explorer and it highlights in blue. What if I happen to like purple more?

The new Media Center software is amazing. However, the buttons to dig deeper into the different sections seem to be using stock images rather than actual thumbnails on your machine. Sloppy, or intentional? If intentional, why?

When you close the Media Center, the desktop goes black and flashes.

Task bar and Start Menu properties still has the Windows XP graphic, and it’s calling on Microsoft Sans Serif.

Even if I select the option to cascade menu items in the Start Menu, why can’t I still double-click the root option. For example, I have “Computer” cascade to the options – and in doing so, I lose the ability to double-click the word “Computer” to launch into that process.

You animate the opening and closing of windows, why not also smoothly animate the changing of options within the window itself – namely inside the Control Panel.

Mouse Properties dialog… Microsoft Sans Serif.

Where can I change the point size of my fonts? I scaled ‘er up to 120dpi per your suggestion but can’t honestly see a difference on my LCD? Not many Themes to choose from, either.

Drop into Windows Classic mode. Man, you’ve got your work cut out for you here. Places that had Segoe UI before, now have Tahoma. The Start Menu is ugly as hell (and it really doesn’t have to be, even in Classic Mode).

Aha! The “tooltip” inside of Solitaire doesn’t adhere to the AERO standards, as set forth by your public document (guidelines). Someone needs to go back into this and make it look like the rest of Windows, please? It’s in the lower left corner, and the design discrepancies are as plain as day. I’d expect this with a third-party app, not a bundled app.

Microsoft Windows Mail splash screen needs an overhaul.

It’s nice to see the column lines don’t exist in Classic Mode (Windows Mail). However, in both Windows Mail and Internet Explorer Classic Mode, there’s an odd border on either side of each icon / toolbar?!

Windows Mail item header (between message pane and preview pane) is using Arial!?

Why does IE still have an upper-left corner program icon and no other program does? I take that back. Explorer doesn’t have an upper-left icon.

Windows Movie Maker UI needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch. There’s so many legacy components in here, it’s not even funny. It didn’t do “Windows XP” look and feel well inside of Windows XP, it’s certainly not doing “Windows XP” well in Vista. The toolbar is a throwback, the Tasks pane is a throwback, the options underneath the toolbar are awkward and sloppy, etc. etc. This program has so much potential, if only you’d find a new UI design team for it.

Why doesn’t the Windows Movie Maker have an “Increase Brightness / Increase Contrast” Effect so that by increasing the brightness of a video, you’re not dulling the colors of it as well? Quick, easy fix that would help a lot of videos out there – yet nobody’s bothered to put ‘er in there. And why should they? It would only be one of the most useful effects for fixing darker videos.

The icon / toolbar in Windows Mail seems to be at a different height than other toolbars throughout Windows, including that of Windows Calendar.

What if I don’t like the red “X” close button? Why can’t I change that to… purple?

Why can’t I resize the side panes in Windows Calendar?

Here’s an idea for the Ultimate edition – why don’t you let a select group of passionate, enthusiastic, community evangelists help make continual suggestions and recommendations for additional downloads and features? 😉 Let’s not let this one slip into the hands of the marketers like the Plus pack did.

What’s so strange about glass is that you’re all about “wasting pixels” when the window is regularly sized, but as soon as you maximize the window, you clip the title bar to an incredibly thin level – can’t you strike a balance in between here? Stick with one size, please – no matter the state of the window. Plus, keep each state sporting the same colors or level of translucency? Right now, the maximized state looks horrible.

Why can’t I seem to get to my recording settings through the Volume dialog anymore?

I don’t have a 1 or 2GB USB stick yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know how perf feels on my Vista box.

When I accidentally drop a gadget to the desktop, behind the designated area of the Sidebar, there’s no way to retreive / access it without first closing the Sidebar. I see there’s an option in the system tray icon to bring all gadgets to the front, but I wouldn’t have even considered looking there.

Wow. The calculator gadget sets an all-time record for number of fonts used inside an application. Yikes. Get this: MS Sans Serif (?!), Tahoma 9pt, Segoe UI 8pt, and Times New Roman. Ladies and Gentlemen – we have a new world’s record!!! Jim, please make this stop.

Wow. Your bubbles screen saver is really lame. Really. Really. Lame.

Ribbons screen saver is rather nifty. Gee, was someone inspired by OS X? 🙂

The Print dialog is sadly outdated.

Why does the information bar have to be so annoying? Seriously, why does it reload the page when I say it’s okay to download something? Overkill, waste of time.

IE File Save dialog has Microsoft Sans Serif.

Cheese and crackers, would somebody please update to the IE transfer dialog to either display more information or give us a PAUSE/RESUME button!? You wanna talk about a feature for Ultimate edition. 😛

Windows Calendar font and icon alignment are all wonky.

IBM ThinkPad System Update won’t install because it “can’t find a supported .NET framework.” 🙂

If I change my font settings, why doesn’t it apply to all open windows? Namely, IE didn’t update when I tweaked something.

Color me very impressed with the “update driver from the Internet” feature. Picked up my Thinkpad wireless adapter without blinking. This is exactly the way it should be. Same holds true for the way it detected/installed my PM Device for the ThinkPad (T41p). The only thing I’d ask for is more feedback as to what it’s doing and what it might be sticking on (if anything).

The drop-down menus in the breadcrumb bar of WMP seem to be awfully unpadded (see, there’s such a thing as being too anemic). Click the arrow next to Music, Library, Artist, etc. – you’ll see what I mean right away.

Try minimizing WMP to a Classic Mode taskbar with Windows Media Player toolbar enabled. Yikes. This bug has been filed over and over again since WMP9.

Please, find another way to display playing file information in the status bar area of WMP? The current way is simply unusable.

The Windows Media toolbar pop-up preview window is using Arial.

Why is there extra spacing below the buttons, breadcrumb bar, and search bar in the Windows Explorer? This extra padding doesn’t seem to exist in other windows?

When I set my Caption Buttons smaller (say, to 15), why does the entire title bar shrink as well? They seem to be more independent from one another than they were before. Like, the buttons used to be middle-aligned in the title bar – but now they’re attached to the top of the window, so they should resize independent of the height of the title bar. That is, if you designed this properly.

For some reason, there’s a black line in between the title bar of the Task Manager and the menu. I have my title bar font set to a respectable 8pt when I see this.

I don’t know how I got into this loop, but I’ve been futzing with a lot of display settings (on / off / up / down), and I seemed to have retained Glass, but lost any ability to toggle the translucency of it. That is, until after reboot (I’d assume).

Why can’t I run OneCare on Vista yet?

Sidebar has major performance issues (in using it). When I went to add the Stocks gadget, I dragged and dropped it over there and didn’t see it show up, so I did it again. And again. Turns out, they all got shoved to a second page which I didn’t know existed. You’re telling me there’s no way to shrink the default size of these gadgets so that I could accomodate more on the screen at one time – or to set it up so that I don’t end up with 47 calculators inadvertently? 🙂 It’s potentially a set up for your next “million shortcuts to ‘My Computer’ on the desktop” scenario.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I took you at your word and compiled this list based on the Beta 2 build that I received from you with the “I’m sorry” stamped in your script. 😉 I’ll be more than happy to provide even more feedback throughout this entire process. Below, you’ll find a starter list of applications that some of us just can’t live without – making us the Ultimate users.

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  23. I’ve got one…

    Go to the system properties before Vista has been activated. The activation dialogue at the bottom says:

    Automatic activation will begin in this many days: 13. Click here to activate Windows now.

    Would it be that hard to have the number of days be part of the sentence?

    ie… Automatic activation will begin in 13 days.

  24. Thanks Chris. We want the feedback so bring it on! Scobelizer is right– the list gets seen by all. Maybe next time we’ll have a working dinner at my house –but then after, the girls really must go out , so bring Ponzi!

  25. When you search from the start menu, it says:

    “Search the Internet
    Search the computer”

    computer should be capitalized.

  26. Just one function I’d want to see in Windows Vista Ultimate that’s not already on the cards as far as I know: The ability to watch TV or a recorded/stored item on a secondary display while leaving the primary display free to work on.

    At the moment this simple functionality is to put it bluntly, screwed. Whenever media center plays back an item on a second display it not only takes focus but runs in exclusive mode such that the cursor is trapped in the secondary display area.

    This leaves the primary display area unusable. Pressing the Windows Key will force both displays to react violently and if the user is lucky, video playback will resume on the secondary display while the cursor may or may not return to the primary display. It’s currently a mess.

    Why is this a problem? Because in a HTPC living room environment where user A is watching media center content on the TV, user B can’t continue to use the primary display without hitting the Windows key (in an attempt to regain control of the cursor) which leads to unpredictable results for both users.

    Fix: Don’t run the secondary display in exclusive mode or at least have it as an option.

  27. What I fear most of likely “features” of Vista are more demands to use /only/ MS software, i.e., not giving the user full functionality of all Vista features without using IE, PP, WMD, etc. to the exclusion of preferred alternatives.

    Two current XP exclusivity examples would be Passport and Windows Update. Sure, there are awkward or simply inconvenient workarounds, but it is still irritating to have to fiddle around because one chooses to use Firefox/Thunderbird, and Nero or Real rather than the MS equivalents.

    Also, I would hope that”Classic” desktops will still be an option as I really dislike the space-wasting overly-cartoonlike default XP desktop. Far more information can be displayed with Classic.

  28. I’m disappointed that my relatively new Toshiba tablet pc, purchased five months ago in December 2005, will not be able to support Windows Vista Aero. It supports everything but Pixel Shader 2 (64MB on a resolution of 1024×768). A modern computer not fully supporting a version of Windows beyond Tablet PC Edition 2005. *Sigh*

  29. Chris,

    This is one of the best VISTA writeups I have read to date. As I am sure you know you have been trackbacked all around the net today – and your list is definitely being dealt with. I think this open dialogue is exactly what is needed, and goes above and beyond any generic “bug report” tool used to report normally found anomolies.

    I am surprised Microsoft does not have a new focus group of people installing Vista EVERY day in a room and discuss what happens. This may seem over the top but could you imagine the progress they would make in say 7 days of installs – 10 people per day – all giving groupwide feedback? They would have the smoothest upgradeinstall process hamered out in not time. There is truly no impression quite like the first one – and spending time in this area would make for a better experience overall.

    I feel as though most of the time is put into working the OS once it has been properley configured and running on a power machine – half the reason why most people end up screwing up their machines, is due to strange “pop up” bubbles and warning prompts that have no information behind them. There should be a “read more about this error before choosing” link on EVERY common pop-up prompt. Writing these in simple language would make a HUGE difference in most peoples lives (i.e. they WANT to learn why to click “yes” or “no”) as well as dramatically reducing tech support calls to IT departments everywhere.

    PS – this is my first comment on your site. I have been a subscriber for quite a while – thanks!

  30. Probably the most thorough review of Vista to date. I had very high hopes for vista but Microsoft only seems interested in pushing it out the door no matter what shape it is in.

    They should work on it for another year at least and improve all the things outlined in this review and really test it well before sending it out the door in it’s final state.

    I would rather wait until next summer to get a totally polished Vista running on super fast hardware. Maybe someone should tell Bill Gates.

  31. Thank you Chris for pointing out how sad it is to see the same old icons and the, sigh, ghastly Fonts dialog box in Vista.

  32. Whenever Vista is released, I’d love to see this revisited with notations as to what was fixed and what was left as is.

  33. if somone wants to go even further, post a screen shot of each issue in vista that chris brings up in his review.

  34. I adore this line “I should see absolutely no UI elements here that remind me of XP or earlier” as I absoloutely 100% agree with it. As the name suggests, Vista is to supposed to be a Vista
    – so why are they still suppling backgrounds in 1024×768 (looks bad on 1280×1024 screen res)
    – wmp11 icons etc. still same as wmp10 (!)
    – eliminate everything theme that’s pre-vista and create new ones!! (agree w/ no xp cursors (etc).

    Whenever I think of Vista, I feel there’s too much wrong with it for some strange reason. Still, M$ has got 5 months to perfect it. But can they?

  35. Well this is pretty pointless… since when Microsoft actually cared for good UI design or paid attention to small details? Not to mention their complete lack of style and aesthetics.
    If one had to start pointing at every small glitch and flaw on Microsoft’s GUIs we could be reading this article forever…

  36. Chris,

    If you remember buddy, windows XP beta 2 had numerous inconsistencies in the Luna UI. Also, note that the installation screen was not quite at par as well. The reason that you are seeing these CTPs and betas is because Microsoft needs feedback on the foundations of the platform, not the aesthetics of the user experience. When you see the release candidate before the platform goes to RTM the enhanced visualizations and minor details (e.g. fonts) will be fine tuned and polished.

    For now I would suggest focusing on the issues with the code base and overall experience. Once those items are validated and the modifications are made the “pretty colorsâ€Â? will be applied; why focus development efforts on design when there are going to be constant changes to the UI?

    But hey, that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.


  37. Nice outline, I agree with most of your points (though you do seem to have a hangup about fonts don’t you 😛 ). There were a few things I didn’t agree with however. Drop down dialog boxes should never be translucent, it would only make them more difficult to read. Also the reason maximized title bars are not glass is because if you have other maximized windows in the background the text would become a jumble, hard to read and ugly. I like the thin style when they are maximized and wish all title bars were thin. Wasted space seems to be a huge problem throughout Vista. One of my biggest complaints is Windows Explorer, it’s a horrible mess. Why won’t it save my view settings? Every time I launch it I have to drag the divider (whatever it’s called) over to give my folder list some breathing room. Why can’t I turn off that stupid “Favorite Links” panel? I have no favorite links and it’s a big waste of space. For some reason it is very hard to click on the little arrows to expand a folder tree, you have to have the precision of an android to successfully click activate it. The information pane at the bottom is taking up just a bit more space than I’d like. Next complain is the new photo viewer. Where is the “View Full Screen” option? Between that huge panel at the top and the other huge panel at the bottom there isn’t much space left to actually show the photo itself. Get rid of the top panel completely, shrink the bottom one down a bit, and for goodness sake add a view fullscreen option. That’s about it, you covered everything else very well. Oh, the “Start Orb”…I hate it. I don’t like the way it sticks up into the task bar and even covers up text sometimes. Please give us some more themes too, we really got cheated in XP. What is the point in having a theme engine if you only give us one theme?

  38. Sorry but I don’t agree with “Also the reason maximized title bars are not glass is because if you have other maximized windows in the background the text would become a jumble, hard to read and ugly.” Vista is supposed to be a Vista and the ugly maximised windows could be glass only less transparent(?) I could be wrong.
    Thanks for reminding us about XP BETA2 (which you can take a good look at here It has given me SOME faith in Microsoft again, I only hope they will really go to town on fine-tuning graphics etc.

  39. Its now May 28th…..what in hell is going on weres the public version of VISTA!!!! stupid microsoft……they said it would b avalible by now

  40. Pingback: GRiNSEBLOG
  41. A very interesting look at some of the inconsistencies in the Windows Vista UI in what I assume is Build 5384.4.

    I am not necessarily certain I disagree with the decision to display the setup using the Windows “classic” interface. For people who have video cards which cannot handle the Glass interface, or perhaps can but do not have device drivers available at RTM, starting the setup process with the classic UI provides them with a way to install and start using Vista without having to worry about whether or not device drivers are present (or available) for their video card.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  42. One more for you…

    When logging into a domain, a Vista user is assigned a buddy icon (very nice touch). However, there is no way for the domain user to change said icon. If you are assigned (randomly I suppose) the orange daisy, you are forever in the Orange Daisy Caste. No amount of dragging, clicking, swearing, or small animal sacrifices seem to make a difference. Don’t domain users need love too? I haven’t tried it in the 32-bit version yet. I will let you know.

  43. I expected to read a quality review with a technical kind of view, not some bozo’s goofing about optic styling issues.. I’d like to read about its dis- and functionality. This is too much text about nothing 🙁

  44. I’m glad that someone wants Microsoft to stick to their own User Experience Guidelines. Vista is fantastic, guys. Just polish it up a bit more.

  45. Nice work Chris. I also have a few and think this is a great site to provide them:

    1. When you attempt to remove a USB storage device which has an open file, you get prompted that it cannot be disconnected. If you have a lot of windows open, it is a big hassle to find the offending process. Why doesn’t the error simply bring the offending application/window(s) to the foreground or display a dialog with links to each one? This is going to be worse with 50 windows open and when you need to be out the door 5 minutes ago!

    2. When you find a device in the Device Manager that has an error, why can’t the properties dialog for that device have a link to the events in the event log, so that you can immediately begin tracing the cause. This is the kind of relational hyperlinking that Vista should be full of, providing intelligent feedback to the user.

    3. The typefaces in many dialogs are too small and exhibit very poor kerning (spacing). So it becomes tricky to insert and move your text cursor between the letters. This kind of bad interface behaviour should be a thing of the past with the new WPF capabilities, especially with the typography team going to so much effort. The Mac OS has always been a pleasure to use in this way. Type was always the right size and easy to manipulate. Please fix Windows so that is doesn’t continue to suck (for no reason other than a lack of consideration).

    4. The keylines around the top bars of application windows are ugly, especially the keylines around the new minimize, restore and maximize buttons. WPF should enable Vista to be very streamlined and elegant – something it currently is a bit all over the place with.

    5. Bring the metaphor of illuminated buttons to the scrollbars when users mouse over them. At the moment they are the same colour as the rest of the scroll areas.

    6. Why aren’t there visible selection points at the corners of windows that users can easily identify and click on to resize the window? Isn’t this obvious by now? I hate selecting things in Windows and it still sucks in Vista.

    7. Why the HELL aren’t ALL dialogs and windowns resizable? PERIOD. As it was in Windows NT 3.5, we have properties dialogs in Vista with tiny fields containing numerous values that require horizontal and vertical scrollbars. This is such obvious stuff. Fix it please. WPF can allow a whole new paradigm of viewing and CLARITY so why not use it!!

    8. Why aren’t all typefaces at large sizes properly anti-aliased (most noticable in Office 2007)? Adobe can do it beautifully, why not with WPF? In fact, why not anti-alias all exposed edges in WPF above a certain size? Again, Adobe can do it well.

    9. It is strange that OneNote doesn’t take advantage of the Ribbon, particularly as more and more users will be using tablets and pens. If there is one application that could really do without menus, it’s OneNote. Other than that, I think it rocks (from what I’ve seen so far).

    10. WMP11 is horrible. I just wanted to go add my existing music files. Do you think it is intuitive? Hell no. Plus, the control buttons at the bottom of the screen are outright ugly (very art deco) and just don’t fit the UX.

    11. It would be better to have maximized windows simply go to 100% opacity than to completely change their color to some horrible dark tone. Maximizing windows is a horrible experience, very ugly. And get rid of those ugly keylines!

    Well, that’s it for now. I am sure many other inconsistancies will be revealed by others. Apart from these UX things, there are a great many cool technologies in Vista. Microsoft just needs to expose them intelligently to users.

  46. So, Windows Vista is just Server 2003 with all the Stardock stuff intergrated, and more fail-safes that slow down the system for people who shouldn’t be using computers. Unless you need it for direct X 10, I don’t know if id bother.

  47. I backed out of Vista Beta 2 after a successful installtion, because there was no stability in the UI. I could not use any LAN resources i.e. printers, NAS device, etc… Anytime I brought up my NAS share it would lock the UI hard or display giberish icons. I even had icons that displayed kanji or some other asian char set.

    Second glaring omission is the inability to burn ISO files natively. At least I couldn’t get CD-R Burning to work. Everytime I opened the drive the UI would lockup.

    Oh well, looks like Microsoft has a long road to haul before Vista is ready.

    Chris O.

  48. UM , I installed window vista beta 2 right ,and its cool and all but I have noticed some problems , like some things i cant download them and the classic control panel dont work , its say there is a problem with the explorer , if someone could help me fix this please tell me how.

    email me to [email protected]

  49. Chris,

    Excellent write up. I don’t know as a designer the Windows Vista UI experience is a complete mess. Screen flickers, windows shadowing taken to the next level. Are we back in photoshop 4? The thick borders and inconsistent use of bright color makes my eyes hurt. This is one of the best and honest post about the state of Microsoft Design. I would think a company as large as as they are would have there act together. I was extremely excited about “Longhorn” then now Vista but even at beta 2 it is a complete mess and I’m a certifiable Microsoft Fanboy. I truely hope this is not the final UI rendering. I hate to say it but Apple is currently and looks to be for the forseeable future king of user interface and design. I am a firm believer that being usable and looking elegant go hand in hand. Microsoft. Shame on you.

  50. Vista Beta 2 CCP feels vastly incomplete for a major beta release. In a very short period of time testing this I’ve no modem driver support. A system that can’t come back from sleep/hibernation mode. DVDs that only play for a few minutes before locking up for good. Windows explorer constantly crashes, especially when closing applications. What about a True Transparancy engine with some wobbly effects etcetera for Aero. What about a couple of other glass themes other than default.

    Many games and applications from xp will not either install and/or run.

    Why are the glass effects so resource hogging? XGL and AIGLX are not half the system hogs that Aero is. The current state of Vista is very much a detracter to the end consumer,VAR, or SMB. As an IT professional I am distressed at the current state of the Vista Operating system. If I had to make a costs/benefits analysis based on build 5384.4 I would seek out another channel offerign the kind of Return On Investment that is crucial to all businesses that desire to remain competitive in the marketplace.

    I’ve got the facts all right and this may be what drives many a CFO to purchase products using Linux or Solaris in the next few years.

  51. Hi, this is again Karamvir Singh Rajpal from India. After testing Windows Vista Build 5346 for nearly 2 days. I came to some important conclusions.

    1. Build 5456 is far more stable in terms of performance and usage than Build 5384 and Build 5384.4
    2. Plus built-in applications like Windows DVD Maker, Windows Internet Explorer 7+ and Windows Mail is running far more smoothly than in Build 5384.4 and Build 5384.
    3. There is little bit upgrade in GUI of Build 5456. But again I want to remind Microsoft to upgrade its current “Windows Aeroâ€Â? theme to full glass desktop theme so that user can take full advantage of their high-end and ultra powerful graphics card. Don’t forget this promise.
    4. Gadgets in the Windows Vista Build 5456 are excellent. But there is a hitch in the Microsoft Gadgets that unnecessary gadget i.e. “RECYCLE BINâ€Â? is still present. I want this gadget to be completely removed before Windows Vista goes RTM (Release to manufacturing). Instead of the obsolete “RECYCLE BIN” gadget I want Microsoft to include one more new gadget “BASIC DVD PLAYERâ€Â? with superb metallic look.
    5. I am happy with the Build 5456 in terms of security. But there are fewer annoyances as compared to earlier builds. Hope it will be fully removed before Windows Vista goes RTM. One more suggestion I want to give Microsoft a very great suggestion to take over one of the following companies for making its own new anti virus product:

    • Zone Labs (Reason- its product “ZoneAlarm Antivirusâ€Â? provides a very tight security while dealing with almost any type of virus and spywares. I am using this product since 2004 and it’s my own personal experience.)
    • Panda Software (Reason- its product “Panda Platinum Internet Securityâ€Â? and “Panda Titanium Antivirusâ€Â? delivers the superb security while dealing safely with almost any type of malicious code and real-time protection against threats. It is widely used in many organizations and offices due to its very high security. It has been quiet popular among business users. However it is high resourceful application which ultimately requires very high end system. Overall, I will rate this product as an excellent product due to my personal experience.)
    • ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus (Reason-It provides modest security and comes with necessary built-in functions. It is good for home users as well as business users.)

    Microsoft, the choice is yours. So hurry up.

    6. In the build 5456, “Windows Media Centerâ€Â? software has lots of changes in terms of reliability. But still it needs a little bit improvement in all respects. I want Microsoft to take full advantage of Intel VIIV and AMD Live PC technology. I want Microsoft to add one more feature i.e. it should display Intel VIIV logo or AMD Live logo if the PC is powered by Intel VIIV or AMD Live technology.
    7. In the build 5456, I have noticed there is dramatic change in “Windows Internet Explorer 7+â€Â? in terms of security and performance. But one thing I have been noticing since Beta 1 version of IE 7+ is absences of the fast download managers which enhances dramatically the download and upload speeds. Hope, this feature will be added in the future builds of Windows Vista. Fast download manager is becoming the de-facto and the standard feature in many web browsers.
    8. Features in “Windows Media Player 11â€Â? of Windows Vista Build 5456 are almost complete. But one thing I want Microsoft to add “Smart Lyrics Reading Technologyâ€Â? built on Speech Recognition and new Microsoft Speech API for analyzing the tone and pitch of an MP3 to determine the genre, using speech recognition to extract the lyrics from a song.

    I will keep you informing for further improvements in the future builds of Windows Vista before it goes RTM.

    All that I can say, “Bring clarity to Windows Vista hence world”.

    That’s all I can say.

    Overall, this build is far more superior in almost many respects than previous ones.

    I want Microsoft to add following new features in the future builds:

    1. Full Audio DVD Support
    2. “DriveSpaceâ€Â? software for USB flash drives and Memory Sticks.
    3. Full support for Internet2.
    4. Native support for 3D printers.
    5. Native support for Virtual technology as it will become the next generation and hot era by the end of the decade.

  52. Microsoft this is to inform you that you must halt the development on “Windows Vienna” because I and my brother(“Mandeep Singh Rajpal”) have been working on and designing the best and the super architecture for the Windows “Vienna” since 2004. The architecture is very different from others and it is not complicated.
    Now it is about to complete by the end of 2006. I am not joking. I am very serious. My aim is to make the Windows “Vienna” the most secure and hybrid operating system.
    I don’t want to share the architecture on internet. This architecture is the most powerful and more secure than that of Mac OS X , Linux and FreeBSD OS.

    It will provide 100% security to users (Guranteed).

    Hope, you will contact me for the development of the Windows “Vienna” in the near future.

    The choice is yours.

  53. This is my third or fourth visit to this website.Just now, I had completed my testing of “Windows Mail” application in Windows Vista Build 5456. There are minor improvements in this build. So,my rating is Average.The “Windows Mail” application still lakes some following features:

    1. Restore and Recovery of deleted E-Mails.
    2. Plus,the GUI is not as impressive as expected.
    3. Blue strip makes an untidy impression.

    Thats all.

    I will keep you informing in the next 2-3 days for further improvement in the Build 5456. Hope it will be rectified in the next build. All I can say, “Bring clarity to the Windows Vista hence world”

  54. This is really a short but great list of improvements that NEED to be changed in Vista. The only way the we’re going to get a better product is if we speak out about it. I hope all the Vista guys at Microsoft read this. I personally think that there should be more animations in Vista. Anyways, great article.

  55. I was happy with xp. I use my computer at home, to write HTML and to
    download articles of interest on line.
    The beta 2 vista told me to delete windows defender and norton internet insecurity. It also told me I couldn’t use my IBM PC cam unless I downloaded an update driver for it.
    I still had the expired office 2003 as it was a 60 day trial and it was a year old and required the Key to make it work again, so when I finally loaded vista,
    well, things got ugly. The windows manager or what ever you call it, kept on trying to install over the old office 2003 and I kept on clicking on CANCEL!
    the program reloaded 30 times and as long as it was going I was unable to finish the final setup process for vista.
    I had an idea. it gave the option to return to an earlier version of windows, but when I chose this method at startup the computer acted like it was having a breakdown!

    I wasn’t able to uninstall vista but maybe I didn’t know how, but I was tired after several hours of tediously trying to either delete the office 2003 program and it didn’t delete and the vista windows install manager kept popping up.

    I had to boot up with my cd recovery disc no. 1 of 13. I managed to get the computer back to the factory settings. Meaning? I lost a year of perfect computer files and yes I backed most of them up first. But to have to go and re-install all that just to find out that my computer’s program office 2003 simply made vista turn into a crazed loon?

    I figure let someone else play with vista. I’m sticking with xp and that’s the last word.

  56. WOW! This is really a short but great list of improvements that NEED to be changed in Vista.

    I installed window vista beta 2,and its cool and all but I have noticed some problems

    All that I can say, “Bring clarity to Windows Vista hence worldâ€Â?.

    k then


    bye bye

  57. Hi this is again Karamvir Singh Rajpal from India. This is to inform you that I love Windows Vista Build 5456 (June CTP). In want Microsoft to add some more features in the upcoming Build of the Windows Vista. They are as following:

    1. Full Support for Intel Robson technology and AMD Torrenza technology.

    2. Full support for HD-DVD,Blu-Ray Disc and HVD and also provide disc burning software for them.

    3. Full Support for WUSB 2.0 (Wireless USB),WiMax and 802.16 based devices.

    I want some unusual things in the Build 5456 . So I want Microsoft to rectify in the upcoming build. I want to list that corrections which are as following:

    1. I found green strips again in the “WINDOWS EXPLORER” and other folders. I am saying frankly it is looking absoutely bad and dirty. I am again reminding you that you immidiately replace the green strips with white strips. Microsoft ,Just imagine “WINDOWS EXPLORER” with white strips which will have a very clean and tidy look.

    2. Just now, I come to know about the new Basic theme in “ “and “”. Frankly you ask me about its look , I will say again it is totally rubbish theme with old style “CLOSE”,”MAXIMIZE” and “MINIMIZE” buttons. I want this theme to be replaced with the “PLEX STYLE” theme which I seen last in the build 4074. The “PLEX STYLE” looks good and moderate plus no transparencies.

    3. I want Microsoft to add “TITLE.WMA” background music in the Windows Vista setup.

    Thats all.

    I will keep you informing for further feedbacks and suggestions/

    Hope you will follow.

    All that I can say “Bring clarity to the Windows Vista hence world”

  58. When I had tested the Windows Vista Build 5472,I came to some important conclusions which are worthy:

    1.) It is far more stable than previous builds.
    2.) It has snappier look but not up to the mark.
    3.) Performance is increased by 2-3 times.
    4.) Setup complted in 50 minutes (Earlier Cuild ie 5456 took about 30 minutes)

    I want additional features to be included in the future builds

    1.) I want Microsoft to include a new feature in the “Programs” located in the “Control Panel”,which can describe from which location/CD/website/volume label the particular application is installed.

    2.) Some new icons are also not yp to the mark. Some look 3D and some look dirty and 2D(See “Ease of Access” icon + more). In the Build 5472,explorer has red 2D button for burn data to disc. This looks absolutely bad. I want this icon to be replaced by the real CD icon.

    3.) Also I want to have native support for Blu-Ray Disc,EVD,HVD,HD-DVD,MO-Discs,LD (laser Disk).

    4.) “System and Maintance” is not upto the mark not in the UI but also in the additional features. Like it does’nt give the full information of the PC. It should display the full details of the CPU. Suppose if the PC is powered by the Intel Core 2 Extreme. It should display its properties like 65 nm,EM64t,iAMT2,Codename:- Conroe,Frequency:- 3.20 GHz,Model Number:- X6900,No. of cores:- 2,Hyperthreading:- Yes + more features of other hardware components.

    5.) If you are intenting to delay the Windows Vista,then it is must for you to include “WINDOWS POWER SHELL” as it will be ready by that timeframe (Q4 2006 most probably).

    6.) I am happy that you have included the backup and recovery software with the Windows Vista,but additionally I want the data recovery for scratched/corrupted CDs to be bundled with upcoming build of the Windows Vista.

    6.) I am wanting that Windows Vista team should bundle the sample album of Himesh Reshamiya with “WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11” because it is the “rockstar” in the “India” and everybody lik his album.

    Hope you will follow my suggestions.

    — Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    July 29,2006

  59. When hovering over Search in the Start Menu, the Search icon at the top is pixelated. Other icons seem fine.

  60. Love microsoft, but Vista needs overhaul

    seen on a friend’s Vista July CTP:

    XP’s Display Properties makes it much easier to change the theme, resolution, screen saver, and colors with only two clicks to access (from the Desktop > right-click > left-click Properties) and everything can be set and applied in one shot.

    In Vista: from Desktop > Personalize > ‘read bunch of options’ > ‘pick what your looking for from a possible 20 options’ > and finally select, change, and apply. This might be okay if you want to change one thing, lets say the screen resolution. But what if you want to change the theme and screen saver also? You have to go back to the list, find it (first), and then another few more clicks. Whats the point?

    In fact, to get to any options is a maze. I still don’t know how to view Network Places icon on my desktop as well as Documents and Internet Explorer. In XP, all you had to do was click on Customize Desktop in the Display Properties and check off the icons you wanted to see.

    I see that the new All Programs menu looks nice and cool, but it is really counter productive to have to click every time to open a submenu. They should open while hovering over them. Also if people like to scroll down as more submenus open they will have fun with Vista. However, if your like me, it will just slow you down from finding what you want. XP’s standard All Programs menu makes more sense since hovering opens submenus side ways. Vista’s tree format doesnt make much sense. No wonder they had to put in Start Search at the bottom.

    The Minimize, Maximize, Exit buttons are to narrow. Horizontally, the length is fine, but veritcal height should be increased. Also some windows lack titles, resulting in empty space. Ugly,

    Not all system fonts are Segoe UI, in additon many tabs (as in System Properties) have the font size too small compared to standard size pt 9. Speaking of tabs, there is no reason to have a tab, for example, when changing the screen resolution, since the Settings tab is the only tab there. A tab for this made sense in XP since the Display Properties actually had multiple tabs (Themes, Desktop, Screen Saver, Appearance, Settings). Vista separated each of them into a different setting in the Control Panel so there is no need to display single setting under a tab when you open it.

    Some places Ctrl+Backspace does not work. It should delete the entire word preceding the text cursor.

    Why does Vista take a minute to calculate the time required to transfer a file over the network and then take an additional few minutes to actually move it? Doesnt the calculation time actually add to that time?

    Why does it need 50 services running? Why does disabling some of them cause perpetual rebooting.

    OK/Cancel buttons as well as other ones have rounded corners. When you hover over them (or use the arrow keys to select them), they suddenly become square corners.

    I saw the NT busy cursor during setup. (You know, the gray hour glass with green top and bottom). Wow. Even Win 2000 never had it.

    Why is there an XP start menu picture in stead of Vista’s when you go to Taskbar & Start Menu Properties. They never did fix the “double-arrowed hidden icon button” picture in there either. XP only has a single arrow in reality.

    The ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the system tray (next to the time) is hard to see considering the fact that it is gray and the entire taskbar is black. They added white borders to the volume, why didnt they do the same for this?

    What would be nice is to see arrows at the top and bottom of drop-down lists so that when you hover over them the list moves down or up. That way there’s no need for clicking the arrow buttons on the side if you dont have a wheel mouse.

    I’m not an expert, but I do agree with experts about seriously think about another beta or two before RTM.

    Thats all for now.

  61. Sorry, but forgot to mention:

    Resizing some windows does not cause the text to wrap in the remaing white space, it just gets cut off.

  62. I was happy when I come to learn about the delay of Windows Vista by intending to emerge Beta 3 between Beta 2 and RC 1. So take your own time and keep on improving the overall quality in terms of UI, presentation work, security and reliability and performance options. Don’t focus your mind to include new things for the time being. Then after the official release of the Windows Vista i.e. in January 2007-March 2007, you just keep on adding new stuffs to the Windows Vista.

    Recall my mantra, Vista = clarity, white, transparency, polished, glassy,shiny, snappier reliable, safe and secure

    Build 5483 is again not as impressive as expected. You have to admit that you are focusing more on promos, ads and rich-introduction, demos and presentation in the form of videos by giving the virtual flavor and experience of the next generation of Windows i.e. “Windows Vistaâ€Â?.

    PDC 2003 à New look of the next generation Windows (then called by codename “Longhornâ€Â?)
    July 22, 2005 à new banner and UI of the Windows Vista
    After July 22, 2005 till this date à virtual experience of the Windows Vista is promoted in the following website

    Microsoft, this is to again inform you that you just spend your resources on the remaining development of the Windows Vista and make you promises true which you are making till now.
    That’s all

    —– Karamavir Singh Rajpal
    August 04,2006

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 03, 2006

  63. You covered allot and I agree with much of it. One think you didn’t cover is Windows File Explorer. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ABSOLUTELT HATES THE FAVORITES WINDOW ABOVE THE FOLDERS LIST????? Why can’t I turn this off? When is Windows going to stop going to my documents folder or the start folder and just bring me into file explorer with a top view, ie…. Desktop, Drive, Network…. Every GD time I open explorer I have to close folder branches and scroll back to the top. MS need to take a long look at Nautilus the see how a file manager is supposed to work. This new one tries to be Mac’ism but fails miserably.

    Also…It took me hours to finally get this box to join my domain (and I’ve been doing networking for 20yrs). It was easier getting my Fedora box in the domain. And, when it did finally join, I have no idea why.

    One more annoyance….under networking, half of my servers and shares doen’t show up. If I manually type in the server it works, but it doesn’t show the fill list of boxes in the domain. The machines it does show, is somewhat random…not always the same few machines….

    oh well…glad it’s still a beta….and glad I have an MSDN license from my employer….cause I wouldn’t pay $300 for this OS…

  64. After examining Windows Vista Build 5487, I was amazed with clarity in almost each and every angle. Microsoft, for this I will greet you and bless you for precious hard work reflected in the Build 5487. May the God bestow the blessings on you and give you more energy to achieve the milestone quickly. Expectations are running very high from you. Be in your high sprits. We people sincerely believe in you. You hard work is seriously destined to be the core and foundation of the future. Carry on. Bravo!

    I am grateful to the Windows Vista team for following my positive suggestions and feedbacks reflected in the “CHRIS PRILLOâ€Â?’s esteemed website. You are seriously heading towards the milestone/RC-1.

    The UI is now looking fresher than previous builds. Also, icons are looking newer. Stability and performance is increased. Almost everything is perfect. Explorer is refreshed with new set of icons. It could be better if the green strip and the wide green band in the “WELCOME CENTERâ€Â? are completely replaced by the “WHITEâ€Â? strip and the “WHITEâ€Â? band. Also icons like “VOLUME CONTROLâ€Â? and “INTERNET CONNECTIONâ€Â? in the notification barking old-fashioned and dirtier than that of Windows XP and Windows 2000. I want this to be replaced by new set of 3D icons.

    Also you have misinterpreted the meaning of glassy look. There is difference between the “GLASSYâ€Â? and the “TRANSLUECYâ€Â?. The “GLASSYâ€Â? effect and the “TRANSLUENCYâ€Â? effect were realized only in the Windows Vista Beta 1. So I want the “GLASSYâ€Â? effect to be added in the RC-1. For the build 5487, I will give you 75 points out of 100.

    Overall, I am impressed with the UI of the Build 5487. But there is lot to do. Your aim is to bring the clarity to the Windows Vista hence the world.

    MILESTONE: – Windows Vista >> Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopardâ€Â? (in all respects)

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 8, 2006

  65. What about Himesh Reshamiya in WMP 11. Why are you not including his album “Aap Ka Suror”? He is the versatile singer in the India. If you include his album in the WMP 11, sales of the Windows Vista will increase within 6 months in the India.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal and Mandep Singh Rajpal
    August 8,2006

  66. I wanted to experience Vista so in spite of the fact it did not install because of a glitch caused by instances of files of the pre-installed version of Microsoft Office 2003 Standard which was a 60 day release I deleted all the files associated with that program including prefetch, and uninstalled Norton Internet Security 2005 and gave it a try.

    After a few days of running the software I was pleased that it did in fact install completely, however it was really not a good thing to find out that Windows XP had the driver for my printer which is a very old one, HP Deskjet 672c so I was only able to use the driver for HP Deskjet 600 which was included in the Windows Vista beta 2.

    What I would like to know is, will it be necessary to purchase a new printer, a new computer camera, and what programs that were compatible with Xp will be essentially obsolete in the new Vista operating system by the time it goes retail in 2007?

    It’s always nice to get a new operating system that provides better internet security but I wonder if by the way, Norton Internet Security will be workable in the years following the new Windows Vista release in that Microsoft is essentially wanting to corner the market in internet security by providing the following service: Windows One Care. It’s supposed to do everything including perhaps replace existing anti-virus and personal firewall protection that Norton Internet Serurity currently provides myself and many others who do not feel compelled to be users of exclusively Microsoft created and owned software.

    When an operating system dominates the market then all other creaters of software are having to exist in fact, in the shadow of the big corporate giant.


    Reminder : – Almost everything and even every application is modified memorably and radically like migration from Windows Messenger to Windows Meeting Space, CD Writing Wizard to Windows DVD Maker, Internet Explorer 6 to Windows Internet Explorer 7+, Outlook Express to Windows Mail and etc. However some widely used applications like “Paintâ€Â?, “WordPadâ€Â? and “Notepadâ€Â? are still not changed in terms of UI, layout, features and functionality. They are having the same experience and flavor as found in good older XP.

    Now comes, the setting of desktop, wallpapers and screensavers. It seems to have a similar experience while customizing these stuffs like screensavers, wallpapers, desktop and etc. I want these old methods to be changed to a different manner (layout/method of customization) akin to that of “Window Blindsâ€Â? software.

    Icons like “Ease of Accessâ€Â?, “Default Programsâ€Â? and etc. seem to be boring and old. As compared to other icons, it seems to be 2D, classic and dirty. Also Explorer, Welcome Center and Control Panel look quiet dirtier in the presence of the old 2D icons.

    Still, I am noticing that “Scroll Barâ€Â? resembles the same look as the XP’s Luna Style with silver color scheme. In Beta 1, the scroll bar seems to be prettier. But since Beta 2, it seems to be dirtier, scaly and dull. In the previous feedback, I had reminded that rounded glossy scroll bar is the perfect match for the Windows Vista.

    Almost everything in the “WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER 7+â€Â? is perfect. But there is one serious drawback since the very first version of the “INTERNET EXPLORERâ€Â?. That serious drawback is that it’s faulty download speed. We can’t enjoy the true surfing experience as the “FIREFOXâ€Â? delivers. The web page should be downloaded within few seconds as the “FIREFOXâ€Â? delivers.
    Secondly, I want the Microsoft engineers to include “UPâ€Â? button deeply in the “WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER 7+â€Â?. By clicking the “UPâ€Â? button, user should reach the home web page or up one level.

    NOTE: – “Up One Levelâ€Â? means, suppose already I had opened the webpage “â€Â?, now I want to go to the previous page i.e. ““. So I click the “UPâ€Â? button and then I select one of the two options i.e. “UP ONE LEVELâ€Â?.

    Anyways, now comes the layout and the presentation work of new in-built applications like “Windows Defenderâ€Â?, “Help and Support Centerâ€Â? and “Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta-1â€Â?. Seriously, there is not even a minor upgrade in the layout and the UI of these applications. We have been noticing the “Windows Defenderâ€Â?, the “Help and Support Centerâ€Â? and “Upgrade Advisor Beta 1â€Â? sports ugly dark-green look with messy bold fonts. On the other hand, the XP’s “Help and Support Centerâ€Â? looks better than that of the Vista.

    Hope you will follow my positive feedbacks and make improvements as soon as possible.
    Lastly I will say, “Bring clarity to the Windows Vista hence the worldâ€Â?. I still believe that you have 1000 times or even more potential than the “Appleâ€Â?.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 15, 2006

  68. From the very beginning since my childhood, I am supporter of the Microsoft. The reason behind my liking towards the Microsoft is that my father made me realize the significance of the “Windows 3.1â€Â? in his early working days. According to him, “Without Windows, there will be no light in the computing eraâ€Â?. Also, I find that the Microsoft and the Bill Gates’ are responsible ones who has changed the vision and the trend of the computing and always aimed to provide easy, friendly and affordable computing. One thing I like about the Bill Gates is that inspite of all richness and luxuries; he is gentle, sober, kind and helpful guy. One more thing I want to tell that I abhor the rivals of the Microsoft like “Appleâ€Â?, “Red Hatâ€Â? and etc. Recently, in the WWDC 2006 conference, “Steve Jobsâ€Â? poked on the Microsoft by saying, “You know, our friends up north spent over $5 billion on R&D,”, “but these days all they seem to be copying is Google and Apple. Shows money doesn’t buy everything.â€Â? By making these bad remarks, one thing is clear that the Steve Jobs wanted to discourage the Microsoft and the Windows Vista’s team members and developers. In other words, he wants to delay the Windows Vista again or wanting to halt the development on the Windows Vista effectively.

    The best way to stay ahead with Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopardâ€Â? is to include all the Microsoft’s freeware utilities and applications deeply in the Windows Vista.

    Secondly, to include all the upcoming features of Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopardâ€Â? like “iChat Theatreâ€Â?,â€Â? “Front Rowâ€Â?, â€Â?Time Machineâ€Â?, “Core Animationâ€Â?, “Virtual Desktopâ€Â? and etc.

    Now pay attention that what I am going to unveil in the next most important lines.

    Indeed these following information are accurate and hardly to believe.
    It is purported that Apple is intending to include powerful and cool stuffs in the “Leopardâ€Â? which are as following:-

    Searcher will replace Finder. Leopard will ship with virtual reality goggles and gloves. The interior of OS X will appear in the goggles as a huge vault with slots on the sides for the various file system folders.
    All a user will have to do to see the contents of any folder is raise a hand and point a finger in the direction of a slot.
    Some folders contain subfolders; these folders will appear as doors the user can walk through.
    Keyboard is the replacement for Terminal. All the user will have to do is utter the word ‘keyboard’ and a keyboard will appear in the goggles. This keyboard will be capable of accepting Unix FreeBSD Darwin commands. The technology behind Keyboard is so advanced that preliminary studies show the average or median user can actually type faster than at a real (physical) keyboard.
    Whenever the user wishes, Sulu can be called up. Sulu appears as a pilot with the face of chief software engineer Avie Tevanian. It is Sulu’s job to take care of difficulties with software installs, permissions, and prebindings.
    Scotty is the hardware maintenance ‘Sulu’. He appears as soon as the user utters ‘Scotty’. Scotty appears as Sulu but with the face of Jon Rubenstein. If ever the user needs to perform hardware diagnostic or is in the least unsure of the box, Scotty will come to the rescue.
    Bones is the resident shrink. The user calls up Bones by uttering ‘Bones’. Bones and a leather sofa will appear. The user is then encouraged to lie down on the sofa.
    Bones is used whenever the user feels shaky and is contemplating migrating back to Windows. Normal sessions with Bones are expected to take less than one minute and tests in focus groups show they never fail.
    Chekhov will replace Dashboard. The user simply submits a ‘Dashboard’ idea to Chekhov who writes the widget and runs it.
    The new name of the super user account on OS X Leopard will be Tiberius, but the authority of this super user will be ‘granular’ – that is to say Tiberius will not have access to all system resources.
    To engage resources beyond the control of Tiberius, the user will collaborate with a second super user known as Spock.
    When logged in as Tiberius and in need of further assistance, the user will simply utter ‘SPOCK DO SOMETHING’; give the ‘split finger salute’ with either glove, or Spock will appear.
    Spock is the most intelligent of the OS X helpers and completely unemotional. It is Spock who will solve issues even the mighty Tiberius cannot handle.
    Sulu, Scotty, Bones, Chekhov, Tiberius, and Spock will automatically scramble whenever Klingons attacks are imminent – that is to say whenever mail or other Internet communications emanating from Windows computers are at the ports and attempting to break in.
    Attacks can be as innocuous as pleas for help from friends on Windows, run over once again by another one hundred thousand Trojans and zombies and keystroke loggers.
    No mercy is shown: the potential intruders are categorically denied entry and turned away. All a user will have to do to see the contents of any folder is raise a hand and point a finger in the direction of a slot. Some folders contain subfolders; these folders will appear as doors the user can walk through.

    NOTE: – Certainly these lines are true and hardly to digest. These are the chief things which the Apple doesn’t want to disclose now publicly. The above mentioned information is reported today to me from internal sources. According to the internal sources, it is 99.9% sure that the Apple will definitely include these cool stuffs in the upcoming version of the Mac OS X. Take these powerful and cool features into account in the Windows Vista or Windows Vista R2 (Release 2).

    Again I want you to remind that the above ideas, discussions and top secrets are the core of the future to stay ahead with the Apple.

    Very soon, I am going to start the website for the next-generation of Windows codenamed “Vienna”. So stay tune with me.

    For more information and FAQs, you can contact me at “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”.

    All I can say is that “Bring clarity to the Windows Vista hence the world”.
    That’s all.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 15, 2006


    After seeing smooth and tremendous progress in each new build I heartily congratulate the Windows Vista team. Things seem to be perfect in the each new build. To name few, Vista’s premium theme “Windows Aeroâ€Â? is getting more refined and snappier. True glassy effects are back in the build 5505. Each new build is getting more stable and faster than previous ones. There are lots of thing which are getting improved. But one thing which is still not improved as expected from you. That thing is the presence the old dirty green band. Earlier I had reminded in my feedbacks that “Explorerâ€Â? ‘ll look prettier and nicer if and only if the old dirty green band/strip is replaced by the white color. Also, options and its respective icons like “Organizeâ€Â?, â€Â?Burnâ€Â?, â€Â?Viewsâ€Â?, â€Â?Previewâ€Â?, â€Â?Slide Showâ€Â?, â€Â?E-mailâ€Â? , â€Â?Shareâ€Â?, â€Â?Printâ€Â? provided in the green band looks unclear, dirty and also the user finds difficult to read the provided options easily.

    Also UI of the “Control Panelâ€Â? and its key components like “System and Maintenance > Systemâ€Â? looks dirtier in the presence of the dirty vertical broad strip/band. Again, I want to remind you the white color is the perfect combination for the “Control Panelâ€Â?.

    In the recent builds, “BACKâ€Â? and “FORWARDâ€Â? are now getting degraded by making little small and making embedded arrow little more bold, hence making buttons little dirtier.

    Now comes the applications part. It is already known to us that the Windows Vista provides almost many multimedia and productive applications and tools. For example the “Ultimate Editionâ€Â? carries huge number of softwares and applications for business users as well as for hardcore graphics professionals. But it still lacks some very important applications which “Linuxâ€Â? and “Mac OS X 10.4â€Â? has. To name few, the Windows Vista still lacks the sound editing software, video editing software, Windows HD-DVD Maker, graphics editor, animation software for graphics enthusiasts,video processing software and etc. Additionally, it lacks the developer tool (IDE/language). No matters how much space is required for the full installation of the Windows Vista.
    At least you should carry the “Express Editionâ€Â? of the “VISUAL STUDIOâ€Â?. I ‘ll be pleased if you carry the “Express Editionâ€Â? of the “MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007â€Â?. Isn’t a good idea.

    Still the Windows Vista carry the limited number of applications as opposed to the “LINUXâ€Â? and the “MAC OS X 10.4â€Â?. So you should include all the free versions and express edition of all the softwares deeply in the Windows Vista deeply by the final release.

    If you are finding that limited time is left for the inclusion of the softwares by the release of RC-1 so you should be ready for another “Release Candidateâ€Â? i.e. RC-2. You are most welcome.

    In fact I want Microsoft to release the RC-2 in October 25 and hence push the RTM date by a month or two. We want the hi-quality product. For this reason we are ready to corporate with you.

    MILESTONE AND AIM:- Windows Vista >> Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopardâ€Â? (in all respects)

    Hope you will follow my positive suggestions. Last of all, I can say,â€Â?Bring the core meaning and jewels of the Windows Vista.â€Â? Thats all for folks.

    — Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 19,2006


    Microsoft,this is to inform you that some base features in the upcoming editions of the Windows Vista are almost same as that of Windows XP.
    For instance, Starter Edition has the support only for low-end 32 Bit CPUs like “Intel Pentium III” , “Intel Celeron” , “AMD Duron” , “AMD Geode”.
    It is known that nearly 95% of the starter end PC and basic PC comes atleast with the old 32 Bit Pentium 4 processor (Willamette ~ 2.4 GHz). Nowadays, the “Pentium III”, the “Duron” are almost obsolete. So, it would be better for novoice users and starters if the “Vista Starter Edition” gets the extended support for the older 32 Bit P4s and the AMD Athlon XP (x86). Also, the “Starter Edition” should have the support for 4 GB of physical memory.

    Now comes, about the most impressive edition of the Windows Vista ie “Ultimate Edition”. The “Ultimate Edition” covers nearly all the multimedia tools and the business applications. But still it needs some applications to be deeply integrated. To name few, it should be fully packed with “Windows HD-DVD Maker”, “Microsoft Max”, “Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition” and more.

    Another thing I want to suggest the Windows Vista team members that they should extend the support for atleast 4 physical seperate processors in the “Ultimate Edition”. Hence making the “Ultimate Edition” more differentiable and superior than the “Business Edition” and the “Enterprise Edition”.

    What about “Windows Vista Embedded Edition” ?

    Thats all for folks.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    August 20, 2006

  71. This is great stuff. So people think you’re an anal whinger. Although it don’t matter whether MS release a great OS or a crap one (as people will still eventually buy it), this is the result of hard work, and more people like this need to work in MS. People like you and me that don’t look at the positives, but criticize the negatives, and question why something doesn’t do this, why this doesn’t have that etc. After all, its only constructive criticism, and if MS can please Mr Pirillo, then I think its a job well done! If it’s only as hard as correcting the *mistakes* and a few others things, then it IS possible. Of course this post will probably be circulating in 2yrs time as the ‘easter eggs’ or goofs of Vista. It IS MS, after all. We can try.

  72. Hello this is Karamvir Singh Rajpal from India. I am back again. Now coming to the point. So atre the release of the Windows Vista RC-1 Build 5600. Nearly 2/5th of my feedbacks and suggestions are followed by you. But abbout 3/5th of my feedbacks are still not taken into consideration and hence not reflected in the latest builds (Pre-RTMs and Post RC-1’s).

    After testing the Windows RC-1 Build 5600, I came to some important conclusions which are as following:

    1) Progress bar which is looking as atttractive as reflected in the Build December 2005 CTP (Build 5270).

    2) “WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER” is turning into black-blue and hence looking boring and ugly. So I would be pleased if you Microsoft engineers revert the background color into energetic blue (which was reliased in the previous builds). So do it fast.

    3) Inspite of being several reminders, you have not improved the look of the “Control Panel” and the “System and Maintaince” which still looks very dirty.

    4) “Turn Off Button” located in the start menu does’nt seem to be improved one. It looks blacky-orange. So revert it to the “PURE RED” color which was lastly observed in the March EDW 2005.

    5) WMP icon does’nt seem to be a new one. It is equivalent to that of WMP 10 Series. Just revert it to a new one.

    6) Now again this is to remind you, the green strip placed under the menu bar in the explore seems to be unfit. Just replace the green strip with the band of white strip.

    7) Scroll Bar still does’nt seem to be changed. It looks dirtier with grey scales and dull look.

    8) “HELP AND SUPPORT CENTER” and “UPGRADE ADVISOR” does’nt seem to be refined again. It looks dirtier than that of Windows XP.

    9) Once again I want to remind you that “WHITE” bootup screen will be the perfect match.

    10) Few weeks ago the show conducted in the Seatle by one and only Himesh Reshamiya has impressed the American audience. Next year he is going to release the new album which is slated to be released internationally. What is the reason for the inclusion of his album in the WMP 11 ? Get it now.

    11) “WINDOWS POWER SHELL” is almost ready for the prime time. So bundle it with the Windows Vista.

    12) The pleasure of using Windows Vista will be doubled or tripled if it is shipped with the “MICROSOFT PLUS!”, “MICROSOFT MAX” , “VISUAL STUDIO 2005 EXPRESS EDITION”.

    13) “System and Maintaince” is getting better in terms of showing the PC information + more. But I will be happy if you enable “Intel Core 2 Extereme” or any brand’s processor’s logo + codename of the CPU in the “System and Maintaince”.

    14) What about the native support for Blu-Ray discs,HD-DVD and HVDs ? Atleast you should bundle “Windows HD-DVD Maker” application with the Windows Vista ?

    Still a month is left for the final touch in the Windows Vista. So Microsoft engineers and Windows Vista team members do it fast and make 2007 year “The Era of Vista”.

    Thats all.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    September 19,2006

  73. Hello this is Karamvir Singh Rajpal from India. One more thing I have forgot to write about the Vista. That is the presence of Security Center sign in the button of the explorer which looks dirty and untidy. Hope this will be rectified before Vista goes RTM in the late October (25 th October 2006)

    All that I can say “Bring the true experience of Windows Vista and drain all the jewels of the word “Vista” ” . Bravo!

    I will keep you informing for further suggestions and feedbacks.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    September 27,2006

  74. Hello this is Karamvir Singh Rajpal again on the Chriss Prillo’s website. I am again here to present 2 -3 more feedbacks for Build 5728 which are as following:

    1.) I want Microsoft to recast the black taskbar into a thin one.
    2.) Plus, I would be pleased if you remove “Security Center” sign found in many places of the Vista . for eg in the explore’s button and many places except Control Panel.
    3.) I will be happy if you kindly change the icon of WMP 11 series + to integrate the Himesh Reshamiya’s most superb album “Aap Ka Suroor” in the WMP 11. Why have you not included till yet ?

    4.) To enhance the UI of the “System and Maintaince” and more options.

    5.) To remove the Security Center sign embedded in the explore’s button.

    Thats all.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    September 28,2006

  75. Hello Chris Pirillo and my Microsoft guys. I welcome you again in this feedback session.

    Now from technical point of view, Vista is now much matured and almost ready for an official release. I am happy with the latest build of Vista.

    I am again ready for more suggestions and bank of feedbacks.

    1.) I would be happy if there is an inclusion of the Touch-Screen support in the Vista.

    2.) Moreover, I want an additional support for forthcoming technologies namely PCI Express 2.0, AMD Torrenza and etc.

    3.) Plus I want top integrate the software MS Expression and MS Max .

    4.) Also I would be happy if you integrate the support for 3D Web browsing which “3B Web Browser” delievers.

    5.) Inclusion of Himesh Reshamiya’s private album “Aap Ka Suroor”.

    Thsi might be the last session of giving Vista’s feedbacks and suggestions. So, from the next time I ‘ll be writing feedbacks for the upcoming Windows codenamed “Fiji” and “Vienna”.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    October 3,2006

  76. Welcoming you again, so finally Microsoft has given green signal to Windows Vista for RTM. Before the RTM version releases,lets take a quick preview of Windows Vista RC-2 Build 5744. What I thing about RC-2 is that it is 90% matured and furnished code. The remaining part includes some minor instableties and few annoyances.

    Lets take each feature one by one.

    1.) “Setup” screen is richly enhanced than previous builds.But one thing I have been still noticing since past few months which is presence of scaly window (“Setup Windows” with “User Account” option).

    2.) “Control Panel” still looks dirty.

    3.) Bootup Banner still not finalized.

    4.) “Turn Off Button” in the start menu does’nt resemble the button present in the logon screen.

    5.) All icons seem to be refreshed and bears new look except WMP, Windows Update + few more.

    6.) Problems like screen-redraw bugs and vanishing icons. Performance still doesn’t seem as snappy as I’d like, and operations like sleeping and resuming sometimesâ€â€?though not alwaysâ€â€?take surprisingly long to complete. But on the whole, RC2 seems stable and usable.
    But on the whole, RC2 seems stable and usable. applications I need are running fine.

    So is RC2 ready for release? If my experience is at all typical, it’s not there yet. I expect Microsoft knows it still has work to do and that we’ll see at least another interim revision of RC2, as we did for RC1, if not a full-blown RC3, before the company makes the decision to ship Vista en masse. Hope the RTM build/version will be definitely be a “GOLD RELEASE” code.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    October 19,2006

  77. One more thing I want to inform you Vista team members is that you must immidiately find a new solution for PATCHGUARD OF Widows Vista x64. Because just now I came to now that hackers are sure that within an year they will be able to hack Vista’s API and rendering PatchGuard useless. Take a strict action against these hackers. Because I want the Windows Vista to be secure and safe. I want you to work hard to prevent these type of non-senses.

    Hope this will be rectified before Vista goes RTM. Bye Bye.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    October 18,2006

  78. The Era of VRML

    VRML is going to be the year of Virtual Reality technology and VRML. That is what I have predicted. So Microsoft guys, what are you waiting up for. Get ready to include this hot technology in the SP 1 of Windows Vista. So get ready to make this technology to taste to users.

    I am waiting for RTM Build to be released. Very soon I am going to inform you about the Build 6000.

    Your milestone is still left which must be reflected in the upcoming version of Windows OS codenamed “Vienna” (Windows Vista R2). In other words I want you to include hot techs like “WinFS”, + more before 2010.

    Love you Microsoft and Vista team members.

    —–Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    November 08,2006

  79. PART 1

    Hey Microsoft and Windows Vista members , welcoming you again. Finally RTM build of Windows Vista is released about 6 days ago. it is quiet matured and stable. but there are existence of old icons and minor parts of XP’s UI. Take for an instance, “Windows Easy Transfer Wizard” has existence of keywords “My Music” , “My Videos” and “My Documents” + old icons. Also “Mobility Center” has an icon of XP’s Help and Support Center. I want you to renew all the icons and some part of UI with referesh icons of Vista in the “January Release”. Also the start menu bears the orange blacky Turn Off button which is not similar to that of Login Screen. Plus there are few annoyances and limitations while doing general tasks with MP3 Sound File.

    For more feedbacks I will keep you informing in the PART 2.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    November 14,2006

  80. Finally I have made a long list on the UI in this part ie PART 2.

    Windows Vista RTM Build Ultimate Edition has number of significantv changes in terms of UI and look.


    Windows Media Center 9/10
    Windows Meeting Space 9.5/10
    Windows Media Player 8/10
    Windows DVD Maker 7.5/10
    Windows Photo Gallery 7/10
    Windows Mail 7/10
    Windows Internet Explorer 5.5/10

    FINAL WORD:- Internet Explorer should have new look analogous to “Windows Meeting Space”. Plus the new look should be reflected in the Control Panel + System and Maintaince. I am in the favour of adding new theme ie what I call “Windows Aero FX”= first concept of AERO theme presented in the PDC 2003 conference

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    November 28,2006

  81. I just checked both my PC, a Dell & an HP and both would run Vista, but at a heavey price. 12 of my software programs would not work, and 3 of my fairly new add on hardware won’t work. What is wrong with that crazy Microsoft, going backwards!!! I’m now convince to go for an iMac.
    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

  82. Hey Microsoft i am back again. recently I cam et o know about the next OS named “Windows Home Server”. I appreciate your sincerty and new innovative product. I think 2007 is going to be the block bluster year for you as you are going to release 3 updates of Windows ie Windows Vista Service Pack 1,Windows Server 2007 and then Windows Home Server continously. And then the 2010 will also be going to be the blockbluster year for you because you geeks are going to release Windows Vienna. Thats nice. Keep it up! So, the three years from now is going to be the fantastic years. Thats what we deserve from you.

    Anyways, I also recently came to know about the details of Windows Ultimate Extras. Thats going to be the big and excellent package for customers. But one thing, I will never appreciate is that you will have premium charges on this package. So, I would like you to make available this premium and ultimate package free and also I would like to add 4-5 freeware softwares of Microsoft which will add the double-triple or quad excitement to us(customers).
    So be ready to include all these goodies.

    —– Karamvir Singh Rajpal
    January 24,2007

  83. Been waiting two weeks now for a new system with Vista Pre-installed and still waiting.
    They don’t even have drivers for an internal PCI Modem. I know it may be old school but some people are not able or not willing to take on ADSL yet.


    There is no doubt that you have aimed to make the 2007 year a blockbuster hit by bearing new gifts and innovations. After the release of Windows Vista you are making the market ready for the Windows Vista Service Pack 1, the Windows Server 2007, the Windows Home Server, Windows “Fiji” and the Windows “Vienna”. The first three mentioned Windows are lined up for this year.

    I am very happy to learn about the “Fiji” and the “Vienna”. It is rumored from some sources and even indicated from some Microsoft bloggers that the “Fiji” will be fully enriched with the new UI, comeback of WinFS and music-authorizing tool plus more robust features are slated to be released in “Windows Vista R2” codenamed “Fiji”.

    And finally the Windows “Vienna” is going to be the evolutionary release than the revolutionary release. It is rumored that the Windows “Vienna” will sport a new file-system and other advance technologies of computing. It’s going to be the most major release in the industry. So, keep it up and make the decade blockbuster.

    FINAL WORD: – New breakthrough technologies and new computing is arriving soon.


    Microsoft, this is to inform you that, you must adopt a policy to deliver a sole edition of Windows right from the Vienna. That comprises all the set of features in which no separate edition should be available for Windows Vienna. Take for an instance, an entry level PC of 2006 is more than enough to run Windows Vista Home Basic Edition and modest configuration relatively higher than an entry-level PC is fully capable and ready to run Windows Vista Home Premium edition and Business Edition. Obviously an Ultimate Edition of the Windows Vista requires very high end configuration PC in order to run all its baked features. So we deduce that an high end configuration based components, hardware and devices will not be available in mainstream and not much popularized among the most of the customers hence the customers will prefer Home Premium Edition(for consumers) or Business Edition(for business users and corporate users) rather than the superb Ultimate Edition. Hence, I can say that the Ultimate Edition will be slowly popularized and hence slow transition in the industry. So, it will become quiet difficult for us to run next version of Windows OS i.e. successor to the Vista. Hence the ease of PC transition can only be possible by offering only single edition of Windows.

    So go ahead and start making only Ultimate Edition for Windows Vienna in order to achieve the ease of adoption of the superior edition of the Windows Vienna or simply Windows Vienna.

    FINAL WORD: – Separate edition leads to slow transition in hardware and PC industry.

  86. Why screw around with Vista? Why shell out hundreds PER computer just to install this piece of crap? Just install Linux. Its Free. And so are the thousands of programs available for it. Ubuntu is an easy one. I recommend that for newcomers. It works very well. I am using Debian Etch. Firewalls, antivirus scanners, operating systems and programs, ALL FREE. You just download the OS and burn as an ISO image, and install. These are top notch, state of the art systems. Once you learn some basics,you will never go back to Windows again.

    Captain Bob

  87. Window Visa Home is not for beginners or intermediate users, the main fault in this O.S I discovered is that it dont run the help file of softwares which is based on Win32. I run few softwares, whenever I tried to open the help file of relevant software, a message pops up that it is not supported, probably Microsoft Corporation deliberately did, so that customers should buy softwares supported by Window Visa, and they have to Bin their old softwares.

  88. Hey you guys…as an end-user and professional computer tech…I have a few bones to pick with Microsoft on this release.

    The first to be what I think should be the most obvious…why include anti-virus software with your operating system…if you know your operating system is insecure enough to have to include that…why don’t you just FIX YOUR OS? Come on guys…they are just giving us crutches to use a crippled operating system here.

    The next frustration is everything about the software compatibility “feature”. It just doesn’t work…at all. Microsoft’s fix is VirtualPC 2007…but if that’s their fix…then why don’t they bundle it with every release of Vista and why doesn’t it come with all the OS’s listed pre-installed so we as end-users don’t need to deal with such frustrations. For what we pay for Windows that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    Ok, I lied…there were two issues, not a few. Either way I feel relieved to get them off my chest where they might be appreciated.

    Thanks Chris,

  89. Vista’s search doesn’t work. I have a small text file containing some odd words. Type one word in the Start Search box and let it rip. Nothing. Check that search is set for “everywhere”, repeat the exercise. Nothing. Duplicate the file to up the odds. Still nothing. Swapped to XP. Found the file…

    Vista seems unable to search inside files.

  90. I will tell you one thing, I wish to hell I would have never updated my new dell laptop to windows vista. I have had to reboot it back to factory setting four times already in the past month because everything I decide to do to my computer ISN’T COMPATIBLE. Not only is windows vista slow and useless, a second grader must of made the program

  91. sir i m using the pirated version of windows vista ultimate and i succesful to crack it but time is decreasin day by day after 1 month what will be the result will i m able 2 work on vista permanently solve my problem plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  92. the most rubbish thing in Vista is WMP11. When you listen to another song while playing a playlist and click “resume you last playlist” it star from the begining of the song! In windows XP (with WMP11), it will countinue the song, not from the start. The are many thing I want to complaint but I forgot already 😉

  93. I want to complain too.WIndows vista slows my pc down.
    WHen y try copy songs from my dvd cd it take ages to copy just 1 song.My ram is 1gb so what the hell!

  94. I’ve been using and working on computer since the Vic-20. But, I’ve never seen such a bad operating system as Vista. 90 pecent of my software will not work on it. My hardware, although the checker software says it will work dosent. This is a worse operating system than ME. Microsoft should feel embaresed for working on a flop for so long. Where they asleep all this time or what?

  95. I think windows vista are better… only the bugs very annoying me… ha3… but, I think Microsoft has went to far with those OS named ‘VISTA’ but still they had a great job. Loved that. But if I were you all, I prefer Linux more than vista. Beryl and Compiz are truly cool!! Vista aero are suck!!! If I see from Linux… But never mind. Vista has done a great job!! The promotions are good, the case, the cd are shiny, the gift if we buy vista… Ha3… those promotions are very good!! But Linux are the best!! Microsoft promotions are truly good, Linux truly sucks in promotions, but, Linux has a better GUI and security, also with the most powerful software than VISTA!!

  96. my company just bought me a new computer with vista os. we weren’t informed (we’re archaeologists, not computer techs) that we’d be forced to spend 400 bucks on office 2007 because our xp office couldn’t be installed on vista. we PAID for our xp and think we should be able to use it! i can’t recall the last time i updated my computer to a new os and wasn’t able to use older software. it’s a rip-off and i’m absolutely livid. no-one seems to be able to help. microsoft can not be contacted unless i want to pay 59 bucks just to talk to them, and the company that sold us our computer apologizes but can’t do anything about it. now i’m stuck using word 97 because that’s the only thing that the computer will accept. my company and myself have been loyal microsoft customers for decades. why are we being treated like this? why are we being forced to now spend thousands of dollars on products we don’t need and that, according to the plethora of complaints, is not better than the next most recent version? it’s street hustling at its worst. the customer has absolutely no recourse.

  97. hi

    vista ummm i had a p with it
    wen i was copy tow Folder the folder had 100mb in them vista went off and on the bar went off and on i did this a gen and it hapand a gen ha vista

  98. window vista is always hang….after 1 hour internet usage it CANT RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE TARGET….





  99. I had bought a Acer laptop for my kids in May 2007 and since that time I have had nothing but trouble with this windows Vista. My old ass HP with Win98 works 10 times better than this peice of sh t, even if it does freeze up on me every now and then. I ask what can we do??? Best Buy will not take it back. I have spoken to techs and I get its just no good. Microsoft should not be selling this crap. From what I have been told I’ll need to put more memory in, and scan for virous at and extra cost of $200 to $300. I could have had an Apple for that.

  100. First off a little background about myself since we have never spoken before. I am software developer for Cox Communications, and also work at Best Buy part time just because I like fixing hardware. I am writing in regard to your comments on and about Windows Vista. I would like to agree with you totally first off. I have used a multitude of operating systems, and development environments and by far Windows Vista falls the shortest of any O.S released in the past 10 years. Having been a developer for ten years now, I think that Microsoft is using the public as test bunnies. My real question comes to you though here, when windows vista is initially started it takes between 15-45 minutes to get it up and running. Recently at work we put together a high end machine with 4 gigs of memory in it and the difference between that machines performance and several other machines with less 1.5 gig is near minimum. Why? The swap files (“virtual memory”) are the same. Any ideas, suggestions.

  101. Vista came installed with my new Everex StepNote $500 laptop. Since I have used XP for years at work, I wanted to try out Vista before installing Kubuntu. Although the laptop boots and runs way too slowly, I did have a good initial impression of the “look” of Vista.

    I had been impressed with the “advertised” security features, but soon found that they depended upon the trial version of Norton. The low power requirements for the VIA C7_M processor, the primary reason I got this laptop, are all but negated when running Vista. The machine is virtually unusable when combining the low power features with Vista. I whole heartedly agree that Vista is a Beta version of Windows. Now I need to find a wireless driver for the wireless card that works with Linux. That will be much easier than waiting on all the service packs for Vista.

  102. After fighting Vista for two weeks I realize that this is the biggest boondoggle since OS2!!

    The drive, with Readyboost, etc. spends half it’s life running for no apparent reason. Programs–all programs go into “Not Respnding” then recover. EVEN Outlook 2007!!

    Speaking of the other BS product trial. MS Office 2007 60-day trial(?!?!) Well, I got the temporry activation code–for what?? Outlook gave 20 uses then went into “reduced function” mode in just 11 days. REDUCED FUNCTION?? Hmmm. You cannot “Reply” or “New” message. You can neither “Copy” not Ctrl-C information. Same thing with Notes.

    This is a NO function trial. BTW-I found that Open Office 2.1 runs on Vista just fine. If my Office XP doesn’t work here, there will be no M$. Thunderbird works.

    This is a total junk O/S. Start-up, shut down program launch, etc. are NO faster than my old XP system that had 1 GB and one drive. This is a 1.8, core 2 with 3GB and 1 GB SD Readyboost. Two 120GB drives.

  103. i too have dealt with vista home basic and premium and think windows needs to go back to the drawing board! to many versions and all r crappy…sorry, thats just the way it is. two people i know have vista and r going back to xp b/c its soon bad! they want thier xp back!

  104. i purchase laptop pc w/ geniune windows vista, some of my complain are: yahoo voice chat is unenable, some application can not install..So sorry to tell but i’m gonna erase this vista, and going back again w/ xp sercvice pack 2 which i’m consider is the best..

  105. I ran Vista RC1 for a few months and came away with nothing that XP doesn’t give me. The price is too high and I don’t like dealing with Microsoft and their corporate dictatorship. If Mac would bring their prices down to earth, I would switch just to get away from Microsoft.

  106. Hi, I’m a long time Windows (since 3.1) user and developer and I can say without a doubt that Vista (“Ultimate edition”, hah what a farce) is not worth it, it’s not even worth the time to download if it was Open Source. I’ve been staying clear of the OS until at least a year past its release data, just to avoid any role-out issues. Yesterday, I received a new laptop from work, did a fresh Vista install and attempted to install all my usual applications (Visual Studio 2005, some games, etc…). Wow, did microsoft drop the ball on this one. I could not install any, i repeat any, of my apps without error. Upon searching the net for solutions, I found thousands of posts of exactly (I mean “to the word” exact) the same problem I was experiencing, but no solutions.

    As a software developer, I know no software is truley bug-free, but Vista seems like they failed to even go through a BETA test. The annoying pop-up that asks if I want to continue running an app is a complete waste of time and voilates some of the basic Human-Computer Interaction principles, and to what end? Would anyone in their right mind run an application again knowing that it is infected? This is mearly a “snake-oil” attempt in fixing what ails you.

    In a twist of cruel irony, when installing Visual Studio 2005, it was the “Windows Compatibility” (whatever it’s really called) service that preventing me from installing VS 2005. As explained in a technical forum, I should copy the contents of the VS 2005 DVD onto my hard drive and install from there because Windows Compatibility was interfering and marking the install app incorrectly. I’ve even seen error messages that say you need to install Windows XP Service Pack 1, on a (fresh) Vista install!

    This is a classic example of “catch-22”, as the tools necessary to create these applications (e.g. Visual Studio) will not work on the OS it is targetting. I smell a deadlock, and something akin to complete incompetence. I mind as well as try to create an app for OSX.

    Now I have a question directed at Microsoft, have you considered what hell you’ve release on to this earth? These new implementations, at their current state, are useless in what they achieve. Frustration is through the roof, and any promises of these new features are overshadowed by their complete failure to do what “you’ve” promised. There’s nothing worse than breaking a promise, Bill.

    I hate to end a rant without contributing something in the form of a solution, unfortunately, even considering the vast resources microsoft has at its disposel I can only suggest everyone to revert to Windows XP and voice their opinion to microsoft, someday they’ll check their email (if their Vista mail server is actually working).

  107. I hate how Windows Vista is incompatible with pretty much everything…
    Games, for example won’t work. Videos won’t work unless they’re on the internet. It keeps randomly freezing from incompatibility from CD’s, anywhere else. I’m not saying Vista is bad, but it needs some fixing. XP was the same and now it’s great…same goes for Vista I guess…The other thing I hate is how they impose Vista on you in stores. They don’t sell laptops with XP on them and I need those kinds until Vista’s improved. I have a laptop designed for Vista…that’s not fair really.

  108. Just this AM (was working before, although I have often had problems with Microsoft garbage!), my Windows Vista started not responding to a click I made on a URL that appeared in an email. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it, if you could?

  109. I publish sewing patterns that include a CD. I’ve had two customers complain that Vista can’t read the CD and it locks up their system, but the CD works on XP just fine. Does anyone know if there is some change to be made in the innerworkings of Vista, or is there a change to be made on the CD? I’ve sent out thousands of CD’s, this is the first problem. I’m not a computer whiz, I’d rather be sewing!

  110. hi there all you cool users. windows vista is not as bad as they say. but it has a lote of f p with it. so there for it is better to have windows xp on your mac or pc. there are more os out there. but windows has got to be the best one for us all. even if you are a mac user. windows is the one just get the white ver of it (xp).?

    if you need to find out what the best (free) Programs are then go to my web page at

  111. I installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my desktop and to make the fonts behave like I wanted to I had to use Tweak VI and disable Segoe UI. This made the UI use Tahoma and it looks nice and clean on Aero. The only drawback is that Admin parts of the OS (ie. Run Command, and ect.) seem to use Lucida like font. So the menus are overly big and the font is not that nice.

    I don’t mind the OS but I find that Windows XP Pro SP2 is just much faster then using Windows Vista Home Premium.

  112. The worst decision Ive made in years was updating my XP OS to Vista Home Premium. After wasting $159, I have spent over 20 hours trying to fix all the installation problems including over 10 hours with the incompetent, but courteous, customer support at Microsoft Vista.
    Even though the promotional material and the online diagnostic test indicated that Vista would be an Upgrade, the installation forced me into a fresh install. It then proceeded to wipe out all my programs including any upgraded drivers. The most critical was that the Vista installation required me to reintall my Linksys wireless adapter. Sounds simple enough, but my Linksys installation disk did not contain a Vista compatible driver. So I could not connect to the internet in order to download a Vista driver. To make things worse, the incompetent but courteous Vista support teams kept running me through endless diagnostic with no success. Early and repeatedly in the process I told them that the problem was probably the lack of a Vista compatible driver. They never checked that out. During the second day of frustration Microsoft finally dumped me by transferring me to Linksys support. Guess what! They eventually dertermined that I did not have the Vista compatible driver. Ten minutes later, the problem was corrected.
    There were numerous other problems with the installation.
    My advice to anyone considering an upgrade from XP to Vista on an existing computer is DON’T DO IT. Save your money and the headaches. Installation can be a total nightmare.
    Microsoft ought to be ashamed of this product. On a scale of 1 to 10 it gets a minus 6.

  113. IE Info Bar comes across as Orwell,s 1984.I don,t need a freak in a fog shrouded tower telling Me I closed active x.

  114. windows vista is an excellent product! All those who complain about it have old computers or not so powerful enogh systems to run vista. Get better PC.

  115. I’ve had lots of trouble with Vista..I’m trying to use vista mail but half the time the preview pane in windows mail doesnt display the body of the mail till I restart windows. I’ve searched for info on this but I havent found anything.Can anyone help me ? thanks Al

  116. Shame on Microsoft for releasing crap like Vista I have been using it for a year now and it is worse in every way than XP – speed,compatibility, ease of use, you name it, it’s worse. Once again MS gouges the ordinary punter to line their pockets.

  117. Vista is about the worst piece of garbage ever foisted upon computer users. The system is extremely unstable and impossible to work with! I bought a brand new computer that, sadly, came with Vista. I am going to have to remove Vista and purchase XP because I simply cannot deal with all the flaws in Vista. It is impossible to get anything done- there is always some kind of aproblem. Vista is very flawed, and should NEVER have been released. Microsoft is light years away from having Vista be a viable system 🙁

  118. We bought this computer 1 year ago from best buy. We relied on them to tell us what would be good. It was a package deal that came with vista and a printer. We tried to install the stuff to hook up the printer and it’s telling me it’s not compatible with vista. Any advice?

  119. Hate is an understatement. I despise this operating system, literally.

    I was one of the earlier adopters and after forking over much tango denero to buy this sorry excuse for an operating system, I some came to realize it would be littered with more bugs a 400 year-old wooden porch. Crashes occured daily, blue screens. You name it. And that is not even considering the lack of driver support. This GIGO operating system found ways to surprise me in a bad way.

    So I waited patiently, thinking SP1 would save the day. Last week, I installed SP1, only to have this operating system show me new blue screens of frozen tundra. Crashing daily, sometimes twice a day. Is now quite common.

    Gates, give me back my damn money! You should be paying me to use this!

  120. Exhaustive article Chris! And nicely written too. I too have had problems with resizing the gadget windows in the maintenance workspace. I understand that MS is sorting it out but nonetheless rock solid in terms of productivity, accessibility and ease of use

  121. Your just complaining about the dumbest things you can pull out of your ass. All you complain about is how the fonts vary from program to program.

    If you aren’t gonna use vista because “WMP11 Options dialog is calling on *BOTH* Tahoma and Microsoft Sans Serif. I don’t know who was smoking what.” you’re stupid. It’s called updates.

  122. Dear Sirs,
    I fail to see how you can actually call Windows Vista an Operating System! No matter what I try to invoke/run, it always says ‘NOT RESPONDING’, so naturally, everything runs EXTREMELY SLOW! It usually takes at least 5-10 minutes for anything to activate itself. Even when I attempt to run a scan for Viruses, the Registry, or whatever, it comes back and tells me it is ‘NOT RESPONDING’. Microsoft Windows Vista is without a doubt, the worst Operating System that Microsoft has attempted to hoist upon us. Unfortunately, when I recently purchased a Lenovo Think Centre machine, I was given an option to select an Operating System. I chose Vista, since I thought Microsoft was past their trying to force terrible software on us. Well, little did I know what a terrible hassle the Vista Operating system was going to be. Another thing, when I boot Vista, it offers me an error message ‘rnpipe:: svr(00000002fusserver) not found’. I checked on this, and someone said it was because I had some sort of SQL package installed on my machine. I checked, and I certainly do not have that installed on my machine! Another thing, when I invoke Microsoft Outlook, and I click on an email, it gives me the error message: ‘Contacting Server for information’ This NEVER happened with Windows XP!
    I could continue with all of the problems I’ve had with Microsoft Windows Vista, but it would take many, many emails such as this.

  123. I have the same feeling when I browsed through your mail, Chris. You lamented and ‘fedback’ and complained about…what? Fonts, alingment, size, black line, transparency, big cap small cap…gosh, these are al very superficial and shallow stuffs, lest calling them ‘kiddish’. It’s like a kid complaining to his mom “the ball is not red/ not furry/ not round/ no cartoons/ lines not straight…”

    Puhhhlllleeeaaassseee…last we cosumers need are some ‘tech-savvy’ nerds who feedback to MS about all these usless stuffs.

    Let me enlighten you by my three personal experiences: I bought an Acer laptop this year, and it came with Vista installed (no one can put the blame on me for using ‘old’ comps and not powerful enough to run / compatible with Vista).

    First prob: Messenger not working. Know what’s the problem? ‘Data Prevention Execution’ (if I remember correctly). Ironic? Yes, and totally dumb and stupid as well. Who created the Win Messenger? Microsoft. Who created the Vista? Microsoft also! And now we’re having a program that was written in the Vista ‘preventing’ its predecessor’s program from running? Does it sound like one of those movies where the son takes over his emperor’s father and start slaughtering the father’s loyal officers? Totally idiotic.

    Second problem: opening of hotmail mails. Simple? Nah; when it comes to the sh!tty Vista, nothing’s simple. Just opening a simple mail, with no graphics or banners, would get the screen to hang. Yes, HANG. That means you can’t click on aything or scroll up and down. But yes, you still can click the ‘Refresh’ or ‘Stop’ buttons, or manuveure between taps, but so long as you come back to the mail’s page, the screen is fixed there. And yes, from the Status Bar, there’ll appear either one ‘Javascript’ word or a lengthy meaningless string of http address which the page is loading from. We certainly no need to know all this crap.

    Third problem: browsing of MSN page. Yes, again as you can se by now, everything that is about MSN is all related, even their crappiness. Just by opening one of the news page and browsing it will again, what else, hang. I need to close the page, and many times activating Task Manager to do so, before I can successfully get out of this uselss state and go back to perform that simple task again.

    For your information, Vista will without fail pop up one ‘XXX has stopped working. Windows is checking a solution to the problem. A problem caused XXX to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available’ wonderfully helpful but useless message, because for a hundred problems out there, Microsoft has not contacted me at all for a single problem. I believe the millions of users out there are ecountering the same old empty promise. Hello Microsoft? Wha do u think we are? Old folks sleeping and lazying around in an old folks home where you can just promise and pat your ass off?

    Fourth problem: incompatibility with other programs, e.g. Realpalyer. As others have reflected this issue, I won’t further elaborate. Same old sh!t, where once you open, it will stop working and show you the above-mentioned stooopid meaningless promise! :)) How nice.

    Fifth problem: ever wonder why on earth whenever I open my Windows Explorer it must be the ‘Document’s section opened? Why can’t I have a simple ‘Desktop’, ‘User’, ‘Public’, ‘Computer’…and so on? Why the [email protected] must it ALWAYS permanently be ‘Documents’? And judging from my usage, where I access the ‘Music’ folder the most, I must ALWAYS collapse the ‘Documents’ folder in order to open the others. Who is the programmer who has such stooopid idea that everyone on this planet, the moment entering the Explorer, will come to get the Documents first?? Is the programmer a filer or what? just plain stooopid program.

    Last (but definitely not the least): why is it that whenever we choose to ‘Shut Down’ it must always come to the ‘Sleep’ option? Who (again) the [email protected] thinks with his retarded brain that we want our comps/ laptops to ‘sleep’?? Shouldn’t ‘shutting down’ be the FIRST option?? Iif there should not be a proritizing, we should at least have the basic three icons-option as in the XP – Sleep, Shut Down, Restart. How simple and beautiful. Which idiot would come to think that more is better? Dumbass program.

    I think I have stated my own major problems here. I reckon that they are of considerable weight and gravity as compared to those listed by Chris; they are insignificant, Chris! Move on!

    To MS: I guess it’s more of a situation where departments and departments begin to fight and overtake each other, each coming out wth ‘fantastic’ designs and programs to NOT complement and accentuate each other BUT more of stopping, blocking and overriding each other’s works. This has been repeated in the history of mankind. Now with Bill Gates leaving his throne, the in-fghtings are sure to increase and over-spilling onto their products. Not that I have a choice when buying my laptop but for now, I will not get another Vista-related product ever.

  124. I initially stated ‘three’ problems’ (as said in the above mail, 3rd para), but as I went on another three popped up. No intention to mislead. I had six personal problems altogether.

    Six stoopid problems created by the one of the world’s most profitable org.

  125. I had initially wanted to state three problems (as said in the above mail, 3rd para), but another three popped out. So I have six problems altogether. Just for clarification sake.

  126. The key to microsofts success was backward compatibility, and a consistent userinterface from old OS to new OS. Vista broke both those rules in one foul swoop. File explorer doesnt work the same. Search fails to find anything. Add remove programs now takes two hours to find. The desktop has now vanished beneath a garbage tip full of desktop sized icons. All your physical memory is permanently paged out doing er, nothing. Footprint has now changed from 1.5gb to 11gb doing er, nothing. Microsoft have come up with the ultimate defence against software piracy – make a product so pants that noone wants to even try to pirate it. Result.

  127. I just want everyone to know what a piece of SHIT vista is; I HATE,HATE,HATE vista so much my blood pressure shoots up into head whenever I glance in this fuckpile’s direction


    XP was beautiful, sublime…LOGICAL

    But vista feels like ‘virtual Aspergers’ > you fucking nitwits

  128. i know this os is usless but when you spend three days to load inportant updates only to be told you need to load them again wasting time money and efort its bullshit you fucker better wake up to yourselves i am pissed of totaly with your inability to do anything for fuck sake its a brand new toshiba and still it runs like a comadore 64 fuck off with that i blame the os from vista becouse i never had anything like this bullshit with xp pro waste my money on your fucked shit piss of you offencive assholes

  129. just wanted to complain about this shit, but after seeing all reviews I guess you have already told every sick feeling I got about this fucking shity os…

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