Desperate Housewives Game from Buena Vista

Wandering around the E3 show floor one new game stuck out like a sore thumb – Desperate Housewives. It’s not like we’re fans of the ladies of Wisteria Lane and we certainly wouldn’t admit it here, but the idea of a game based on the most popular nighttime soap since Dallas seems a little on likely. On closer inspection, the game feels a bit like a SIMS title, with you playing a new arrival on…

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  2. I bought the game but it won’t download because of my video accerleration or something of the sort. If anyone has a solution to this I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve had the game almost a week and it’s driving me crazy not being able to play.

  3. OMG…I am having the same problems with the game…It wont load!! and I have all the system requirements for the game, so there is NO reason it shouldnt be loading… I get the same message about the accel problem.

  4. I’m able to play the game until the end of the first episode, but then it always shuts off and my computer restarts. Ive tried this about 10 times and it shuts off/restarts my computer EVERY time. ive also searched it on google but have found no answers. does anyone have any advice? i’d GREATLY appreciate it!! 🙂

  5. I am having the same problem. I keep getting the Acceleration problem and I have a brand new computer with all of the correct requirements. It won’t work on my Laptop either. This is really frustrating and I can’t return the game. What is the problem here and how do all of us correct it?

  6. I am having the exact same problem also, I bough the game and then it wouldnt load properly so I took it back and they accepted it even thought it had been opened. They said lots of people are having the same problem and I would not buy another game from this company again.

  7. Yea gosh me to. I hate this. When i was installing the game a blue screen came up and then it was not working it said that my computer passed all of the requirements exceptt for video acceleration its says Accel and mine says Accel so wth is wrong here? I also tried going to my computer seing my requirments it meets the mperfectly and with the disk inside i double clicked on the C: drive where it says DH disk one or disk two and it installed but it wont let me play. I dont noe whatto do gawd its driving me insane. Can anyone help whatsoever i mean this is a major issue here unless we go marching in at the buena vista game branch lol.

  8. omg this is so annoying i brought this game 2day right and loaded it but it comes up as a blue box saying that i have passed everything execpt one thing which is my video acceleration but i thought that was already in your computer, my dad tried to help but video cards cost £162 or summit and its way to mch for some plastic, i dnt get it please help me email meh at [email protected]. i thought i had the video bla bla bla thingey i dno what to do 🙁 if you can help i would be very grateful thanks

  9. Im having the same problem…i called our computer guy so hopefully he’ll sort it out. But until then if anyone knows how i can sort it on my own that’d be great. Just send me an e-mail 😀

  10. I bought this game the other day and tried to install it onto my brand new computer, it said about the accel thing and wouldn’t work, so i tried it on a friends computer, the game installed, loaded and then kept crashing, everyone is complaining about this game not working and unless your willing to spend 1000’s on a new pc, theres no chance, i was looking forward to playing it but its a joke!!!

  11. Yea so I got the game for my bday and Im all into the simulation games so i was all excited and i go on my NEW computer and it has all the requirments and just like you all are sayin the blue box it says the same on mine. I went to my friends and it worked on hers but very choppy. then my friends comp and it didnt work either! IM PISSED well if you have any advice email me!!! [email protected] THANKS:)

    PS- if you like playing games like that go to BEST simulation game ever!!

  12. Okay, There is something wrong with this game, we have all had problems with this video acceleration. Our computer also says it all passes but the video acceleration, I reinstalled there direct x and it finally installed, music was playing, game was about to load and boom it freezes. So we restart, go to click on the game and it says to instert the correct disk ( disk 1) which was in there. No wonder this game was so cheap, it doesnt work. Im going to keep trying. If it means contacting the company. If I find anything out, I will post it. Good day. If anyone finds anything out also please email me at [email protected].

  13. omg, i am having the same problem and its beginning to really piss me off! i was really looking forward to playing the game and the blue box comes up and says everything passes except the video acceleration but i had the video acceleration it needed, which doesnt make sense. Obviously this game is crap! and not worth buying anything extra just to get it to work. so im returning it, so i can get my money back, and i suggest that everyone does the same, cause the game is cheap and horrible.

  14. my friend got me the game for my birthday,and when i got home,it wouldnt load. i tried doing everything!!!! and,i cant return it!!!

  15. I got the game for my birthday and I’ve been trying ever since to play it. I bought another memory card and then researched on the buena vista website and found out that my video card is one of the many that is not compatible. There you will also find a list of the few that are. Why in the heck would someone make a game that only a few can play. I’m glad that people are speaking out about it cause I had no idea that this was affecting so many people. I am most certainly not going to spend anymore money on this game either. I just wish buena vista would do something about it. I’m not sure what but it’s pretty rediculus!

  16. yeah i am having the same problems with the game! I’m pissed. I wrote to Buena Vista and left comments on there page telling them all of you where having the same prob as well! I havent got a response yet but if i do i’ll let you all know! It’s soo freakin aggrevating b/c I love desperate Housewives! They need to have a recall!

  17. Hey shawna if you want the game to work just insert the cd and write click the cd icon click explore. then open the file named crack, copy the fle inside the crack. then go to your desperate housewives icon and right click it. Click properties thn find target then paste the crack. it should work bye now. plz answer if it worked.

  18. I am having the same problem. I went to install the game and it came up in system requirements that I have failed with Video Acceleration. It says I have T + L and need Accel. When I view my system info, everything says I meet the requirements. Any idea what to do?

  19. Iv had this game for 3 months and iv tried to play it on everyones computer and it wont work every computer doesnt pass the requirements and its so annoying!! all i want to do is play the damn game and it wont play its stupid to make a game and charge like $60 for it and so few can actually play it!! if anyone knows how i can fix this or knows anyone i can complain to help fix it to please email me it would be much appreciated. thank you.

  20. I ordered this game off amazon andthen it came all brand new and nice.i put it in my brand new laptop and it says the video accelerator needs accel but when it says what brand i have it says accel. i dont no wat do. i am so confused and i want 2 play this game so badly coz i cant return it. sum1plz help me. asap!

  21. I have just the same problem. I bought it today so I was very heppy when I came home. And I wanted to start playing but I have T+L instead of Accel. I’m not a computerfreak so I realy don’t know how to fix this. If someone knows please say it, because I’ve just selt my sims 2 for this!

  22. Having the same problem. Wrote to the company and they suggested I buy a Geforce 3 Video card. Do you mean that this will not work? I tried the game on three different computers. None worked. I don’t think Walmart will take it back if it’s opened.

  23. i was having the same problem but i went into my computer, clicked on explore, setup folder then setup

    works fine with me

    tell me how everyone gets on

  24. found on the BV site that there are a lot of the latest chip-sets that the game does not support

    it does mention a work around,
    browse to the CD drive and the SETUP folder, open setup
    this bypasses the diagnostic test and will allow you to install the game

    no idea if the game will action run, will soon find out 🙂

  25. I just bought the game for my sister and I was having the same problem that all of you are having with the video acceleration. But, I found how to install it and bypass that. Right-click the CD icon and hit Explore. Open the file named “Setup”. Then click the exe “Setup”. My game started to install right away no problem.

  26. The game installs fine without any complaints about system requirements, but won’t start. Same problem than “Shawna” has reported above: computer prompts for disc one, which is already in the drive. I’ve tried it about a billion times now, but it just won’t start the **** game.

  27. This game doesn’t work at my pc either. I got it for x-mas yesterday and was really looking forward to playing it an now it doesn’t work. It’s driving me mad!! I could install it and also the right background starts already but it suddenly stops loading and everything is over. I hope I haven’t done so many mistakes, because I’m Austrian and don’t know if my English is good enough.. bye…an please write if you find out something new!

  28. yeah i have the same problem, ive tried it on every computer. i tried hassans solution but it didnt work on mine. any other solutions? im gona just send it back.

  29. i got this game as a christmas present and was very excited about playing it. I have wanted this game for months! when i got home and put it in my computer i got an error stating that i failed the video acceleration requirement. No WAY!!! I am soo not willing to go and buy additional upgrades as my computer is only 3 months old. What a crock. Hopefully I can return the game….

  30. yet again il point out the ovibous it dont work,no vido Accelerater… ,i did notice the game was bit cheap hmm (“the dirty bast*ards”) (hope hmv except opend goods)good look to the person who will reslove the problem!

  31. I am having the same problem as everyrone else … when i try to install the game up comes a message saying that I cannot install the game b/c of my video acceleration… it says i have T+L and i need Accel… can you give me advice on what to do?

  32. Hey Hassan! If you have a CD with a file called “crack” on it, I would suggest you shut up cos you have a pirate copy … dickhead!! A commercial game would NEVER require a file called “crack” to run.
    Also … if anybody has read the readme.txt file, the latest update says that your video card needs 128Mb ram … of course it only says 64Mb on the back of the box. Don’t worry … mine won’t load either. Buena Vista are so shtoopid to put out a game only a handful of folk with brand new upgraded PC’s can play. I have no doubt it plays, but how many of you have installed a separate Video Accelarator card in your pc – I know I haven’t. To put out a game that doesn’t play on the average PC is commercial suicide. This game will get a bad name FOREVER !! Oh yeh … and as for returning it, the law is on YOUR side regardless what the PC shop or department store say … the goods are not fit for the purpose for which they were puchased … simple, black and white!! You are OWED a refund folks! I know I am marching down to BIG W tomorrow to demand mine, besides you can’t install or run the game with a backed up copy of the original CD’s – I have already tried, but the laws surrounding that are a different story altogether. BUENA VISTA you have come up with the world’s biggest PC game lemon !!!

  33. I got this game as a present, and tried to install it on my new laptop and it is saying the same thing as everyone else, it tells me I meet all the requirements except for the video accel but then it says my system has the accel so the the crap…..I don’t know what is wrong I have tried lots of things I just want to play the game….can anyone help???? I would appreciate any help there is:

    [email protected]

  34. I got this game as a present, and tried to install it on my new laptop and it is saying the same thing as everyone else, it tells me I meet all the requirements except for the video accel but then it says my system has the accel so what the crap…..I don’t know what is wrong I have tried lots of things I just want to play the game….can anyone help???? I would appreciate any help there is:

    [email protected]

  35. i bought a vidio game but i have T+L insteadf of accel. i dont know what to do and i really want to play. if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me.

  36. For those of you who have failed the video acceleration requirement, although you DO have accel, you can bypass the setup and install the game yourself. Just click:

    1. Start, then click
    2. Run, and in the
    3. Open Box, type D:setupsetup.exe

    and the installation will begin, while bypassing the requirements step.

    HOWEVER, if you do not have the Accel requirement and have T+L, the game will be pretty much crap if you install it anyway.

    That’s what I did and none of the characters showed up, leaving instead some nice geometric shapes that resembles nothing but abstract art.

  37. I got 2 Desperate Houswives Games for Christmas. One came with only Disk 2 and the other one doesnt install. Saying my Video Card has failed, but My computer has all the requirements of running the game. I tried to take the games back to Best Buy and they wouldnt allow me to get store credit or exchange them since they were opened. I definitely regret wanting this game, its been nothing but a disappointment since opening it up. I’m sticking to SIMS2 for sure.

  38. This game is making me so mad! I just got it for Christmas, and it WONT FRIGGEN INSTALL!! This is a piece of crap. I’m sick of seeing that crappy blue screen. I’m not buying another video card either. I failed one FRIGGEN thing and it says, “No! You can’t play it!” Ugh why do they make a game that NOBODY can play? What a waste of $20! And gay Wal-mart won’t let you return it once you open it either. I’m soooooo mad! I just want to play a little game! Is it so much to ask? And I’m not the only one either. Lot’s of people are having this problem. I’m writing to that stinking Buena-Vista company and telling them this is just to much! I WANT TO PLAY THIS FRIGGEN GAME!! They better fix it or else! We want to play it!

  39. I got it with my Christmas money and I a very big fan of Desperate Housewives and am now really angry because I won’t get to play it!!!!

  40. I got the game for Christmas but am unable to play it due to video acceleration being inadequate…whatever. I have a brand new Sony Vaio computer with all the bells and whistles. Now that the game is opened I cannot even take it back. What a ripoff.

  41. omg i got this game for my cousin and i wanted it for myself… i had to install if by bypassing the checker… and it loads the des housewives logo thing and then restarts my computer… wtf. no wonder it was only 20 bucks… my cousin is going to be pissed when she tries to play it… hopefully her computer can handle it… my laptop IS BRAND new… wth… i’m going to try that crack thing.

  42. UUUUGH! ok so i have all the requirements and video card!everything!but whenever i open the create a family screen its a bunch of choppy brown lines!you cant see anything! so then I press start and play with a family that i have no idea are going to look like. it gets to playing the first episode. when it shows susan on her porch it starts skipping then shuts off! does anyone know anything to help or is this game a total piece of shit?

  43. I got this game for christmas (i’ve wanted it since october)…was SO excited to finally get…I deleted the Sims2 off my laptop so that I could put this one (i figured DH has more precedence over the Sims)…put the cd in….and… doesn’t work..I had the same problem everyone else has (the video thing). So my dad and I upgraded our video thing thinking that was the problem…and it still didn’t work….i knew i met all the requirements so i bypassed the check and installed it…but it just exits the second i try to play it. I went on buena vistas website and i looked at the list of what video drives are compatible and which are not: about 30 drives work while 40 do not…and that was a partial list.. could someone please tell me what is the point of making a game that only works on about 4 computers???? I agree…they should definately have a recall…i am so upset about this whole thing..I LOVE desperate housewives…
    It’s probably easier for me to just reload the sims to my laptop and make my own darn desperate housewives game!!!!!!!!!
    *sorry for the novel, but i had a lot of venting to do at people who are going through the same thing*

  44. The game will NOT load unless you follow these directions posted by Glennis. Thank you!!!

    Glennis – December 26, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

    For those of you who have failed the video acceleration requirement, although you DO have accel, you can bypass the setup and install the game yourself. Just click:

    1. Start, then click
    2. Run, and in the
    3. Open Box, type D:setupsetup.exe

    and the installation will begin, while bypassing the requirements step.

    HOWEVER, if you do not have the Accel requirement and have T+L, the game will be pretty much **** if you install it anyway.

    That’s what I did and none of the characters showed up, leaving instead some nice geometric shapes that resembles nothing but abstract art.

  45. I have accel but it wasnt working so I followed the directions posted by Glennis and I installed the game with no problems, but now when I try to play the game it exits everytime the game is about to load, I have no idea what to do and I am seriously getting sick of this!!!!! So if anyone has any suggestions it would be great.

  46. yeah i just got this game today and i was sooo excited!!! but as soon as i popped it into our three-month old computer and worked around everything so that it would install, i finally get ready to play and it says some required security module cannot be activated and that i should go to a website to download something new for my computer. well i download it (it took an hour) and i think i’m finally ready to play, but yet AGAIN it still won’t work!!! gah it’s ticking me off AND i can’t return it since it’s been opened. this sucks… anyone at all know what to do?

  47. OK I did what Lola and Glennis said to do and it FINALLY installed (after repeatedly getting the blue box with the video acceleration failure)…however, when I wanted to actually start the game and clicked play, the screen came up with the Desperate Housewives picture w/ the woman & apple…and that’s it! it goes away after a couple seconds and i’m back to Windows! after all that the d*mn thing won’t start – have other people been having this problem too? and if so, how do we fix it?? UGH!

  48. Okay. I inserted disk 1. The little install screen showed up. I clicked install. It went to the screen that says do you agreee or dsagree to the terms…. then i click i agree. It went to the next screen where i clicked standard ste up. Then It went to the Screen with the woman, who looks like Eve on it. I waited for it to load, and it asked me to insert disk 2. I did. I clicked OK. Then it took a very long time to respond and sometimes it dedidn’t respond at all. I clicked CONTROL+ALT+DELETE. And it said the program is not responding. I don’t know why. I closed all programs and turned off the pop up blocker.


  49. Okay. I inserted disk 1. The little install screen showed up. I clicked install. It went to the screen that says do you agreee or dsagree to the terms…. then i click i agree. It went to the next screen where i clicked standard ste up. Then It went to the Screen with the woman, who looks like Eve on it. I waited for it to load, and it asked me to insert disk 2. I did. I clicked OK. Then it took a very long time to respond and sometimes it dedidn’t respond at all. I clicked CONTROL+ALT+DELETE. And it said the program is not responding. I don’t know why. I closed all programs and turned off the pop up blocker.

  50. Okay. I inserted disk 1. The little install screen showed up. I clicked install. It went to the screen that says do you agreee or dsagree to the terms…. then i click i agree. It went to the next screen where i clicked standard ste up. Then It went to the Screen with the woman, who looks like Eve on it. I waited for it to load, and it asked me to insert disk 2. I did. I clicked OK. Then it took a very long time to respond and sometimes it dedidn’t respond at all. I clicked CONTROL+ALT+DELETE. And it said the program is not responding. I don’t know why. I closed all programs and turned off the pop up blocker.


  51. I’m having the same problem i got the game for christmas and was excited to get to play it but when I got on the computer the little blue screen came out saying that it wasnt able to install because their was something wrong with my computer I cant return it and now I’m mad because I cant play it I think we should do something about this and get a game that works or our money back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Yeah, we had the same problem. My wife’s laptop (2 years old) could not play the game based on video acceleration. Apparently hers is not equipped with acceleration. In any case, I loaded it into my latop (3 months old) and it runs fine. She is having a blast. I got it for her this Christmas because she loves Sims Life and Desperate Housewives. Put them both together and she is very happy. She says it’s better than Sims Life. I asked her if she cheated on her husband yet. She can’t do it even in there. LOL Anyway, for those of you who have it, find someone who has a PC that can run it. It’ll hook you. Even I check to see where she’s at and I’m not a fan of either Sims or DH. Good luck to all of you. It’s a good game, but they made a mistake making video accelerators a requirement for this game. The graphics are great though.

  53. I got this game for Christmas from my son. I was so excited, I am a huge DH fan and I love the Sims2 so I thought this would be really cool. Tried to install and couldn’t pass the acceleration test, then I used the work around and clicked on the set up exe and that worked. I love it when I can get it to work but now when I try to play episode 3 it keeps crashing and I can’t go any further, grrrr it driving me nuts because I love the game. Why would they make a game that doesn’t play good on most computers. Sims2 is an excellent game and can be played on alot of systems.

  54. I am having the same problem! I bypassed the set up because it said I didn’t have the right Accel – but I do. Now it is installed and whenever I go to play it has the start up window and then goes back to windows… Why doesn’t this game work?!?!

  55. same thing here. wanted it since it came out, deleted… regular sims, put it on, did the whole goin around thing by manually setting it up. and eve came on and it went back to windows. i have all the requirements for it, well the fail on accel, but i do have the accel…

  56. I bought this for my new laptop I got for Christmas and had the same problems as you all. I bought my copy at Wal Mart, who has a definete rule on returning opened software, but I thought I would give it a try. I actually printed off all these comments and took them with me. I told them I knew they had a policy, but the game is unusable. I gave them the printout, which she didn’t even look at and promptly gave me a refund. I asked to please show her manager the printout so that he/she could consider taking it off the shelf.
    I might have just be fortunate to get the right worker at the desk, but if any of you try to return it, I hope they do the same for you.

  57. E-Man, how did you get it to run? My laptop is very good and only 2 months old, but yet cannot get it to run.

  58. I have successfully installed the desperate housewives computer game, yet I cannot access it to play. It will start up but then do nothing. Any suggestions???

  59. what is the whole point of disc 2? seriously the game is really short if we cant play the second disc.

  60. hi basically got tha game 2day nd it sasy i havent gt anuf sytem requirement? nd i need rem? lol please help newun xx

  61. click……


    type—–> D:setupsetup.exe (or use whatever letter represents your CD drive)

    That will bypass the video acceleration, HOWEVER, once installed, you can run the programe, but it will “crash” and return to windows in a blink of an eye! I have put it on 2 different computers, one gets to the first “woman and apple” loading screen, then it goes back to windows end of story.

    The other computer loads, gets to the intro cinematic, but goes back to windows end of story, there seems to be a possible memory glitch or script glitch or the programming in the game code itself is faulty.

    I found and downloaded an update for the game, on the other computer and thats what got it to actualy load, but it still shut off and went back to windows.


  62. Dani – Im having the same prob as you. Had all system reqts but it wouldnt install. It installed ok by using setup.exe but now closes down everytime it starts. Please – anyone have any ideas???????

  63. well mine said it didnt whatever the requirements so my brother did the other way going thru start and that 2 load it (hes rather good with computers) it instaled n then when it came 2 getting on the game and create a family the picture started messing up like flashing n stuff i sometimes get that on the sims but i go back 2 windows then back 2 the game n then it works but i couldnt go back 2 windows so i got my brother 2 have a look cant remember what he did but aye so i created the family and went 2 play the game. it was going ok but rather slow but i wasnt 2 bothered bout that n just after the second bit with mary alice talking like after my wife has met the others and shizz it messed up n i went back 2 errors and it said “mini dump error has accured” what is that? help me

    oo and also its crashed on the same bit every time i tried playing it if not before that.

  64. Great….I have been reading all of the comments on this site. I was able to install the game on my laptop and play through day one and up until 5:00pm on the game clock for day two. Then the time freezes and I can not go any further! Anyone else have this issue? Is there a patch?


  65. ughhh! im soo upset ! ok so i foloowed u guys instructions to install it and it installed fine, but now, when i actually try to play…it starts to load, then for some reason, just exits!?? pleeeease someone help, cuz i reallly wanna play, but im going to have to return this stupid defective game!

  66. I was having the exact same porblem as everyone else with the acceleration…but the videocard costs approx. $80 and i didnt think its worth it just to play this game…

    So I did what Lola and Glennis said and typed in D:setupsetup.exe but then i get a message from my computer saying “D:setup refers to a location that is unavailable” what do i do?!!??!!?

  67. SO ANNOYING.. after reading all these comments.

    I finally figured out that you can install it by going into the setup, and now, like a few other people are having; it doesnt work even! it just loads up the lady with the apple then closes back to windows.. ARRGHH what a crappy product!

    How ridiculous that they can rip us off like this just on a title and the tease of a simulation… only thing it simulates is a broken game..

  68. ok so i called bvg tech support and the guy told me that they were trying to figure out a patch so everyone can download it and play it i asked him how long that would be and he said like a month well it’s been a month and no patch and my mother in law got it for me from the states and can’t take it back. i hate bvg.

  69. Same problem as everyone else, computer is pretty new wouldnt install because of the video accel problem so done exactly what ~Glennis and Lola suggested and finally got the game to install and then the same thing happened as has happened to a number of people on here, i go to play the game and the women who looks like eve with the leaf appears for about 10 seconds then the game closes down! I am sick of this!
    Does anyone know where we stand in terms of returning the item? I bought my game from amazon but dont know what the policies and things are.

  70. Can’t believe all of us have the same problem what a rubbish game!!! We managed to install it too from all the advice here but it opens with the apple and lady and then goes straight back to windows!!!!!!!!!!! Daylight robbery unless this is sorted ASAP!!! Bought this from Amazon UK does anyone know if they are accepting returns regarding this so called game!!!

  71. This is the worst most stupid game i have ever purchased in my whole entire life! do not buy it, clearly the makers are retarded idiots, my nan could design a better programme than this! it sucks! and yes i am having the same problems, with the acceleration requirements. grrrrr

  72. I bought this game yesterday and did the by pass of the system test, but going to run and typing in D:setupsetup.exe and it installed. I was able to play for a bit, but it would lock up and an error message popped up, so I restarted the game a couple of times and it kept doing this. I am totally disappointed in this game. I was really looking forward to it. I am not gonna by a new card, because I am afraid that some of my other games will no longer work. I refuse to put more money into it. I am pissed and will be contacting buena vista games and letting them know that they are ridiculous to require everyone to purchase a new card!

  73. hey so, i got this game a while ago, and it wouldnt work on my computer. for the accel thing. i got a laptop for christmas, so i loaded it. everything works. until a certain point when it is going through the story. then it just randomly shuts off. i just want the game to work, its pissing me off. anyone know how to fix this?

  74. I bought this game the other night and had the same video accel problem. I went out and bought a new graphics card GeForce 6200, the game played, but was still very slow and choppy. I got into the 2nd episode and it froze on me. I am very disappointed that I wasted my money on this game. I really want to play! I don’t mind the fact that I bought another graphics card, but this is bulls**t. I will def be trying to get my money back.

  75. no tips or ideas yet on how to fix the screen going back to windows after the lady with the apple appears??

    what a tease. i got this game for xmas and played it on my friends laptop b/c it wouldn’t work on my computer. so its like i got a taste of what its like and want to play more, but i cant!

  76. OMG!
    Sell everyone an amazing IDEA of a game and make it impossible to play unless your loaded!!!!
    I got it for christmas too, was so excited
    Ive tried it on 6 computers now!!!!! one was BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!! and yes they do meet the requirements but it still says they dont.
    Surely this is illegal
    Would take mine back but it was a present PLUS im dyin 2 play it GRrrrrrrrrr!
    I emailed the technical support team and SUPRISE SUPRISE no response, probably too many emails to look at, idiots!!!!!

    They better find a solution soon cos theres a lot of angry cheated people

    We just want to play a game, why make it so impossible?!!!!

    If anyone finds the solution PLEASE let us know ASAP!

    Just glad to find im not the only one


  77. i think everyone should phone or write bvg and let them know how pissed we all are. this sucks i’ve been watiting forever to play this game i asked for it when it first came out, a computer geek would probably be able to fix this game no problem………

    i hate this.

  78. If you want to play a high resolution PC game right now you at least need an ATI Radeon (at least x1300) or NVidia GeForce (at least 7300) card to not have these types of problems. Of course the minimum system requirements recommend just 64mb, but it is unrealistic to expect any current high resolution pc game to run smoothly on a video card with 64 mb. Minimum System Requirements does not mean if your PC meets the requirements it will run the game perfect, it means thats the bare minimum to play the game. SO Even if it did run you wouldn’t have a good experience. Just because your computer is new doesn’t mean that your video card automaticly passes the test. Many new computers are packaged with cheap intel integrated video cards with no accelaration. I would recommend a video card with at least 256mb ram ATI x1300 or GeForce 7300 and at least 1gb system memory. In your defense, even on a good PC The game runs choppy and slow due to what seems to be bad programming, not a technical issue with hardware. One of my pc runs Oblivion flawlessly which is a much more technical game then DH, while DH is running on the same PC choppy. The patch may fix this. Give BV a chance to release a patch for the choppy issue, but if your VC doesn’t qualify just upgrade your video card, its what you should do if you want to play the game you see on the back of the box.

  79. hi same problem here . i have a new computer and it met all the requirments but it still would not load so i read the comments here and finally got it loaded by going to set up but low and behold like most of you out there it keeps going back to windows. what a disappointment. please any1 who knows what we can do PLEASE HELP!! ::

  80. Yep same prob as everyone!!!!! I tried to bypass it to and all i get is that stupid friggen lady than it goes back to windows i am so annoyed $50 and can’t play it. Has anybody actually been able to play it probely???

  81. Hey guys! Same issue!!! Got it to install goes to load with the lady and the apple then all of a sudden a big fat nothing! so pissed off spent 20 on it at and its not flippin working! any ideas how to get it fixed? not returnable cuse it was opend n im just so pissed off i just got it today and the computer is new so i dont understand why it wont flippin work!

  82. I’m having problems with episode 11!!! As soon as I’ve gone to see the quack guy and had the whole cutscene with the FIB dude and Vincent I’m supposed to go home and get a call from my husband. And guess what, I don’t get a call!!! I’ve been at my house and all over the place for the past 4 days (in the game not in real life!) and I’ve still had no call. I’m getting tired of this! The game play is slow anyway but I’m not arguing too much into that as I’m fortunate enough for this game to even play by the sounds of it!! HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!

  83. I’m having the same problem with accel. I even went and got a 2nd game to try it out and the same think happened. It’s very frustrating and I wish Bueno Vista would do something about it SOON. I have a new computer should work. Thanks for letting me vent.







  85. I tryed to call (800) 228-0988 and see what I can do because my game wont install because my computer hasent met all of the requirements which is video acceleration. But the phone number is BS so if someone knows what to do please tell me cause I had this game since christmas and I really want to play the game.

  86. I am having the same problem originally posted by Dani. Does anybody know how to solve the problem? It took me a while to install and when I finally did I got the screen she describes…

    OK I did what Lola and Glennis said to do and it FINALLY installed (after repeatedly getting the blue box with the video acceleration failure)…however, when I wanted to actually start the game and clicked play, the screen came up with the Desperate Housewives picture w/ the woman & apple…and that’s it! it goes away after a couple seconds and i’m back to Windows! after all that the d*mn thing won’t start – have other people been having this problem too? and if so, how do we fix it?? UGH!

  87. I am also having the same problem originally posted by Dani. Does anybody know how to solve the problem? It took me a while to install and when I finally did I got the screen she describes…When I wanted to actually start the game and clicked play, the screen came up with the Desperate Housewives picture w/ the woman & apple… it goes away after a couple seconds and i’m back to Windows Desktop!
    Is anyone else having this problem too? and if so, how do we fix it??

  88. Look everybody .. this is a simple problem with a simple answer .. on the back of the box it states {NVIDIA GeForce3 3 or equivalent) this means your graphics card has to be able to process GeForce 3 style graphics .. You can buy theese cards from everywhere! .. ill give you a link which gos to the BV website .. this tells you which cards are compatable with the game .. and which ones arent .. there is no updates as such to override your problems the only way you can sort it out is with a new Graphics card .. sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you .. i bought it too the other day and have looked into it. england prices on theese cards about £90. Good Luck stay in touch email me on [email protected] for and advice on games in general .. heres the link ..

    This should sort most of your problems regarding to the Accel realted problems ( Not letting you start the installing process )

    Here is another link for an upgrade which will stop the following :

    Save/Load screen corrupted, graphics in game become corrupted
    Game exits when applying options after exiting to main menu
    Player gets stuck at the doorway if an NPC opens the door for the player right at 10pm
    Episode 4: Player’s House: Non-progression when players get stuck underneath the stairs
    Episode 5: HUD disappears when player goes to sleep at 10pm alert when standing back stage
    Episode 6: Non-progression when taking a shower just before 7pm
    Episode 11: At the Expect the Unexpected goal, if user lets Vince in at 9:50pm, Go to Sleep option pops up while husband walks in and the game freezes
    Episode 11: At the Saying Hello goal, seducing Frank after he gives player her keys will cause a non-progression

    The Link Is ..

    Thanks for your time .. as i said .. contact me if you have other troubles .. [email protected] ..

    Posted By: Jodie Duffield – Age 14

  89. As regards to Elsie’s Problem .. you need a new graphics card .. thats what it does on mine .. visit

    ^^ The above link for the real sytem requirements

    If you are having trouble finding out what Graphics card you have already installed on your computer follow theese steps (For windows XP) ;

    2.Right click on My Compuer
    3.Now click on Properties
    4.Go To Hardware
    5.Now Device Manager
    6.There should be a list now infront of you of different components on your screen .. Double click on Display Adaptors
    7.Once you have done this in the following order it should show you underneath Display Adaptors what Graphics Card You Have.
    8.Remember this and visit the link i just showed you to see if your is compatable or not. (There is a list of compatable and uncompatable cards)
    9.This should resolve your problem on why the game is not working .. If you want this game alot .. then buy one of the compatable cards.
    10.If none of this helped .. email me on [email protected]

    Thanks again .. hope this helped

    Posted By : Jodie Duffield – Age 14

  90. Here are the real specifications on what works and what doesnt

    Due to hardware limitations, the following chipsets do NOT support the functions the program requires. This is only a partial list. Please click here for information on the Intel 900 series of chipsets.

    Radeon IGP 345/350 RS200M
    Radeon Xpress 200M/200P
    Radeon 9550
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9550
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9200
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9000
    ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
    ATI Mobility Radeon X300

    Intel 82845 Integrated Express or Extreme Graphics
    Intel 82852 Integrated Express or Extreme Graphics
    Intel 82855 Integrated Express or Extreme Graphics
    Intel 82865 Integrated Express or Extreme Graphics
    Intel 900 series information

    Geforce Go 6600
    Geforce Go 6400
    Geforce Go 6200
    Geforce Go 6100-6150
    Geforce2 MX
    Geforce2 GTX
    Geforce4 Ti 4200
    Geforce4 MX 420/440/460
    Geforce4 Go MX 420/440/460 (the game may work with the 440-460, but will have missing textures)
    Geforce4 MX 4000 64MB (this card has pixel shader support, but a slow frame rate. it may or may not work based on system configurations)
    (the Geforce 4 MX Series is NOT equivalent to a Geforce 3 chipset)

    SiS 630/730
    SiS 650/740
    SiS 662/661/760
    SiS M 650
    SiS 530
    SiS Xabre series

    VIA S3 Deltachrome
    VIA S3 Gammachrome
    VIA S3 Unichrome series
    VIA S3 G KM400

    NOTE: Due to the nature of their design, onboard integrated chipsets used in laptops and certain desktops are not optimal for graphics intensive gaming. A dedicated video card remains the best option.

    Below is a partial list of recommended Geforce3 or equivalent video cards. These cards are recommended, dedicated video cards that support the necessary hardware functions for the game to run. A card not listed indicates it has not been tested.

    Exceed Geforce3 specifications:

    ATI Graphics Cards
    Radeon X1600
    Radeon X1300
    Radeon X800XT-PE
    Radeon X800XT
    Radeon X800 Pro
    Radeon X800SE
    Radeon X700
    Radeon 9800XT
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Radeon 9700Pro
    Radeon 9600XT
    Radeon 9500
    Radeon 9100 (same chip as 8500)
    Radeon 9000
    Radeon 8500 (retail)
    Radeon 8500LE (sometimes listed as 8500 OEM)

    nVidia Graphics Cards
    Geforce 7950 GT/GX2
    Geforce 7800 GTX
    Geforce 7300 GS
    Geforce 7300 LE
    Geforce 6800 Ultra
    Geforce 6800 GT
    Geforce 6800 (non-ultra)
    Geforce 6600
    Geforce 6100 LE
    Geforce 5950 Ultra
    Geforce 5950
    Geforce 5900SE
    Geforce 5900
    Geforce FX 5600XT
    Geforce 5600
    Geforce4 Ti4400
    Geforce4 Ti4600
    Geforce4 Ti4800 (ti4200 with AGP8X)
    Geforce Go 7950
    Geforce Go 7900

    Meet Geforce3 specifications but have issues running the game*:

    ATI and nVidia Graphics Cards
    Radeon 7500 64MB (low clock rate chipset)
    Radeon 7200 64MB (low clock rate chipset)
    Geforce FX 5200 128MB (this card has pixel shader support, but a slow frame rate)
    Geforce FX 5500 & 5700 LE (low clock rate OEM chipset)
    XGI Volari XP5 (missing textures)

    Hope this helps again .. [email protected]

  91. ok so i worte bvg again and told them that a lot of people where po’d at them and they worte me back saying that i could send them the game back and they would refund it for any other game but only if it was 90 days or older then when the day i sent it back, thats bull b/c i don’t want a game that is 3 to 4 months old i want a new game. so i went into a store on the weekend and noticed that they were selling the game for 50.00 and i walked over and yelled at them for still selling it. i told the guy what was going on and he said he didn’t know. so they were going to take it off of the shelf. and call bvg themselfs. at least i got that far. but it would be nice if they could’ve let people know this.

  92. *sigh* I just spent the last 3 hours trying to update drivers, find patchs, run programs the old fashion way (by going in the back door to set up) and still nothing. I get to disk 2 and the PC becomes a Walt Disney.
    Frozen Solid.
    After reading I see that I do not have the chipsets in my PC that is needed. The video card that is needed is for serious gamers and not the people that just get by with the middle of the road video cards. It truly is the best of the best that is needed to run this game. *sigh again*

    I would almost want to upgrade, but other gamers out there have stated that some of there most loved games will not work with the chip sets that are required to run this game. Or worse yet, the game still freezes in several places.
    I give up and going to throw the box out the door of my apartment. I would try to take it back but if the poor girl at the counter tells me that she can not do an instore credit, I may go postal. So I think for all involved a good sledge hammer and a blog about the money I just pissed away may help. -Then again

  93. You know, most games you buy say “graphics card so and so or HIGHER” … not equivilant. It was a very stupid move by BV games. Needless to say, I won’t be buying anything else from them. And, if that’s the only solution that BV can come up with then screw them.

  94. How many disc come with this game. Mine only has two, but yet after the second disc installs, it asks for me to insert “the next” disc %d.

  95. thanks jodie for the help! this is what it says with regards to mine…

    The following Intel(R) 945/950/965/X3000 Chipset Family’s current drivers do not support the game. Intel has been made aware of this issue and is currently working to develop drivers that unlock the hardware features found in this chipset so the game can run as designed. Please refer to your system manufacturer’s website for updated drivers.

    Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset (this chipset’s current drivers do not support the game)
    Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950 Series (this chipset’s current drivers do not support the game)
    Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 965 Series (X3000) (this chipset’s current drivers do not support the game)
    For further information, please contact a Buena Vista Games Customer Support representative at 888-895-4988. Outside of the US and Canada, please call the phone number listed in your manual. please submit a question by going to the “Ask A Question” tab on our support web site and entering the relevant information concerning your issue.

  96. the same probelm has happen to me with the depserate housewives game it loads then drops to desktop saying error i have written an complaint to buena vista via email and have told them if i didnt get responce within 14days i will take this matter to watchdog.

    Buena Vista Games are fruads!!!!!

  97. What the hell is up with this game?
    my friend tried to upload it on his computer, 3 internet café computers!
    my moms computer, and my BRAND-FUCKING-NEW laptop!
    whats the deal with this game?..
    and i’ve tried all the things everyone on here has suggested..but its still not working… *sigh*
    what a waste of money.

  98. omg!! i deleted all my games and lost all my saved games because
    desperate housewives the game said i needed bigger memory or w/e
    sims 2, zoo tycoon, sims city 4 can all play on my computer (which is brand new) why not this?!?!?!

  99. OMG i cant believe this game!! i bought it and i have tried loading it now about 10 times and it always goes off at the same point everytime saying error!! dont buena vista want us to play this game or something because it seems like we are all having the same problems :S ?!?!! ANGRY :@

  100. yeah.
    This is bogus.
    I spent a lot of money on this thing, but I’m not about to buy a new video card for my brand new computer. I’m pretty sure my dad would NOT appreciate having to do that.
    What I don’t understand is WHY they would configure it to a memory card that virtually no one has.


  101. i don’t know if anyone is have the same problem as me, but my laptop won’t install the game. it installs great until it asks for the 2nd cd. i put the 2nd cd in and then it says i’m putting the wrong disk in it. i don’t know what that’s about. if anyone knows how to fix this, let me know !! thanks.

  102. I need to find out how to get Daniel Fox’s phone number please, as I’m stuck at the mall and wont let me go to Daniel Fox’s house, it tells me i have to warn Daniel by giving him a call but i cant because i havn’t got his phone number..Can u please help me out?? Thank you

  103. OMG….i tried every thing for my problem,i cant install the game all the way i get to the home screen with the enlarged pic of the big apple and the lady….then it shuts down and goes to the desktop……..I TRIED ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!!!, can any one tell me if i can do anything?

  104. THIS GAME IS F****** !!! ive tried everything even my BF helped me try install it after couple of hours that is i was so excited to freakin START playing the game it installed then couldent open everytime i pressed PLAY it would automatically click out of it,it got both of us angry so went returned it THANKGOD i got a refund!!! the numnuts could have created a game that us people can actually play then thinking about how much money theyd make by riping us offfff bloody idiots……VERY ANGRY

  105. I got this game and I was having that on problem… Every system requirement was a pass except for the “Video Acceleration” one… And it would be pretty cool if someone could help me out…

    Because I wanna play some Desperate Housewives, yo.

  106. this games a bigger bitch then Regina George. I thought it was just my computer but i stand corrected. Im gonna march up to that target customer service counter and demand a refund so i can spend that $20.00 on somthing more worth it like two drinks at starbucks and a cookie!

  107. I have the same problem as Lucie! I can’t find Daniel Fox’s phone number. I am also stuch in the mall area. I even tried to quit and restart that episode and it didn’t help. Where am I supposed to get his number from?

  108. Yeah this game is a piece of shhhiiiitttt. I bypassed the system requirements thing and it still doesnt work. It also wont uninstall!!!

  109. I just got this game to put on my 1 week old brand new laptop which has vista on it. I had to by-pass the window that says my accelerator has faied the test and it installed fine but when you go to start the game it asks to insert the original disc instead of a backup (1000). And it is the original disc..

    It then goes on to say…..Please have a look at for further, more detailed information. I did and it has a list of directions but i think its for an xp system and I dont know what to do….HELP?

    Anyone know of a way around this please e-mail me asap…..

    [email protected]

  110. i bought this piece of s*** game on march the 3rd for $20.00 and it does not work i got to insatll it and when i press play one of those send error reports comes out. what the h*** am i supposed to do? stupid wal mart does not accept it cuz its open. i need help if any 1 has more info e-mail me please…
    [email protected]

  111. Dorothy, I’ve found Daniel Fox’s number. There’s an arrow at the bottom of my phone numbers which I clicked on and there are more below. If you haven’t got his number, you may need to go back to the fashion show to get it.

  112. i have a problem! the game installs ok, but when i begin to walk around on the game, it freezes and kicks me out. can someone please help!!!!!!!!!

  113. I have bought a brand new computer with a nvidea 7300LE, which is supposed to work. It loaded and plays for a while and then…..crashes. I downloaded the available patch but it hasn’t made any difference. HURRY UP and create a patch that actually works and BV might save their reputation…….
    Pissed off

  114. i bought this game today brand new and it was on sale and i had the same problem about video acceleration but i found another way to install it and it installed but it wouldn’t play. I’m so mad, i wanna play this game so bad. I talked to someone from live help on about the game and they said it was my video card. It doesn’t have enough system requirements for it, but i asked if a Geforce 3 video card would work and they said yes it should work. Whats the point of upgrading my video card and all that labor charge just to play a 10 dollar game i bought on sale? If you don’t have a proper video card installed on your computer to play this game then don’t buy it cause its not gonna work no matter what you do. I got it to install by going to my computer and clicking on the game icon and click on explore then go to setup folder and clicked on that and setup again and i got it finally to installed but it would not play. I spent over 3 hours on this stupid game trying to get it to play. I should’ve bought a music cd instead of this game. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME, ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!

  115. I’m so pissed! I got the game months ago as a gift, and I figured it just wouldn’t run on my desktop because its really old and outdated, but my laptop is only a few months old and it won’t run there either. I bypassed the system check, and it installed just fine, but when I went to play the game it would come on to the main screen (large apple, naked woman etc) and stop abruptly, going back to windows screen.

    I’ve tried everything, and I’m getting really irrated.

    I’m taking my computer back up to bestbuy this weekend, they said they can look at it to see whats going on, so I hope it works because I’m really fed up.

    If anyone has any ideas before then, please let me know! Thanks.

    [email protected]

  116. Kristy if you don’t have Geforce 3 video card in your computer then the game is not gonna work. I’m having the same problem with the game. Sure you can get it to install bypassing the system check but unless you don’t have a Geforce 3 video card its not gonna work. I talked to some live help on and they told me that my computer didn’t meet the system requirements for the game. I asked if a Geforce 3 video card would make it work and said yes it should. It even says it takes a Geforce 3 video card to play the game on the back of the game. I didn’t understand it either til i talked to live help. Everybody if you don’t have Geforce 3 video card in your computers don’t buy this game cause its not worth it

  117. Hi folks, I’ve just managed to get this game to run for someone else on an Athlon64 3000, and an ATI radion 9200. One large potential issue I can see here is that DirectX 9 might not work well with older drivers, so its probably well worth updating your video card drivers before giving up.

    If its any consolation, Buena Vista Games looks like a small time outfit put together just for this game before they were bought over by Disney. I’m not surprised that production standards are a lot lower than an experienced software company. Products of such companies are rarely as compatible as they’re supposed to be in my experience, so dont feel bad if you cant get this to work!

    As has been suggested already, probably best to check out before giving up.

    Best of luck everyone!


  119. ok so i installed the dh game on my computer and when i went to play it a picture of the lady and the apple that says desperate housewives comes up. Then after about a minute it goes back to the desktop! what is going on?? can anybody tell me how to fix this?

  120. I can load and play the game but it always crashes it’s obviously a dodgy game! But it’s so addictive!!

  121. I have completed the whole game but if i had been able to do it with NO CRASHES it probably would have only taken 8 hours to finish anyway! with the crashes it took about a week to finish!

  122. explorer le disque et ouvrir le fichier setup (celui avec les flèches grises)
    le jeu s’installera sans soucis de carte graphique !!!
    bonne journée

  123. i bought the game but i’m stuck in episode 11…and I have no goals so I’m just walking around seducing everyone. I think it might be a bug. I’ll try starting over with a new family. I only bought it for $5 so it’s not too bad. No crashes here works fine.

  124. if anyone has managed to play the game. if they had a prolem saving it. did u manage to find a way round to saving it in the end? if so how?

  125. incredible , they should let people know what a waist i too have the same problem, i have acel biy it says its not enough…they should reinburse us what a rip off

  126. OK so im p/oed right now. I wasted 20$ on a game that doesnt even work. My goes until the screen with eve and the apple then just back to my desktop. Im going to Target today to get my money back and get a better game that actually works!

  127. i bought the game at xmas n it downloaded without no problems. I have completed the game and it is propa gud. The storylines are great!. N my computa didnt cost 1000’s like sumone sed u av to pay dat much to get the game to work.

  128. I bought the game seeing as it was only $9.99, Thinking that i would be in for a rewarding expiriance, me being a sim addict and all. Like everyone else i am having video acceleration problems. I am soon to be getting NVidia GeForce (at least 7300) as i read abouve

    Hopefully it will work… 🙁

  129. THIS GAME SUCKS. WE SHOULD ALL SUE STUPID BVG and they should’ve taken it off the shelves months ago!

  130. its not working and theres no way am gunna buy a graphic card!!!
    i did install it and all but its not openning!! 🙁

  131. I am really sad because I was really looking forward to playing this game and I love the Sims +2 and I was really dissapointed when the screen came up saying we had T+L instead of accel!!!! If anyone has any answer please tell me I have NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 abd It wont play and ive unistalled it and installed it again but it wont work!!!

    Plz help me i hav been disappointed enough with the sims 2 (I couldnt play it for 1 year!)
    I really need help and i dont want to return it because i want to play it really badly!!

  132. Isn’t this crazy? I too have a new puter and a laptop. I bought Desperate Housewives and it said the same thing about the video accel. I got it setup up anyway, by clicking the folder and clicking setup . But now all I get is the lady and the apple,,then it goes dark blue or black. Does anyone have a solution ,or have all of us just been taken by a game that never will play? I paid 20.00 for mine ,and its not refundable because its a pc game,,,its crap . They oughta make a law that if you buy a video free ,,it should be replaced if it doesnt work since they cant give you the money back,,,!!!!!I’am really dissapointed ,as I was looking forward to playing this game

  133. hey im not going to get in to the whole story as u have all heared it before my system meets all requirements n still wnt work

    does anyone have a solution or should i just take the game back

    mel xo

  134. someone please help me out, i havnt seen anyone else post about the problem i am getting with the game yet! It installed perfectly then i clicked play and everything worked, i went to create a new family and where the family was supposed to be there was nothing the screen was all jambled but on the side it let me choose everything about the person but the person or the backround isnt right!!!!!! someone pleaseee help

  135. GRRRRRRR! Wish id found this F*****G site before i brought the F*****G game!!!! Back to the sims which i know works!!!!! we need a product recall!

  136. I just got this game. We even installed new downloads and it still says that video accel is the problem. Dont get this game if you dont already have it. i have T+L. Everything said passed except that. Can someone help??

  137. piece of crap for a game. my free copy worked up until the point of saving where it keeps telling me there was an error and the game was not saved.
    so i went and bought the game, played for hours and still the same message. i wonder if the consoles have this issue

  138. ok ive tried the ‘setup’ technique but it says what program do you want to use. ive tried evrything! please heelp!!

  139. I went into Explore when you right click, click on setup file and in there is an icon with setup and 2 arrow things (sorry bit vague) I clicked on this and it is installing now… wether it works is another story!! I will keep you updated.

  140. ok ive installed the game but it just goes 2 the lady and the apple then it goes back to my desktop!!! if anyone has ANY advice id reeeeeeeally appreciate it!

  141. Hi i need help on the desperate housewives game episode 9 where you need to call frank fox but it doesnt give you the number how do it get it and what is the number?

    If you have passed this olevel i will appreciate it if u email me the answer at [email protected]

  142. i need help, has any1 made a plugin that reduces the game so u can play, and not meet the requirments? I bought the game for pc las summer, and i cant play, but ive played it on a freinds 360, and my god its the best game ive ever played. help?

  143. Well, I’m a guy who doesn’t watch TV and never heard of the show, so I thought it would be a cool role to play. Like everyone else, I too had an installation problem when my system surpassed all the requirements, then found this place. So, I remembered a trick I’ve always done with other problem programs for years: By-pass everything and install directly from the disc.

    It took a little while checking disc files to get the right command, but goes like this:

    Go to Start, then Run. Type-in F:setupsetup.exe then Enter. Now F: is where my disc is located, yours may be different and that will be the drive letter you’ll use. It may be too early to tell, but everything’s smooth so far. Also, something all gamers know, is to shut-off virus protection, screen savers and anything else that’s running as most cases the main culprit for slow speeds and crashes. And too, don’t push your graphics right-off the bat until you’re satisfied it can handle it. If things should act-up, something’s not jiving with the program and not necessarily within the system.

    This is one of the first games I’ve seen with such a pre-system check. It’s doing more harm than good and probably causing all the havoc. A person should already know if their system’s up to speed.

  144. I have fixed the problem of how to install the game without going through the syscheck. . Go into my computer, then click on the game. Open then folder there you will see setup. my email is [email protected] if anyone is confused would l will walk you through this…

  145. I just received this game from
    I’m not sure whether it is because I bought a copy from the USA or not
    but I live on the other side of the world in Australia.

    Anyway I ran the game for the first time and the screen cam out all
    the wrong size and nothing I have tried will fix this problem. What is
    going on here? What a pile of crap.

    If anyone can help me out my email is [email protected]

  146. Has anyone figured out how to actually play the game? I have installed it….I got around with the setup like Glennis said. It comes to the screen with the lady and the apple and then freezes! OMG! I can’t stand this….I want to play!

  147. GGGRRRR! THIS GAME IS SO ANNOYING! Ok mine is wierd, it instals fine everything loads ok until I get to the main menu where the cursor doesn’t move! AT ALL! My desktop cursor is fine! I have bought two discs to see if they work and nothing! Any ideas?

    email me:
    [email protected]


  149. I’ve played this game at least three times all the way through with no problem and it’s so much fun! Talk about all the dangerous scandals you can do….. I don’t know why everyone’s complaining.

  150. well i managed to get the game installed and running on a dual core athlon 3800+ with a geforce 5500 card and 1 GB of ram.. was playing and got quite far.. my video card then died on me (not as a result of the game (or was it??) so i went and bought a new geforce 7800 also used the opportunity to upgrade to 2GB of ram and reinstall windows.
    okay so on the new hardware it installed again but now as soon as i go to cross the road the game will crash.

  151. grr i have played the game 3 times now and it installed fine and i started playing it but then it just freezes and goes back to desktop and it always freezes on different places also it wont let me save it just says error could not save i only bought it today and my computer is like new!!!

    hellpp meee

  152. i need help on episode 9 when i need to call frank fox, the only thing is is that i dont have his number someone please help…and to all others my game worked just fine sorry u are having this problem but i do have a 128 mb graphics card if that helps any…if i complete the game i will pass mine on to someone else

  153. same problem, i have a new computer with all requirements and i had the game replaced twice. It freezes and goes to the desktop

  154. Ok so here’s what’s up… I had the same problem w/the video card and stuff but i did the setup thing and it works fine… UP UNTIL THE END OF THE FIRST DARN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!

    Not only does the body on my character not appear… (She’s a floating head XD) but i finish the first episode and then it freezes at the part w/the old lady (in the cut scene)

    if you have any I MEAN ANNNYYYYthing that can lead to FIXING this problem… E-MAIL ME AT [email protected]!

  155. So I was having the same problem as everyone else (the Accel) and did the work around and it starting installing fine, BUT, only up until you are supposed to insert Disc 1 the 2nd time and then it gets the error message “not responding”
    Anyone have a way around this?
    I agree, most frustrating thing ever. UGH!!

  156. im so pissed off at this game. i tried it on my computer AND my brothers and i am having the same problem with video acceleration. im so mad! ugh! i wasted my money on this game and now i cant return it…i was really excited about playing it too. this game is not worth ****! no one buy it.

  157. OMG i did the setup thing and it installed and now all it does is go to the damn lady with the apple and then it freezes and goes back to the desktop. this is really, really annoying!!!!!! GR! I cant believe i wasted my money on this S***!!! NO ONE BUY THIS GAME!! They should have a recall!! Damnit

  158. Hey Someone please help me
    i bypassed the setup so now its all downloaded into my computer but when i go to play it the lady and large apple come up then a few seconds later it goes black and back to desktop

    ne one know how to go around or bypass the play or something please help me out

    email me at [email protected]


  160. Ymm… I had the same problem but I checked the options and noticed that the graphic’s level is too high. I lowered it. Then I just restarted game and it worked perfectly.

    Sorry for my english D:

  161. ok……… if ur game wont start and says u dont have the minimum requirements….

    go into my computer…. right click on desperate houswives disk…. click explore….. then click setup……… then click on setup.exe which is in the setup file……………. it will work!!!!!!

    ok after that….. i have no clue…..
    mine is installed but wont play…. i put the disk in and it comes up… i press play……. and it loads up into full screen … with the picure of the ugly lady with a leaf and her hands covering her…. goes back to windows……????? huh???? if u get the same thing and find a way around it…………. plz email me on [email protected] and let me no… this is killing me slowly

  162. Its the exact same thing with me…the game is installed but won’t play!!! I really think that this whole thing is ridiculous….i mean seriously did these people nnot try the game before selling it???? It’s crazy…so if any if you find out how to make the game work let me know….this is so frustrating!

  163. i installed the game & i played but after half an hour it says something bout runtime error & it i restart & play anothe 30 min. untill runtime error pops up again!!
    what should i do..

  164. That Michael fella.. thankyou so much.. it worked now

    go to my computer
    right click the game
    click explore
    enter the setup folder and click setup 🙂


  165. freaking 5 hours of my freaking life spended to find there was a error of this i could be playing other games.
    well i did the bypass, it installed, gets the to lady with the apple screen, it then the screen goes black then i get back into windows.

    If there is a sollution pls e-mail me at [email protected]

  166. omg! this game is a joke! i cnt believe tht evry1 is havin this problem! i tried it on my laptop and installed it and thn it did tht thng wher it goes 2 the screen with the lady and the big apple thn freezes!
    so i tried it on my other computer and it worked fine until it gt 2 the main menu! wen it gt ther the stupid cursor wudn’t move!!!
    ugh! this is ridiculous! i love desperate housewives and i was so excited wen i gt it this morning! i spent the all day trynna get it 2 wrk! all i wna do i play the damn game n it jst won’t work!!!

  167. okay .
    for everyone who is having a problem with the installing of the game .
    all they need to do is:
    go to my computer .
    click on the Desperate Housewives disk One [RIGHT CLICK!]
    and hit Explore .
    once you get there you have to click on the Setup Folder .
    when it opens find the Setup Button [IT HAS THE WIZARD SYMBOL ABOVE IT]
    and it should work.
    that is what i just did and it totally works except now it doesnt start .
    this game has some major gliches .

  168. ok after that….. i have no clue…..
    mine is installed but wont play…. i put the disk in and it comes up… i press play……. and it loads up into full screen … with the picure of the ugly lady with a leaf and her hands covering her…. goes back to windows……????? huh???? if u get the same thing and find a way around it…………. plz email me on [email protected] and let me no… this is killing me slowly

    p.s i tried to change graphic level but i dont know how to get to the options if you know how plz HELP

  169. this game is a pile of crap!
    mine said fail against video requirement and said it requires accel but i have accel!
    i went on set up and it did upload but then just goes off straight away it won’t load up.

  170. is anyone having a problem of when the game is running it crashing around the time of bree coming to your door or just after

  171. errhhh looks like tha same prob for us all.. that little installation cheat seems to be workin, but no one can get past that stupid naked lady!! anyone found any cheats to get past that screen?? if u hav pls post it, we all need help!! so frustrating wen u hav a game u cant play.. nawww stupid BVG!!!!!!! cuz no one relle wants to waste money on a new video card, xpecially wen its bvg that screwed up.. the majority ov us cant play it.. urgh 🙁

  172. This is friggin ridiculous. Same s**t here. Got it installed can’t get past that stupid lady with the apple. Keeps looking like it will load then goes back to windows. My computer isn’t even a week old and meets all the requirements. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Let me know if anyone figures anything out.

  173. I had the same problem. it installed and then just after bree come to the door, it went back to the desktop. so i read someone lowered there resolution in the options part and i did that and i am up to episode 2 now 😀 So it worked, i suggest you all try this.

  174. I’ve been playing the game just fine for 2 days, then all of a sudden, I try to load it and it’s the same as everyone else has been saying. It acts like its going to play, then crashes to the desktop! This is infuriating!

  175. Carrie-
    How did you get it to play? All I ever get is the stage where it crashed to the desktop. It acts like it is going to play but it never does. Aggghhhhh!!!

  176. Hey, I have figured out the problem to the lady with the apple. You have to go into the actual files of the game and double-click autostart (or whatever its called, its something like that :-S). Im not sure if someone has already posted this, if they have then sorry.

    You will be able to bypass the system requirements check and the lady with the apple – from then on its pretty damn slow, so just sit back and wait…

    The game will be choppy and it keeps pausing now and then – really theres not much point in playing, unless you have a solution for this. The only (mini) game that is normal speed and OK in terms of fun is Cooking.

    Please post any solutions to the choppiness dilemma.

  177. This game sucks… It works but extremly bad on my mothers computer with a ati 200 something graphics card that is NOT supported acording to buena vistas page… But on my girlfriends computer it won’t work at att all because intels graphic card stinks… And this is new computers… It is not even possible to play on win 2000… Why??? I don’t think the graphic in the game is so special? Excuse me if my english is bad but i’m swedish and i suppose you don’t no any swedish?… =)

  178. i bought this game for $15 yesterday.. after reading all these comments and my own problems, i am going 2 return it!!! it said my video acceleration wasn’t right so i installed it the other way. then the graphics go crazy and my character has no body!!!!!! then when the wife and husband go up 2 the bedroom, it freezes and says an error has occurred. should i return it??
    i am so furious i feel like throwing the computer out the window.

  179. This app or something like it will software simulate hardware T&L and allows you to tweak the other problematic setting I can’t recall right now. .I played around with the app but never got DH to work on the other hand I didn’t really understand most of what I was doing. I was just checking boxes then testing it by running DH.

  180. heyyy dominic!
    i have the same probem as you
    i installed it
    but when i open it, it completely like, closes…
    so i cant really play
    any solutions ?

  181. btw glennis’ directionS DO NOT WORK
    ive tried, all it does is install and open the game
    then the game closes randomly, my computer is new
    i got it christmas 2006!

  182. may, i tried, i click on my computer
    i go to DH disk one
    i right click it,
    then i go open
    then i click autoplay
    but it sends me to that ugly apple woman
    and sends me back to windows

    please be more specific may,
    we need instructions.
    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!


  184. yeh same, i really need help guyz! my game works gr8, all smooth, gr8 graphics and all that stuff but it won’t save! i go on save and it says “an error occured, your game was not saved.” and no matter what i do, it won’t work. it worked last year when i got it, and theres nothing wrong with the game disc or the computer!!! PLEASE 4 THE LOVE OF GOD HELP MEEEEE!!

  185. bit of help, get a GeForce update, i think u need GeForce 4 for this game to work, please, if u hav nuffin 2 do, help me find out how the hell i can stop my Desperate Housewives game from not saving, i sorta need my game saved people! PLEASE HELP!

  186. hey ppl i got the game today and i keep getting a blue screen where is says that i need Accel and i have Accel what can i do to make it work it looks like so much fun!!
    Please help my e-mail is: [email protected]

  187. Oh my god this is so annoying!
    i got the game for christmas & it says i’ve got the wrong video acceleration on my computer so i can’t even install it! & on my laptop i installed it fine & then i created a family & then it plays this little movie thing & then the game just quits itself! how annoying is that!!! i’m going to get my uncle to find out about this video acceleration thing & if he knows what to do i’ll leave another message for you all telling you.
    If not then we’re all doomed 🙁 xx

  188. ha this is funny. just got it for christmas too and here it is a year later and has anyone figured out how to work it. mine is installed but i click play and the whole screen goes back to desktop..humph…looks like im just going to have to play my er game instead.

  189. I got this game to work (finally) on my aunts pc. I had to install it on my laptop first and copy it over to her pc to get the thing to run, it kept freezing in the installation at the switch cdrom point.

    Detailed instructions(does require a second pc that will fully install and run the game):
    1. Find a computer that it will install onto
    1a.Run the game,grab the patch, and install it
    2. Transfer all the files from C:/Program files/Buena Vista Games onto a thumb drive or somethind similar
    3. Drop it right into the C:/Program files folder on the computer you want the game on
    4.Create a shortcut on the desktop with windows shortcut creator (C/program file/Buena Vista Games/Desperate Housewives/DesperateHousewives.exe)

  190. hey first i had problems with the video acceleration so i bought a new graffix card and thats running fine now but i cant save any of the progress in the game…AT ALL it says game not saved-error occured and it shouldnt be this difficult when ive paid for it n everything….not right…i have to start from the previous episode!

  191. does anyone know how to get back to the windows desktop without actually quitting the game?? also it won’t let me save my game either! its soo annoying! please help!

  192. I have the problem where the game is ‘installed’ but every time I try to open it, it flashes the lady and the apple screen at me for less than a second, then closes to windows =[.
    All the other instructions on here work, there just isn’t any for this problem :S
    Can anyone help?

  193. I had the same problem where the game is semi-installed (not under minimum requirements) and I get the lady back up again and then it goes back to my desktop. I installed the patch and everything and still…nothing works.

    Any ideas? hints? Please!!

  194. I bought this game for my daughter and lo and behold it suffered from the same symptoms as described i.e. on board graphics did not support it.
    I have just upgraded to a radeon ati x1550 for £33 and this worked a treat. Make sure you get a pci-e version and not agp if you dont have an agp slot. (which i did first of all).

  195. welll mine just loads up all fine n then says finished and it looks fine to play but i go to the file and it says i need to reinstall it. i tried reinstalling it many times but just does the same over and overr!!! some one hellpppp pleaseee!! is there anyone satisfied with this gamee????

  196. why release a game that is soo fucked up ?!?!? honestly ?!?!?1 its a goddamn waste of time n money mine installed fine but wont lemme go past episode 9 it just freezes mid conversation and im sick of it its even put me off watching the show. went to that live help site thing and its totaly useless its been saying its sunday there for 2 days now im so sick of this bullshit …ppl buy the game so they can play it no problems not to be fucked around ill never be buying a buena vista game ever again

  197. i’ve had this game since it came out, and i have yet to play it because of the stupid blue box that comes up and says i dont have the right video acceleration when i so totally do! ahhh boo.

  198. Has any one managed to sort this out yet? It just seems like a really poor quality game. I’ve had it for months, and still haven’t manged to get it to work properly.
    Any one contacted the company? If you had, and they replied, could you forward it on to me [ [email protected] ] as I’d really like to see how they explained all these unsatisfied customers.

  199. Ok so I purchased a new computer and the game works fine on it. No blue box, no video accelerator issues (by the way, the CSI games do the same thing starting with with 2 game). I was stoked until I went to save the game and it will not save so everytime I close it down, I have to start the game back at the beginning. I got this game LAST christmas (2006) and finally get to play it in 2008 and I can save it. I say a class action law suit isn’t a bad idea at all….anyone know a good lawyer?

  200. The company (Disney/Buena Vista) is aware of the install issue and has no plans to fix the issue for the following graphics cards (most of which are laptop or integrated into the motherboard):

    # ATI Radeon 7200 7500 Series
    # Intel 82845G Integrated Graphics
    # Intel 82852 Integrated Graphics
    # Intel 82855 Integrated Graphics
    # Intel 82855GM Extreme Graphics 2
    # Intel 82865G Extreme Graphics 2
    # Intel 82865GV Extreme Graphics 2
    # Intel 82910GL GMA 900 Integrated Graphics*
    # Intel 82915G GMA 900 Integrated Graphics*
    # Intel 82915GV GMA 900 Integrated Graphics*
    # Intel 82945G Express Chipset*
    # Mobile Intel 910GML Express Integrated Graphics*
    # Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS Express Integrated Graphics*
    # Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset*
    # nVidia GeForce 2MX*
    # nVidia GeForce 2GTS*
    # nVidia GeForce 4MX*
    # SiS Xabre series video cards*

    A list of supported cards can be found here:

    You can find which graphics card version you have by going to Start>Run>and then typing “dxdiag”. Based on the sheer number and scope of technical issues with DH, I’d recommend thinking twice about buying Buena Vista/Disney games in the future.

  201. Anyone know where I can find an update to my video card driver?
    I have this card: Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS Express Integrated Graphics.

    I’ve worked around the installing problem, but when I try to start it…
    I don’t even get the screen with the woman and the apple..
    I get an error-message saying: Wrong disc inserted. Please insert the original “Desperate Housewives” CD1.

    (I also have problem installing the game Reservoir Dogs,anyone know why?)

    Other games I have work ok.

    Anyone know what to do? Is there a patch to solve this?
    e-mail me on [email protected]

    (I’m from Norway,so you can write me in swedish if you want)

  202. Maybe this will work for my problem with the error-message saying it is the wrong cd? I put it here in case it helps:)

    “You are trying to start a copy-protected application which requires the original disc to be in the CD/DVD-ROM drive. Please check to make sure your disc is an original”:

    If this message occurs, although you are using the original disc, please check if the correct communication mode is being used with your drive. Please check if the DMA mode is enabled by using the Device Manager

    1.Open the Device Manager.

    2.Double-click IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers to display the list of controllers and channels.

    3.Right-click the icon for the channel to which your CD/DVD drive is connected, select Properties, and then click the Advanced Settings tab.

    4.In the Current Transfer Mode drop-down box, select “DMA if Available” if the current setting is “PIO Only.” If the drop-down box already shows “DMA if Available” but the current transfer mode is PIO, then you must toggle the settings.
    That is:
    Change the selection from “DMA if available” to PIO only, and click OK.
    Then repeat the steps above to change the selection to DMA if available.

    In case the hint given above didn’t solve your problem, please send a SecuROM™ analysis file to [email protected] (see Support Info section on how to prepare and send an analysis file).

  203. Maxine…I had the same problem with the saving games! I googled it and found that you have to go into users and your name, then into desperate housewives, then you have to add folders, “coupons” “Photos” “Profiles” and “saves”. Under profiles and saves you should have your family name. Then it will save! Hope I explained this ok!!

  204. Ok, I have a nvidia ge force 8400m gs card, I’m assuming it would be ok as its on a brand new laptop. I check the dxdiag thing and it said there were no problems. I never had any problems installing. I had a problem with saving until I found online that I had to add the save file myself, which was fine. Now it saves ok. I got stuck under the stairs in episode 4. I found the patch and downloaded and installed it twice, but I’m still stuck under the stairs. Do I have to restart my game for this patch to work, or is there something else I need to do so I can continue?

  205. ya me to…WHAT DO I DO….IT WILL NOT WORK!!! it says i failed the acceleration test..i dont know what to do!

  206. SO i downloaded the game and everything worked just fine but then whenever i start to play it will skipp and freeze what do i do?

  207. I don’t really know what you’re all talking about. I bought this game a while ago, it worked fine on my computer… maybe a little slow at times, but I had no problems getting it to work, and mine saved just fine. It froze maybe once or twice, but I can’t blame that on the game considering my computer wasn’t in a very good shape at the time. I loved the game, definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

  208. I hate this game! Everytime I put in the CD, it’s says: “put in the right original CD” But it IS THE RIGHT CD. I don’t know what to do, I have tried tp install it on every single coputer in our house and I have even bougth 2 different games! What shall I do?

  209. The game runs fine but i cant save it myself and everytime i start the game again its back to the beginning but all my cooking skills have been saved and everything can anyone help please?

  210. I FOUND THE SAVING ANSWER!!! I have had the same problems as everybody else and its been really frustrating!!! I can play the game but have been getting the error cant save message..also the game has been crashing during play which sux when you have spent five hours playing…anyway i just discovered that after it crashes or you stop the game you can actually get back to the episode your were currently on when it crashed!! when you start game up again from beginning there are a few choices you can click on, choice the options bar and that will take you to the list of episodes all the epiosdes you have completed are highlighted and you can click back into where you were in the game…the episodes you havnt reached cant be clicked into…the good thing is you can get back to where you were without having to start again and all the things you have acquired are all still there including goals etc you do have to start the episode from the start but at least you havnt lost the things you have been collecting and dont have to begin game from very beginning again!

  211. Ugh!!!!!! I am having the same problem as everyone!!!!!! and it seems there is no solution. my computer pretty much brand new…and i pass all of the requirements. Im just really annoyed because i wanted to play this game for a while….THEN i saw it on sale ahahah so i bought it and now i know why it was on sale. BECAUSE ITS DODGY!!!!!!! never again. im sticking with the sims from now on

  212. did anyone ever find a solution to this game? ive been pondering buying it but im being put off by all this crap. someone suggested i try a demo but i cant find a demo anywhere on the interent, can som ehelp me out where to find it

  213. I am having the same problem as all of you. I got mine for my birthday, and it says I need more video acceleration…And worse yet, Shopko won’t take it back! How gay is that?

  214. ok iv done the round about way of instaling but now it wont work, i start up the game the loading pic (no idea what eles to call it) comes up and then my screen blinks to my desktop then to a black screen my curser does its lil loading thing then im throwen right back out to my desktop and nothing eles happens.
    does anyone know why this happens. i just wont to play the game, if i knew it was this hard to load i would have stuck to sims2, they need to recall this game >

  215. This game is doing my head in AHHH!!! The lady comes up and then acts as if its going to play but then goes back to the desktop its so annoying :@
    please help is posible!

  216. I’m sorry to hear so many people are having problems with their game! I too started out so frustrated and ended up buying a new computer in order to play it (time for an upgrade anyway).

    I have managed to complete the game, kind of worth the effort, but my problem is that the customisation of the home doesn’t work. I have emailed the support people with no luck and I feel like I have spent more time troubleshooting than playing the bloody game. My graphics card is compatible and exceeds basic system requirements. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if it was resolved. Cheers

  217. I dont know what to tell you all, I got this game April of 2007, and I JUST got a new laptop yesterday, so I’ve finally gotten to play. Kerry, if you’re still reading this thread, time freezes at 5pm as part of the gameplay, you need to go to the mall & meet your husband.

  218. Basically i have the same problem as everyone else;
    the accel thing right?
    and i have accel.
    but anyway i have played on it on the laptop it works butt maaan is it slow!

  219. Nope it didnt work 4
    it keeps on going into the screen with the lady and da apples and then it just goes back 2 windows!

  220. Ok i was unaware of this problem. I just bought the game a week ago and found out that it is 2 years old. obviously because i bought it for 4 bucks. It wouldn’t install on my xp computer even though it said it would but when i read the system requirements it said that it has errors on computers with xp becuase of internet spyware or something. One day later i purchased a new laptop with vista and was soooooooooo happy when it installed and worked until at 10pm i wanted to save it because i was up to the 10th episode and it said error- wont save. I was so angry because then i had to start at the beginning the next day. I have done this at least twenty times in the hope it would save once or i would get past the 10th level again but no such luck. Serves me right for buying a game two years old and for 4 bucks. My it guy is coming over but i dont think he can fix it as you will probably have been told ‘laptops aren’t meant to have these games installed on them’. Whatever im going back to play Sims 2. Laters


    I have found a solution to the “Save Game” annoying problem. I believe it’s affecting people who are running windows Vista, if so, it’s easy to fix, do the below.

    1) Right click on the Desperate housewives shortcut / icon or .exe file, and click properties.
    2) Click the compatibility tab.
    3) Tick the “Run this programme in compatibility mode” and select “Windows XP (SP2),
    4) Tick “Run this program as an administrator”.

    Done! 😀

    You now have full write privileges, so you can save you game. Enjoy.

  222. I have tried calling the helpline which was minimum help, my requirement are fine. I have tried so many different ways to make this game work. Including various sites suggesting what I could do that have experienced the same problem with the same game. I have never had any problems playing anything on my laptop and had I known this could happen or how many people had experienced the same problem I would never have bought the game. I do not have money to throw away and I believe Buena Vista should have either made the public aware of the game’s shortcoming or removed the game from the shelves until they could fix the problem. I have checked your official website and it is ridiculous that a game has so many limitation and has still been able to be put on the market!

  223. I managed to bypass the install, and it shut down at the woman with the apple, but there’s the sound of a dog barking on my laptop??!!

    I’m assuming this means the game is somehow running in the background or my laptop has bought a pet?

  224. Uhg … Mine is the same ! Idk why but the EFFIN game wont
    load. =[ On the acceleration it says my comp hase the EXACT same thing the game needs … but for some reason that will never be known it says my comp fail -.- wtf dude!!!
    Uhg is there any way to download the game without having to me ALL the requierments???¿???¿???
    HELP ME!!!!!! If not then this game waz a waist of time and cash…

  225. Uhg it works on my laptop even tho it says it doenst have like half the things yew need to play. But its super slow and It wont even let me get past the second episode. So why wont it play on my comp. Again my comp has accel and the game needs accel so wtf is wrong?!¿!?

  226. Hi. Bought the game today. It won’t even let me install. Keeps coming up with File Transfer Errors. Any help, please…

  227. HI brought game bout year ago, [I’m live Australia] & same probs with install, video card died so brought new one GeForce 5200 & game worked fine, played it for 2days & loved it, then I get to start of episode where fashion show starts & man putting something in my mailbox, screen starts to load my mini menus Im standing near front door & it freezes, error msg comes up saying it had to do a minidump & it saved it in program files etc,???? wth is a minidump & does anyone know how to fix it? I downloaded the 1.4patch from gamespot [8.0mb] but when I run it says “old file not found, however a file of the same name found. No update done since file contents do not match”???? aahhhhh!!!! I dont know what was worse not being able to install or playing a bit & not being able to go any further, cos I love game & am addicted already
    Please help

  228. hi, im having trouble installing desperate housewives the game its saying that my computer video acceleration has failed what should i do i was wondering if there was any website or downloading thing i can use to clear my video accleration ive tryed so many things nothing helped
    im desperate!!!!! please help me

  229. I got the game the other day up loaded it and now it goes to the page where eve is n then it shuts down to my windows page wa should i do ???? Helppppppppppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Hi! I’m at the second episode and i don’t know where is the susan’s thing, which i have to find. (“Go tho the susan’s house and look after the thing she’s looking for). There is anyone in the house. Can someone help me please??

  231. I have the same freakin problem. The game downloads and everything but will not play My system is compatiable, spent mega money upgrading my comp. to play this game but no matter what it will not play.!

  232. to make it faster when it downloads make sure u close down any programs tht r running before u start playing. also when u start playing, go to the options menu and untick all the special effects and any others u things u can go without.. it works quicker now, still slow but bareable (Y)

  233. I have 3 computers in my house and the only one that actually will let me play the game is my really old one that is really slow. It drives me crazy cos its such a good game but its way to slow for smooth gameplay so i cant even really play it anyway. I hate buena vista!!

  234. My mum brought me this for christmas for my new computer and may i just say IT IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF B******s I Have EVER Seen In My LIFE!!! I gave away all my sims two games for this shit and to be quite honest even the company who made it can’t offer A SOLUTION so next time you go out and buy a new game DONT BUY THEIR BLOODY PRODUCTS !!!!!!!!!! everything else passed just the video card thingie and its a brand new pc with VISTA !!! i mean this is really naffing me off tbh .

  235. I got this game yesterday (Christmas) i loaded it on and thought everything was ok. But it seems like the game is in widescreen and does not fit on my screen. My screen is big, the buttons you click on, settings, start game etc. are not directly on the button, you need to move the mouse about 6cm to the left. and click… im very confused with all of this!
    when i go into settings, i cant even change the screen size as its not on the screen!!!! its cut off my screen. Grrrr.
    if anyone can help would be great!

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