Import Between Outlook Express, Hotmail, and Outlook

  1. When eBay still used Microsoft's Passport, I registered an account through my Hotmail address. Today, I switched the eBay email address from Hotmail to my Pirillo one.
  2. Now I had all this eBay email sitting in my Hotmail account – and I wanted to get it into Outlook with the least amount of fuss. Windows Live Mail was no help (and a performance dog to boot), but you can access your Hotmail account through Outlook Express easily enough.
  3. I then tried to export my Hotmail messages through Outlook Express's data export tool – to no avail. It only wants to export items sitting in the default Inbox (not in any subsequent account inboxes, even though they may be selected at the time the feature is invoked). Lame.
  4. I tried dragging and dropping a message icon to the desktop, then into Outlook – or directly into Outlook – but it was in an incompatible format.
  5. The solution to the problem is simple: select all the messages in Outlook Express that you'd care to import into Outlook, then press CTRL+F to forward them to your email address. When you receive that message in Outlook, you'll see all those messages as separate attachments – ready to drag & drop directly into any Outlook folder of your choosing.