Seattle Tech Companies

Trying to figure out who's in town, and what they're doing:

Who's missing from this list – from the greater Seattle area? John Cook mentions quite a few other cool new Seattle tech companies in his extended conversation, including:

Then, according to the comment thread, we also have:

I don't count any of the above resources as “Web 2.0” companies – they're simply cool new resources that fellow Seattlites have to offer the world.

7 thoughts on “Seattle Tech Companies”

  1. You're missing a lot. Off the top of my head, Judy's Book, Medio Systems, Farecast, Redfin, DocuSign, Jobster, MPire, MobileLime, SourceLabs, …
    There's many, many more.
    – Greg Linden,

  2. One of my favorite newer Seattle tech startups is Wetpaint, the free wiki platform. They have been gaining a lot of momentum lately.

    Another one to watch in my sector will be, a new e-commerce cart with advanced marketing and SEO mods. They haven’t quite launched their flagship program, but it’s due out soon.

    Maybe time for an update to this list, eh?

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