Googlefasting: Day 12

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  • *snooze* Is anybody still paying attention? This has become a non-event – even for me. I'm ready to go back to Google, methinks. I've learned my lesson, had a bit of fun, and certainly lasted longer than a single week. I'm not even keeping track of my mundane searches anymore…
  • “I understand your wish for Google to employ word verification to cut down on the amount of spam. Unfortunately, the word verification is locking blind users out of more and more Google services. Google offers no accessible form of verification, and they have been promising this for a year. Yahoo has an alternative method for the blind, and so does MSN. I heard of one web site that implimented an excellent workaround in two days. Meanwhile Google keeps making empty promises. If you are interested in this, check out and please mention this to anyone you speak to at Google. Being blind and using a screen reader, I cannot open a google blog, email account, or even comment on any Google blogs. Any mention of this you can give would certainly be appreciated.”