Captain 173

Oh boy. I can’t believe I’m admitting this.

Since moving to Seattle, I’ve gained a whopping 30 pounds. It’s not time to go on a diet – it’s time to remember the lifestyle that put me at 142 well over a year ago. I’ve dropped weight (significantly) twice in my life: the first time (to 123), by low carbing it; the second time (to 142), by watching calorie intake and working out. Third time’s the charm?

I knew something wasn’t right when I accused Wicket of shrinking my pants. Like, half of my closet doesn’t “fit” anymore. Fat sure sneaks up on you quickly, eh? It’s my own fault – my own laziness and ignorance has brought me to this bloated state. I’m not quite Stay-puft Marshmallow Man size, thankfully (no offense to those who are). However, it’s time to nip my fat butt in the bud.

Each time I’ve set out to conquer my weight issues, I’ve learned something new – lessons which (for the most part) have stayed with me throughout the years. When I started low carbing, I stopped drinking sugary drinks outright (not even diet colas pass my lips). I also stopped eating partially hydrogenated foods (those evil trans fats I’ve been warning you about). Been that way ever since the late ’90s. The last weight loss happened through the skilled hands of Ponzi, who helped prepare calorie-conscious meals while I hit the Gazelle / Ab Lounge and quit coffee. Truthfully, I really don’t drink coffee anymore. Mostly. So where did I go “wrong?”

I stopped watching the scale. I had one too many snacks throughout the day. I didn’t watch my meal portions. I picked up a few sweet drinks for brief periods of time (thanks, Starbucks). I stopped working out every day. I stopped thinking about what I was doing, and what “not thinking” was doing to my body. That’s my takeaway this time – that *MUST* be my takeaway.

I’m Captain 173 today, heading down the same path that put me at 142. Gnomedex 4 was my target point (starting somewhere in the low 160s as I recall). I’m shooting for -30lbs by Gnomedex 6 at the end of June 2006. Egads. This is going to be an uphill battle, as I’m not taking any diet supplements or doing anything wacky. “Eat right and exercise” is always the safest, best bet for anybody.

I’ve printed out a simple chart that I’ve taped in front of our bathroom scale upstairs. I’ll be weighing myself in every morning (at roughly the same time every day), recording the weight in the line next to the date. I’ve got a 40-minute routine on the Gazelle every day, followed immediately thereafter by a 5+ minute stint on the Ab Lounge. Meals will be monitored, snacks will be measured. I’ll post my progress here every week.

30 pounds. It’s doable.

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  4. I'm about 190 right now. I get down to 180 about once a year if I diet and work out.
    I would kill to be 172. As a matter of fact, I would kill you to be 172. 😉

  5. A couple of tips: weigh yourself once a week (your weight will fluctuate day-to-day, and monitoring your weight every day will frustrate you). The best time is to do it after a bowel movement, *especially* in the morning.
    Your weight fluctuates day-to-day, and monitoring your weight every day will frustrate you.
    I lost 75 pounds in 9 months, so it is do-able!

  6. I have found that spinal surgery with an abdominal apprach results in noticible weight loss at three weeks post-op, but I don't recommend it as a first option. 😛

  7. Post a 'Chris Pirillo Diet Plan'. I def could loose the same amount of weight. I gained it the same way you did.

  8. I am about 5' 9″ to 5' 10″ and happen to be coming in at 170-173 right now. Unfortunately, I also look like I am giving birth to a bowling ball…lol!
    If it turns out that I decide to keep it, I will bring it to Gnomedex and name it “spare-tire”. Get it, SPARE – BOWLING! OK, I suck… ;o)

  9. In the spirit of using the computer to make the world work better, take a look at Weightware. I used it to successfully lose 70 pounds. I tried the chart on the refrigerator thing, but this worked better for me.

  10. Seriously…
    WeightWatchers + 24HourFitness
    … kept off 30+ lbs in about 3-4 months. The cool thing about their program is that you eat normal food–you just monitor how much you're consuming. Plus, having a weight-in each week keeps you focused. If you're not into that, they have a pretty cool eTools deal as well. (But I like the meeting environment myself.)
    The exercise is a must… unless you want to fuse with that chair you're sitting in!
    Seriously, I've never felt better. Chris, do it man… what are you waiting for? If you think getting up and heading to the gym and watching what you eat is a pain in the ass now… wait until you're forced to give yourself insulin every day.

  11. Blame it on Seattle. Admit it, you put on the 30 pounds in the 11 days you've been Googlefasting. Total denial.
    -Randy Charles Morin

  12. I've been reading your blogs and I notice quite a bit of your picture are pictures of foods. I think you need to cook at home more and eat out less. If you work at home, climb the stairs every hour and get active. I know office jobs are hard, but every little thing helps. You're on the right track though, eating right and exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Diet should be a lifestyle change, not just about what you eat.

  13. Chris,
    Man I'm blind or is there no way to contact you on your page? 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I saw you're going to be at BarCamp austin, and Im also organizing a WordPress meetup from 6-8 at the same venue, so maybe I'll bump into you there. I lost over 100lb's w/ low carb, so if you want to chat or commiserate feel free to hit me up. Event/contact info here:

  14. I think you'll be able to do it-men tend to lose weight more easily than women. I lost 30 lbs almost a year ago, just by exercising and cutting down on what I eat. For me, sticking to a strict regimen makes me feel deprived, and then I have more of a tendency to blow it. Whatever works for you, man.
    BTW, maybe you should try wrapping yourself in bubble-wrap again, and sweat off those pounds! j/k

  15. Chris I admire that you have started taken measures to loose weight, great job. However some of the approaches you have mentioned do not work very well. This is coming from a person who at one point in time was over weight (Weighed 190 lbs at age 11, now it’s a different story I am 24 years old and weigh in at 150 lbs) had to go through a lot of hardships especially when selecting what type of food I needed to eat, when all I was relying was on dieting. When it comes to food try eating foods that have a lower sugar content, also prevent sweets such as Ice creams, cakes etc I don’t say that totally avoid them but to some extent. Also have an exercise plan laid out, something to which you can stick to. Try working out at least 3 days in a week for 45 minutes, if you are getting bored alternate the days and to make it more fun listen to some music or workout with someone (Ponzi). Also you mentioned that you weigh yourself every morning, the only downside to this approach is that you will not see a huge difference after a days workout, try weighing yourself after a week or two weeks and see what happens. I hope these suggestions would help you loose weight.
    I hope all this helps.

  16. I wish I was 173! I'd have to be totally ripped to be at that weight. I'm 6'2″, though, and 220-230 lbs. My goal is around 200. I've started doing 25 mins on the StairMaster and burning about 300 calories, climbing about 90 floors. It's much better than the treadmill because I go according to its level adjustments and don't have to worry about falling off it. 🙂

  17. The best way is to weigh yourself daily and use the Eatwatch programme at if you have a Palm (or Excel) it will allow you to plot your weight out and calculate how many calories you are overeating by. It really works! The graphs etc are really cool on the Treo650

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