Shawne Kleckner on Right Stuf and Anime Today

When you want to find a specific Anime feature or Manga book, chances are Right Stuf has what you are looking for. The company produces a few titles and distributes thousands through their mail order service. Recently, Chris chatted with Shawne Kleckner, founder of Right Stuf, about the basics of anime, the company background and the recently launched Anime Today podcast. With a new episode every two weeks, Anime Today provides some compelling product reviews, background on what it’s like to produce, license and dub anime titles and specials in every episode. There’s also some background on traveling in Japan for those who might be planning a visit.

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The following are the show notes for the February 23rd, 2006 edition of the Chris Pirillo Show.

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Chris talks with, _______, the owner of the RightStuf Anime superstore.

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