Free Credit Report?

Don't believe what you hear on television – even with the catchy “Free Credit Report dot-com” jingle. That's the last place you wanna visit for a credit report, Ponzi says. She's the master (mistress?) of credit reports, so she oughta know. Instead, she suggests going to Annual Credit Report – which is the really, truly free service: processes requests for free credit file disclosures (commonly called credit reports). Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) consumers can request and obtain a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies. provides consumers with the secure means to do so.

Okay, that works for me. I thought the “Free” in “Free Credit Report dot-com” was really free – but it's not, according to her. Hey, if the Annual Credit Report site does the trick with no hidden gotchas – I'm all for it. According to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, I have a credit score of bleen!

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  2. Ponzi's advice is good. In the distant past I, too, spent some time as a mortgage processor. Never again!Since there are 3 credit agencies, you should spread out your requests so that you are always current. Example: contact Equifax every January, Experian every May and TransUnion every September. That way you get more chances to make sure that your credit is OK and more chances to make corrections should they be necessary.

  3. Tell Ponzi her advice is truly good. Does she know Peter Biliagus? He gave the exact same advice. I thought he was kidding. Now I know he wasn't.

  4. I was told that I had a credit score of 879. I know that it is good, but just how good is it? Is it good enough to buy a new car with a really low intress rate?


  5. your company took money from my account with out my permission i have never even heard of this company and i will be filling charges agenst your compan for my money. please respond because this is a serious matter.thank you

  6. IT IS ABSOLUTELY 100% NOT FREE. Those fucking assholes charged me 12 bucks (no big deal I know, but if it’s no big deal then send me 12 bucks). CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW!


  8. Dont trust anyone if you want to get a list of free credit report sites contact the federal credit beureu (hope i spelled that right) and ask them because most of these sites want credit card information and bill you unknowingly or bill you when you forget to cancel their 30 day trial, dont do it these people are liars

  9. Hi Guys,

    I think it’s been mentioned before but I’ll say it again: AVOID at all costs. While this service promise a free credit report (which they do make good on) there are a LOT of issues surrounding this service.

    Google it, find out the problems, and avoid this service at all costs.

  10. Thank you. I was just going to freecreditreport dot com because of the little jingle was stuck in my head. Thank you for the useful info.


  11. LMFAO!!!!!!!!! if people would ACTUALLY READ the terms and conditions or read under where it says IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the VERY FIRST PAGE, they would know to cancel within 30 days if they do not want to keep the membership. Why ANYONE would put their credit card number ONLINE WITHOUT reading up on what they’re doing first… well… that’s just BEYOND ME!!! Things that make you go… “hmmmm” lol. Stop bitching and READ READ READ before you put your credit card number on ANY KIND OF SITE!!!

  12. OH yeah… one other thing I forgot to mention. when you people want to threat to report it to the “BBB” (better business bureau). make sure you do your research. this company is PART of the BBB and their grade is an A!! so… hmmm… OBVIOUSLY something is being done right. what do ya think?

  13. You are definitely right about the site. It’s the best, but only if you want to view your report… not your score (i believe…). Be leary of the other sites out there promising a free credit report AND score… and if you actually DO obtain the score after paying the fee, mark your calendar to cancel the subscription way before your 30 days is up. My suggestion is to print it out as soon as it’s displayed. Some sites will only allow you to view it once… it’s not saved for future viewing.

    hope this helps…

  14. So can anyone tell me whom to call or what to do to get a truly FREE Credit report as the government has promised? I don’t want to give my credit card info over the internet at ALL, and I would rather find out where to call or write to get the much needed info. GERN at POB 305,
    IRMO, SC 29063, thanks for your help in advance


    What happens is they sucker you into giving your credit card number, like it will help you figure out your credit score.

    Then they have a hidden clause in their ToS which charges you 15 dollars a month, without asking for your permission, or telling you as you enter your credit card number!

    They’re crooks, plain and simple. Anyone who is out to charge you money should have to state that they are charging you as you enter your credit/debit information, and how much that charge will be. Not just hidden in their ToS

  16. They make canceling your membership a task. They don’t provide you a way to just click a button to cancel your membership. You have to deal with pushy representatives over the phone that give you all this information whether you like it or not, after you have waited 5 minutes on hold of course.

    **TIP** Just say, “I would like to cancel and you will be wasting both of our time trying to talk me out of it.” Straight and to the point.

  17. Everytime you check your credit it takes it down a couple points. My dad had his credit checked 3 times by a dealership to buy a car and it lowered his credit so much that he had to take a higher interest rate.

  18. There is no reason to join some credit reporting service. Everyone can look at their credit report by going to the 3 major credit reporting agencies and downloading their own report. There is no service charge if you check once a year. The only people who get charged are those who think they have to look at it every day.

  19. This site isn’t that bad, as long as you use it, and get out. It can easily be free as long as you’re not a moron and forget to cancel your membership. I just sent them an email saying “Please Cancel” and I got a reply back within 10 minutes… Right away, they tell you that you will be charged monthly if you don’t cancel within the trial period…Pretty simple stuff if you ask me…

  20. And I find it funny, on a page that was made to rag on this site, how it is advertised with a hyperlink on the bottom of the page….(8

  21. I realized last week i had a charge from some weird code name, so i googled it and found it was I called before work today to cancel, but they lady just talked AROUND the request, and said that she had given me a free report for this month and i would have to log in and check it first, and on top of that she said i i could call back and request my cancellation after this months billing period had passed. I had to call twice to get them to cancel. They must be hard-up for cash to try those kind of tricks

  22. I ordered mine from and it worked out well. I got my report and score then canceled right away. I tried but I really wanted my score and I didn’t want to pay for it like the credit bureaus ask you to.

  23. your right free credit report is not free at all,
    they charged me a fee and when i called to cancel they gave me a hard time.
    what a waste of time.
    they are really money hungry.

  24. it’s not free at all on free credit report dot com. What a scam. You have to send your credit card and pay for whatever they are asking you to pay for. Falsely advertised.

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