The World's Biggest Pimple (or Zit)

I've had my fair share of face monsters in the past; most adults deal with zits on a regular basis. Imagine our suprise when we walked into our studio room and found that our ceiling was developing a gigantic whitehead. No amount of Oxy or Stridex would help the situation, however. This was a house zit that was ready to explode – if it wasn't popped first. Yes, I know they tell you not to pop zits, but when you see what I'm talking about, you'll understand why drastic action was necessary:

Can you believe it?! For a few weeks now, those windows had been leaking (due to sloppy sealing). Now, however, we discovered that the closet upstairs (directly above the room pimple) had been leaking water for some time. We dreamed of a “wet Christmas,” but never dreamed of this situation. It's the biggest zit I've ever seen – probably broke a world's record or something. Here's the video of the big zit popping.

7 thoughts on “The World's Biggest Pimple (or Zit)”

  1. I can beat your zit, and boob – how about a pregnant stomach ceiling? I know the feeling – you just stare at it in disbelief!

  2. wellllllll im an old lady so i think u should eat your veggetables instead of waisting your time looking that your pipmple

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