Comcast Connection Blues

Lyrics by Chris Pirillo | Music and Vocals by Derek K. Miller

I woke up this morning…
connection was down.
Nothin’ left to do
but to drive all over town.

Then I found me a hotspot,
and I got me online.
The waiter offered bread so fresh
to complement my whine.

I’ve got the blues.
The Comcast connection blues.
For every other customer
this downtime isn’t news.

I think it’s back up now…
you can tell by my grin.
Everything… oh, nevermind
I’ve gone offline again.

I’ve got the blues so bad.
The broadband-dropping blues.
I got a funny kind of feelin’ that
Comcast needs Viagra or somethin’
to help it stay up instead of hitting Snooze.

Know what I’m sayin’?

Too far from the office
for DSL.
Don’t bother me now
’cause I’m in hell.

There ain’t no email.
Can’t post to my blog.
Would someone grab the Drain-O
’cause I’ve got a massive clog.

This here’s my blues, baby –
The crappy Comcast blues.
The silver lining in all of this
is that I finally have the time to go upstairs
and start polishing my shoes.

The sooner I’m back on
the merrier.
We seem to be online ag…