Want a Free 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription?

The Free 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription giveaway is over. These are the current deals on Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions.


372 thoughts on “Want a Free 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription?”

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  3. look i need a free subscription code for xbox liove on my original xbox i cant get nothing for christmas so thats what i want for christmas if u will please email me one then thanks

  4. Well I’ve got GOW GRAW and R6 and all the great multiplayer games for the season but no Xbox Live…I Would be eternally grateful if someone sent me even a
    48 hour trial card or 2..

  5. i have recently rehomed my xbox360 to a needy family who have fallen foul of family hampers recent downfall and the family needed this more than me i would like to ask anyone out there if they have the code for free live gold subscription to email me then i can add to this gift for them….

  6. Well yeah I have no cards at all if you could send me some free 48 hours subscriptions I would be more than greatful.

  7. Just Got Xbox 360 and Just Looking To Get Live Gold Setup But I Need A Card Number!! I Would Really Appreciate It If I Could Get One!!!! Thanx!!

  8. hey man im kinda new 2 xbox cuz i use to play ps2 online but now i got xbox and i wuz wondering if u can send me a subscribtion code for the regular 1st xbox please


  10. hey, hows it going bud, just passing by your offer. I must say i would like the free 12 month xbox live subscription, if you can give it to me i’d appreciate it a lot, if not it’s all good bro, take care.

  11. hey if anybody has a free trial code it would be greatly appreciated to send it my way….ive got 5 kids all of which just saved up enough money combined on their own to buy an xbox 360 and madden 07. we are really restricted on money right now, so please if anyone has codes i would REALLY appreciate it. thanks.

  12. hat man can you plz send me an xbox 360 card or i will ask if i get a regular xbox subscription code can i pt it on my xbox 360?

  13. hay man can u send me a xbox 360 subscription code or tell me if i can use a regular xbox subscription code for my xbox 360?

  14. I have 3 Free X-box like 2 month trial cards Ill give away to the next 3 people who post Beter make it quick πŸ˜‰

  15. if you have Both regular X-box and X-box 360 use the X-box subscription codes on your X-box ( regular)

    Plug in the ethernetcord to your X-box (regular) then subscribe with the free 2 month trial card

    Then once you have a gamertag and stupid shit set up

    transfer the acocunt over to your X-box 360 using the Dashboard/xbox live/xbox marketplace/account management

  16. If anyone can give me a one month, three month, or twelve month card codes, I’d be thankful. I’ve been pretty much broke as of late, stressed with school, trying to save my money, but it’s going pretty slow. So please? Anyone? It’d be appreciatedddd

  17. I could really use a subscription code for regular XBOX. any length is fine with me. i just wanna check it out. thanks a ton man!

  18. hi ive just bought a friend an xbox 360 and i would like to know if thers anyway i could get a code of u for xbox live plz would be great thnx

  19. if anyone wants to trade me codes email me i need 800 microsoft points i will offer 12 month xbox box live gold

  20. you guys are insane, why not just do some work and buy the card… getting a free gold membership aint gonna happen… unless you get it from a friend, but that’s different

  21. Hi Guys!
    i have a small family and can’t afford to buy a 12month membership…and i am asking if you could give me a free code for the 12 month membership please?? thanks..

  22. Hi!….i would really like a free Xbox Subscription code please and thank you, u would forever be my hero ….( I mean that! )

  23. please im beging u i need a xbox 360 live gold code please im kinda on a low budget and dont hav any money in myn money box

  24. could you send me a subscription code because i bought a wireless network adapter and i dont have enough money for gold membership so i have a connection but cant play online games

  25. hey can someone send me another life,i bought a pack of gum today and i dont have enought money for one.my birthday is on saturday so it would be a real nice present

  26. hey,

    i might sound kinda desperate, but i just got my xbox 360 a month ago and i tried the free trial and i love it! the only problem is that my parents wont buy me one because they dont believe in videogames and im too young to get a job πŸ™ It doesnt matter how long it is, as long as it works, if anyone wants to send me one, please at [email protected]

    it will be highly appreciated πŸ˜‰
    i know a lot about getting programs such as windows vista, xp and photoshop extreamly cheap or even sometimes free, so i guess if ya send me one, ill share my secrate πŸ™‚

  27. I would love one for my xbox, its not a 360 though, plz could i have one i would be very gratfully

  28. Hi al.. i saw that you al are also desprately trying to find a free subscription to Xbox live GOLD…
    I found out the ‘trick’ for the contineus use of a 1 month membership, so you can re use it over and over… (as reviewed in the news)
    If you want to know how, just email me, and i will send you the instructions, totaly free and without the begging! πŸ˜€ i was looking for it, now i found it and will share with you all!!!!!

    [email protected]

  29. could you send me a subscription code plzzzzz i would not bee asking if i had one but plzzz i dont even have eney game for the x 360 but demos that are online it great but i cant play online play so could you send me one plzzz could you send me a subscription code

  30. Hi there if anyone knows how to get xbox live codes free could you please let me know as my 12 month card just expired and it will be a couple of month before i get back online. thanks in advance

  31. Hi people is their anyone who knows how to get xbox live codes free could you please let me know as my 12 month card just expired and it will be a couple of month before i get back online. thanks in advance

  32. hey big pimp, if ur such a big pimp y do u need pictures of peoples mothers u sick fruit get a life.

  33. is there anyway you could send me a redeem code to my email address i only had my free month with my xbox. hope u can soon thanks.

  34. hi i was wonderin if any 1 has a xbox live subscription for any amout of time for the old xbox cheers take care on ur journey be good

  35. Can I grt a 12 month xbox live code pleaese i rellay need one because my friends r like ‘dude you need to get xbox live” so i came 2 you can you please help me.

  36. if someone give me a code ill give them a invite to a privite torrent tacker which is hard to get like waiting 2 year

  37. You are all fucking retards. Just kill your self, help clean out the human gene pool. Get a fucking job and buy a subscription, instead of sitting here making up lies so you can sit around for 18 hours a day and play halo. Get a fucking life, instead of begging people, that you don’t even know, for a subscription card that they are obviously not going to give to you. You would all be better off in prison..just dont drop the soap….even though most of you are already used to that.

  38. if any1 has gt a free 1 month gold code or a 3 moth 1 or a year 1 id be very thankful ive been down on money recently and i hve no gold membership SOME1 PLEASE help me out !!!!!! my xbox live gamertag is JammerZ 187 dats wiv a cappital J and Z please help me

  39. i wanted to know if i could have a code for my xbox 360 gold, this would be a big help and iwill ask my friends to look at your web site. Please and thank you.

  40. My name is bree and im not making this up my little sister has a disability called down syndrome and shes always telling about this thing called xbox live so i decided to try and search to see what it was so my mom bought this used xbox and we wanted to try xbox live but we dont have a 2 month and thats all we need. Please note that this will also keep her cordination on the right track so all im asking for is a 2 month it dont have to be for a year just 2 months THANK YOU AND PLZ SEND ME A 2 MONTH!

  41. i have gears of war but i dunt have xbox live .. it would be grately appreciated if u wud plz send me one…

  42. Can someone give me a xbox live gold membership code. if you give it now I’ll pay you double the price, but tomorrow or next week never mind just keep it.

  43. If anyone cand send me a one month or 3 month gold card I will really appreciate it. My 1 month free trial ran out a while ago and I am board of playin single player games. I have all the big-name multiplayer games like graw 2, gears of war, and rs: vegas which I would really like to play online.

  44. i have never tried xbox live yet. i would just like too try . so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Hey, if any one has a extra 2-month that hasnt been used yet, can I please have it? I need the code so I can download the new maps for Halo 2. For exchange, I’ll give away an XBConnect PRO code away.

    XBConnect is an alternative to XBL. It completely free to play. All you have to do is download it to your computer, and you’re all set. It’s just as good as XBL if not better because you dont have to spend a dime. XBC PRO gives you the ability to boot people from your server, make clans, talk in color in the chatroom and so much you can do that a regular user cant do. The PRO costs $15 and once you pay it, you have it for LIFE.

    My email is [email protected]. If you send me the code, I’ll give the XBC code the second I check my inbox.

    Thanks for reading.

  46. can some 1 send me some xbox live gold codes my account ran out on the 13th and i need xbox live gold eather a 1 month 48 hour or 3 month or a year

    i will play live with u gears of war or halo 2

    gt insane_drifterz

  47. can someone please send me a xbox live microsoft points redeem codes. I need money to pay for my rent and i would like to get some games. Please help

  48. Sorry,

    The Live Gold Code I have is for worldwide users. I need a code that will work in the uk.


  49. can u send me a 12 month membership for xbox live because i want it but i dont have any money thankz very much if u do


    e-mail:[email protected]

  51. can u please send me a 12 month gold subscription code for xbox live because i am grounded for 2 years and i am not aloud any presents for my birthday or christmas.
    so i would be very grateful if you would send me it… please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  52. hi i was wondering if anyone have a original xbox live subscription code that is laying around and not using.. appreciated if any1 have


  53. hey can i have the 12 month xbox live subscription cause i dont have the money to buy it and i love xbox live

  54. the only way i can get is if i trade in all my old xbox games that are no use to me and im waiting for an update plz can u send me the 12 month xbox live code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  55. plzzzzzzzzz can i have that 12 month xbox live subscription because i have never played it i swear and i really want to play it

  56. Hey if anyone has an extra month of Live i would love to have it….hit me up with a e-mail, Thanks!!

  57. Hello, It is CrimSZ frm Russia, And i don’t have a Gold Membership account … I never played on online, I wanna Gold Membership 1, Plz guys, And i need 3 or 12 months ( ur choice ) gold membership, If anyone have dis 1 plz send it to me … It is subscription code … I swear i really want to play on online … Waitin for ur reply …

    My e-mail address: [email protected]

  58. If you have an xbox or 360 you tellin me you cannot buy a measley Β£15 3 month trial or why dnt u just make new accounts and get the month free use your aunty’s or uncles addresses

  59. Hello,
    if someon can send me code for gold membership even 48 hours code, then i can be hapyest man on the world :))) I really need gold membership please send me a code.

    Thank’s very very much.

  60. can sum1 send me a 12 month, 1 month, 3 month, any month i very desperate n would be VERY VERY thankful

  61. i will send you a code along with a cheat way to use it over and over again. just pop me an email figure out how to descramble my email address.

    [email protected]

  62. Right.
    You all know you are not going to get any code.
    Why would someone give it away?. (Unless they’re retarded!)
    Stop Asking.
    Simply buy one.
    If you have no money, Tough.
    SAVE UP…..

  63. could someone please send me the code to my email address, i’m kind of broke right now? thank you

  64. No BS…Just too broke and looking for a handout.

    BTW…Creating a new gamer tag does not warrant a trial Gold Membership, and it wastes gamertag availability.

  65. “Hi Guys!
    i have a small family and can’t afford to buy a 12month membership…and i am asking if you could give me a free code for the 12 month membership please?? thanks.. ”

    Thats so pathetic! if you can’t afford a month membership, how did you afford to buy the xbox in the first place….much more if it was a lol

  66. hi i am just wondering if anyone could e-mail me a free months trial code for original xbox, just got the lead but the free trial code i had expired last year lol

  67. i have (13) 48hr trials and (7) 2 months, i dont need any of them since i have plenty of accounts, and i dont even have a regular xbox to use the 2 months lol

  68. hey d0m vit0 any chance u sending me a code please? just got lead for xbox 2 hook it up to net n tried putting a free 48hour code in but it expired last december lol

  69. hiya guys, i recently bought an xbox 360 and im looking for a 12 months membership, the first guy to send one to my email at [email protected] will recieve pictures videos and maybe even my msn for cam ;), remember first come first served. ive never been let down. i mean come on whats30 pounds if ur recieveing s much stuff as you want from me, day after day :)………

  70. ive got an xbox 360 and am fed up with microsoft stinging me for accessories which should have come with the machine. For example, you have to buy battery chargers because they know you will because its cheaper than buying batteries constantly.
    If you cant stand the fan on the 360 which sounds like an aeroplane is taking off in your room, you can buy a quieter one (why wasnt the quiet one put on the machine originally? so you have to go out and buy it seperately.)
    If you want to go online through a router you have to buy a Β£60 adaptor as well to put on the back of the machine.
    When you do go online you can only use one profile, even though most people have a few profiles so friends can play. Therefore you have to pay for several seperate xbox live accounts for one machine.

    i would love some xbox 360 live codes because i dont want to give these robbing scumbags any more of my money.

    p.s. I would advise anyone to get their 360 chipped! you can get the games for around Β£3 (or burn em yourself for free) rather than pay Β£40. they work online too.
    Sorry microsoft, its the only way i can afford to pay for all your little “extras”.

  71. As almost everyone I’m fed up with constantly buying things…

    I live in Poland, and guess what we earn much less but the games are not cheaper , they prices are simply converted to our currency. Basically it is just as if you would have to pay 250 $ for games like Forza 2…well I did…

    Got Xbox live gold subsriptions you want to share, please be my guest because obviously Microsoft thinks Poland is the reachiest country on earth…
    My email is: [email protected]

  72. all u guys n girls n dumb no1 is stupid enough to give out a free one unless u have a very gd friend go get urself a job if u cant pay 4 it

  73. i am 16 and my xbox live was pluged in and i lost a month plz can i ave a 12 month plzzzz

  74. Hi all, I have a 2-month X-BOX Live trial but alas, no X-BOX…i am more than happy to trade this for a couple of 48-hr X-BOX 360 trials or even better a month. Add me online if interested…my gamertag is SGT COOPER 2007 just add me and msg me, it will go to the best bid. thanks

  75. ok, im 12, was bored one nite and did my 48 hour subscirption and was hooked! made tonnes of mates already and hav been surviving on these 48 hour subscirption things, my mom says i need to pay for live myself but i cant and am not in the age group to get a job πŸ™ could u send me a code to any kind of subsciption atoll 1year , 1month,48 hours im nt bthered just please:)

    cheerz mate,

  76. I think all you people begging for free handouts are pathetic. If you are so hard up for cash, then you don’t even need to be playing video games in the first place.. In fact you probably need to sell your Xbox and games to make ends meet. Get a job and buy your own subscription. When someone else buys one, it is because they intend on using it.

  77. i have ran out of my subscription to gold but know what i’ll wait a week or 2 and buy another unlike all the idiots out there that think someone like myself would go out and spend there own money to give it to someone over the internet they dont even know lol people get a grip oh and also get a job otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time for a free live subscription f*cking clowns


  78. Ey guys please send me a 2 month subscription code if that is possible thank you so much.. I first had problems with looking up for my code… But i didnt receive one and please send me one please, TY

  79. Can u please send a subscription cuz ive never played xbox live b4 unfortunately cuz my parents dont wanna pay lol but all my friends keep braggin about it and how fun halo 2 is! and i wud soo love to play that on xbox live, but i have the old xbox soo is that ok? but anywasy it’d be really cool if u cud send me one..

    peace man,

  80. i got a 12+1 month code, but only work if u got a hong kong xbox live region, am willing to trade it 4 money or another 12 month code in the UK region.

  81. PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE send me any xbox live 360 subscription code…i would REALY aprectiate it.

  82. heyyyyyyyyy plz can i av a subscription 4 x box live i jus got call ov duty 3 herd its very good online plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  83. please can anyone help me…i need i free xbox live gold subscription code i will take any 48,2 month,12 month,i don’t care i’ll take anything i can get…PPLLLEEEAAASSSE i’m begging u.just send it 2 tylerhewitt90@yahoo.com

  84. hey i was wondering if anyone can send me a 12mnth code…
    i just started playn halo and i am glued to it.. only girl thats on there and i wanna stay but i got no money:(
    send to lilfitzi@hotmail.com..


  85. hey i need a xbox 360 subscription code my mom wont go out and buy me one my friends always say how cool it is to be playing so i want one thats why im comeing to you so if u can please send me a 3 month or 12 month ill be happy thanks bye

  86. hi
    I just wanted to say that if you could please send me 1 of those codes i would be very grateful

    my family is not that rich and my brother has an xbox 360 that they gave him on his birthday and i would really like if you could send me a code to give it to him please?

    well bye

  87. I need an xbox live code. Right now I’d settle for any number of months =). I’ve had the xbox for a while and the first time I hooked it up to the net it said I got a FREE one month Gold membership. Now it has run out but it was enough to get the kids and myself hooked =)

    I have a ton of music/apps/music vidz/porn to trade off for your time if you have any interest…..

    email me:

    Thanks in advance.

  88. LOL Iwould like a free xbox live subscrip plz i’v very poooor :'(

    lol get a life if you have got time to come on the internet or even play on xbox live then you have got time to get out and get a job. or save pocketmoney what ever butt ppl arnt just going to give away free trials when they can have them them selfs.

    But honestly πŸ™ im very poor and my 2, no my 6 kids havn’t got any thing to eat but if some one somewhere can find it in there heart to plz give a 12 mounth xbox live subscrip redeem code then they might just be able to get on with out food…

    THnx lol
    get a live lol live

    :):):):):):):) XD

  89. Hi i currently dont have a xbox live account! I would like to say im good! i currently play on my dads account A HAIRY MONSTER every so often and until my dad buys an xbox 360 i could do with an account! I can get anyone up to any level if they would like. I use to be a 43 legit and so beleive i could get you quite high! Thanks for your time please email me with a code at ( mr_speedy@hotmail.co.uk )

  90. SOMEONE PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH A XBOX LIVE CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive had xbox 360 for like 2 years and never played it online untl about a month ago now im addicted anyone who has a code to spare anything would be nice please and thank you


  91. Hey i am from a not to rich family and i was wondering how to work free xbox live subscription codes and if you can send me a few it would be nice if i dont want to have to pay to have fun with my brothers and sisters so that would be very nice of you if you would help me out on that.

  92. yeah i need a 12 month im out of money please if there is any1 genorous out there i would get on my knees and thank you so much if i knew who you are so any1 genorous out there willing to give up there 12 month please send me the code i will be really thankful holla bak at cfg_shizzle_ma_nizzle@hotmail.com thanks ppl PEACE!!

  93. Please, I Need A Code for Live! Even a 48hr Code, Please!!! God Bless You! I Would Buy A Card My Self But Im Broke, Lol so Please send Me a Subscriton Code πŸ™‚

  94. please send me a trail or what for xbox live. I`m fourtheen years old and i have since 1 week a xbox 360, I would really like to try out xbox live to play online Halo 3. Please send me a code.

  95. hey there, could you please send me an old Xbox subscription code as I don’t have the money to acquire one from Xbox.com/connect. Many Thanks John

  96. wat up i just got hakd from this kid that didnt like me and he cancled out my gold and my mom lost her job so i cant get the money so if u please send me the code its the only thing i will beable to enjoy for a while i would really apprecate it thank you

  97. Yea…Im probably one of the most stupid people in the world…for the past months I’ve been working my ass off…trying to raise money for Halo 3 Legendary…No matter how hard it got, I always thought HALO 3!!! KILLER GAMEPLAY, AND EVEN BETTER ONLINE!!! So I finally raise the money, and wait in line at my local game stop for 7HRS 30MINS, so now Im at my houz killing Halo, and I beat the game in like 4-6Days…So wat’s left…MULTIPLAYER!! but ofcourse I SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON HALO LEGENDARY, AND NOW I HAVE NONE LEFT FOR XLIVE!! So I guess what im tryin 2 say…like all the other 10s of ppl here…Can I plz have a free code?!? THX U

  98. my mom doesnt want to pay for live and i cant get the money to pay for it every month and i wanna play halo 3 multiplayer soo bad…..if u could send me a free 12-month code preferably or at least A CODE lol thnk u so much if u can ^.^

    my e-mail is xxnightbanexx@aim.com

  99. I have been playing Halo 3 on my local machine and hate playing solo. I also love playing Call of Duty 3 but I can not afford to buy a new Gold membership for my 360. I have to spend all my money getting ready for my baby that is due and have money to move. It would be great if I could get a free 12 month subscription or something.

  100. I also want one free 12 month gold live membership……. I’m playing mostly sports games by EA Tiger Madden NHL NBA but also couple of racing game…… send one to sarlan19@hotmail.com…… but I doubt someone will actually send one to me but hey! can’t blame a man for trying can you




  102. Hi my name is Pottsy and i was wondering if could gat a 12 month scriction because i need bad please. My dad will not pay for one so if u could that would be nice one for xbox 360

  103. hi i would really like a free xbox live subscription since my birthday is on the 3rd of december i have asked my mother for a 12 month gold subscription but she is on holidays in western Australia and she dose not get back till 11 december i would not care if it was a 48 hour trial ……… can you PLEASE help me out

    regards fab

  104. i resently got huct up to xbox live but i am ot of supscripions so if u wouldent mined sending me a coad thanx

  105. Hello I am Jason I would love it if some one Email me the XBOX LIVE gold code 12 month for the Original Xbox PLEASE !!!!!!! I BEG I WILL BE FOREVER GATE FULL

  106. hi gies it would be the coolest if one of yall could send me a xbox live 1 year gold code for xbox 360 ple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Im not gunna say i donated my xbox to my neighbor who is five and would like to add to his gift but im dead broke because i used my money to buy the amazon form the evil building companies. An original xbox code for any live subscrition time perion and i would be forever in gratitude (maybe not forever)…….[stewie for governor]

  108. All of you that post on this are fucking pathetic like come on!! Its what 60-70$ for a year of gold like holy hell how poor do you have to be thats like 5 bucks a month..IF EVEN!!

  109. I always wanted a 12 month gold trial but nobody was going to et it for me i dont know why i always asked my self so can u please e-mail me one

  110. look dudes check inside the back of the covers ov your xbox games for codes hope you find anything that can help yall out peace!!!

  111. wats up, for some reason i cant play xbox live. For some reason theres something wrong with my settings. it keeps saying my setting wont allow me to play online, But i just renewd my gametag. is there a limit to how many gametags u can make? if anyone has any ideas why this is happening please submit comment or email me. thanks πŸ™‚

  112. i really need one plz my son’s borthday is comin up and i really want to get him a llive code cause im kinda broke so plz change his smile upside down=)

  113. hi.My x box live subscription ran out and i cannot afford to renew it right now.can you please help me.i will take a 48 hour trial or a 1 month 3 month or whatever.can you help?

  114. Hay im giving away free year of xbox live just contact me if u want i just need ur account name and password and i will ask for 1600 points

  115. The only way i know to quickly get free xbox live is either to use the free month that came with the game. Or to use a site like prizerebel http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=155751 The way it works is you set up a new email address and a fake address (make sure the address and zip code are consistent tho). Then you simply click on the offers in the site to get points. When you have 8 points, request an xbox live code and they’ll send you one by email.

    It isnt a dodgy site, but it will lead to a lot of spam, which is why it’s vital you dont use your real email address. When you have earnt what you want, just abandon the email address. To be completely safe, only take part in the free offers that dont ask for your credit card. The CC one’s will give you more points but it’s a risk you don’t need.

    8 points is not that large a total and will probably take you 2 days max (at 15 mins a day). You could probably do it in a day, but it does take time for some points to get added (upto 24hours). Finally, there are programmes such as roboform which can greatly speed up the time you spend filling forms, but are a bit advanced to use. I have tried one other website and trust me, I have almost got a live card after 1 day while i was only half way there after 3 days with the other.

    To give it a go, just go to prizerebel http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=155751

    Good luck.



  117. AHAHAHAHAH look at todays society.. yall have no life.. the only life i can see from the amounts of comments rite noww is xbox.. FAHHk cmon yall! there are better things than just playing games in life.. like. Going out and meeting new ppl and creating new physical friends not a friends list of pplz u played wit online.. soo YALL plz stop begging and go out into the real world and hab some fun!!.. ohh yeaa btw.. CAN I HAB A 48 hour tria codel! AHAHAHAHAHAH =]

  118. Why can’t you people get a job, paper round or something? Everyone wants codes and not many people will give away Β£40 worth of subscription. Stop begging! Do things yourself! Don’t get stuff on others the will let you down. Get your own money.
    Thanks for reading.

  119. Well reason for me wanting xbox live for a year….had a paper-round..quit after i got offered a MUCH better job and the paper round was Β£8 a week with about 8 hours work. I got made redundent from my more recent job of walking dogs. I guess that leaves me moneyless and whatever money i do get i have to save up for games or getting the bus into town w/ my mates then i need money when i’m there for what ever i need to buy…and my 3 month live ran out today and i have no way of getting money for another…..

    πŸ˜€ all the same any codes will be apprieciated

    [removed email]


  120. Hey my xbox live ran out becuase i bought a year +1 month but i put the code in wrong and got a 3 month card and they wont refund me the diffrence i need a crad please

  121. this has got to be the craziest display of pure human insanity that I have ever found on the internet… its amazing how fucking stupid and pathetic these people are. not only can’t they read, but they resort to petty groveling for materialistic possessions. how utterly depressing.

  122. Hey if you could send me the 12 month gold subscription codes. That would be the best thing ever i would be so thankful. As in Aus its $90-$110 for it unlike 40 punds in other countries.

  123. all you retards that are asking for free trials for this gold 12 month or even less of a subscription is so sad because your saying you don’t have enough money to afford them its because you spend to much time of your stupid lives playing xbox live that you can’t make any money so i dont have one oh well im going to get a job and get one instead of being gay and begging people online for one ffs you guys are hopeless everysingle one of you…

  124. ya can i plz get one to. i will take any. from 48 hour trial to a month or whatever. i just really would like to get the code so i can play for freel. i only have the normal xbox and i would like to play halo 2 online real bad. can i plz get the code. you can email it to me

  125. plzz cud u send me redeem codes for gears of war 2 or xboxlive free trial redeem codes.. plz plz plz thannxx

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  128. can u please send me a code. my mom deleted her credit card from my xbox 360 so i need a 12 month subscription. please???????????????????????????????

  129. Hey, my names Jon. I come from a low, run down family. My best friend from childhood just gave me his old xbox360, i pulled together enough money to buy a controller and a Halo 3 game disk. I would like to experience xbox live. Whatever you could get me I would be more than grateful. If you do send me some kind of xbox live I would like to say thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  130. Hey Jon, When you create an account you get one free month on LIVE.

    When u make an email change the country each time to get another free month!

  131. And the games are at least half deacent, mainly Zombie Defence, my new one, which is like 100x better than 2D street racer.
    since Zombie Defence is only like 98% complete, [just a few bugs, and need people to test it so i can tweak it], I can send you the newest version.

  132. why don’t you just make a new xbox account and when payment type comes up decline it and then a message will come up telling you that you’re eligible for one free month gold

  133. I was burgled last christmas eve and i lost my xbox 360 that had alot of membership on it, my dad’s friend let me have his xbox until he gets back from australia in 2012 and i really need membership before he gets back so that i can tell all my buddys what happened.

  134. Well there comes a time in every gamer’s life when they need some free online play, and you guys just happen to be giving it out. I myself am going through this time right now so I would much appreciate winning this prize. I understand that hundreds of other people go on this site, and my chances are low but you never know. Luck is unpredictable. Anyways I hope I win and congrats to who ever does.

    -Xavier a.k.a Graphik

  135. those of you who cant afford an xbox live subscription shouldnt be playing xbox. get a job and make some money

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  139. oh really people you think some random person is gonna go buy xbox live for you with there hard earned cash and give it to you,you people that are begging you people are fucking retarded,stop begging and do something about it,i have no xbox live right now i ran out just like you people but you do not see me begging!!! do you? fucking beggers go get some money and go buy some xbox live!!!

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  141. for gods sake look at all the people begging for xbox live, none of them got it. you’re never gonna get one free. just buy it! you can’t be that broke if you got an xbox, a wireless network adapter, a controller, and games!!

  142. can u send me a xbl subscripttion code plz cause i can not findrhem in the shops an i realy want xbox live for christmas plz i will owe u one if u give me a code

  143. I would just…..LOVE to have one.I just brought a xbox 360 I dont have a internet cabel thing…..so Im stuck with 4 games I CANT PLAY

    thank you

  144. hey chris cud i get 3 months of xbox for free atleast cuz i didnt get anything for christmas but my mom tripped me to the philippines but i want free 3 months so pls give the code and email me back hxds

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